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EUROPE lyrics

Prisoners In Paradise

Original and similar lyrics
I want to learn how to fly I want to be respected I want to get lucky I want to get out of this dump I just want to watch TV I want to be loved I want to be different I want a brother and sister I'd just rather be forgotten I want to save the world I want to be understood I want to be rich Man, I just want to be somebody Julie's got the word today She lost her job just one last pay Life don't come easy anymore Still strugglin'on by herself Got a picture of Jimmy There on the shelf And she looks at him and says Why did we let it go I know that sometimes baby We didn't see things eye-to-eye But I got just one question Did we have to say goodbye Just like prisoners in paradise Still far from heaven's door We had it all but still we Wanted more Now I realize that I can't Turn back the future's here To stay but hey We're just children of tomorrow Hangin' on to yesterday Jimmy still recalls the night When he took his guitar And headed on out To find the big time That was his dream He gave up his past And made it alright But there's something missin' In his heart tonight Sometimes what you want Ain't what you need He misses drivin' down To the lake at night Holdin' his baby In his arms so tight Ain't it hard to find illusions When you're livin' in a memory Just like prisoners in paradise So close but yet so far There will come a time No matter who you are When you ask yourself Was it right or wrong For me to turn away but hey We're just children of tomorrow Hangin' on to yesterday


Cledus T. Judd "Just Another Day in Parodies"
(Spoken) Hand me that balloon right there Boy I used to love to do this when I was a kid Watch this Hey watch this girl Plowboy, ain't that funny, plowboy (Sounds of a horse going neigh) (Sung) (1st Verse) Well I'm a packing up my truck and I' m a head down south Where real men packa lips with dips in their mouth Start a moonshine steal sleep in a tent buy some cheap livestock find some land to rent Then I'm a Cledus T. it up and down the farm With a couple of barns a baby calf in my arms You know I hate to brag but I'll be tilling the most Run a barbwire fence from post to post Keep shells in my gun, Deer heads on my walls Live out in the sticks and wear overalls why because I wanna Find me a home in a cow town baby Where the buffalo roam read the farmers almanac for all the right reasons Make sure my crop is the top of next season Cledus T. is a farming freakazoid Yeah I'm heading down south sucka Because I wanna be a plowboy baby (With my upraised hat on my john deer tractor) Plowboy baby (Redman pouch for the chewing tobaccer) Plowboy baby (Sleeping at night cause I work all day) Plowboy baby (You can smell my pigs from a mile away) (2nd Verse) I bet you'll hear my rooster crowing when the day begins He goes.. (Sounds of a rooster crowing) In lust for a hen Home schooling, home fries, good homemade wine Well harvest the fields (But not before its time) Plant peas, and beans, green beans and rice Haul manure from the barn to fertilize And if the price is right I'm gonna sell my hay boy And let G-E-O-R-G-I-A know why they calling me the Plowboy baby (With my truck locked down in a four wheel drive) Plowboy baby (Living like a king in a single wide) Plowboy baby (Sleeping at night and bushhoging all day) Plowboy baby (Thank god for Willie Nelson and Farm Aid) (3rd Verse) YEAH... Cledus T. you can call me a hick The only woman for me is a Dixie Chick I got two billy goats week 'fore last Till my snapper gets fixed They'll be cuttin' my grass Back hoeing, scare crowing, shoeing my horse You know a horse is a horse (Of Course, Of Course) Screws up the spread gotta make it look right I gonna paint my barn red and paint my fence white UH! Find dayus, calm and toe tomatoes Irrigate some ground for my sweet potatoes Drink wine makers, storm like Quakers Got no love for you vegetable haters How I'm gonna buy my seed Sell my soul to the seed and feed My dog is green just like my hay bail Ain't no chickens in my yard keep em all in my trailer Dog named old yeller cut through a stick I'd slop my hog but I (Already feed it) I'm picking off ticks, scratching poison oak But I keep on sucking thanks to calamine lotion (Plowboy) got a 4230 with my diesal whining (Plowboy) spend all my time on a big combine (plowboy) Praying at night it'll rain some day (Plowboy) You can smell my pigs from a mile away (Plowboy) Got my crop laid out and the sunshine shining (Plowboy) Got an old tin steel with my moonshine shining (Plowboy) You can smell my swine

If The World Was Mine

TQ "They Never Saw Me Comin'"
7, 11, 6 & 4 They all score Yeah. Mutha-fuckin' Jazze Pha Got me in line at 1:12 All high & shit Huh Thinkin' about What if the world was mine It'd be on in this mutha-fucka. Check it out. I been thinkin' since the capital Luck saw a baby Kinda feel natural Triple lights on the crap table 7, 11, 6 & 4 They all score And every woman is a stripper So you can tip her Don't let it get ya Feel free to take her home wit ya I'd be in all the motion pictures And every rip i'm messin' wit Be a ten on the real shit And real niggas wouldn't have to try to be so i would never never Actin' violently And even if you didn't ride wit me You could still get high wit me If the world was mine [Chorus] You would never have to leave the sunshine And everbody'd be free to smoke weed wit us Shouldn't even have to deal wit one time Too many whips so we ain't got time If the world was mine I'd roll a baby blue 64 Wit all my niggas down front wit they dubs up All night Call all the thugs & 'round 'em up And tell 'em all to come to my show If the world was mine I take a puff so i can meditate Bump down the street & niggas wouldn't playa hate Season tickets for the niners My own recliner What's the matter wit ya eyes Ain't ya high enough Cali weed make 'em both swell up So quit talkin' And blaze one up You in the middle of a world-wide mission to get paid enough Is the last nigga brave enough His ass got ate up His whip got laid up She had to pay up My mind was made up And stayed up I took 17 beats & laced 'em up Wit a plot to blow the place up If the world was mine [Chorus] You would never have to leave the sunshine And everbody'd be free to smoke weed wit us Shouldn't even have to deal wit one time Too many whips so we ain't got time If the world was mine I'd roll a baby blue 64 Wit all my niggas down front wit they dubs up, all night Call all the thugs & 'round 'em up And tell 'em all to come to my show If the world was mine If I ruled the world Block parties wit the Mexicans Dominos wit the best of dem Black lex, purple pearl In the city wit my next of kin Doin' lotsa shoppin' It's poppin' We won't stoppin' 'Til the loot runs out But it's my shit So that won't happen Guaranteed to have ya all screamin' & clappin' On a high that lasts ya all night If the world was mine

Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
[Tupac Talking] Heaven ain't hard to find (All you gotta do is look) [Tupac] Simply because you nervous, let me start off with my conversation Hoping my information, eleviates the hesitation I can see it clearly now catch you smiling through your frown I'm askin' Baby Boo are you down ? Although I know you've heard about my reputation across the nation 'Mr. I get around' My temptation got me dripping wet perspiration I'm activated by the moves your making Baby why you faking? strip naked get the love making See its all in your mind, so every time I sip a glass of wine I fantasize till that ass is mine Never gettin' but wanting, never touching but wishing A straight thug on a mission until I get what I'm missing Stop with the beeper, baby Listen, I know you're grown, but pay attention Let me hypnotize with my tounge kissen' This is a message to bomb bodies and all dimes Turn around one more time Heaven ain't hard to find [Chorus] (Heaveeen) Heaven ain't hard to find (Heaven ain't hard to find) Heaven ain't hard to find Infact you can have it just have faith Just like a little kid, still believing in magic It takes a lot of scarifice with all the lonely nights on tour I need somebody I can trust in my life Let me apply the brakes baby you're moving to fast My conversations are getting deeper, but first let me ask Are you afraid of a thug ? and have you ever made love with candles and bubbles sipping in your tub Touch me and let me activate your bloodpressure This Thug Passion help the average man love better Picture me naked and glistening beneath the moonlight mist Take a shot of that alazhay come give me a kiss And maybe we can be better friends perhaps we'll be closer I'll be the thug in your life baby and you'll be my soulja And I know it takes some time And you got a lot of questions on your mind But relax, in due time Heaven Ain't Hard to Find [Chorus] (Heaveeen) Heaven ain't hard to find (Heaven ain't hard to find) You think we all dogs, thats why you cautious when I approached you Been talking since you arrived, but not a word is spoken Through my eye contact, I wink and you respond back Look at me whats all that ? Huh its like the closer you get, Baby the quicker I'm speaking I got a flight out Chicago, lets kick it this weekend I'm sipping Heneesee and coke tho' addicted to weed smoke I'm fiendin' for your body even mo' Oh god help me identify me truest thoughts your hidden motives full of passion who would of thought Come hollar at me baby, love me for my thug nature Far from a playa hater, label me a money maker Straight heart breaker Baby we can be friends I can soup you in my Benz we'll ride I'll let you floss it for your friends Once we begin until the end, it gets better with time I'm makin' love to your mind baby Heaven ain't hard to find [Chorus] (Heaveeen) Heaven ain't hard to find (Heaven ain't hard to find)

The Man Who Would Be Santa

And the man who would be Santa slips into the room And the hour of daylight's yet to come but he hopes they don't wake too soon All the presents wrapped in paper and tied with a bow The children sleep upstairs and Santa works below And he can hear the children dreaming [Chorus] And he says All I want is for you to have A life you love and live Take from me all I have to give Because you are in my heart And the man who would be Santa tells his son to write And to call him if he needs him in the middle of the night Don't you worry don't you cry now you'll do just fine Your mother and I love you We think about you all the time And he can see the train is leaving [Chorus] Now the old man sits and tells of days when time stood still The hours always seem to fade but the memory never will All the love that you gave me All the dreams in the night And I just want to thank you while the day's still light But I can see the sun is setting [Chorus]

Here Now

JIN "The Rest Is History"
Look I'm not a gimmick, there's not a rapper I'm trying to mimic My life move about a mile a minute Make the best of it while I'm in it Talk shit I'll never get offended I'm so pushin' to the limit I could shake of 20 haters Ignore em' and handle my business Highly hood got my named cemented A threat to every rapper in the game or that's ever been in it 5'6'' but I stand tall, built for war, sort of like the Great Wall Of China, hear my footsteps like Yao Ming's behind ya Don't remind me, do whatever to you, fly back and it'll be Hell on earth for you to find me They say we all look alike, cook alike But they aint't know that we all crooks alike I changed the game when I took the mic In Freestyle what it took for you to write, good night! [Chorus:] I am here now, say what you want I know I got something you want I am here now, think what you want This is my life, let's get it on It's like a curse being successful The more progress, the more stressful Don't ask about heart, I got a chestful Thrown into a cesspool of sex juice So my next move was to elevate for the best view I got a few things to confess too They say I'm famous, I don't feel special Plucked from a few to be placed on a pedestal Only to be ridiculed and find out they want to get rid of you Once you near your pinnacle they try to limit you From the start of your career when they finish you That's why in interviews I keep my shit minimal And if I do say something it's subliminal Is it because I'm signed to killers and criminals? It's pitiful, this rap game is too political But fuck it, I ain't got shit else to do [Chorus] Yo, yo you don't gotta give me my respect, I'ma take it You ain't gotta punch me into night I'ma lay it You ain't gotta loan me no money I'ma make it And I do anything I can get away with I say what I want, take it how you take it Media hype that I've created has enhanced my hatred Came from the basement, rose amongst the stars like a space ship Face it, there's no replacement Time you spend looking for the one is time wasted I'm too defined, my design you can't trace it So give it up, I ain't bitter but I'm getting sick enough to take my contract and rip it up Plus my friend say I'm forgettin' stuff Is it cause I failed to get intouch While I'm out rappin', travelin', gettin' bucks And my hearts in Miami indeed Oh I ain't forget, I just got my family to feed [Chorus]

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