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EN VOGUE lyrics - Masterpiece Theatre

Number One Man

Original and similar lyrics
Number One Man Well, five long years and then there it go He met his friends, and took that bonding road Never knew where the road would end up, no, no Sometimes it feels like hell to me, yea I gotta keep it together cuz it's good for me (Chorus) Sometimes you make me laugh Sometimes you can make me cry But I know that I love you Your a very good friend of mine Even though we may have fights We know it's a part of life Wouldn't trade it for nothin' Just trust in me, you'll always be My number one man, yea I have no questions, so there is no answers, uh-uh What's to be, is meant to be, oh yes it is But it feels like treason, every time I reason Found me parting ways with you So tell me, what's a girl to do I guess I'm stuck with you, yea (Chorus) The part of life remains the same That you made me see, just what it means to me To have someone that you can count on When things are right, and sometimes wrong What a small price to pay I bless the day you came my way (Chorus) My man My number one man I said you always gonna be my man, yeah My number one man ohhh, yea Said your gonna always always gonna be my number one man

It's Gotta Be Magic

DON WILLIAMS "Country Boy"
I'm back on the road Sometimes I don't know It's hard to make good sense of it all When I have to roam My mind's back at home Thinking of you there all alone But we're doing well Somehow I can tell I really don't know It's something I feel Cos we've been making it strong Each day right along Though we both hate being alone Chorus It's gotta be magic we're still in tune there's good loving midnight or noon It's gotta be magic I know it's true Cos it's still working For me and you We keep saying goodbye We keep on wondering why though we both know it just has to be Oh but honey the road Can get to be such a load You're all that helps me make it I know Repeat Chorus 2x


Jump 5 "All the Time in the World"
everytime I turn the TV on see another pretty face on the screen feels like I'm not good enough to be on the cover of a magazine turn around, I look in the mirror and I wonder if ill ever measure up all I want is someone to make it clearer am I ever gonna find the perfect love? then You break through the madness and You tell me how it is.. (chorus) You're a diamond that shines one of a kind a shimmering radiant star You're a flower in the rain wonderfully made to shine like the sun You're a diamond friends try and tell me just to loosen up a little You're gonna scare the good ones away get a look with a hook, its fundamental come on girl, u gotta get into the game something deep inside of me says are u sure that u really want to play? gotta trust ur heart and not ur head instead of buying into the masquerade I'm not some decoration so would u tell me how it is.. (chorus) doesn't matter if they tell u how to live doesn't matter if they try and mold u doesn't matter if they say what beautiful is You're a diamond cause He already showed u (chorus)

Here We Go

Well up and at 'em, here we go I'm off again to the rodeo Sure got a lot of the little things on my mind Well, one's a song I just started writin' And the other's a girl I just finished fightin' She said it was me, but oh God, I just don't believe her If you wanna know where I'm a-coming from Just sit right there and I'll tell you, son This life I lead ain't as wonderful as it appears CHORUS: Yeah but I here I go again Singin' it in this dive Lonestar beer in my cereal And it's keepin' me alive I gave up on Nashville a long time ago Yeah, but here I go, Lord, once again, hereI go Now, I don't need to be too rich I'm just an old hard-headed son of a bitch My eyes are still set way back on my glory days Back in the time of the Dukes of Hazzard I was listenin' to Willie and old Merle Haggard Smilin' just a little as I poked along in my truck There's a lot of poor folks in my situation With the years of heartache and frustration Kinda watching as the dreams turn into years CHORUS Let me tell you folks, it don't really matter That beer you're drinkin' never really makes you any fatter It's all those nights on the couch with a TV dinner After twelve years with the Copenhagen Well, I finally found out that I was mistaken It's not gonna be something to add the years to my life Yeah, and that's why I'm still dippin' it today And each and every morning I hear Mama say, 'Well that stuff's gonna kill you if the women don't get you first!' CHORUS

Friend Like Me

WAYNE WONDER "No Holding Back"
Pinky promise (Don't worry baby) It's gonna be alright (5x) Many late nights when she's all alone She always calls me up on the phone Begging me to come and spend the night Because she wants to rub me in her honeycomb CHORUS What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me Told her friends that I treat her right And I love to vibe all day Feels so good just to be around A lotta times she don't want me to go away CHORUS What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me After all You can't deny I took her where her feels You can't go on You can't pretend That's why she's asking me again CHORUS What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me What she needs is just a friend….like me What she needs is just a good friend ….like me It's gonna be alright (11x) Repeated CHORUS

Life On The Road

Kinks "Sleepwalker"
Ever since I was a child, I loved to wander wild Through the bright city lights, And find myself a life I could call my own. It was always my ambition To see Piccadilly, Ramble and roam around Soho And Pimlico and Savile Row, And walk down the Abbey Road. So I saved all my money And packed up my clothes, And I said good-bye to my friends And my folks back home. And I left for a life of my own. I left for a life on the road. I'm a real hungry tyke, And I know what I like. And I know where I'm goin': To those bright city lights. Oh yeah, oh yeah, This time I'm gonna get there. I'm bound for a life on the road. Give me life on the road. I said life on the road. When I arrived in Euston, I was little more than a child. And I didn't know then That the dives and the dens Would be so vulgar and wicked and wild. Mama always told me The city ladies were bawdy and bold. And so I searched night and day To catch a kissable lady, But all that I caught was a cold, 'Cause those stuck-up city ladies Didn't notice me walk by. Now I've got holes in my shoes 'Cause I've been walkin' the streets all night. And I'm livin' the life that I chose. Livin' my life on the road. I said life on the road. I want life on the road. Life on the road. I was standing with the punks in Praed Street, When a muscle man came my way. He said, Hey, are you gay? Can you come out and play? And like a fool, I went and said, O.K. Ever since I was knee high, I thought the city was paved with gold. But I've seen so many losers And down and out boozers Who were tired of bein' bought and sold. City women are a tease, But I'd really love to please. Now I've got blood shot eyes 'Cause I've been walkin' the streets all night. And it sure knocks you out on the road. And I'm livin' my life on the road. I said life on the road. Life on the road. I want life on the road. One of these days, I wanna go home, Visit my friends, And see all the places that I used to know, And say good-bye to a world that's too real; Good-bye to a world that's forgotten how to feel. And it's slowly usin' me, And there's no security. Sometimes I hate the road, But it's the only life I know. But I'm livin' the life that I chose, So I'll live out my life on the road. Give me life on the road. I said life on the road. (repeat)

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