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Eternal Dirge lyrics

Anthem To The Seeds

Original and similar lyrics
Incarnation of infernal malice Soaked with wincing life Far beyond the boundaries Of phantasmagoric rage Deep into the reeling suction Insane eruptions of destruction Twisting dissociation Into the radical void Ascending cataclysm Of divine delight Spawn of the underworld Seeds from the sepulchre Time is extinct In the seas of the unreal Where limitless oblivion Floats in me eternally O Legions of voracity Proceed on thy way To shores yet undreamed To reign with thy will By the black altar of Tsathogguah And the leathery wings of hate I'll serve thy power absolute Devoted to my fate Remember O Prince of the black seas Bestow on me the powers To crush my enemies Remember O Master of black skies I chant this anthem To the seeds of pure demise


Hear us, oh infernal master. Grant that we may be of the chosen few. Knowledge and power are yours to bestow. Through you all will come to pass. Renouncing paradise of the weak and the lowly, We place our trust in thee, God of flesh and deep desires. Make us one with darkness. Magick shall be our key, prayers said unto thee. Unholy shall be our way, never shall we betray.

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