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Evil Dead lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
It's only human primeval instinct internal urges, the way all Men think romantic setting, or in the back seat for free of money just grinding our meat BEND OVER HERE IT COMES AGAIN! To hell with rubbers I need the moisture a real woman, and not a picture a gleaming brown eye, between two nice buns Subsonic friction, until one of us comes. BEND OVER HERE IT COMES AGAIN! Lead break: Gonzales Black or white, I don't discriminate FK all the bigots; they can stay home and masturbate so girl beware of my probing anal tongue dart I'll kiss your bush, and spread your cheeks apart BEND OVER HERE IT COMES AGAIN end solo: McMakin

I'm A Pisces

Gettin' in where I fit in, right? What that deuce deuce poppin' like? Baby, I like the way you work that tongue You had a don't care nigga for 3 weeks sprung It's the game, the muthafucka calls my name Product made of yola cuz the rules don't change The prettiest thing is new white wall tires I shoulda been a lawyer, cuz I'm such a good liar Kill dosia style, brain child in a beanie God fear a nigga under pressure and greedy Microphone cops steady fuckin' off my dealings Even when I'm workin' muthafuckas think I'm chillin' Recruitin' like the army, or even the marines Some get rejected like black jelly beans I'm on the scene in my jeans, smokin' weed from a sac Muthafucka, where you at? I got cocaine raps Ya hardcore CB4 uproar made a nice comeback, but didn't touch my score A Farrakhan listener, white world prisoner My frisk down is just like the state pen for visitors Ghetto red hots, guns, crack and macks, fly clubs, no love and cocaine raps Spendin' ways incredible, money untraceable Niggas start to jack when the money ain't available Baby you talk too much, pass the blunt I'm tryin' to give your fine ass the raw and uncut I got no time to be a crybaby fool Forgive me, but they got me packin' pocket tools Fresh out say fuck 'em, yeah, I made a gang of raps Smokin' weed in a rental with the gangsta tracks Straight chewy, and a nigga got a gang of pride Check the battle or the struggle through my Chinese eyes Had to tighten up the fade, got my murder 1 shades Still tryin' to fuck them freaks from my highschool days B. Adams, do you still love me? Cuz ya first born is strugglin' and it's hard to stay drug free Cock back loaded and about to explode Like the 12 story 'jects, bitch I'm outta control Alpine reliant, police defiant, Kentucky Fried and Popeye's #1 client Represent the look like the great Sam Cook Put a star by every freak in my true black book Clutch tight fist pumped way in the air, pagan, you dealin' with a microphone bear Tear, pear, where?, stare, check it, I don't care I just can't quit, shit, the rap game fanatic Tryna stay calm with a mad weed habit Cussin' and fussin' at 100 degrees, I think like a blind thief with the vision of g's Chewy used to do me, listen to Ice-T Ya lookin' at a nigga who wish he was drug free But nigga that's a dream in another life So until then my last word is re-ligh

My World (Nas Salute)

JAY ELECTRONICA "The Jay Electronica Project"
They threw rose pedals at the feet of the christ when I entered the center Motherfucker I'm cold as the winter My waves were spinnin like blades on pirellis The christian dior shades was drivin them silly It's big willy I came through with them cats from philly Lakers vs heat floor seats you know the dealy Either you love the kid or wanna kill me I'm back at em On fire like cracked atoms They over the hill like wyclef and proswell I'm over the hills like UFOs at roswell You lame I know you guys well If you can name an mc that's flamer than me you high as hell You can't dance with the chancellor One glancell have you caught up in a trance with a tarantula And if they could then you probably would They come close but it's no cigar welcome to my world You arms to short to box with the center of the prophets Aviator shades the stage is a cockpit Leather pelle Lounging at the sofa telle Sippin sam pelegrino eatin ghirardellis I recline and chill twinklin the rag to shine my grill That's that third ward appeal (bitch) Get at me Me and my chick is like JFK and jackie They can't wait to catch me in dallas top down the grassy knoll and clap me Kidnap my body And fuck up the autopsy But I'm nice like christ you blink twice you hit I'm chillin in college park eatin salmon and grits It's the black ceaser Jesus Hes just, the lyrical monster Boogie man outta the dumpster Black pharoah Jay bowie spittin phat arrows Keep your eye on the sparrow and the fly apparel You ain't ready for war hide your barrel Stay in your lane man chance forf3 surviving is narrow Welcome to my world Deep in the jungle bustin Nickle sacks of cracks from G Packs for stacks niggas on the humble hustlin See that game That's the one they call survival man they poppin at five-oh They lowlife pigs who get it how they live They daddys in them court houses givin out bids Choppin niggas on blocks and leavin wickedness Man they broidered the land then they small poxed the witnesses Rapin babies usin ladies as they mistresses Causing choas and disorder That's why the glock on hold The block on swole I built this city on rock and roll Now I'm banging on Rumsfeld and bells ringing Him and Dickll be in hell singing Woe to the hippocrits and infidels screamin niggas can't handle The wrath of the son of man black pan de ma-yo Yeah the flows that scandal... ous I crush any mc who feel the must Try me, the smallest flea on the dog won't get by me if I was you id be Scared to death, hit a nigga up, leave him right there in his mess This penicillin I'm spillin leave hair on your chest you feel me You can't beat me kill me I'll be back in three days disguised in the garden with my kicks filthy Told you I was nice like christ the rap angels throw down ice I shine like jewerly in light I can make a true believer out of curious dike Shell be saying wearin heat jabs singing hum through de lair I'll be slinging dice hummin songs on the ave Theyll be sayin man He goin off the path, (uh) But that's on the low tho Beatin cats with no glow Tryin to play me like a hoe But this ain't books and poems or tic tac toe This planets moons quasars and high tech radars You niggas on the grid while jay man stay gone of the radar (AWOL)

Banstyle / Sappys Curry

UNDERWORLD "Second Toughest In The Infants"
if they don't know and they don't know they're gonna find out soon enough. i'm so hot. as if that hurt. did you wash it. fester it around some. you don't even have to mind your own stuff. bring in the marines. i've heard so many other things and it was all brown. with the suction ones. the ones that suck it up. and i don't ever do the eye till i did that thing. i bet you like a blue boost. try a noose. loosen the strap where the two metal ends. rest your head against the steel. blow in to the tube. show me your legs. help me. show me a pink smile. walking up the aisle. show me the things underneath your seat. show me your tiny plastic soft drink. a song like a squealing pig. like a train with wheels. in the dark with the lights off. concealed. i'm thinking of you still. :: white room. little legend. fishman. nike man. red stripe. blue mercedes. big dog. salty man. full moon rising. old boy. salty girl. bunny girl. happy shopper. bouncing ball. city sun. think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real stuff. white crumbs across your bed. gray clouds cover bethnal green. white jeans. black top. nice shape. cracks a blue bitch till the son come sliding. naked beneath the knee. reflect black eyes. your knee talking. i think i found the real stuff. i think i found the real stuff.

Black And White

It's so hard to understand Should I go, or stay with him tonight I can't decide Some days he'll criticize But he won't apologize For what he did wrong [CHORUS] Just when I thought I'd made up my mind He goes and does something right Sometimes love it makes you blind Wish it was as simple as black and white Black and white I don't want to be that girl Who's comfortable And can't ever be alone I just want to be in love The way that I dreamed of When I was a little girl [CHORUS] Want to be hand in hand Walking two by two So in love, so brand new But here I am, full of doubt I just gotta figure out Should I stay or should I go Finally have to choose Either way I lose [CHORUS]

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