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Everlast lyrics - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues

Hot To Death

Original and similar lyrics
We're gonna be breakin' it down (Yeah!) You gotta know the feel You gotta know the life You know what I'm sayin' (Hey!) I said what's goin' wrong You know it just ain't right Tell me who be loud When the spark ignite Now from the break daylight To the fall of the sun You gotta pick your fight It's time to choose your gun CHORUS Front to back Right to left Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Get your heart pumpin' like some crystal meth Keep it live all night Make it hot to death Well... Hey... Tell me who's your God Does he make a lotta dough I'm gonna take you higher Or to the fire below CHORUS Guns to roses Abraham to Moses Daylight exposes what the night conceals Let's break these seals And get this thing started Some be out classed Some be out smarted Some be over bound by the blindin' rays I hear the whisper in the night Get trapped in the maze See back in the days When I was juvenile I dreamed of rockin' on the mic In a brand new style Now I'm shakin' these bones Tryin' to get these shoes Outbidded major crews I'm paid crazy dues Now I'm speakin' on you They just slept on me And rumors start spreadin' Just like a disease I'll have you down on your knees Below the spot ground zero Turn brown and burn down Rome just like Nero A hero ain't nothing but a Don't make me say it again Legend Don't make me say it CHORUS That's what I'm sayin' That's what I'm sayin'...

Pass It On Down

ALABAMA "Pass It On Down"
Teddy Gentry/Randy Owen/Will Robinson/Ronnie Rogers, 4:53 We live in the land of plenty But many things aren't plenty anymore Like the water from our sink They say's not safe to drink You gotta go and buy it at the store Now we're told there's a hole in the ozone Look what's washing on the beach And Lord, I believe, from the heavens to the seas We're bringing Mother Nature to her knees Chorus: So let's leave some blue up above us Let's leave some green on the ground It's only ours to borrow, let's save some for tomorrow Leave it and pass it on down Well there's a change taking place way on the mountains Acid rain is falling on the leaves And down in Brazil, the fires are burning still How we gonna breathe without them trees Repeat chorus There's a place where I live called the Canyon Where Daddy taught me to swim And that water, it's so pure And I'm gonna make sure Daddy's grandkids can swim there like him Now we all oughta feel just a little bit guilty When we look into the eyes of our kids 'Cause brothers it's a fact, if we take and don't put back They'll have to pay for all we did Repeat chorus (4 times) Tag: Leave it and pass it on down

One Big Mob

I am you are me Good woman said you gotta believe Submerge into the urge of we Deliciously the mystery CHORUS: One big mob aw yea aw yea One big mob aw yea aw yea Ek bara mala aw yea aw yea Ek bara mala aw yea aw yea Ooze into into my noodle East or west shepherd or poodle Ladybug pinetree To mingle with the bumblebee A lover to the sun And a brother to the cool breeze CHORUS Scrawled upon the wall Of a bathroom stall A stranger wrote a note That spoke to all One two buckle my shoe Take care of me 'Cause I might be you CHORUS We live in the city We live in the jungle It's time to be drinking A thimble humble Everything you ever see Is never more than you and me Give it on in to the beauty of the MYSTERY One big mob in one big home A broken home I'd like to share some air with you Some air with you A morning forest full of truths The green is blue The head that's getting pregnant lives To give and give What was I thinking in my head The color red Breaking hearts instead of bread Something I said Checkmated by frustration... ...Need to be cut loose A different kind of being lost ...A sullen cost Picaboo street in Timbuktu Do I need repeat That a boy named Sue Rockin' to the beat Of the kangaroo Let me kiss your feet And your forehead too


OUTLANDISH "Bread Barrels Of Water"
[Verse1 (Isam)] It all begins with the early morn' prayer A humble peace to the angels on each of my shoulders Before I seize the sun, one kiss gon' hit the sky God is great! I'm probably the happiest kid on the block Trying to lace this rhyme in time Ran through them streets The brown kid with the curls got the beat Trying to explain the whole world how I'm so mainstream Call me sell-out Down with the fastest growing religion Down with the fastest growing industry in this business I love how I live Ain't gotta have a reason to give Inspiration through the way that I live Remember the name I.S.A.M How hard can it be, Bachiri is the fam My outlandmoro is the clan [Chorus] Walk the plank, no half stepping, ya running out of time World is yours kid, sure ain't mine Gotta get yours, gotta get mine Wise up or get shot, trying to cross the line [Verse2 (Lenny)] De nuevo estamos Haciendolo, tomandonos El tiempo Para retornar a lo sencillo El pan es mi trabajo el cual yo nunca esquivo El agua es mi trofeo Y cada vez me exijo mas sudor, mas esfuerzo para mejorar Martinez cosecha ideas Todo se puede superar y elevar A un escano alla en lo alto Donde los simples dan sus pasos [Translation:] Here we are again Doing it, taking us The time To return to simplicity The bread represents the work, witch I never turn my back on The water is my trophy And every time I ask my self for, more sweat, more effort To improve Martinez crops ideas Everything can be overcome and be elevated To a step higher in the sky Where the common people take their footsteps [Chorus] [Rapverse3 (Waqas)] Meet me half way on the bridge 'cause I'm half way home From the land of nasty drums dirty dollars and chromes Only time people popping their collars to keep the heat out Your shit ain't clean then keep your feet out Uh yeah it's outlandmoro again We all about bread and barrels of water Simple things we outta open our eyes to You recognize me I'll recognize you But if not who will despise who Uh yeah we all wanna conquer them stairs Most of us not prepared I can see you scared Cause 5 times a day I'm on rehab, but still I bounce back Somehow it's like that [Ending] Uhh let it shine I know ya by my side Feel the most kind I thank you for this life Along, along the way Might fall once or twice Promise you at the end of the day I will see your light

The Breakdown

There ain't enough boys in the world to go around You gotta be wicked and trickey to bring that big boy down There ain't enough time to talk to everyone you gotta be distant and bitchy If you ever wanna get it all done Do I wish that things were different I'm wishin' away I won't point fingers but the thing is That it always seems to break down this way (Chorus) The Rolling Stones and I disagree That you can't always get what you want And I find it alittle hard to believe That there ain't enough love to go around That's how it breaks on down There ain't enough to quench my curiousity You gotta hit the bulls-eye and let the shit fly And still there ain't no guarantee There ain't enough love in the world for everyheart some are gonna be broken and shattered While they're tryin' to make a brand new start Do I wish that things were different I'm wishing away I won't point fingers but the thing is That it always break down this way Chorus Bridge AS long as my landlord's lying AS long as my neighbors spying AS long as I feel rejected and a little bit disconnected I need to be unaffected I need to be able today Chorus

(I Can't Play) Basketball

JIMMY FALLON "The Bathroom Wall"
Yo! Are you ready for some air ball throwin, free throw blowin, no look where I'm goin, free style flowin? You are in my house baby! Well it's Tip off time and I'm off the tip. Walkin to the bench and I sit. Bite my lip, bustin out rhymes Standin in line cause it's garbage time. Cause I'm calm, I'm cool and I collected Eighteen shots that got rejected. I'm not Corey Feldman, I'm not Corey Haim. I got a license to drive but I ain't got game. (CHORUS 2x) Jimmy, What you say? You can't play Basketball Jimmy, what you say? (I double-dribble, traveled through the middle) You can't play Basketball (Oh, my bad - you're not on my team?) Wear my socks high cause it makes me feel cool. I don't know how to dribble, but I know how to drool. People always say that I'm a basketball fool. I got a little tiny hoop cold floatin in my pool. Played my friend's dog on a twenty dollar bet. I took him to the hole. I took him to the vet. Shoot from the three every chance I get. I call it in the air, nothin but nothin. (REPEAT CHORUS 2x) (SPOKEN) Okay, here's my chance. The open lane. Don't get nervous. Don't sweat. Everyone's watching. You can do it, man. I mean, just dribble up. Don't double dribble. Just dribble normal. Don't show everyone that you can dribble super-fast between your legs like you do in your driveway. No, this is in front of people on the court. I'm gonna go up in the air, I'm gonna dunk it as hard as I can. Cause usually I'm on the other end. People dunking on ME. I'm used to some 7 foot dude's thingy getting smacked in my face. I still got the bruise to prove it. But I ain't gonna take that nickname Dick Bruiseface lyin down! My name ain't Dick Bruiseface!! Well listen up ya'll! You know I'm not tall! My name was never written on the bathroom wall. I'm gonna say What's up?! I'm gonna take the pump. Cause I'm a moving pick, I'm gonna shoot some bricks. So I huff and puff, I say enuff Z'nuff. I'd rather watch Ahmad Rashad on the inside stuff.Say! (CHORUS 4x)

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