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EMINEM lyrics

Square Dance With Me

Original and similar lyrics
People!! It feels so good to be back! Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the new and improved, you know who Verse 1 Never been the type to bend or budge, the wrong button to push, no friend of Bush I'm the centerpiece, you're a Maltese. I'm a pitbull off his leash, all this peace talk can cease All these people I had to leave in limbo, I'm back now, I've come to release this info I'll be brief and let me just keep shit simple, Can-a-bitch don't want no beef with Slim? Noooo! Not even on my radar, So won't you please jump off my dick, Lay off and stay off! And follow me as I put these crayons to chaos, from séance to séance, aw-a-aw-sh-a-aw Chorus (X2) C'mon now, Let's all get on down, Let's do-si-do now, We gon' have a good ol' time Don't be scared, Cuz there ain't nothin' to worry 'bout, Let your hair down, and square dance with me! Cause you can't handle the track, Yeah get on back, The boogie monster of rap, Yeah the man's back, With a plan to ambush this bush administration, Mush the sentence facing, Push this generation of kids To stand and fight for the right To say something you might not like This white hot light That i'm under, no wonder I look so sunburned Oh no I won't leave no stone unturned Oh no I won't leave, won't go nowhere do-si-do oh-yo-ho hello there Oh yeah don't think i won't go there Go to Beirut and do a show there Yeah you laugh till' yo muthafuckin azz gets drafted When you're in bandcamp thinking the crap can't happen Till you fuck around get a anthrax napkin Inside a package wrapped in saran wrap wrapping Open the plastic and then you stand back gasping Fucking assassins are jacking amtracks crashing All this terror america demands action Next thing you know you got uncle sam's ass asking To join the army or what you'll do for the navy You're just a baby getting recruited at 18 You're on a plane now eating their food and their baked beans I'm 28 they go' take you fore they take me Crazy insane or insane crazy When I say Hussien you say shady My views ain't changed to lend humane weight But rained two days late The date's today hang me Chorus x2 fuck everybody who likes this song becuz i gotta go wit my girl in a thong. SUCK IT! Chorus (X2) Outro Dr. Dre, wants to square dance with me Nasty Nas, wants to square dance with me X to the Z, wants to square dance with me Busta Rhymes, wants to square dance with me Can-a-bitch, won't square dance with me Fan-a-bitch, won't square dance with me Canada-bis, don't want no parts of me Dirty Dozen, wants to square dance with you Yee-Haw!!!

Hold Me (Trackmaster's Remix)

(feat. Tone, Kobe Bryant) [Tone] Brian McKnight, Trackmasters (ooooh) Here we go, Kobe, Brian McKnight [Kobe] Yeah, g's are [Tone] Trackmasters (mmmm) Uh, red hot, baby Honey, listen up (listen) The lies and pain, it's enough (it's enough) End it, exit, leave homes alone (uh, huh) Got my Tone, the New York Giant man's a client I'm the president (yeah) Money, long like jail sentences Sentences, poetic, him (Him) Forget it (forget it) Amnesia, I need ya I need a women like you I know you wanna go (wanna go) Your girlfriends say (say) That you wanna leave (leave) Here's my chauffer (uh, huh) Give him his keys to his V's Now honey, you can ride me [Brian] Remember way back when, when I first met ya Didn't wanna sweat ya, wanted you to put me on 1-5-5 at the Rucker's All them other suckers tried the game I knew you were the one, oh yeah Well, I know you think about me (you think about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) Girl, it's about time [1] - It's time you put me on Right here's where you belong Don't be afraid to hold me I'm here and it's OK There's nothing else to say Don't be afraid to hold me When you were alone that night I called you from Jamaica You were listening to 'I'll Take Her' And I know I made ya smile (mm, hmm) But I ain't on the shining tip But I know you like that flossy shit I just want to hold you for a while, oh, girl Well I know you dream about me (I know you dream about me) But I don't know what you're waitin' to see Girl, I want you in my life Let me show you right You're the only one that matters to me (c'mon) It's about time [Repeat 1] [Tone] KB, sing it, Kobe [Kobe] Your love's a sword slicing gently through my body Burn so sweet, blood boils when you speak (yeah) Makes me weak but I refuse to weep Yet when I sleep I feel tears tricklin' down my cheek (c'mon) Stay strong, pride telling me move on My heart's fightin' me, forcin' me to hold on Yours forever, fell for you beyond measure Pure as ever, fazed by sins of treasure [Brian] Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Let's make it tight baby (Let's make it tight, tonight) Leave all our cares (Leave all our cares behind) Tonight's the night (Tonight's the night, tonight) Hey [Tone] Here we go [Repeat 1 until fade]

Red Letters

DC TALK "Supernatural"
Red Letters Pages filled with a holy message Sealed with a kiss from heaven On a scroll long ago Phrases, words that were bound together Now have the power to sever Like a sword evermore Heed the words divinely spoken May your restless heart be broken Let the supernatural take hold (chorus) There is love in the red letters There is truth in the red letters There is hope for the hopeless Peace and forgiveness There is life in the red letters In the red letters One man came to reveal a mystery Changing the course of history Made the claim he was God Ageless, born of a virgin Mary Spoke with a voice that carried through the years It's persevered Heed the words divinely spoken May your restless heart be broken Let the supernatural take hold (repeat chorus) (bridge) What You say moves me, revelation, come and take me The more I look [the more I look] the more I see [the more I see] The Word of God [the Word Of God] is what I need Oh yeah, oh yeah Yeah, it's the book of love Yeah, yeah, yeah It's the book of love That moves (repeat chorus) Speak to me, breathe in me new life [x2] Let Him in your heart [x4]

My Niggas

BIZZY BONE "Alpha And Omega"
-Bizzy Bone-Intro- It's another Studio Rat Production. Lets' do this baby. Please believe it. Another Studio Rat Production. 7th Sign. You know how it goes. All the time baby. Yeah, mm. Yeah. -Bizzy Bone (Hollis Jae)-Chorus- Where would I be without my niggas? I love my niggas/ I could do it all alone, but you're mine/ I would never bite my niggas or hide my niggas, just continue writin' my niggas, you're all my life/ My niggas, I love my niggas/ I could do it all alone, but you're mine/ I would never bite my niggas or hide my niggas, just continue writin' my niggas, you're all my life -Bizzy Bone- Now let the breeze blow, sunroof, roll in the whip/ Sippin' on somethin saucy, smokin' on somethin' so thick/ Reppin' the 7 to the fullest, give me bullets and clips/ Niggas is trippin' on me, actin' like The Kid is a bitch/ But when I needs my niggas, I hope they don't fall off/ This is as real as it gets, who want to see if he's soft? I've been guerilla stomped, turned into a killer from that/ I seen his family, damn glad that I had my strap/ Because I've been about it, and I don't talk about it/ Shot so many niggas in the 90's it's a blessing they ain't find me/ I can floss if I wanna nigga, fuck your bitch/ Half bitch and animal, back up off me (Rowl!) so I can dip/ Fuck courteous, do you think I'm stupid? Punk bitch, I understand you put it on Capo-Confuscious/ I don't give a fuck about no Ruthless, I never talk about Bone/ Get'cha thug on, pass the Hennessy and I'm gone -Chorus- -Bizzy Bone- Shit, I'm a solo artists so I do solo shit, that's just the way it is/ You like the way that the money's drippin' up off the lips, word hustla worldwide/ All the way to Cali, clear to the otherside/ Daddy's up and down, right/ Bizzy The Kid, remember that I used to hide from the Fed's with Hope and Heather/ We was kidnapped so they gave us therapy/ I used to play Mouse Trap as the psychiatrist, he stares at me/ Ya'll new millenium, and yes, I'm old school all religion, that shit you need when you're family was all locked up in prison/ It's like forgettin' Pac, everyone forgot Yak, and plus my nigga, T Rock, T Rock/ I've been in Los Scandalous in the tree tops/ Nigga blowin' blood at the cherry-lime six-four drop/ Side to side with the lean and the doors all locked/ That's how we ride when another place is gunned on block, you'd better believe it -Chorus- -Bizzy Bone- You better believe it ain't no fairy tale/ Don't nobody pay my motherfuckin' bail, I'm goin' to jail/ With a stomach full of Hennessy, exstacy pills, and I'm a do it once/ You only live once, for real/ Fuck it, snort the cocaine, give me a drink right out the bottle/ If you give me a germ, it ain't nothin' my girl can't swallow/ Is it the first of tha month? Is this tha crossroads? You niggas is lost souls, I am the arrow stuck in the crossbow/ Suffered too many things, I did it all on my own/ Liquor was only loyal, but niggas was always gone/ Don't give me no shyste shit, don't need me no feisty bitch/ Niggas is feelin' froggish, I'll murder you with the quietness (...murder you with the quietness) -Chorus-

I Love The Way You Love Me

BOYZONE "Where We Belong"
I like the feel of your name on my lips And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss The way that your fingers run through my hair And how your scent lingers even when you're not there And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh And how you enjoy your two-hour bath And how you've convinced me to dance in the rain With everyone watching like we were insane But I love the way you love me Strong and wild, slow and easy Heart and soul so completely I love the way you love me And I like the sound of old R 'n' B And you roll your eyes when I'm sloppily off key And I like the innocent way that you cry At sappy old movies you've seen thousands of times CHORUS (Listen to me now..) And I could list a million things I love to like about you But they could all come down to one reason I could never live without you.. CHORUS

Desperados Ft. Almighty Dreadknaughts

[Proof] Yo, ay yo turn the heads and the mics up We got the Dreadknaughts, you know what I'm sayin Super MC, you know what I mean Bugz, Dirty and all that, all that shit You know what I'm sayin, Desperados with the cars, Eminem [Eminem] Chauvinist pig, droven this Big Lincoln Till it went over the bridge Jumped out and dove in the ditch Broke in a mobile home and stole a stove and fridge Kidnapped the parents and left the ransom note for the kids I'm going for your mids Here's a body blow for your ribs While you're clutching your stomach and bleeding all over your bitch I know where you live, your girl showed me your crib Unless she told me a fib Then I'm gonna have both y'all get did Burning incense, facing a murder sentence Under intent, for investigation for killing infants While I sit in padded rooms doing shrooms Having visions of dead pregnant women with brooms jammed in their wounds Slit your carpet and rugs, and fucked your apartment up Sticking up all the drugs, and jumping in garbage trucks I'm from the shitty slums that look like the city dumps Give you a kidney punch, and mug you to get me lunch See me every summer, layin up against the dumpster With a one hundred dollar jumper, smothered in southern comfort Got my Slim Shady sticker on your mother's bumper She came home screamin a bunch of motherfuckers jumped her [Proof] Ay yo Pursue to list em, there's no need to diss em They be beheavin, make sure your whole breathing system Twist them like big caps, who wants to hear that Rap, murder rates, and I snap vertebrates Collapse further states, my tribe reserves the grave Your pack deserve a crate, in fact the word is fake I'll cook you slow like egg sufficient nuts I'm holding vandanna like seven great-molested sluts Calling me a bitch nigga, you need to stop Reality, one on one how many times you got dropped I'm cut throat when any track runs, I smack none's It's the rough method that makes Muslims run and pack guns I'm volcanic, the sermon preacher Burning MC's most wanted by Herman Kefa You tried to get a squad, they was like oh no Leavin you brain dead, hittin trees with Sonny Bono I kick without a dojo, D-12 slow flow Shoot down your mother ship and pimp slap mojo No pro wanna go knuckle blades with renegade Nigga tried to go pop, and plus they minute made My lieutenant spray your brigade, and trampled your flow Big P, the reason MC's canceled their shows The truth will hurt, see Proof will work your shame in it The best part of your show is when you put my name in it My squad, godly, fearin shit hardly So I hope when I die, I dope like Chris Farley Fuck that [Bugz] Who run shit, watch these drums hit You dove head first into some old dumb shit Here's a can of ass whip, for you to come get Your clique made their trip, I made them hoes submit Ask your girl, she knows the scoop don't fuck with Bugz bitch I'll chop off her titti, have you sucking one tit Them pink belly niggas is who you run with Making half ass songs, shitty snares and one kick I hate your damn sound, don't like it one bit You can make a double album, won't have one hit Your entire outfit is on some bullshit And there's not a damn one that I can't out wit I admit, that my style is unfit For mamma's baby boy because I'm on some dumb shit Like I commit arsony, get harm quick You pull the alarm switch, I'll stab you in your armpit Now who the nitwit wanna come get with This egotistic, hip-hop fundal mentalisitic Don't risk it, you'll get your shit split Now keep your distance, and keep existence I'm the persistent when it comes to bench shit I smoked a blunt with my judge before my sentence I'm relentless to deny you're senseless Yo bitch, pay my bill that's where the hell your rent went Fuck that [Almighty Dreadknaughts] I killed competition, with no way out as an opposition Execute the passengers on the flight my executive decision Then reminisce on how shady the business Terrorists asked by Israelis when they visit Bombed in insentient One word in three in the making, murdered the exhibition team finish Beat the ref senseless No timeout extended play papers over your intermission And increasing the battlefield with the blood of Christians Cryin for the messiah, but he don't listen I pop my wing when I top the stove frame boil sizzling I fight a maniac cook, I do damage to kitchens Fuck Home Depot, I demolition When I home improve, I'll be there to fix it For my school is supervision, for down finical aid smoked up my intuition Only hang out with rappers with explicit lyrics And pistol grip punks with a beef, bitch do you wanna get eaten [Almighty Dreadknaughts] I got a mind full of troubles Everything is in doubles I buy my guns in couples No time to replace fumbles Cause MC's come and MC's go, we both flow Injured from head to toe No fit a model, we full throttle You stuck in low, incapable to master flow Everything is tactical, living mathematical Watch master flow, unleash and let go I shit like lava, original designer, married to marijuana since a minor Making it a chance to see my battleship could get you wet like fibs, what Applying death-defying feets, maintain to keep my peace Flow like to see, when I release these beats over concrete [Almighty Dreadknaughts] My president transitions has taken place As eyes spread folk ally on the M-I-CR-O Power he's cyphin not quality, I deal it Lays the track and made it real, I know my people feel it Keep their head bobbin, and the emotional sobbin Plus a cultural cipher after show, hoes be slobbin Knobs, love the fuckin flavor of the icing Plus I'm precision, my double edge will continue slicin

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