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EMINEM lyrics

Verbal Suicide

Original and similar lyrics
Hey Slim, U want a pill 2 pop eh slim u listening 2 me GODDAMMIT Hi how big is ure fanny can i fit a whole Grammy inside and hide 2 fists for days girl i know these questions are gay but i jus gotta know before i let this big dick flow turning up to a show and i dont know who the fucks playing or wot it is theyre sayin all i know is this uzis for spraying on S Club Juniors and i would rather have tumours all over my brain or get hit by cars, trucks, and trains than listen to this shit! and if u dont like this track then u can skip (eminem) The Feds are cuming but i cant be assed running im so weeded that i cant stop mumbling I feel like im constantly tumbling Jus because ure royal doesent mean that can rumble remember always be loyal to people that treat u the same cause theyll have ure back when ve jus got beat up and ure in pain FUCK THAT SHIT IM DISSIN EVEYBODY! Fuck this Beat Fuck ure Song Fuck this Life Its goin on to long

The Smog

No, you ain't getting none, bitch. This shit costs money. Oh, hey. Hey, kiddies. How are you like the ride thus far? Blah. Excellent. This next one is about that shit that comes out of the sewers and pipes and chokes your neck. It's called the Smog. Ahahahaha! The smog is coming... Aw shit, here it comes, creeping through the cracks The nooks, the crannies, hittin' smack It's filling up my head, I gotta get it out I got me a plan to get the shit out Pulled out an ice pick to pick the bitch up Smackin it, pushin it in my ear, fuck Lord, oh please, what's happenin' to me? It's the poisonous air from the smoke stacks, G Seaping in my head, fuckin' up my brain Driving me crazy, nuts, insane Sewer slut, G, greasy slime I'm always bucking with father time Cuz he's my motherfucking enemy number one Try to potcher up my life by fillin up my lungs The shit you call air, but I call it death Cuz it makes me choke and lose my breath My toes begin to curl, my fingers start to fold Got drool on my lips and my body's gettin' cold Don't know what to do, so now I start to panic But it's too late, I'm dead, the smog got me, fuck it The smog is coming... Another cloudy, it's raining, but not water It's raining oil out the sky, I think I outta Make a run but I slipped on an oil slick I can't move, I think I broke my fuckin' neck It's no surprise, I'm laying there paralyzed Looking up into the sky helped me realize About us, the clouds form a devil's face It must be a mirror image of the human race Oh shit, here it comes, the deadly smog I can tell by the howl of the stray dog The air is calm, the streets are so still When the smog creeps out the pipes for a kill Broken neck, I'm chilling cuz I'm a goner I can see the smog creepin around the corner I lay still and hope it doesn't notice me Oh shit shit, fuck fuck, shit, G Looking up, just to see it's deadly jaws I think I, I think I, I think I shit my drawers But it's okay, the smog left me alone So I lay and watch the clouds turn into stone They come crashing down over Del Ray One even landed on your homeboy Violent J And I'm dead, crushed me in a split second So if I'm dead, what the fuck am I doing on this record? The smog is here The smog is coming... Thoughts in my head (of a clown)... Thoughts in my head A dead body laying in his house For three weeks Until his neighbors Complain about the smell Didn't he have anybody To know he was dead A serial killer Decided to kill himself Before he actually killed someone else Was that good? Thoughts in my head An ocean of blood And with the bombs dropping It causes tidal waves Tidal waves that paint the town red Red Everybody's dead Thoughts in my head Of mothers and fathers Look at me And I can feel the hatred in their eyes And it's cold Their children Are nothing but them in the future Except it Thoughts in my head When sitting on her porch Bald headed From a disease she fought from the air The air that we breathe The air we breathe is fucked up It's fucked up Thoughts in my head All people wanna kill me But you can't kill me Cuz if you kill me I'll be back to kill you I will do it again Thoughts in my head A sixteen year-old little fuckin punk Sitting in his classroom Drawing a gang sign on a folder He lives in Birmingham Hills What the fuck do you know about love? Thoughts in my head People despise me and hate me And they don't know me I hate you too So it's all good It's all good Thoughts in my head This society That is so fucked up That is so evil That if somebody prays They get made fun of They get laughed at But it's not gonna be funny They won't be laughing When the bombs drop And the town is red Thoughts in my head...


KOFFEE BROWN "Mars / Venus"
(feat. Lady Luck) [Rap Lady Luck:] One two I remember when we first met I fell in love with the sex hickeys on my tities Bite marks on my neck wifey like next But now you get vexed and in the last six months Seems you lost respect you dont call when you hang out Ball with the range out act all wild in the mall wanna bang out Shit nigga you dont know who I be Instead of flippin on me get a J.O.B. [Vee:] Loud talkin pickin my clothes like a orphan And when ever im out you be stalkin 911 paging you be callin what so important Use the bathroom then you come back and say you want to talk With your hands not washed and the seat up Get a job and get your ass up and make the bed up yeah What do you do when your man is a bum Cant keep a job for more than a month Your friends dont like him and his game is dead You blew it off with him cause hes good in bed Take your keys and throw them out Or just get mad and run your mouth You work all day hes on the couch Dont that make you want to blackout [Chorus:] Think im about to blackout blackout Grabin out wildin out Flippin on me im flippin on you Dont wanna make me act a fool Think im about to blackout blackout Grabin out wildin out Dont wanna lose my cool Im about to blackout on you [Fonz:] Talkin like you got room Dont even clean the house Never seen a broom Movin my shit dont know where its at I told you more than once I wasnt havin that Im about to blackout got to let it out Doin crazy things make me want to shout Blowin up my cell whats that all about Sayin you was home when I seen you out Im havin doubts Now what do you do when your girls a bird Pack her shit kick to the curb Lose your cool catch your case Sleep wit her friends throw it back in her face Do ya take her back try again Cant leave home dont trust your friends Turn your back she'll play you out Dont that make you want to blackout [Chorus] [Hook Together:] Clothes smellin like perfume or makeup Call me somebody else when we make love You trickin my dough at the strip club You think its a game but im gettin fed up You talkin in codes on your cell phone You do it on the low like I aint gon know You movin too fast better slow down You playin me close gonna make me blackout [Rap Lady Luck:] Yo pluck an independent woman like beyonce And I could give a damn what you and your boyz say No need to kick me out I dont wanna stay Pack the coach bags and be on my way I dont need you You need a broad that wake up in the morn clean cook and feed you And that aint luck nigga thats whats up Key up the truck and clear the bank account when I blackout [Chorus] [Hook] [Chorus (Fade)]

Sun Duck Kim

Click... click [Chorus: in korean] Meh ho whame... who ho san se Guyow mo duk juck se mew mo huk ics Sun duck kim chang! Read u like a tv giude you can't hide Betta use your cellular I tapped your phone line It's the ginger bread man, hoe catch me if u can My kangol makes me look like MC Shan Rock tha atmosphere in my teflon gear Don't drink coffee but I love pam grier Let me give it to your ear drumin You hear somthin' Try to stop it but it just keeps commin Just keeps dumpin Just keeps bumpin Just keeps crumplin' Tiga, bitch, relentless like a heat Seaking missle then grissle Poppin like a 4-5 pistle with a pencil Blowin' kisses to my old bitches Good wishes, my red devil fish, Man I feeds em gold fishes Baby did you call I can hear ya whistle down the hall Sporting leather like an nba basketball Freeze frame, something like a homocide shot On the move and alert when the set gets hot It's like chess, concentrate before u take a step Because killings on the street is in full effect Smoke 2 joints to the dearly departed Bust nine rhymes and I'm just gettin started Emcees come in packs of seven And everytime I send em to the gates of heaven It's the ripper, creased like a fresh pair of dickies Most say andre, some say nicky, ricky, Pass me a towel cause I'm sweatin Dice game goin on and I'm side bettin Little joe back doo nigga flow or blow Hoe wutchu know about the black fo-fo Left for a sec but it's welcome back carter And just like a baller I came back a starter Fully loaded, tricks up the sleeve like a theif Fifth dipped daytons, zap code beat [Chorus] Microphone tec like straight kung-fu Nigga fuck me no nigga fuck you It's the nickatina beama masterpiece of rap So when you hear raps, you betta cock Yours back (click click) Deeper than a root canal, you know the style Starin at the judge in court with a smile My mazda rx-7's name is pitiful pete A one seater cause it beat in the passenger seat I came sober, my? vestiges? I came to get over I don't drink king cobra bitch I am the king cobra Like dracula in an acura, cocaine white spectacula [Chorus]

Ride Wit Us

Def Squad "El Nino"
[ Keith Murray ] Ride wit me, yeah yeah Ride wit me (Def Squad) Roll down your windows and ride wit me (uptown) [ Def Squad and Too Short ] Ride wit us Bitch ride wit us Ride wit us Roll up your windows and ride wit us [ Too Short ] Lets smoke this Oakland indoe Dont roll down the window Start the car We aint going too far You know that big bootied girl you always fuckin wit She got a sister I really wanna get Some Georgia girls from college park You already fucked when we get that started off Park in the driveway, it wont take long Do it like that it goes on and on You know this the kind of shit I know you want E made the beat let me show you somethin Quite a few haters want to see us played out But we got the formula to get payed now You cant stand in the way of success We got the same job but you make much less I remember how it used to be, before we had crack If you had a few hundred in your pocket that was fat. [ Chorus- Def Squad ] If you feel like smokin then Ride wit us Hop the train with no token then Ride wit us And if you dont give a fuck then Ride wit us Roll down your windows and ride wit us And if you got five on it then Ride wit us And if you aint fake niggas then Ride wit us And if your crew pull triggas then Ride wit us Roll up your windows and ride witus [ Kieth Murray ] Aiyyo, I lick two shots thats heard all around the world Check how a forty and a blunt can take a nigga girl Like E.F. hunting, dont say nothin, Im haunting On the micaphone its the eve of destruction As the world goes around like Passion You get flattened in an orderly fashion You was warned like a coming attraction I got playa hated, felt liberated Put him on the burner cause the nigga violated We scamper like guard dogs through the fog If you feel like you wanna hop, leap like a frog The sergeant general get busy chief The fastest way to spell rhyme relief is Keith I leave you assed out like a cocaine drought Hey yo can I get a witness like Andre Krouch Niggas need to stop frontin Bitches need to stop stuntin Cause they know fuck well they cant stop my production [ Chorus ] [ Redman ] I got the forty acres without the fuckin mule Doc Ike Turner givin mics audio abuse I smack a big mouth bitch, and her babysitter And her lesbian friend, and that nigga wit her I dont give a fuck, I smack blood out a midget My tactics make evil D say come on kick it A black five wit rims, what you can spot me in Wanna die I snatch you like Doc Kevokian So turn the beat up While NARCs got me on sweep up Im lucky I usually tote more Gunz than Peter I fuck you up to where your forehead will cut meat up You wanna box, I square more than Matt Asenerina Backstabbing bitches and niggas eat a dick Cause you never heard the Doc do (nothin like this) {sung} Backstabbing bitches and niggas eat a dick Cause you never heard the Doc do (nothin like this) {sung} [ Chorus ]

27 Shots

Kool Keith "Matthew"
[Kool Keith] They try to say California is plastic I think New York got the most plastic niggaz too Fuck all you niggaz comin out to the Soul Train Awards with them pop ass headsets - around your ears like Britney Spears That's some old Bobby Brown and New Edition shit That's some old REAL Michael Jackson shit I'm comin with Crazy Vic Let me hear you tryin to copy my shit Fuck the impact eventually cause there's a lot of corny niggaz performin out there Fat stomachs, make-up and eye glare What the fuck do I care? Niggaz with they ass out Groupies in cheap motels tryin to fuck and crash out Motherfuckers ain't networkin Strippers checkin in - motherfuckers on motorcycles Pickup trucks with license plates on 'em Bringin mad shit from down South Big after-parties I'ma turn my phone off I don't wanna shake hands, meet no-fuckin-body, arrogant bastard No commercial shit, break your neck, suck my dick in the world Fuck the critics everything I make is a hit Fuck you applehead motherfuckers tryin to make some old carribean mixed with that Trinity keyboard shit Hip-Hop shit, that's some old Broadway musical shit I don't even listen to that cartoon shit Tell your A R and his wife to get out my fuckin life 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM*} Shut up; listen to my shit cause yo' cassette single is gay Writin that bullshit I hear on the radio by these homo niggaz everyday Butter soft sissy shit I got the real tell it like it is pissy shit Yo' shit is some fake-ass gorilla code shit White suits mansion yachts scared-ass nigga Doin videos buyin models on some boat shit I tell you straight G I can't fuck with it Girls still messin with you; your shit is wack Any bitch in they right mind shouldn't have sex wit you Rusty nigga that don't use soap I fuck around, and piss all over your leather faggot-ass trenchcoat Don't ever act hardcore Youse a suburban nigga, you get serviced nigga You never even been in a fuckin street fight Look at your old photo album pictures - youse a bunch of hype Kiss my ass, nobody picked up the fuckin mic Untalented bitch like you some wild ass inner-city kid from the projects - who's next? 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM*} Then I really disrespect all production out there That bullshit niggaz programmin, fuck Johnny Hammond Sonny Stitch, that shit ain't gettin you rich Just a packed crowd, low bitches, a bunch of fuckin dicks I'd rather see some ass, a nice club with a fat ass And all you motherfuckers actin like you Jamaican American to the core, copyin that shit on tour Y'all niggaz be against speakers with your ears sore Stank ass boots with no socks on, fuckin up the dancefloor Since when you ate codfish and meat patties? I got cousins with jheri curls in caddies 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*} 27 shots! {*BLAM BLAM BLAM*}

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