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End Zone lyrics

Dangerous Gift

Original and similar lyrics
The dark Fell down before my eyes Bright pictures of reality Are disappearing slowly My mortals burning glance Is harmless now The power's fading wearing off I'm so exhausted by this strength I can bring them pain to suffer I can make them kneel They will never be able to see Core of danger, seed of evil Soul destructive gift It is mine until death comes There's nothing more to argue on I doubt no more now My evil gift with all its power Stabbed in my back (Is back on me:) Through time I'm travelling Back to the moment of my past When I got mightiness And learned the secret wisdom That passion fooled me that is clear For through this evil might Inhuman life of mine Has been approaching its deadline Wilful ardour takes me slowly Devilish grin appears Go to hell with all your sweet salvation Now I crave to dive into a Flow of human tears Who can accuse me for being me This dark infernal might I won't hide I hate you all, this life, this light The time is ripe for me There comes the final stand There comes the end Get ready, fools, to meet my glance I'm opening my eyes:

Deanne The Arsonist

ATREYU "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses"
Deanne The Arsonist Coward! The next time you want to fuck me over, stab me in the front. Can I still see my future in your eyes? Or can I picture myself stone dead in your embrace? And your cruel crimson smile kills me quietly No one could have their moments free from your withering touch. Fuck off! Like you're the only one who has ever cried or been broken by love. Spare me your pity party drunk off your own misfortunes. Wallowing in your blissful melancholy. Can you taste my blood? You knew that this would kill me. But you carried on and on with your selfish shit. Everyone cared about you. Why couldn't you? Instead your greed compelled you to steal other silver linings. Burnt down my world. You killed my hope. Spread out the ash and walked away. How could you just close off your eyes? Turn tail and run! You are the greatest coward! C'mon! Damn right I'm still pissed. Next time I see your face we'll see who has the upper hand. Kiss my fist. Taste the floor. Tired of your games. Fuck off goodbye.

World Keeps Spinnin'

JOE BUDDEN "Escape Route"
[Talking] Yeah... Escape Route Let's go [Hook] And the world keeps spinning! (Nigga) I feel like the world keeps spinning (Spinning) And the world keeps spinning It's like the world keeps winning And to spite me the world keep grinning [Verse 1] I ain't trying to bother none So how I end up bothered son? Yeah you damn right I'm my father's son Minus prison, minus over 20 years in the system But don't take away the wisdom Holy water won't cleanse him Hardheaded, won't convince him A nigga wear pride like it's denim Fuck ?? get along with me I'm alright with everything that's wrong with me And that's how it's going to be That opinion is mine, motherfucker, it belong to me So get mad at it, half beast, half addict Can halfass it and be better than rap bastards Black 'matic, give me rheumatism asthmatic I spit high class acid, I'm positive, now that's magic I'm trying to change shit like a Panther Asking the right questions but getting the wrong answers [Hook] [Verse 2] I could talk about how a nigga trade slugs Boast about, toasting, what the .38 does But a nigga seen what happened to the family of J-Hud So I thank God for every morning I wake up Wait up! Confront is if everything's fine? But my grandmother's dying, and shes 89 Older but her mind about as sharp as mine If this world were mine I would rewind time To a time when her heart didn't leak that fluid She needs surgery, doctors talking stupid Said "she already lived her life so she can afford to lose it" Talking like their tools is useless Ain't that some shit, she gotta approve it Grandma ready to go, she'd rather them not do it No matter how much it might hurt me Another lesson learned, some fights ain't fight worthy Jersey [Hook] [Verse 3] I'm waiting on a true revival I'ma call you a coward if you alive and suicidal (WHY?) Either be grateful for everything God said you supposed to get Or pull the trigger and get over it Hip Hop's supposed to give, all this weight on my back But you ain't gotta spot me, I can shoulder it Life's a rollercoaster, that ride gonna be easy Why don't you believe me? My parents was high when they conceived me Say I got a couple control issues I disagree, I just like to control issues My train of thought, my state of mind Is I could change the world one state at a time With the madness of every hater alive Got an agenda, I just feel like ya'll should cater to mine Ideas brilliant, perservere, I'm resilient Until the world change, I be right here chilling Nigga [Hook]

This Can't Be Life

JAY-Z "The Dynasty Roc La Familia"
[Jay-Z] Geah.. whassup? Where's all my street niggaz, project niggaz Real niggaz, worldwide Let's reflect.. e'rybody got a story We all ghetto B - here's mine Geah See I was -- born in sewage, born to make bomb music Flow tight like I was born Jewish Used the streets as a conduit - I kept arms 38 longs inside my mom's Buick At any given moment Shawn could lose it, be on the news Iron cuffs - arms through it; or stuffed with embalmin fluid Shit, I'm goin through it - mom dukes too Tears streamin down her pretty face, she got her palms to it My life is gettin too wild I need to bring some sort kinda calm to it Bout to lose it; voices screamin Don't do it! It's like '93, '94, bout the year that Big and Mag dropped; and Illmatic rocked outta every rag drop, and the West had it locked Everybody doin 'em, I'm still scratchin on the block like Damn; I'ma be a failure Surrounded by thugs, drugs, and drug - paraphenalia Cops courts, and their thoughts is to derail us Three time felons in shorts with jealous thoughts Tryin figure where your mail is, guesstimate the weight you sellin So they can send shots straight to your melon; wait! It gets worse, baby momma water burst Baby came out stillborn, still I gotta move on Though my heart still torn, life gone from her womb Don't worry, if it was meant to be, it'll be -- soon [Chorus: Jay-Z] This can't be life, this can't be love This can't be right, there's gotta be more, this can't be us This can't be life, this can't be love This can't be right, there's gotta be more, this can't be us [Beanie Sigel] Chill dog Second oldest born, from Michelle Brown my mother Hell bound, grew with two sisters and one brother Pop wasn't around, so many stories that's another I'm thinkin damn; how my older sister gon' make me tougher When steel sharpens steel, I'ma keep it real I'm tired of tryin to hide my pain behind the syrups and pills Dead to the world, stretched out like a corpse for real Y'all niggaz thinkin what y'all readin in The Source is real What my life like, you lookin at the source, it's real What your life like? Mine dog, of course it's real Passin judgment, you niggaz second-guessin Beans Cause you don't eat swine don't make you Amin Dog you know a couple suras, out the Qur'an I guess you all on your din and I ain't on mine Stop that Akki, 'fore I send shots though your body Make 'em feel feel hell on earth before Allah drop thee I feel the line's drawn here, nuttin more can stop me Till them feds pick me up, or them boys pop me There's only three things that make Mac not act like Beans Amatullah Tisha, Po Aldin, Samir Amin My seeds dog, gotta teach 'em that before I leave dog Shit I know that I'ma see 'em when I leave dog I come back in the afterlife Like fuck it I done touched hell twice; what's the meanin? [Chorus] [Scarface] Yeah.. uhh.. Now as I walk into the studio, to do this with Jig' I got a phone call from one of my nigs Said my homeboy Reek, he just lost one of his kids And when I heard that I just broke into tears And see in the second hand; you don't really know how this is But when it hits that close to home you feel the pain at the crib So I called mine, and saddened my wife with the bad news Now we both depressed, countin our blessings cause Brad's two Prayin for young souls to laugh atlife through the stars Lovin your kids just like you was ours And I'm hurtin for you dog; but ain't nobody pain is like yours I just know that heaven'll open these doors And ain't no bright side to losin lifel; but you can view it like this God's got open hands homey, he in the midst.. of good company Who loves all and hates not one And one day you gon' be wit your son I could've rapped about my hard times on this song But heaven knows I woulda been wrong I wouldn'ta been right, it wouldn'ta been love It wouldn'ta been life, it wouldn'ta been us This can't be life [Chorus] [Jay-Z] This can't be life..

The Night

I'm the king, I was once a rover, outlaw, sailor and slave. Now my time has come and I'm the LORD. Sword and axe cleared my path to the throne, From which I'm looking now at the rest, Realms of my land. It's not a dream! Sword, power, rule - that's my sign My life is the struggle for better times. The struggle that will send the powers, Of evil to their doom. I'm stumbling now along the thorny path of power. I look at my subjects, who conspire to release, Themselves from under my foot. I'm not afraid, I know that my power, And sharp sword don't let the thirst for revenge to emerge. Only mighty soeves lurkin' in the mountains, Arose my anxiety. Sword, power, rule - that's my sign My life is the struggle for better times. The struggle that will send the powers, Of evil to their doom. Many years of quiet and wise reign had passed, Before the time for the meeting of two forces come. The Lord and his faithful soldiers, Made a stand against the immortal enemy. King of Darkness come from murky, Abyss of hell to defeat the mankind with, Fire and Magic.


Lost Prophets
So pick me up off the floor, You will not see the town like me, I wont ask you again if this is real, Cos I'm walking out that door, I'll leave, Always behind the war I know, Cos decisions have never been my strong point, But I dont know what I want, Still the road is dark. In all this time I've had, I've seen the face behind those eyes. Is it starting again, In every town its the same (all these stories), Runs like a clock and around we go, Like some twisted carnival ringmaster pointing at me, Telling me that I'll never make it, But how the hell would he know, When he dresses like a tramp and looks like shit, When alls been said and done, I'll still be hear having no fun. In all this time I've had, I've seen the face behind those eyes. Oh tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.So whos idea was this, You know I dont really like the dark that much, It's insane, no more, take the blame, Admit defeat and swallow your pride, Take a ride to the dark side. I dont know what you say and I dont mean to sound blasé. In all this time I've had, I've seen the face behind those... In all this time I've had, I've seen the face behind those eyes.

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