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Ens Cogitans lyrics

Heart Of The Way

Original and similar lyrics
My Death is in earnest. It's the logical end (of mine). I must go to the mysterious Land. The Absolute now may be slaked. The Past crumbling away. My time has come, I have to pay. The play goes on, I lost Thee. (I am no longer me). Now I wash off grease-paint. Curtain crushed my ethereal dreams. My physical Ego lies in state. All to nothing. So be it! Levin took me to the World Fine. Mentality built my bower in the mountains. The lined body of mine died. Grains of Mind cleared from membranes. Who we are? Where are we from? Fourth Race. Do we know our History Before Christ was crucified on the Cross? Wreck you own. Step into Eternal Space. Human beings won themselves. Great Sorrow (rising over the Universe). Uncanny wainds ensnaring your will. You have no shape, you have no words. Around your essence is absolute nil. You're on the threshold of the Unknown. Solos: The Unfleshed Element, Stone Rill Deep inside I feel my sadness gnawing me. I've got the affright. I'm roaming through this boundless sea. I've got the aim, but I don't see a hint of course. I'm the errant one. I am between worlds and I'm cursed. Chorus Of The Damned. I'll tell you more than truth. I'll tell you what I feel. I'll tell you my innermost dream. You better close your eyes, You better close your ears, And give yourself up to stream. I see the sunset on mead. The incarnadine Day-star bid farewell to me. The last shafts of light are buried in the creek. Invisible steeds I can feel. Their blindness hinders them to see. No water. Nourishment is weeds. VOICE OF EVIL UNKNOWN: Odour of Guilt Return your home Be a King Know 'bout all. SPLIT INDIVIDUAL: The terrestrial stretch of mine has elapsed Now I free from the Hive! I'm not sorry for what I've done. I decided die! And my ephemeral human life ends. My Nous obtained by space into Space. It's soulful level, which everyone will reach. The only way to realize human futility. Epilogue. Music by M. Mathoney. Here I take you, Queen of Death, (King of Gloom) To my wedded wife (man), to have and held At bed and at board for fairer, for fouler For better, for worse, in sickness and in health Till new life us do part And thereto I plight thee my throth In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Amen!


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
When I first landed the damage was outlandish anguish, anxiousness, and taking it for granted but when I first landed I was so relieved I lost my focus so we exceeded recommended dosages now I hold the crib? that holds the soul that holds the poet skills exlcusive it leaves illusions of unfocused flows I don't suppose you're taking too much time breaking too much mind trying to unravel the parable? that dismantled and left the lines in need of some assembly so I can find the secret key and free all the emcees this planet spins on a thin axis all axis passes won't help you to grasp the atmos' I mean, what did you think my agenda was to freestyle, smile, get paid to smoke weed, and grab the mic and spoonfeed? there's more to this than just paying the rent if you're riding on this song you need to ride it to the end [Chorus] what could you say as the Earth gets further and further away? planets as small as balls of clay (x4) some shells get broke some keep their wigs closed some get exposed as little man big pose some make moves and some stay daydreamers but everbody seems to want some loot, food amd a beemer well make mine hunter green with camel insides, 10 percent tips, Mr. Pibb and some french fries inch by inch I take it closer to the shoulder but day by day it's getting harder to stay sober once again on the edge, head's inebriated movement needs motive, it's easier to be sedated what makes me mighty and another tiny? why does my psyche give a damn about whether or not you like me? if this crime's right I might be wrong I grip this mic tight because it's all I really have a grip on so let the losers lose and let the players play the difference is the day to the dust some clay, what [Chorus - 4X] who's world is that? it ain't mine, and I'm grateful already got a plate full of clay on my table I'm capable of handling fate, I know this so do the people that get pissed when this microphonist spits too many get caught up in the lines that emcees thought up but it's clear to me the ones that fear me are the one's that outta I spot a blemish on your planet's existence I deliver subtle terror submerged in clever sentences instantly pissin? away the misfits the only residue that came of the hypothecially spew they sprayed when they swayed I'd have em half of 'em can't fathom where the 'Mats? from I may be on those you can ask 'em at last, when we get down to it there's more than sand and fluid in how I revolve and evolve can we solve the secrets? No. can we take trinkets? No. so when the ink hits it's more than just a sequenced flow I can't bring you with me so I'm a leave me here centuries from now they're gonna study Atmosphere carefully I steer, I'm aware life is fatal when I go, I wanna go like Ho, taken by the play-dough [Chorus - 4X]

Between Me, You And Liberation

COMMON "Electric Circus"
Verse 1 (Common) She rested her head upon my chest Since liberation in between breaths Wonder if sex is what she found it in Peace, found it layin down with men Wasn't there to judge her,in many ways I loved her It was more than bodies we shared with each other We laid under the cover of friends A place where many lovers begin I began, to feel her body shake in my hand Body language, it's so hard tryin to understand Usually after sex, it's a good feel Took by silence, emotions stood still You could feel her tears spill, from her grill Hurt from before that beginning to build She told me hold me, stories she assemblin Tellin it, tryin not to remember it It was a story of innocence taken Thought she could redeem, through love makin When she was 8 she was raped by her father And tried to escape through multiple sex partners Felt pitiful she had only learned To love through the physical, inside it burned A hard t?, I thought of what this man did She forgave him, she grew to understand it Her soul was tied and never really rested Only knew men through aggression Said it was a blessin and it happened for a reason by speakin it She found freedom Between me and you, between me and you, (repeat) Chorus (Cee-Lo) Sometimes I wish I, ? S? her, without speaking a word Because of you I'm stronger, I'm afraid of no longer I feel so ?, you helped liberate me, me, me (repeat) Verse 2 (Common) As she laid I watched her breathe Happy to be here, not affraid to leave I couldn't concieve her not being here Death in her face, her not having fear Less than a year she was diagnosed with it Memories of that year, so close and vivid Happiness would only visit, once in a while To watch an adult, becomin a child Somehow, I knew she'd make it The life of one, so early would God take it? Heard she placed it hope and care Heard she placed in chemo and lost hair I stared with my eyes closed I wondered when the body leaves does the mind go Watchin Jordan became less important Seein this disease eat away my aunt's organs Accordin to doctor's there is no cure We went through doubt, and cases of insure Wish I knew then how to heal with herbs Knew a part of her I could heal with words But the creator was ?ful What seemed like the end was the beginning for her Like that, she didn't want us to remember her No more medication did she want us to give to her It spread from her liver to her lungs to her last breath Only to be freed through death, between me and you, (repeat) Chorus (Cee-Lo) Verse 3 (Common) He spoke with his eyes tear filled A lump in his throat as fear build My whole life it was instilled This ain't the way that men feel A feelin he said he wish he could kill A feelin not even time could heal This is how real life's supposed to be? For it to happen to someone close to me? So far we've come, for him to tell me As he did, insecurity held me I felt like he failed me 'Till his spirit yelled help me I've known him for like what seemed forever About goin pro we dreamed together Never knew it would turn out like this For so long he tried to fight this Now there was no way for him to ignore it His parents found out, and hated him for it How could I judge him? Had to accept him if I truely loved him No longer he said had he hated himself Through sexuality he liberated himself Between me and you, between me and you (repeat) Chorus (Cee-Lo) (Through emotion) (Peace)

Third World Think Tank

Five Iron Frenzy
I walked into the room, and she was right there waiting. Leaning up against the bar, well she was perpertraitin'. Slick as snot her spandex, and blacker than some coal, she set her gaze upon my bootie, with disco in her soul. So much for indecision, so quick did she decide, the temptress with her doors open inviting me inside. I want to take you home with me , said the sparkle in her eye. I would like to honey, but I'm about to die. I have got a time bomb, I strapped it to my chest. When it blows I'm out of here, you can have what's left. The room got kind of quiet, and you could smell the fear. I only heard the jukebox play A Tear is in My Beer . So what's the verdict Mister? When's it gonna blow? I just winked at her and said, Darlin' I don't know. Time-bomb tickin' in the room, everybody goes someday, blows so quick you better be, somewhere where it's safe. Thin skinned thread-bare thinkin', now you're gonna die, don't try to rock the jukebox, just kiss this world good-bye. What's the deal, don't you feel, alone now in the silence? Pushing up the daisies now, there's better ways for you to diet. Seeking after sucker wealth, suckers feel what suckers dealt, All your life you stuffed your face, now you're dead I rest my case. Got a story here to tell, so you better listen well. some old lady in a church, got a nickel in her purse. You were rich, she was poor. You dropped some fifties on the floor. She dropped her nickel with a clank, she was thinkin' Third World Think Tank. The Karaoke master, the drunkard, and the jerk, ditch this sorry world and all its worth. Keep your candle burning, waiting for the time, ready to explode, the bomb is primed.

Coal Train Robberies

Yesterday's coal train came to rest in the bitter cutting And as the signals took an age to change it was easy pickings So you go to the movies where they smash it up You want to feel your heart pumping it makes you feel good All through the karaoke girls were squealing the hits As another Mercedes-Benz gets blown to bits While all the time in the camptown theatres of Piccadilly They're going to throw a black-face minstrel show for the barefoot children That they're always selling They'll say It's quaint as the guilty ones faint and claim they ain't underneath this paint We interrupt these liberal saints with their whips and watermelon Reports are coming in of a coal-train robbery It's like another world, or it had better be So we return to whitewashed pout of his committed lips Since he was declared the long lost fountain of youth that drips and drips and drips They'll be sending him round from door to door, to sell you back what's already yours So many good deeds, so little time Say the advertising agency swine When man has destroyed what he thinks he owns I hope no living thing cries over his bones If you don't believe that I'm going for good You can count the days I'm gone and chop up the chairs for firewood Reports are coming in of a coal-train robbery It's like another world, or it had better be

A Dark Passage

BLIND GUARDIAN "Nightfall In Middle-Earth"
I feel cold Facing the darkness The light's gone away Deep in his castle he said All land'll be mine There's one thing for sure The triumph of shadow is near Deep in his castle they sang We shall not rest Until all will be thyne All land is mine You can be sure Don't dare me the mighty one screamed chorus: Smashed down the light I will not rest till I'm king Valinor's empty now allied the elves and men they shall be damned Rise of Fall a dark tale ends just wondering how in the darkness they found their way to the right place children of the sun second kindred we call their race treat them kindly born in the east (are the) nightfearer they moved westwards towards the sunshine (they are) morning breath like short's their life (like) dawn passes by when the day comes the field was lost (and) hope had passed away the sun went down beyond the sea dark was the hour but day shall come again chorus Clean my wounds wash away all fear let courage be mine noone hears me crying no song no tale which contains all the grief (but) renowned the deeds and the victims of defeat sit down on your chair and look out for your kin with my eyes you'll see and with my ears you'll hear you troubled my day and you've questioned my strength (but) don't mess with the master of fate chorus I smashed down the light and dared Valinor I smashed down the light revenge will be mine Slowly marching on still we're marching on

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