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EVAN AND JARON lyrics - Evan And Jaron


Original and similar lyrics
It's lonely here in outerspace The nearest stars are miles away But I believe I'm on to something big I've only come to not be found To circle high above the ground And watch everyone else for a change Don't you ever wish you'd never Don't you wonder if your face might shine Without the pies of lies To all the girls who wish to be Immortalized in fantasy I wrote this song for you and not for me I'm the senator of a lonely state Too far gone I've sealed my fate I'm so tired of being blown out with the cause Don't you ever wish you'd met her Don't you wonder if your face might shine Without the pies of lies I've arrived I'm doing well Quite a view from the top Though it is cold as hell I've arrived And it's hard to tell The bright lights from the starlights And the canyons from the hills

And I Wonder

ALPHAVILLE "Dreamscapes"
I'm going out, i don't know why, there's no need at all a kind of turbulence outside and i can't resist the call i hear a siren, i might be late, fire flickers on a barricade a piece of smack melts in my brain as i watch the police deploy and i wonder did not expect to meet you here in the middle of the fights i should have known, you got it all, you wanna burn tonight out in the riots you looked somehow devine you gotta kill a cop sometime a random motion that's what you are, these days are so bizarre and i wonder to see your face in a place like this reflecting the flames you see the market there across the square it's closing time but all the doors are broken why don't we step inside, it's free for everyone, you see it's paradise, well alright and i wonder to see your face in a place like this reflecting the flames gold/1987

The Panama Deception

ANTI-FLAG "Underground Network"
Their 2+2 doesn't equal 4 Their 2+2 equals whatever they wants us to die for Chorus: ABOUT FACE! snap to attention FORM YOUR OWN CONclusion to things you see ABOUT FACE! sometimes the explanations DON'T ADD up to the facts Time and again they manufacture a cause And rally the public around it, Check out the movie Wag The Dog Killing To further the interest of private corporations Killing To control global economic situations Killing For personal gain (i.e. Bush in Panama) Learn the fuckin' TRUTH you won't be so quick to sign on! Chorus Our lives reflect TV sitcoms and tragedies Like a bad joke, I ask, How many of you don't see...? And just how many... How many of you swallow the lies...? How many of you do not realize...? Gung ho and true to the stars and stripes They fuckin brainwashed you, to do their bidding... And like a flock of sheep, with wool over your eyes You never stop to question, you just fall into the line The media's a business, that provides entertainment Heir bottom line: Money, And stories that will make it... So they run with stories, that promotes the lies To keep the ratings coming, wealth from promoting world strife Life must be so easy, when you don't have to think Black and white like printing, from the newspaper's ink I wish I had the chance, to reveal the lies But you're so fucking brainwashed, would it even help to try... TO GET THROUGHT... TO YOU!?!? To get through, through, through, through, through, through... To get through to you!

Shere Kan

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[Sample from Sing-A-Song] "You can come, I'll leap right over Any day you like System 605, Union 91" [Aesop] I forever wallow in glitches, grimly distributed by side effects Consumed, cocooned in antisocial trenches, drenched! Gridled between dense pillars of polar value lies a grey so blueless it's got I fiendin for the sky. Synthesized lies rise synthetic Sittin' inside solidified plastics who's lateral burns germ compatible... My firm's radically piloted, dodging a fire swiftly Yellow brick stalker walking shifty... I am but a prototype Metroid programmed to Holocaust style while you're soakin' in the stages of denial. Your petty soldiers seem fragile like Giacometti sculptures, embedded in aromatic cultures. We's rock steady vultures Plus I's the guise of rowin' a soul. My wingspan stands flags in the snow of the poles. Berserk! Swerve my alignment towards solitary confinement and jade it. Stripping, color my passion mitigated; I'm Slipping... [Ann Colville] You always seem like a small grey cat to me Sleepin underneath the silvery moon... Paws curled beneath your head 'til the sun came round just around noon. And you would greet me, purring in your doorway, Drawing up your tail around my hips And I would go to your mouth wide open, waitin' for my language to come from your lips... And I move you. And you like it. Just enough To let me. But I hate you... Cause you're lonely. And you know how To forget me... [Aesop] For the love of my personal practice I reside where obstructive fluxes and societal withdrawl collides. Slide fuel by the fury Spun a ring around my honor but the opulence took shelter in my horror. Melancholy masquerade Cast amongst the braiding of belligerence and blazing terror that blew the lock down off my placement. I stay special agent till the sky falls Reverse the curse till my fellow lost children disperse [Ann Colville] And your footsteps leading down the pathway never seem to be quite like my own... Your mind is smokey circles it blinded me till I turned towards home... And you would watch me far in the distance hands held high above your head. I only leave the territory when there's nothing left to be said. And I move you. And you like it. Just enough To let me. But I hate you... Cause you're lonely... And you know how To forget me... [Sample from Sing-A-Song] "You can come, I'll leap right over" [Aesop] I make music and connect color to canvas, swoop down from the trees with potpourris and other bandits. Landed randomly upon the valleys of the grimace, saw my planted leaf start burnin from the oustide in. Meaning your clout lies thin; Salt prep the blades prior to five phase in my ever changin underworld. Serate a day to decorate a traitor That sting never fades like belly wounds from sling blades Follow my portion, I'm gonna swallow distortion and spit the filter. [Sample (Sing-A-Song High Tone Voice)] "You can come, I'll leap right over Any day you like System 605, Union 91"

Silver Shine

Conception "Parallel Minds"
I stride through the rain trying to expel the look on her face the night we met somewhere in the distance I hear the sound of drums like thunder rolling with my heartbeat taking me back To where I died a lifetime ago her bagging eyes with silver shine Remember her tears like yesterday's rain couldn't wipe them away a face in the crowd my sister though I see cleary now the lies we shared We'll never die always be strong encouraged by the silver shine It's stange how dimness can unveil I never really knew her but in my cage of memories she crumbles on and on I stride through the rain trying to expel the look on her face forget her name But where I died is where I belong her bagging eyes about to cry our faith is strong we'll live on lies on memories of silver shine


from the vision the meditations of dreaming the lines a human respite bleed away the scarred emotions of time and fire the reputation the stone delerium tells the tale all rack and ruin caressing the face with tiny outstreched moments of discretion a demonstration astride the vision it cries of simple pain and pleasures too complex to comprehend expression the memories born of the solitude the widow is torn stand to one side in unmet chambers she is slain memories as lies - impressions memories as lies - expression memories as lies - memorise silence the face of the messenger - a savage the face of the messenger of pain spilling the lines of eternity imprisoned as memories of changeless futile fate rising above the perfection whilst it sears the banner of recividist pate savage the face of the messenger is savage the face of the messenger it hates i am the lord of pain

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