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EVAN AND JARON lyrics - We've Never Heard Of You, Either

Like The Rain

Original and similar lyrics
you never smile the way you used to do I see you trying but it's just not you what is wrong and what is right Marvin said he tried he just couldn't get through maybe it's a line he's just not used to what went wrong and what went right tell me do you plan this pain does it come down on you like the rain is there something I can say to you I can't stop the storm but I can cover you there's something in the doorway between you and me from my angle it's too hard to see tell me would you please humor me do you care about me then care about yourself or carry on your way all by yourself your sinking ship is drowning me [Chorus] every now and then I think of how it used to be the power you would send would light up the city for miles aroundyou were never alone I can see you struggle and I can feel your pain I think we're headed for trouble are we falling apart again [Chorus]


Rick Ramdehal "Sexy Dancin'"
He comes in a dream to me, he comes when I'm sleeping He says why are you troubled, and why are you weeping In times of trouble, you must know where you stand In pain and in misery, and misery loves company No one's around to see you through, and you don't know what to do When you can't seem to find your ground, and you're head is spinnin' When you're lost and no one's there to help you, Just Carry On I'll carry you through these mines and battlefields, I've Got Your Hand When you're in the trenches and you feel you need some air, Reach Up There Don't you give up, all you gotta do is call for me, I'll Be Right Here I don't know where I'm goin', but I still keep on rollin' Blinded by a false vision, livin' in a contradiction I've got a visual plan, my dreams are gonna come true It's always an uphill battle, takin' chances and makin' a gamble You know he sees everything, he has written the commands Showing the way to retribution, for you to understand When you're lost and no one's there to help you, Just Carry On…. Someday you won't feel this pain, and life won't trouble you much You won't have to run this road again, through these fields of war You come here once in a lifetime, choosing what is right and wrong Troubles that are terrorizin' you, one day, one day will soon be gone And all of your actions they will speak, louder than words Listen what your heart says and believe, just be who you are When you're lost, and no one's there to help you, Just Carry On…. Many will come and go who say, that they know the way They will all pass and you will live, live to see a brighter day They'll try to tell you that they, they have seen the new light But my friend, wisdom is wisdom, and right, right will always be right Soon you will conquer all your fears, and you'll see the light very clear What is real and false in life, you will see through your eyes When you're lost, and no one's there to help you, Just Carry On….

The Camera Eye

RUSH "Power Windows"
I. Grim-faced and forbidding Their faces closed tight An angular mass of New Yorkers Pacing in rhythm Race the oncoming night They chase through the streets of Manhattan Head-first humanity Pause at a light Then flow through the streets of the city They seem oblivious To a soft spring rain Like an English rain So light, yet endless From a leaden sky The buildings are lost In their limitless rise My feet catch the pulse And the purposeful stride I feel the sense of possibilities I feel the wrench of hard realities The focus is sharp in the city II. Wide-angle watcher On life's ancient tales Steeped in the history of London Green and grey washes In a wispy white veil Mist in the streets of Westminster Wistful and weathered The pride still prevails Alive in the streets of the city Are they oblivious To this quality? A quality Of light unique to Every city's streets Pavements may teem With intense energy But the city is calm In this violent sea

Love It Away

KRYSTAL MEYERS "Make Some Noise"
You can't hear your heart And you can't see your dreams Feels like your world is falling apart And your soul's torn at the seams Do you know when your world is unraveling Holding on, hanging by a thread Don't you know there's somebody to pull you in Don't cry anymore He will, He will Love it away He will be there every day If you're hurting, feeling afraid He will... Love, love, love it away What are you fighting for And what are you running from Moving like a fast train out of control Pretending there's nothing wrong I know you're thinking you're all alone And you wear a smile to cover up the pain You don't have anywhere else to go Don't fight it anymore You're so sure that no one knows What you're going through I know exactly how you feel 'Cause I see myself in you What is broken What's been stolen Our Father will restore Love it away , love it away Love it away, love it away...


The bars show you mad struggle Along with detailed scriptures of my past trouble That’s why they try to keep me quiet with a bad muzzle Can’t take the same leaps and bounds as me When they lack the hustle and the calf muscle Words from a legend speaking from the heart Said, if you going to war, weaponry is a start Do your dirt all by your lonely, let it be in the dark You givin birds bread then let it be in the park, Joey Tip me wrong, mini mall when the semi’s warm Bout my bread, so I spot it if a penny’s gone And I’ll bet, learned that from the nets If you tryna be a Billionaire get rid of any Thorn Cause you’ll get fucked if they shoot you, emptied on It’s just they way of making a mini porn I watch my haters get sick If it’s that hard living in my shadow Get off my silhouette’s dick Tailor made suits, double breast fit Set trip, get your name on the next clip Sometimes before you can add you gotta minus Some of y’all don’t get the math or the science It means I’m aiming for wealth Some say sky’s the limit I say you’re short changing yourself so uh ha, uh ha, y’all aint the same as me, I get bread You lose Jackson’s, Jermaine Dupri BS about Joe, refrain it please You’ll just untame a beast, he just became unleashed All who defend are deceased, so the topic should pass An assembly line would show em I’m not in they class Had some alright jams, them fans came and left And you ain’t know they was one night stands Let em testify, witness’s, hearin is indicative Niggas is sick of it, let it go, and get a grip [Hook:] I think I’m Sug’ Ray, Ali Joe Fraiz’ who the fuck gon stop me He think he Holyfield, Iron Mike Fo’ fifth let em feel what the iron like I think I’m Mayweather, Pacquiao Screamin money ain’t a thing pullin stacks out I think I’m Cotto, Shane Mosley Slow death to anyone who oppose me [Verse 2:] Sun I’m a always shine, yellow Think I’m about to get up on that? HELL NO Long as shorty keep my tip hard, shell toe Certain I’m a stick to the script, velcro Ringers, fakers, thinker, faders, prosper Without being linked to the majors My only response is the finger to haters Watch it get ugly, Mbenga, Lakers so when they ask how I feel about hip hop I sighed and replied take a lucky guess Just being sincere, I ain’t talking pioneer’s When I tell dudes I don’t think the Dougie’s fresh Used to roll through the trenches, slept on cold benches Holds on my expenses, smoke till I was senseless Now the flow’s so relentless Fuck CD’s it should be sold in syringes I can’t explain it they love the sound Subtle with the pound, you don’t want trouble clown If I’m at the bar ordering a couple rounds I’m in between 2 birds like a double down Where I’m from they cock and shoot Like it’s all logical, send a lot of work to them hospitals Dress the AK up before they pop at you Handgun’s, night scope, call it the Chopper suit So if you tired of all the wack dudes, call me in Rap historian, slash my class’s Valedictorian Your future’s at a stand still Must be a flat on that Delorean I tried tellin them conceded the deals closed They disagree they believe that they real close Tough guys turn talk show like Steve Wilko’s Scream fuck em eat dildos with each pill dose All the rap dudes they got highly regarded Tell me they psyche might be slightly retarded Nowadays before the shows I buy me a cartridge Those them phony ass dudes they like me to start with Peepin how the vets wanna stop me Money where your mouth is Ted DiBiase And he won’t be able to reach for a biscuit With O’s on his head like a B-more fitted Black hoody and black tux Tearin stacks up, with a model and her rack tough Gettin my Extreme Makeover on Knock that bitch down and build her back up Think twice before you act up Around flames, wrong time to be gassed up You never heard blowing smoke from a grass hut 9 times out of 10 it’ll be your last puff [Hook]

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