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Medicate With Tea

Original and similar lyrics
I don't do crack I've never seen cocaine Unfortunately, I rarely pop an aspirin when in pain 'Cause I wanna be Of alcohol or any drug at all completely free But I self medicate with tea Doot da doot doot I know just where to go to get my fix The beverage aisle At Starbucks, I confess, I get my kicks I'm notin denial My oolong heals, your dealer deals for quite a hefty fee So I self medicate with tea Do do do do It's not that I'm not miserable as any old drunk My life is no more bearable than any old junkie's I'd jump out a window, suicide's a sin though I've found another way there's no amount I wouldn't pay to overdose on earl gray or English breakfast When I'm hopped up on caffeinated chai I'm feeling the buzz And when you asked if I'd like to get high I already was It's black or green or in between Sometimes it looks like weed But my self medicating Improves my mental stating I don't need to go to rehab or to set up a meth lab I may be a cynic but the Betty Ford clinic Isn't ever gonna break me from my habit of choice It's my Opium, my Xanax, and it's good for my voice I hope you comprehend my reasoning Twinings, Liptons, even Celestial Seasonings Keep you marijuana I've got my own remedy I self, self medicate with tea Boom It's camomile, yeah

Act My Age

HOODIE ALLEN "People Keep Talking"
[Verse 1:] They say the way I act is immature Well don't be mad at me because you're feeling insecure The only golf I ever tried to play was miniature And when you ask me sign your boobs I smiley face my signature But my parents raised me right, they were sticklers And we don't even fight, we're like oil and some vinegar Getting a job is like a pregnant woman giving birth You're trying to push me in the wrong direction and it fucking hurts So most our friends already moved out of they mama's cribs I'm still throwing parties at my house, like Stifler So if you go around and try to tell me how to live I'mma take your girl and Mortal Kombat finish her [Pre-Hook:] But when it's done and the party shuts down And the cops try to lay my ass on the ground One day we might tell our kids, but until that day let's live like this [Hook:] My friends grew up, they never get drunk They never wanna hang out late They're gonna get jobs, they're gonna pay bills They're gonna get old and gray I'll never do that, I wanna stay young Don't wanna fit in, I wanna have fun So if that's okay, I don't think I'm ever gonna act my age [Verse 2:] And when it comes to getting older No matter what I do, I'm never feeling like a grown up People trying to make me change, you'd think there was a quota Like there ain't enough unemployed motherfuckers with diplomas Everybody waiting 'round hoping that they blow up But I'mma make it sooner, Oklahoma I learned to be a player, make money like I'm an owner These other rappers are so over the hill, word to Jonah So if you see me in a restaurant, say hi to me And if I ask you if you like my new shit, lie to me Word to Tim Roth And I don't know if I fit in with your society So chill, take a pill for anxiety and doze off [Pre-Hook 2:] But when it's late and you're all alone And you're too damn drunk to be walking home Then maybe you should call it quits But until that day let's live like this [Hook] [Bridge:] Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay We can live however we want And there ain't nobody that can get in our way Oh, it's all good, it's alright, it's okay We gon' do whatever we want Never gonna listen to a word you say [Hook]

Drought Season

ANDRE NICKATINA "Andre Nickatina"
I let the weed be the reason I’m gettin' high and barely breathin' I ain't never felt the affects of a drought season Born winnin' cus sinnin' be my best friend How can it end when I can't even say where it begins You in the kitchen, birds move 'cus of prohibition Above suspicion, if you listen you can hear em wishin' My new watch the roundtable of Camelot Dark as the clock that got you got after you got shot Materialistic, cursed man, but still gifted You should see the way I throw away my parking tickets Statement mavis, eyes just like Betty Davis Tryna cheat on every bet I do to make you have to pay it Brain storming, Decpticonin' and transformin' You’ll be just like you got stung by a bee swarmin' Man this is vicious, selfish, and repetitious All about Kahn and the money because its so religious Man it’s the Mecca, light up the Train Wrecka Hot as a pepper when the heroin’s a straight steppa' The cogniac’n, Hennessey is how I'm actin' If you makin' money let me break it down in true fractions Dictator, shootin at the spectators I don’t do favors and I damn sure ain't a life savor Think you can love it, tackle it, or even hug it Rap cat for real bitch, and I ain't ballin' on a budget I’m Jessie Jamin', talking loud and PF Changin' They ain't told me to leave yet, I’m just sayin' I’m top rankin, whatcha broke ass thinkin? Money makin' I'm bakin and I ain't done yet drankin' 4-4in, Shere Khanin' and Fillmoein' San Anton’in, foul you like Bruce Bowen Fast livin', weed rollin' and blunt blowin' Like Mickey Cohen, take what ya not knowin' and keep goin' No regrettin', mixed with the no forgettin' No hellos, no goodbyes, its just good riddance Darryl Mackin', Adidas and my leather jacket All in ya city, all the time just like a drug package 7 sinners, lined up with 7 liars That’s 14 lawyers, which one I’m gonna hire? Check the tires, no rims and big beats Call the dealers 'cus my talents are in South Beach

Lethal Habits

Shoot some cocaine to pacify your brain it's brought to you courtesy of the CIA In Vietnam men didn't die in vain The U.S. shipped back heroin in their body bags My neighborhood's a shooting gallery Because of crack dealing scum Another kid blown away Thirteen years young What's your pleasure, what drugs did you do today? Because of your habit, who died along the way? Drug dealers, death dealers, life stealers, junkie breeders

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