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EVE lyrics - Scorpion

Scream Double R

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. DMX) [The chorus is drowned out and in the back round] [Chorus (x2)] [Eve (DMX)] Get that ass up and Scream Double R (What!) We ain't going nowhere we made it this far (Uh -1st time come on - 2nd) Let me see my, my dogs [growls] Let me hear my, my dogs [Barks] [DMX (Over Chorus)] Uh, What, Uh, My Baby, My, Baby, That's my baby COME ON! [DMX] Time to hit y'all cats with another joint from Eve and the dog And you know how we do baby creep in the fog Now hold it down for the fellas, hold it down for the girls Keep motherfuckers knowing this rap shit is our world (WHAT!) Been there and done that (UH), had fun where the run at (UH) Don't got to shoot a motherfucker no more so put the gun back (UH) Pay niggas to do that, cause they a lot better at it Keep the burner in the truck cause well you got to have it (aight) It's an unwritten law (uh huh) Let a faggot open that unwritten door (uh huh) Hit 'em with four (uh) hairline to the jaw (WHAT!) That's what I'm aiming at We going to get that nigga X aight well keep saying that Eve I wish you the best and I'll always love you (what) Never hear me say FUCK YOU because I love you (what) Always here for you when somebody else is not (uh) A dog and his bitch blowing up the spot Come on [Chorus sounding regular] [Chorus (x2)] [Eve] It should be against the law, me and the dog like a brawl And the only thing that can help you is God and you should call on him Weak sight, the streets like, creep like Cause they got each other's she bark and he bite It ain't strange you cats know the name Double R scream it bubble hard it's a shame Realest niggas doing it, them clowns they ruin it Shut 'em down give 'em pounds cause palms go glue in it Sticky finger niggas steal each other's style Claiming how they started things not original Cats they get caught up in the glitter and glam If that's the case you should be considered a fan I'm like tired of the same beats that claim streets Doing nothing but ducking from the hood got the same speech Only one you feeling is you niggas know the deal Industry, fuck it, in the streets keep it real, nigga [Chorus (x2)] [DMX] Since the beginning we both knew we was winning Cause we been in all type of shit (uh) but kept on spitting, hitting Niggas in the head with that shit that let 'em know it was the truth So they feel that cause it's real black (WHAT!) We never going to stop (uh), no matter what they say (uh) No matter what they do (uh) they'll never take it away (Come On) What the Lord give you let no man curse E-V-E and DMX from the birth to the earth [Eve] Why they sick cause we still close thought that it was over Cats trying to tear us apart dogs got closer All the shit we deal with only make us stronger Try to do a lot of shit but they can't belong to For real niggas scared us, steady catching them bluffing What you say shut up nigga saying much of nothing Act like they don't want it but they demand it Double R keep it hard and niggas can't stand it [Chorus (x3)]

Damn Rightt

MS. JADE "Girl Interrupted"
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Intro Ms. Jade] Uh, Ms. Jade, yeah It's like that old 'back in the day' house party Dance contest shit right here [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] They got me, watcin' my back, looking over my shoulder I'm the best part of wakin' up, like a cup of Folgers I'm the oldest and the youngest at the same time Assitent to the beat, like we both got the same mind I got the feelin' for the flava of the figgas Ya'll dont know what ya'll done triggered Squad'll ride and turn big whipper, they love me From block niggas that shot cracks, college boys Them niggas with dreads and knapsacks I spit greasy like an S curl I don't just get 'em naucious I make them muthafuckas hurl Step it up, next level once I get involved Back flip, kick, then I spit like I'm Lara Croft The game is off, I made every shot, from every block Hydro to the ready rock, I semi pop like I got beef wit ya Dem things gonna get cha, better bring ya peeps wit ya [Chorus Bubba (Ms. Jade)] Is you a problem for them faggot boys (Damn right) Would you finish off this bottle wit me (Damn right) Could you lose it all to get some more (Damn right) Do you eat, sleep and shit Philly (Damn right) [2x] [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Since I was suckin' on bottles, and playin' wit my rattles Cocky wit the flow, plus I'm itchin' for a battle Grab you and choke you up, toss you in the corner Flows make you drown when you sinkin' in the water Callin' for the coroner, funeral in Florida Ya'll don't wanna deal with this broad, nigga i'm warnin' ya Hot like Timmy, push ya buttons like I'm Jimmy Peep shit, street shit, Broady game in me It's a gimmick, fuck the house, I'll take it to the limit Turn ugly like a gremlin, if you messin' wit my spinach Smoke green in them Bonaville seats, lean Ms. Jade, need an army to beat me I gotta stuff you, one time you'll get it A little talent but you don't know what to do with it I'm through wit it, all that other shit is minor Key element, right next to water, sun and fire I'm from the 215, so ya'll guys better recognize Handle half and leave the rest to God Nothin' to lose and somethin' to prove I save the bender for the suckas, shit I'm breakin' the rules [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] Ain't no way ya'll folks don't smell what I'm preparin' I ain't carin' 'bout ya mom, pop or aunt Karen I do damage on a daily basis Words boil you like hot soup and I'll let you taste it I'm the bang bang, minus the chitty cocksucka Born like 16th Street to the damn Ruckas I'm dumb nice, ruin ya dumb lives See a watch but you broke, look at ya dumb ice Sometimes I feel outta place cuz I stick out like a sore thumb Wild out so I can't wait 'til the tour come I'm like Gladys without them damn Pips Plus I smoke on them L's til my fingernails is black tips I'm so hip, ya'll see the shit that I be on Talk tough, niggas be like plastic like neons I'm disgusting, known for ball bustin' Crushin', bluffin', dustin', it's nothin' [Chorus 5x]

What Cha Mean

Fiend "There's One in Every Family"
[Fiend] What up out there kenfo This be Fiend coming at like this here here I brought a couple of my people with me Fiend, Mac, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel A couple of No Limit soldiers to help me out with this here Chorus What cha mean, mean, heard about Soldiers got some daily clout Slangin in the dirty south What we really worried about x2 [Soulja Slim] (Peep this shit) I know you heard about this nigga from the 3rd Raw, then a uncut bird with bad tempers and bad nerves Serve, dope to a dope fiend gotta get more cream than the rest of the dealers Every nigga that I fuck with gotta be from killas Fill up in this shit, that was ever smokin, you can catch me smokin On some shit that will have me broken, (cough cough), I'm so high, I can ride, barely need to slug some dealing No optimos, no keep moving, fuck it, pass the feeling Real niggas feel me, cause I'm bout as real as it get Son or stranger, no love for that studio shit All my little partners gone, I'll be damned if I G-O But if I do I'll grab my gun shoot like and pull let em know Chorus x2 [Kane Abel] You know I'm from the ghetto, hit the glock and pop my shots clean up your block Red beam, maintain my aim, bullet holes in your brain When I stop that motherfucking clock, Kane Usual suspect, down south niggas bout respect Choppin off slugs like a mailman in a corvette like the weed when i lower my tek Niggas is seeking, pump down like bricks, in the trunk of the 626 Is something you hate cause your boy just got flipped, AK with a strong clip In the hood I bust you with the tank, in the pen I trust you with the shank My mind go blank, I'm a soldier smokin dank all the way to the motherfucking bank Chorus x2 [Mac] Now what yall mean, niggas on my team they all about the cream And my enemies, we take it to the street to get the green, knowa mean Came here with Slim, Mac and Fiend I still scream WOAH! In the drop where my nigga walk runnin from the cop who was trying to meet his quota I'm young and I'm black, I'm a soldier so he thinking I'm slanging that baking soda You ain't heard about, nigga from that dirty south where the po-po's scout Everybody, everybody that knows what your bout won't leave your house Cause at night, nigga freaks come out Grab your gat with that extra clip cause if you catch us slippin You might connect the grip shots there cut up strip bout a couple of ship Like the peoples in summertime agent trip Lets take a trip to the land where the niggas do the murderman dance on their enemies And fake niggas pretend to be a, they be them friends of me Woah, slow your roll and daddy I'm camoflauged I'm psycho warden I stay on my guard and bitch I never die Chorus x2 [Fiend] What the world don't know is I'm a hurt A soldier without a pause I'm prayin about cause, break jaws and all laws My bullet scars didn't heal, my tatoos reveal Bout to ride explain a million of hostile The burn feels like almost a step from death Fuck spending lives, I barely leave a minute of breath I'm set, families with teks, release my stress in thier chest Wouldn't know where I'd be without my god and my vest Killers, we the best fuck all the rest, here hit the cess Snort, c'mon the test with the charge the best, cause I open your chest God bless, I made my way back so I can say that Me too whatever, should have known that Fiend believe in payback Do it for haystacks, me, Slim, twins, and Mac Gotta attack, with the jest to ask, deftly in the act I doubt that, I'm strange cause I'm with the right change After soldier consediration, I'm the live range Chorus x4

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 (Closure)

I finally found a passion I lacked before I cant believe I didn’t catch you under the act before I mean I voiced my complaints. That went ignored A few things you felt that you was too attractive for Cuz everythin out your mouth said that you aint wanna hurt Lead a lifestyle we lived..but you aint wanna work So I’d sit you down and say its gettin outta hand While you shoot down every idea, busy worried about a brand When ya baby dad said all that shit that was trife How you was married, requestin dick pics from Lyfe Though it all seems Shady, maybe I was crazy I ignored my gut feelin, nah not my baby Accusin’ me, but pretendin’ yourself I couldn’t catch it, too busy defendin’ myself Or was I wrong not seein’ a life without you Or takin’ everythin’ that you said to face value When you packed up and left dude, I was so glad Should of questioned how you easily became a nomad If I could do it all again, it wouldn’t of happened so fast And it burns with every line jotted in this note pad Cuz at first you resembled my twin Fast forward, you gave me identical twins But then you lost it, honestly that merked my soul Cuz tho we weren’t tryna have one, we got off the birth control And we was right back at it, fuckin like addicts While you was disruptin’ what was seemin like a marriage You never got embarrassed, interrogatin’ me but that was just Yaris Yeah we beefin’ I dragged you off the bed I swear to this day I re-enacted in my head So I held you up, wasn’t what I aimed to do I aint attack you, Bitch I was restrainin’ you! But you was wifey, though I understand it was not a game Could you imagine my surprise when the cops came Handcuffed pressed charges But I made bail its just heartless You cant smash my laptop on the wall And then think I wasn’t gonna react, scratch that Man you cant call my mom like can I crash at your spot, whaddup When I’m her son and you just locked me up But wait..this is where it really gets deep Judge said she gets control of the house for a week Filed a restrainin order so she couldn’t come near me The fuck else I do but go right back to Tahiry I’m sleepin on her couch, not discussin shit Starign at the fattest ass not fuckin it I guess despite everythin that she showed me It felt good to be around a broad that really knows me I missed all the arguing and yappin’ Percocet and muscle relaxers in a napkin Cant believe that it happened I lost my unborn daughter when we fought I’m thinkin I killed Aspen! And that’s when I thought that we’d be dead awhile But we decided to reconcile Im so hungover from love and what not How could you not expect us to take another shot But durin’ all this time we dont live together Stupid me thought that you would go get your shit together You know..get a job or if acting’s your career Seems you’ve persued the shit for a year from right here And it appears, along with all the yellin’ and the screamin’ We both at the table, but my side is leaning But rather than end it, we tried to mend it Fuck bein a couple, lets work on friendship But then it got weird, I was stunned from that You took it to a place where there was no coming back Off my last break up, I was able to stomach that 2 weeks removed and you fuckin with a running back Life is in shambles, disguised as a damsel Lies are a handful bouncin’ offa different guys lookin scrambled Despised how it was handled But when you aint got a dime, why not decide to gamble Said you’d be in L.A doing business I’m thinkin that’s great, I cant fault her Said that you would be with Jennifer the whole time But you probably didn’t think that I would call her She said she ain’t seen you since you landed And for days she been blowin up your phone like a stalker And all I could do is laugh at myself As I thought, why is ol’girl suckin up Derrick Ward for? Said we was makin it right, but you couldn’t! On the phone, I said skype, but you wouldn’t! The puzzle starts comin together and its brutal Won’t skype, gmail chat, wont oovoo The whole time I’m noticing you acting unusual And I cant figure out who the fuck your being true to Said the Wifi was down in the tele But you aint say that you was at hotel his house! Lookin like a groupie Or maybe I misunderstood when you said yall 2 was makin a movie Lookin at the shit pile I stepped in again And to top it off your hoe ass is pregnant again? Not again! I been through the world so I suck it up Its less about the lie more about the cover up’s So you busted, but your adding to the friction Cuz you deny it all but you do it with conviction So you talkin to me real disparaging, so what attitude Coming off arrogant If I wanted a trophy wife, then you could be But all it looks like is that you rentin out pussy Less about you, nah you aint the one You grown, you got choices, I’m worried about your son That’s what got me up being an insomniac Lil nigga cant control how his mommy act As for me, I’m tryna flush you out my system So I counter by filmin all my sexual encounters Mentally not there while I’m screwin And I only keep going cuz thats what your doing I’m tryna see, hows it done, hows it possible Enough 2 put a weak nigga in the hospital Starin at one ex, talkin about another But this one would kill if it meant I wouldnt suffer But she takin lil shots, Im getting ridiculed Cuz all she complained about, I went and did with you Said she knew it wouldn’t last when I lived with you She’s not ya type, she aint got the right hips for you So you try and take somethin for pain, it dont work You still feelin all the novocaine dont work Nope so we good, I dont let it get me down Not a pussy that good, not a titty that round For anything to work, yall trust is a must And I learned, gotta let a Mutt be with a Mutt So I dead that bitch and tho the shit’s been over Some situations dont end without Closure

Easily Executed

PROJECT PAT "Murderers & Robbers"
[Hook] Easily Executed [X4] [Verse 1] Cracking niggas jaws, running hoes into walls Punks begging for they lives, mothafucka I don't pause When I blast on yo ass I'm gone empty this clip Nigga live by yo rep, but I ain't taking shit When I slip in my disguise, letting you know what I'm about And I'm blasting at the dark, that's gon blow yo brains out Of yo head, leave you dead, in a pool of yo blood Niggas died, niggas scared, cause, I don't show no love Ain't no fear, when I hear, that the police got a witness Now they looking for a suspect in North Memphis Whose this realistic killa wit no conscience Full of that alcohol, never smoking blunt junts Get the pump, known as the seven shot scatter gun Splatter some suckas head open, then I break and run To the car, parked round the other corner of the street Hit the gas fast, dog a nigga gotta beat the heat [Hook] Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe When I come out wit the gat, I'm a try hoe [X2] Easily Executed [X8] [Verse 2] Bow down and recognize, nigga it's a homicide Fuckin wit the nigga like the pastor, that's a suicide Mission that yo ass on, besta pack a chrome tome Suckas play that role, like they killas bring it on jones Roaming in ya neighborhood, and I got my sawed-off Caught cha getting yo shit, I got my junt and blew yo ass off Fool, I'm fo real black, caps I'm gon peal back Not that psychopathic crazy nigga, but I'll snap You in half wit my bare hands, trick this ain't no candy land Hoe this ain't no game, they gon find you in a trash can Down-town fulla flys, blood drippin from yo eyes dig a hoes body for days, and they can't decide who did it, who done it, police on that okey-doke say it's drug related cause I did like them white folks do late at night, wit no witnesses around bro letting yo ass know, if you step, you can die hoe [Hook] Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe When I come out wit the gat, I'm a try hoe [X2] Fuckin wit the nigga like Pat, you can die hoe When I (When I) come out wit the gat, I'm a try hoe [X2]

Collaboration '98

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Johnny Blaze] So what we smoke cancer sticks and weed and all that good shit Fuck the world, word up Sunz of Man, Method Man, True Mast', collabora-tion [Chorus:] Can't you see my love even though we be with thugs Brothers want grub gotta take it in blood Because is you down or are you down just because Can't you see my love even though we be with thugs [Verse One: True Master] Yo, when you least expect is when we attack, in fact your format, is not yet suitable for combat Still dissident factions within the Kingdom Campaign desperate attempts to take your freedoms Emphatically, wack strategy, don't impress me Impulsiveness'll only bring you tragedy, test me Descent to the essence quickly, niggaz strictly flip Fuckin with this royal assembly, the Sunz of Man summon me, Chief Administrator of the Law True Master in this hardcore Art of War I explore the depths on conflict and with no pretense found the best strategy the most impressive defense So when you rush to attack, it be I to crush your force and exhaust your whole supply Don't send for reinforcements, give orders for men to maintain they respective borders, or it's a God damn slaughter [Verse Two: Method Man] Shots in the park, it be on after dark Hungry like the Wolf when the beef starts to cook When push come to shove, we push through the club Pocket full of bud, baby armed with the snub nosed I suppose, you get body-snatched when you doze Recognize your friends from your foes or here lie, another one victimized Left for The Fly, now what size is this Nigga your size, and I would be much obliged to get a fatter piece of that pie Still got my Eyes on the Prize, and like Gloria I will survive, at war with the warrior Hot with the rhyme.. pennies Turn the heat up, and bend me Prepare for the next milleni' I can't sleep, I'm in the shit knee deep In a race against time, beat your motherfuckin beat Hold your satellite Son, I'm from where you from Same shit different slum, where we about to go ain't no need for the gun, I treat you to a slice when we done, and all minds are one, yo [Chorus] [Verse Three: Prodigal Sunn] I be the Rabbi watched by snake eyes as the playa hate rise New York state side to the West side Fuck the best rhyme, best respect mine, from here to Palestine watch Sunz of Man climb I could tell a fake from a handshake for man's sake to hittin truth I translate til the land quake I plan my escape on the good fan base Strictly satisfaction like the Sunz of Man tape No copy or biting off of what your man make It's 1998, get your own mindstate In 1999 write your own platinum rhymes Can you see my love even though we be with thugs Yo, words and keyboards we please the Lord Lyrics feed the poor, while the rich receive the sore Couldn't stay in one spot too long, split in fours Told the truth the four tours brought artists four doors I rock the concert til my arm hurt, doin God's work while you Star Search, I take your mind to Mars' dirt Uhh, what I said, can you see my love even though we be with thugs [Verse Four: Hell Razah] This mathematical rhythmatical mechanism enhances my wisdom of Islam, keeps me calm from doing you harm, when I attack, it's Vietnam Through CD-ROM, the mega bomb severs the ice in your charm Too late for Salaam, slugs rip through your arm Double lead arm supreme head some fled from the bloodshed Painting many in red, leavin Iranians dead , hangin fast on they deathbed Out the window, lyrics flow like hot chemicals Burning competitors, from they ears to they asshole You wanna battle, I seperate your Adam's Apple Crack your skully with a Snapple bottle, on the Apollo Can you read black, ease back, we bleed tracks Breeze through facts, contacts smack your wolfpack [Chorus] [Johnny Blaze] Hold your satellite Son, I'm from where you from Same shit different slum, where we about to go ain't no need for the gun, I treat you to a slice when we done, and all minds are one, men from the Sun

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