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ERICK SERMON lyrics - React

React - Redman

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro] Just Blaze, yeah Check me out now Yo, yo, yo, yo, check me out now Yo, yo, yo Let me hear ya say kisi ko (if someone) Uh huh, kudkushi ka (has suicidal) uh huh, shok ho tow (interests) uh huh kya kare (then what can WE do) Put your hands in the air everybody, c'mon Where them dogs at [Erick Sermon] Hey yo, I'm immaculate, come through masculine Wide-body frame, E-Dub's the name, whoa In the field of rap, I'm supurb, I'm fly I should be in the sky with birds I ride 20 inch rims when I lean, yo (Hey yo, them TENS nigga) I know, I keep 'em clean though Come through stormin' the block like El Nino Scoop up an arabic chick before she close She goes, kisi ko, those my people Yeah, them broads from Puerto Rico, them key folks Yeah, watch how the E lows 64 Black rags, black interior, shift on the floor Burn out, I do it for the kids They're hoppin' it turn style, the E goin' wild Yo, like them white chicks on a DVD Yeah, I'm worldwide, MTV and BET, nigga kisi ko kudkushi ka soge ho tho kya kare vo kisi ko kudkushi ka soge ho tho kya kare vo 1 - Whateva' she said, then I'm that If this here rocks to y'all, then react, kisi ko kudkushi ka soge ho tho kya kare vo Whateva' she said, then I'm that If this here rocks to y'all, then react Yo, do I gotta go ape or go nutty I leave your eye like a 9-9 biz-buggy, puffy Brit niggas get real ugly Trust me, keep your four if you feel lucky Mug me, I ain't got nothin' but four figures And weed and hash chopped in the coffee blender My shots like squeegy men on your window Usual suspect, I'm the crippled member Get away (kisi ko)when I sat down in the office Heat in my 'lac keep me walkin' awkward While y'all talk it, the doc reinforce it The mic, it's hard to keep my paws off it Yo' bitch is my bitch when it's over No Cristall, I'll pour duck with King Cobra Out in the Nova, don't bother My knee not brown, cost is a shot down the quarter Repeat 1 Hey yo Red, he's over (Word?) with his shit right now Watch this, told ya Chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chillin', I'm milk I'm that kid Gizmo, which y'all billin' Yo, when the roof is on fire, believe it, it's me Sparks when I rock the mic like Segal Free When the pen hit the pad, the evil in me come out Total recall for people to breathe I got dogs in the backyard (kisi ko) shittin' their lawns We got chickens ain't leaving 'till six in the morning Round and round we go, circle the area Leave the party, go straight to the Marriott Dozy-doe, we're cowboys with a saddle-lac Rodeo with 24's on the Cadillac What your name is, yo, R.E.D. Crack cost money, but the E is free, yeah repeat 1


BIG L "The Big Picture"
Yo, pay attention And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down Check it, my weed smoke is my lye A ki of coke is a pie When I'm lifted, I'm high With new clothes on, I'm fly Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks Money is chips, movies is flicks Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones Cocaine is nose ,candy cigarettes is bones A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop And if you got rubbed, you got stuck You got shot, you got bucked And if you got double-crossed, you got fucked Your bankroll is your poke, a choke hold is a yoke A kite is a note, a con is a okey doke And if you got punched that mean you got snuffed To clean is to buff, a bulls scare is a strong bluff I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus: repeat (2X) Speak with criminal slang -Nas That's just the way that I talk, yo Vocabulary spills, I'm ill -Nas Yo, yo A burglary is a jook, a woof's a crook Mobb Deep already explained the meanin' of shook If you caught a felony, you caught a F If you got killed, you got left If you got the dragon, you got bad breath If you 730, that mean you crazy Hit me on the hip means page me Angel dust is sherm, if you got AIDS, you got the germ If a chick gave you a disease, then you got burned Max mean to relax, guns and pistols is gats Condoms is hats, critters is cracks The food you eat is your grub A victim's a mark A sweat box is a small club, your tick is your heart Your apartment is your pad Your old man is your dad The studio is the lab and heated is mad I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus (2X) The iron horse is the train and champaign is bubbly A deuce is a honey that's ugly If your girl is fine, she's a dime A suit is a fine, jewelry is shine If you in love, that mean you blind Genuine is real, a face card is a hundred dollar bill A very hard, long stare is a grill If you sneakin' to go see a girl, that mean you creepin' Smilin' is cheesin', bleedin' is leakin' Beggin is bummin, if you nuttin you comin Takin' orders is sunnin', an ounce of coke is a onion A hotel's a telly, a cell phone's a celly Jealous is jelly, your food box is your belly To guerrilla mean to use physical force You took a L, you took a loss To show off mean floss, uh I know you like the way I'm freakin' it I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it Chorus (2X) Yeah, yeah One love to my big brother, Big Lee Holdin' it down Yeah, Flamboyant for life Yeah yeah, Flamboyant for life


Beatnuts "Stone Crazy"
Intro: Yeah, yeah yeah. Open your mouth (aaaah). Open it! Wide. Psycho Les: I'm coming running at you with an axe, chop you in the hip Now you fuckin' hop don't don't ask me any questions (questions) Why too many ears at my sessions With opions, but not this year (no question) Strickly answers, Luke dancers, chasing off happy campers And wanna be rap gangsters, yappin' that shit I don't like But not tonight we bring that shit to start a fight So what the fuck? When I hit you know I struck Knuckle game, test and get munked Nigga dissed me, forget this and you back in the rhyme with a punch line Trying to slamp you in broad daylight around lunch time, so what the fuck? Don Gobbi: No false assumption, I cut a face just like a pumpkin Potted up and drunken, grabbin' my balls while gruntin' You just a munshkin, not even half of the equivalent My team is militant, criminals who swear they innocent You insignificant, I turn diesel niggas to involents You started it, I'll finish it, deminish it I'm killing it, word duke, I let it known don't fuck with Gobbi Act a man like rack of lamb and feed the body to the rody Smokin' Suckas Wit Logic and raised with project lobby I let you choose your fate, your only crews will wait I'm heavyweight and when I'm old and great yo I rejuvenate And duplicate, and slam man like Sumo tournaments Fake thugs get plugged and missles launched to their coordinates Hip hop cornered it, a-yo we fear none, rappers hootchies and spear guns Bustin' threw your ear drums, we leave the ears numb Get You Open like Black Moon and spot a kill of gorillas A plattoon of baboons (that stab wounds) to make the shit worse hit up your soft spaces A bunch of niggas with court cases and all faces And torch places and leave the spot crispy, smokin' like a hippy From now until I'm 50 Hook: Unciviled (x4) But now I start to realize Don Gobbi: Yo turn the mic on, Ju visualize like nightcorn You fake thug niggas still sleep with the lights on You quite wrong thinkin' that your team is like strong We strangle y'all niggas like pythons, we like flaws Corona outlaws, 52 Southpaw Hungary as niggas that'll come out yours Stick a nigga in a heartbeat, it's the cold blooded Dominican dark meat Hook

Say What

METHOD MAN "Tical 0: The Prequel"
[Intro: Missy Elliott (Method Man)] Yeah! This-this-this-this This is an exclusive (let's go) Mr. Meth, you're so Def, you put them other M.C.'s out to rest (that's right) And they test (uh-huh), but they forget (yeah) how the M-E-F is so Def (let's go) [Method Man] Yo, uh, come on, come on, now Big Meth attack soon as the track come on now Zone out, with Sean Combs and bizzy-bone out (I see you in the club) And by one, I'm gettin' thrown out Mami, got her toes out, ain't one army can Blaze Johnny Like Gwen Stafani, you know there's No Doubt I'm trill, sick with it, it's like ill That's the only way to explain these mic skills On Homicide Hill, anybody asks is real The more steel, the more bodybags to fill Can I get, hit of that hydro, nigga I tried to quit puffin' before, but I'm no quitter If honey show me her buns, I'll show her my ones If the bed rockin', keep knockin' and I'mma cum Want some, take some, I get it crunk Speak junk, I'll slow up your road with speed bumps [Chorus: Missy Elliott w/ P. Diddy doing ad-libs] When they play this in the club (say what?) Go and tell that nigga, bump that (say what?) Throw your hands up, like nigga, what? (say what?) Ya'll don't really really want that (say what?) And for whatever muthafucka, don't like it (say what?) Tell that sucka he can get back (say what?) Misdemeanor and Meth in your area (say what?) Are ya'll ready? Come on, play it back (saw what?) [Method Man] You wanna front, what? Step up and get bucked And if your feelin' lucky, duck, then press ya'll luck Ya'll got me effed up, over tracks overreact Once I start, like a bullet, ain't no holdin' me back I'm all that and two mac's, ya'll fakin' jacks When I cock back like Busta Bust and make 'em clap Here I go again, who blow in like whirlwinds Who kiss girlfriends, that kiss they girlfriends Got to get it, and when I'm gone Ya'll bury me with chrome, and tell hell I'm comin' home I'm poison, see my skull and crossbones Got aim like them kids in Iraq who toss stones And I got drugs in my system, we thugs in the system That put slugs in victims, Mr. M-E to F, bomb threat As long as I ain't no game, there's no contest [Chorus] [Method Man] Ticallion is phatter than your fattest chrome chain I guess that should explain why I given the dope name Ain't nothin' free, everything got a fee How the fuck you got a car and ain't got a pot to pee? I'ma grown man, so I do grown man things Why take half, when I can have this whole damn thing? It's Meth, baby, drop top, navy Mercedes I'm number one like P.E. or Tracy McGrady It's all good, everything I spit, all hood And if ya'll gave me one wish, niggaz, I wish ya'll would Who John Blaze? Uh, when ya'll gon' learn huh When I burn son, stick a fork in him he's done And ladies love to play, like Ladies Love Cool J For the right CREAM, the'll do anything you say She Ice Cream, I'm caked up with icing Mr. Sandman, come on, bring her a pipe dream [Chorus] [Outro: P. Diddy] Let's work... come on Def Jam! Mr. Meth, Missy, Bad Boy Hitmen baby, let's work, come on Let's work, come on, yeah Uh, let's work... aiyo pass that nigga Joe Hooker, I see you, let's work, yeah

Inside Job

XZIBIT "40 Dayz & 40 Nightz"
[Intro: Xzibit] Mr. X to the Z (who am I) M-m-m-mr. X (who am I) X to the to-the-to-the Z M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z (yeah, yo) M-m-m-m-mr. X-x-x to the Z [Xzibit] So it's one fifteen in the mornin I'm comin up, a hard day, serve We gettin drunk smokin herb and the third dike you roll Non-stop cash flow, 20,000 dollars and the rest cuttin yayo We had the rocks, my nigga late to pick it up get him on the phone, hurry up cause I ain't tryin to get stuck So what the fuck is the hold up ('Nigga sit your ass in the chair and I'll be right there') Reminds me I gotta shake the spot I got bitches in the hotel room ready for me to bang cob weight (*knock*) Yo, who is that man ('He wanna spend a couple of hundred, (yeah), but he'll be right back') That's when I shoulda got the heater But I was too busy in the kitchen countin money and takin shots at Tequila Started countin out twelve when it hit me If you was Rocksteady, you woulda came when the C-Note's rang Before I could yell out to lock the front Niggas rushed in the front door with the gauge, ready, duck Bad enough I'm caught up in it, jacked, but worst than that I'm caught in the kitchen without the strap ('Where the muh-fuckin sack homeboy') Yeah, woulda killed Terminators only D between us is a stove and a refrigerator, came in and put the gauge to my chest Took the money off the table and said ('Yo, where's the rest of it nigga') You gotta love it, came straight to the moneyman 20,000 cash, needed stacks, wrapped in rubber bands Snatched the whole shit and broke out I ran to the living room and got the heat from under the couch Smashed out into the middle of the street started blastin Dumpin at the getaway cars but they was mashin I thought I heard the homies just in time for the action Police hit the corner with they reds and white's flashin These niggas rolled off with at least a cool fifty Ya, I'm in handcuffs on the ground and mad cause the K-9 bit me Shipped me off downtown for the bookin Threw my herb sack when the cops wasn't lookin Fingerprints, hold the tape, hear come detectors One at the door, another one askin questions Stupid shit like: - 'Who was I shootin at' Was it game related and where do they kick it at But I didn't say shit I can tell from all the people Involved it was an inside job But I'm the wrong nigga to rob, I'll hunt you down Fuck the money, I'll take you off and accept the loss Set bail at fifteen g's, no sweat Got cars slippin tonight, and almost got wet Homies come to set bail see, but that's all right Since I'm already here I'ma spend the night [Outro: Xzibit and another having a conversation] ('Hey, hey I need to use the phone again') [*Car horns*] ('Ay, ay man') ('Since when did you start takin shoestrings and shit') ('Man') ('Ahhhh') ('Do I look like I wanna kill') ('Ay man, fuck that') ('Ay, look:') ('I just need to use the phone real quick man, eh, fuck it') ('Aight, ay, let me get the top bunk') ('Ay man, this, this, this blanket, this blanket smell like urine man') All right, you're charged with Public Intoxication (All right, listen there's a thousand people down there who are drunk) Okay, I understand that

Lay You Down

Jermaine Dupri "Life in 1472"
featuring Jay Z Uh uh So So Def Yeah yeah Chorus: Jermaine Dupri and Jay Z [Jermaine Dupri] In the Ferrari or Jaguar switchin four lanes With the top down screamin out Money ain't a thang [Jay Z] Bubble hard in the double R flashin the rings With the window cracked holler back Money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Jigga I don't like it if it don't gleam clean And to hell with the price cause the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] Put it down hard for my dogs that's locked in the bang When you hit the bricks, new whips Money ain't a thang [Jermaine Dupri] Come on, y'all wanna floss wit us Cause all across the ball we burn it up Drop a little paper, baby toss it up Ya slackin on your pimpin, turn it up See the money ain't a thang [Jay-Z] I flex the rol', sign a check for yo' hoe Jigga's style is love, X and O Save all your accolades, just the dough My game is wide, all lames aside Tryin to stay alive, hundred thou' for the bracelet Foolish, ain't I? The chain'll strain ya eye Twin platinum gun son, aim for the sky Ice on my bullet, you die soon as I pull it Willies wanna rub shoulders, your money's too young See me when it gets older, ya bank account grow up Mine's is one-zero-zero-zero-zero-oh-doub' Damn near out the rear trunk when I roll up Multi til I close up, it's all basic I been spending hundreds since they had small faces Rob your stash house, doubled out down in Vegas Me and Jermaine Dupri got it locked crazy Where you at haters? Repeat 1 [Jermaine Dupri] My cake thick, I live the life Eatin' crab, watching bitches shake shit all night I make the big moves, do the big things Take small groups, turn them into big names The big dog with the big chain, frost bit bracelet to match Cats say I'm the shit man The type of nigga that you need in yo' crew Type of dude that will do shit you won't do, can't do Get more burnt than a candle Too hot to hold, too much to handle In the black C-low, he know if she look She go bye-bye with da-da and I ain't gotta say no more I'm the truth like air, got the proof and stay fly In the safest shit you could never buy Know why? Cause I write the songs that the whole world sing I don't know bout y'all but every night I swing Repeat 1 [Jay-Z] Ya'll shit ain't for real til y'all ship a mil' And ya hit a R B chick and she fit the bill Said she loved my necklace, started relaxin Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction Went from wholesome to Jigga, you owed some Baby, I don't play all my jewelry is light grey Platinum, spend your whole life in the day What's down is a bet, roll the dice [Jermaine Dupri] Yeah, yeah, so let's play So what, you went gold and rock a Roley with the ice bezel It's gonna take a lot more to see my level Where I'm at, your check, you better double that And personally your raps is where the trouble at I'm a Benz bubble cat, leather with the wood grain In the platinum frame screaming it's not a game Gleaming, from ear to ear, wrist to wrist, ring and chain Even me and Jay-Z got it locked, crazy Repeat Chorus So So Def, Roc-A-Fella, collabo' You know, all we do is rock Rock on

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