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EVE lyrics - Let There Be Eve: Ruff Ryders' First Lady

Gotta Man

Original and similar lyrics
Gotta Man [Little Girl] I got a boyfriend now *laughs* [Eve] C'mon, uh, uh, uh, yo, yo 1 - Gotta man that I think I'm gon' love forever And forever, we'll be together (C'mon) No matter where he goes, I'll be thinkin' of him I'm gonna love him, I'm gonna love him (Repeat 1) [Eve] Yo, Yo, this nigga lookin' like love, no doubt Sophisticated thug keep me guessin' Said it would be a blessin' just to watch you undressin' Callin' you daddy, late nights I'm layin' on your chest And, stay reminiscin' bout the rest And, how they less than, trying to come between what we share Can't compare, could have been left But when it's mine, I never share, fight to the death If need be to prove that, wounds from your war Other bitches couldn't soothe that, broke from a bad back I'm holdin' you down, throwin' dirt with other bitches But them other fishes drown, locked in, for however long I'm playin' it smart, court dates in other cities There I'm playin' my part, wif-ey, in ya life see Forever be us, passin' the side of a Bentley Or the number 2 bus, tell the whole world, papi EVE don't want nobody else, with other niggas pick and choose But you, I'm keepin' for myself (Repeat 1) (Repeat 1) All my peoples thinkin' I'm delirious But the love I feel is serious Couples of the world, no comparing us Been through fist fights with niggas when I see it escalate I'm the getaway driver so my nigga can escape Pull my ice for the bail, spending nights in jail Drawing hearts on the wall with our names around the cell It made a little craziness, maybe I'm blind But for me to leave now lookin' for love would take a lifetime So I'm keepin' mine, uh-huh, fuck it keep me blind Feels like heaven when we makin' love, controllin' my spine Wine and dine, I don't need that as long as long as you wit me And you bitches thinkin' that you competition, come and get me My position is held, some try and all fail Pussy piece a mothafucka', uh-huh, good enough to sell Never leave his baby girl, mad 'cause he claim me Only thug in the hood that was wild enough to tame me (Repeat 1) (Repeat 1) I'm the bitch he'll never leave, helped him build his luxuries Carry stories that can hurt him, still he only trustin' me Secrets never leave my mouth, even if they torture me Always taught to hold the ground, that's why I'll always be his queen It's some thug shit things see him in the party, start to flip (What the fuck?) Curse him out on the regular just to make him sick Disappear for a day or two to test his loyal ground Keep my dogs on a short leash, controllin' the growl Open wide, I don't give a fuck, I'm swallowing my pride And he fast to blast a cat that he think be on the prowl But I'll never let him go, temper flare, let it go Always be his extra back bone, quick to let a nigga know Always by his side, EVE the apple in his eye Us together ain't no stopping snatchin' pieces of the pie Us together in our own world, what's his becomes mine Exceed eternity with him we'll stand the test of time (Repeat 1 to fade)

Fuck You

Dr Dre "2001"
[answering machine girl] Hi baby I know your under a lot of pressure at your work and all And I do understand You have no idea how much I understand But you also don't have any idea how much I love you I love you so much I think about you I feel you in my arms I miss you.. I miss you terribly I've just always wanted someone like you in my life I love you so much; that I'd do anything I'd do anything I'll be your perfect woman for you [Dr. Dre] I just wanna fuck bad bitches All them nights I never had bitches Now I'm all up in that ass bitches Mad at 'cha boyfriend, aint 'cha? You'se a bad girl, gotta spank ya Gotta thank ya for that head clinic Explicit, hella photogenic And tell your friends where the dick's at Where they can get hit and won't get back to they soulmate Before you kiss 'em use Colgate She Swallowed It! Yeah the bitch took the whole eight and ran with it, then let Mel-Man hit it and Hit the Man hit it; damn bitches Man, this is what I'm talkin about Chicken-head, chicken-fed, with a dick in your mouth Out and about with your nigga like it never took place (Airtouched) Next time you need a taste Chorus: I just wanna fuuuuuck you No touchin and rubbin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you.. Don't need you all in mine I just wanna fuuuuuck you We can't be kissin and huggin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you.. You need to give him your quality time [Devin the Dude] You got the number, it's on you to make the call You know I cum quick; help you re-decorate your walls Cut your backyard, don't have to act hard to get the cock And if I'm goin too far, I take it out and wipe it off and put it back up, and keep going You tryin to hide it from your husband but I know he be knowin that your pussy's been tampered with Then you show him the new trick of how you can lick it, smoke a cancer stick You be workin it like a dancer bitch, it's hard on me Not to give you all of my time, that you wanted You can give me some head, but keep the breakfast in bed I'd rather spend my mornin diggin through some records instead But, tonight, I guess it'd be aight if we can touch bases Hookup somewhere and exchange some Fuck Faces I know your man's lookin for ya, he's always tryin to run ya Don't worry bout me handcuffin gul cause I just wanna fuck witchu [Snoop Dogg] .. fuck witchu On the sneak tip, on some creep shit So whatcha gon' do, ya freak bitch? You, actin, like you, don't, do, dicks That's the kinda bitch I hate fuckin wit Baby was a virgin, that's what she said So I gave her some Hennesey, she gave me some head I fucked her on the flo', so I wouldn't mess up my bed Then Lil' 1/2 Dead put his dick on her head Take that bitch home, and give her a bone And give her the number to my cellular phone Man, she blowin up my pager, the shit's gettin major A favor for a favor, this dick is what I gave her Somethin to go by, and bitches know why Stuff dick in they mouth, and then I'm out (see-ya!) Twenty-fo' seven, Dre, Snoop, and Devin We servin' these hoes, and never lovin these hoes, beotch! Chorus


FAT JOE "Jealous One's Envy"
[Fat Joe] Whattup JuJu Uhh, whattup Beatnuts All them Dominicans in Corona Bobbito Stretch, my nigga Funk Flex This is the dedication Yeah, Punisher Big Dog in the house Full Eclipse crew Rated R, my nigga Domingo East New York representin, check it Before I start, you know I got ta pay homage and respect to Afrika Bambaata Zulu Nation, for twenty years of work Fat Joe wouldn't be on if it wasn't for Red Alert Chris Lighty, I hope the rain never ends Violator Records, now featuring The Twinz Diamond D, for believing in me Showbiz amp; A.G., the whole D.I.T.C. My nigga G. Rap, forever got your back whether it's with the macs or on a Primo track Aiyyo Guru, you know I love you to death Peace to Redman, Apache, Vinnie and Treach Nevertheless, on the other side of town there's my brother Lord Finesse gettin down for his crown DJ Sirs, killin shit, word to God Peace to Funkmaster Flex and the whole Flip Squad Nice and Smooth, hey yo you know the situation In case you haven't heard this jam is called the dedication Yo it's the dedication to all my niggaz one love From the heart dedication The dedication to all my niggaz one love.. Hey yo fuck all the rest, I'm givin love to Wu-Tang My nigga Chef and Big Meth, keep doin your thang Tony Starks, Ason, and the rest of the crew All my niggaz from Shaolin, you know how we do James Todd Smith, for inspirin me And all the funny-ass promoters who be hirin me Knowledge Reigns Supreme, yo you know you're the best Make sure you get that message that I left with West Anyhows, on the other side of things Big Nas, L.E.S., and Mobb Deep from Queens Puff Daddy, get the millions kid Nuff props and respect to Notorious B.I.G. DJ Clue, you know I can't forget you Doo Wop, S amp;S, oh yeah and Ron G too Craig G, forever tryin to live like me And of course the one and only DJ Kid Capri Yo it's the dedication to all my niggaz one love From the heart dedication The dedication to all my niggaz one love From the heart dedication The dedication to all my niggaz one love From the heart dedication The dedication to all my niggaz one love.. Yeah, this joint right here, is dedicated to all the real niggaz in hip-hop, uhh What up Puba Whattup my nigga Kool Micski I ain't forget ya, L.A. love Sadat X, Das EFX Everybody else, representin the real in hip-hop Word to mother Little Heck, the whole TS crew Big Power, Gizmo And we out..

Spanish Fly

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Chico harmonizes to music from "Scarface" until 0:25] [Jim Jones] I seen it all from a player's eyes (mack) Look at this world from my latest ride (Benz) We knock 'em all if you let this slide (that's right) This how you ball if you a major guy (whoa) With alcohol and a hazy high The city lights in the jaded sky I had this girl, wanna make her mine I can't lie, I was interested in her (what happened) We shared a bed in the club, and even crept to dinner (Miami) It's such a funny situation Cause I knew she had a man in the ave. by reputation (what's what) I get around (okay) I'm just a product of my occupation (so what) I asked her number and she contemplated (what happened) I'm losin patience (uh-huh) and it's startin to get flagrant (so what) Seize the moment or forever regret it Three in the mornin and I'm stressin to catch her (you know I need that) Creepin up on her and applyin the pressure Me and my homey A don't think I can get her, uhh, but [Chorus: Chico DeBarge] It's crazy, smooth ghetto angel so amazin Smokin gettin high with the daisy Thinkin 'bout makin you my lady, maybe You're a bad girl, she say I only want her for my pleasure Slow hit it from the back, I do it better She left me with a kiss and I let her, never sweat her [Jim Jones] You seekin love is watchin movies on and off the stations (hell no) Those commercials was our intermissions (for what) For the {?} and the tongue-kissin (what else) and one instance Turns some heated touchin to some freaky fuckin (just get it) My situation is a bit of trouble See this affair is a bit of struggle And my persona and my thuggish morals That was enough to start a lover's quarrel Since she had a man but he wasn't loyal (I hear that) Got loose enough just to open up (then what) It be the mornin 'fore he sober up (twisted) I call the shit like Punky Brewster (what?) And she never met a thug looser Star nigga party with the snub shooter (bang bang) My thug True is probably posted in back We party hard, get so crazy And we smoke and drink 'gnac (we ain't never scarred) I'm tryin to slide in the night on some smutty sex Niggaz beepin my phone to ask me did I get her yet [Chorus] [Jim Jones] It's gettin nervous now (why) cause the word in town (was what) Is that your man got the word that we done flirtin 'round In your Beemer merkin 'round (err) foreplay in the hallways So now we hit the house and pull the curtains down (close that curtain) We laugh and we joke, we drink and I pass you the smoke Smack your ass when you walk, when fuckin I grab and you joke (Have sex at night) As we lay and we chill Your crib, nice apartment, who's payin the bills This type of shit'll get you sprayed and you killed (That's that Harlem shit) Like {?} shot in "Paid in Full" This is not a movie script, some of my truest shit Selfish premonition, out of sight I'm out of mind When this nigga gone and missin (play the rules) Wishin she mine, I'm knowin that she'll never be (never be) This'll be fine, the closest that I'll ever be (ever be) I see a chick and she mine, new Goldie of the ghetto B Niggaz beepin my phone to ask me did I get her yet [Chorus - to fade]


ANGEL HAZE "Back To The Woods"
Since ‘91 I been a menace, for real Born rotten and exposed The rose in a garden full of hoes A flowerbed of souls Where the flowers never learn They can go, they can grow, they can They can be something I’m a bird, I’m a bird, look at me frontin’ Be confused and obtused, gotta mean some I don’t feel, I don’t feel, I don’t mean nothing Mama looking around, what you gotta say You probably never gave a fuck about me anyway I know I’m foolish cause I love you with my whole soul But I keep running so I ain’t gotta to go home, I don’t wanna go home Running from the fire and my brain’s in my ozone Running from the pressure ‘til I cave in my own home You don’t understand the obsessions that I got I need love, I don’t feel that shit a lot, nigga Been alone from the motherfucking jump, man Every battle, every hurdle, every hump, man Bitches like to feel it or they motherfucking don’t, man Tell em draw a line and do the motherfucking shhh Man, listen, I don’t talk about myself, oh no You don’t get it, you don’t feel it, nigga, oh no Where I’m from is a nightmare not a smoke show Niggas never make it there, they never make it, oh no, nigga it’s up I’m from the generation that is scarred and abused For real, man You’re either dead or you’re dying or you doomed And what’s worse is nobody’s got a clue Of what the fuck that I go through in my brain That there’s a fucking beast off the motherfucking chain That I’ve been having dragons and my heart be in flames Til I’m broken and too vulnerable again Love, nobody ever showed me what it was, my nigga, for real I’ve been beggin' since a youngin', since a cub, my nigga, for real Saw into your pretty blue soul like the rainbow A third eye, saw your devil in your angel We tried to love each other from a different angle Unfortunately, we still got strangled I don’t even know if "I'ma make it to the next day" Every day I wake up and it feels like it’s my death day You can see inside me like a motherfucking x-ray Losing to my demons in a motherfucking chest game It’s a hard life, I choose to lead the memories so lucidly and I’m just speaking truthfully, it’s hard to breathe, it’s hard to breathe Damn

I Be Thinking

B.G. "It's All On U 1"
[Intro (Mannie Fresh + B.G.)] [M.F.] Wuz up? [B.G.] Wuz happenin' (Wuz happenin') B.G. 'bout to run it [M.F.] B.Geezy in here [B.G.] Ya ever they be broke-- ([M] Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful) ?and loaded? ([M] Run it to 'em ) Put two and two together ([B.G.] Think, nigga) Ya gotta maintain ([M] Ya got to maintain) Ya either gon'...have things ([M] Have things ), and be sober, or be loaded with nothin' ([M] For sho' ) Off top ([M] Run that there ) [B.G.] I live rough ?I done had enough of doin' bad If I can recall, all my life, I've been on my ass Unlock a bitch, and his wards are the graveyard And in my ward, you can't help but to come apart And all my boys got beef on the fuckin' block And they draw heat from them niggas, plus we duckin' cops I try to clock 'cause that's all I know and slingin' But I got my Glock 'cause ain't no hangin' there if you ain't bangin' Gunshots be ringin', but I bump and bust 'til I let 'em know I ain't no ho, and I ain't 'bout to start bein' no ho I smoke herb tryin' to calm my motherfuckin' nerves But I'm stressed, and so (???)'ll leave ya on the curb I asked a nigga that I know to front a quarter bird But I smoked dope again - he said that's what he heard Now that's jeopardizin', that nigga brains blown away Niggas playa-hatin' ?What kinda shit is that to say? Fuckin'-up my pay, better get a nigga straight (??) in a hurry I'll have your mommy black eyes blurry You better worry if you're dippin' your nose in mine Got these hoes in line, now these niggas gotta get in line I can't mind dyin', where I'm from, I live by the iron On the block of Valence and Magnolia, it's hard times (Hook [B.G.]) I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober I be loaded, thinkin' of condos Now, maybe I could get a condo if I keep my nose closed I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober I be loaded, thinkin' of condos Maybe I could get a condo if I keep my nose closed I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober [B.G.] I want it ?I'm pickin' your lock, comin' through blastin' Gotta feed the animal ?this bitch gots to have it Where I'm from, there's no jive and you must be a survivor Niggas ain't relyin' on no nine-to-fiver Ruckus, beef, the ghetto is all I know Hunger, no feast is all a young nigga know Blow, get tore down, get a stressed nigga through And this K will slow you down ?any vest it will go through My hood is tainted-up, it's full of pollution Snortin' was last year - now a motherfucker shootin' Stickin' they arm up, not givin' a fuck Tryin' to jack the armored truck, not givin' a fuck Around my way, it's a residential project We all thuggin', so just look around and see who die next Man, I'm out the Melph ?What am I supposed to do? Stand alone, gotta watch these niggas close to you I'm rappin', now I'm makin' money ?I can't duck my niggas Get vacated, don't come around to say fuck my niggas (Enough of that) The same niggas that'll drown in that water for me Slow down, and'll spank a nigga daughter for me We still clique - everything you break, you can't fix We caught up in the mix, but V.L. still the shit I represent mine in every motherfuckin' rhyme You can't stop crimes 'cause Uptown is hard times (Hook [B.G.]) I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober I be loaded, thinkin' of condos Now, maybe I could still live in a condo if I keep my nose closed I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober I be loaded, thinkin' of condos Maybe I could get a condo if I keep my nose closed [B.G.] That heroin hit my block; opened it like a earthquake Niggas graduatin' on they fifteenth birthday Some snortin', and some spikin' it That shit be cut heavy, and them niggas still be likin' it That (???), that shit is still sweet But you gon' get your money's worth in that Saint T. Or on Philip and C., or atop that CP3 But the B.G....workin' on kickin' that D Now, can I...collect my gain? Stack my change? Can I...maintain and do this rap thing? Yo, can I...kick it? [Mannie Fresh] Yes, you can [B.G.] Well, I'm gon' kick it ?You bitches understand? I'ma get my n's deep me a truck Get high, get up instead of walkin' with that duck I'ma let mine hang ?let the Desert Eagle sing Let it be known all over, it's a Uptown thang Fulfill my wishes...with my hand on my nine Push that big Expedition and get through hard times, nigga (Hook-3x [B.G.]) I be loaded, thinkin' of Range Rovers Maybe I could get a Range Rover if I stay my ass sober I be loaded, thinkin' of condos Maybe I could get a condo if I keep my nose closed [Mannie Fresh (talking)] Keep your nose closed, ya heard me (ya heard me, ya heard me) Off top (Off top, Off top)

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