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Fine Time

Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: I hope we could spend more time together A few hours is better than never If we could only make it longer A whole day would be fine A whole day would be fine A whole day would be fine A whole day would be fine I think it's time to clean your car I'm not home if someone calls We could go out for a day We could sing some songs we hate Why not swim in someone's pool Jump a crane 12 storeys high Have a picnic in my room Sit outside and watch the moo (chorus) We could drive in to the malls Or stay home and watch TV I don't care if we don't have lunch Just as long as we have iced tea I could take you to a film Hunt for books and magazines Is that new song out on sale I think that dress is kinda pale (chorus) There are times when we disagree My heart sings to the sea I'm always anxious when we kiss on me Please don't tire of understanding me Being with you makes me feel so safe I don't care if we go out of town I don't care if we sleep all day Basta't kayakap ka ay okey (chorus) A whole week would be fine A whole month would be fine A whole year would be fine A decade would fine A century would be fine Fine, fine time (4x) Forever would be fine. . .


EPMD "Back in Business"
[Redman] Nah nah, check this out, yo I grab my dick, spit, hit the blinkers, split the Dutch Coronas, tokin irons without permits Repetoire long-faced murderer's the shit Black Bruce Willis mix tape arsonist Esquire, for hire, with total rapid fire Supplier to any Tom Dick Jerry Maguire You chose the right man to get the plan executed I get the situation happening before you shoot it Flow direct-or, suprise you like guess what? The hotter I spit I'm trippin off smoke detectors Who next up to get dressed up, I don't pop corks I pop New York with a dot til import The art then the craft, will split you in half I'm a Hurricane you a Miller Genuine Draft While you push a S-Class I'm riding on a giraffe Uptown, naked, smoking a bag with hash, check it Shut your windows and lock your doors Whores scream louder than Berrymore when I pour And when me and my crew walk we walk on all fours Atomic Dogs, packed in a black Yukon Chorus [Erick Sermon] John Blaze, I keep y'all niggaz rockin for days Boriquas, to eses, around the ways my own Mix Tape DJ, I Flex You don't have a clue when I'm doin ya who is he I gets busy, word up Come now player look in my eyes you think I'm bluffin A five year span turned nuttin into somethin And don't get familiar, your whole entourage don't be feelin ya, behind your back they straight killin ya (Who am I?) The Ex-Headbanger bad motherfucker High on Friday with Chris Tucker I be a Headbanger to my very last breath Even Jermaine Dupri think I'm SoSoDef K.A., Shawn Mims, I come from a long line of Geechies Who didn't care, blow Camp Lo Luchinis I transform like Spawn, takes no time for me to get on, to the break of dawn, word Chorus [Parrish Smith] PMD, the Purple Heart admiral Blow your spot and left shrapnel then escaped in the Benz capsule Harder than a NFL tackle, back to bite the Big Apple Southpaw, raw since I was a Sophomore Before I met Jane in the corridor The mentals, rapper slash entrepeneur with more action than Roger Moore Turn your cabbage into coleslaw, with the four four Spray Windex on your glass jaw Shatter it, fuckin with P, is hazardous Iced out Lazarus started and manufactured this My Squad's wild like the Manimals on Geographic Smash you bastards on some crab shit EPMD's the group the Squadron is the click Transmit, lyrical grit, time to shift cause I'm Chorus [Keith Murray] Keith Murray, the holder of the boulder Lyrical analyst mental roller coaster flower Money folder, track blower, MC overthrower I flow witcha two at a time, like Noah I goes off to the beat, on the edge of reality and kick rhymes in my sleep, and battle Mortality Finally, every dimension know Keith Y'all egotistical simple-minded niggaz is pitiful and weak I'll give you a G a week for life, if you can defeat me I kick poetry at a high rate of mortality At static, lyrical Kraftmatic, smokin barkin like a dog, breathin like an asthmatic Lyrical sculpture create fly rap sculpture Ninety-eight Headbanger boy, yeah I told ya Total chaos, helter skelter, run for shelter Here comes the lyrical brain melter I be maxin and relaxin, attractin action Flippin more big ol words than Jesse Jackson My shit knock don't it, drive you crazy if you loan it Man I feel for my opponents Chorus (to end)

Emotional Times

life sucks sometimes, friendships turn to lies, a hatred in disguise it brings tears to my eyes, i can see the truth from the neutral side in my mind, confusion cripples me unto my element of control unsureness. emotional times i'm just fine. trauma's etched in my mind, i can see 'em all the time, i've seen my share of pain and suffering, i am just fine, respecting something more than nothing all the time, and it's time, to move on. i have seen my faith sailing away, and i have seen my faith's coming back to me, i can see it, coming back to me, i can see it, i can taste it, i can live it cuz i'm just fine

Brilliant Mistake

ELVIS COSTELLO "King Of America"
He thought he was the King of America Where they pour Coca Cola just like vintage wine Now I try hard not to become hysterical But I'm not sure if I am laughing or crying I wish that I could push a button And talk in the past and not the present tense And watch this hurtin' feeling disappear Like it was common sense It was a fine idea at the time Now it's a brilliant mistake She said that she was working for the ABC News It was as much of the alphabet as she knew how to use Her perfume was unspeakable It lingered in the air Like her artificial laughter Her mementos of affairs Oh I said I see you know him Isn't that very fortunate for you And she showed me his calling card He came third or fourth and there were more than one or two He was a fine idea at the time Now he's a brilliant mistake He thought he was the King of America But it was just a boulevard of broken dreams A trick they do with mirrors and with chemicals The words of love in whispers And the acts of love in screams I wish that I could push a button And talk in the past and not the present tense And watch this lovin' feeling disappear Like it was common sense I was a fine idea at the time Now I'm a brilliant mistake

In Green Fields

Big Drill Car "Cd Type Thing"
Critters, hahahaha I saw something I want and the thought of her still haunts and it won't go away, I was so turned down I didn't want to say Now miles from you and I don't think you knew How could you though I ran real fast but I feel I walked to slow Chorus And it's hard to say from far away I wanna see her in green fields In green fields A darling face You know she ran the place and that was cool I did a little move For I'd fear I'd lose before And now I'm sad, she's the best thing I ever had And that's not right It's been real fun But you gotta to say goodnight Chorus Her face was shining Oh, man she looked so fine but I moved slow Saw her before and I hope I see some more, but i don't know Next time you're there please let her know I care And that will be fine I know I will get back there in time And when I do, I'll see her walking through in green fields, yeah Chorus


ANI DIFRANCO "Imperfectly"
Pavlov hits me with more bad news every time I answer the phone so I play and I sing and I just let it ring, all day when I'm at home a defacto choice of macro-microcosmic melancholy but baby any way you slice it, I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone yeah the goons have gone global and the CEO's are shredding files and the democrans and the republicrats are flashing their toothy smiles and Uncle Tom is posing for a photo-op with the oval office klan and Uncle Sam is riggin' cockfights in the promised land and that knife you stuck in my back is still there it pinches a little when I sigh and moan and these days I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone cause all the wrong people have the power of suggestion and the freedom of the press is meaningless if nobody asks the question I mean causation by definition is such a complex compilation of factors that to even try to say why is to oversimplify that's a far cry, isn't it dear, from acting like you're the only one there unrepentantly self-centered and unfair enter all suckers scrambling for the truth exit mr. eye-contact who took his flirt and flew the coup but whatever, no matter, no fishin trips, no fishin cause momma's officially out of commission and did I mention in there somewhere did I mention somewhere in there that I traded Babe Ruth, yes I traded the only player that was bigger than the game and I can't even tell you why, cause you'd think I'm insane. and that's the truth and the music industry mafia is pimping girl power sniping off sharp-shooter singles from their styrofoam towers, and hip-hop is tied up in the back room with a logo stuffed in its mouth cause the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house but then, I'm getting away from myself as I get closer and closer home and the difference between you and me baby is I get fucked up when I'm alone and I must admit today that my inner pessimist seems to have gotten the best of me we start out sugared up on kool aid and manifest destiny and then we memorize all the presidents names like little trained monkeys and we spit into the world so many spinny-eyed TV junkies incapable of unraveling the military-industrial mystery pre-emptively passified with history book history and I've been around the world now and I can see this about America the mind control is deep here, man the myopia is steep here, man and behold those who try to expose the reality really try to realize democracy are shot with rubber bullets and gassed off the streets while the global power brokers are kept clean and discreet behind a wall behind a moat and that is all that's all that's all she wrote and my heart beats an s-s-s o-o-o s-s-s cause folks just really couldn't care-care-care less-less-less as long as every day is superbowl sunday and larger than life women in lingerie are pouting at us from every bus stop she loves me, she loves me not she loves me, she loves me not she loves me, she loves me not and 'big government should not stand between a man and his money' i mean, 'what's good for business is good for the country' our children still take that lie like communion, the same old line the Confederacy used on the Union conjugate liberty into libertarian and medicated associated with deregulation privitization we won't even know we're slaves on a corporate plantation somebody say hallelujah, somebody say damnation, cause the profit system follows the path of least resistance and the path of least resistance is what makes the river crooked makes it serpentine capitalism is the devil's wet dream so just give me my Judy garland drugs and let me get back to work cause the empire state building is the tallest building in New York and I have always got the feeling you just like to hear it fall off your tongue but I remember my name in your mouth and I don't think I was done hearing it close to my ear on a whisper's way to a moan Pavlov hits me with more bad news every time I answer the phone so I play and I sing and just let it ring, all day when I'm at home a defacto choice of macro-microcosmic melancholy but baby any way you slice it, I'm thinkin I could just as soon use the time alone

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