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EMILIE AUTUMN lyrics - A Bit O' This & That

Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches

Original and similar lyrics
Miss Lucy had some leeches Her leeches liked to suck And when they drank up all her blood She didn't give a Funny when the doctors Had locked her in her cell Miss Lucy screamed all night that they Should go to bloody Hello to the surgeon With scalpel old and blunt He'll tie you to the table Then he'll mutilate your Come it's nearly teatime The lunatics arrive The keepers bleed them all until There's no one left a Lively little rodents Are eaten up by cats We're subject to experiments Like laboratory Rats I've dropped a teacup How easily they break I'm on my hands and knees until I pay for my mis- Take off all your clothing We've only just begun We have no anesthesia It's eighteen forty One thing we should tell you Before you try again The tests are invented by A lot of filthy Mentally hysteric She's failed the exam Don't bother telling Lucy for She doesn't give a Damn that's nitrous oxide For when you can't escape They say the surgeons oft commit A murder or a Razor-blades are rusty And not a lot of fun So when they try to amputate Your legs you'd better Run and fetch the chemist A patient's feeling sad She's been in chains for ages And she isn't even Madness is a nuisance And no one is immune Your sister, mum or daughter May become a raving Lunatics are dangerous And doctors are obeyed They also go together just Like toast and marma- Ladies are like children With brains the size of squirrels Let's give a clitoridectomies To all the little Girls are helpless treasures That daddies must protect So lie upon the table For the doctors to in- Speculums are super And stirrups all the rage So spread a lady's legs and then put her Back in to her Cage of naked crazies The surgeon's here to bleed The doctors are all learned men And some can even Reading can be risky For women on the verge It only did us worlds of good To poison, leech and Purging is a penance Phlebotomy's a chore No need to sterilize the tools We never did be- Fore the night is over Before you go to bed They'll take a hammer and nail And jam it in your Headstones in the courtyard And statues in the park Are not for the insane Just leave them rotting in the D A R K dark dark dark dark dark

Pictures In The Dark

Follow the light that glows Through your bedroom window. Tonight, tonight, the fading twilight. There's a hollow deep in the woods Where you know you're crazy To go, to go, not even meant to know There are... Pictures in the dark, I see all around. Voices calling underground And I'm watching the stars since the World was found. One, two, three. Chorus: Pictures in the dark, I see Morpheus comes to me. Pictures in the dark, I see. Aurora sets you free. And in the deepest dark You come to a maze in. The night, the night, the fading twilight. And you shiver the glistening path Where you know you're crazy To go, to go, not even meant to know. There are... Pictures in the dark, I see all around. Voices calling underground And I'm watching the stars since the World was found. One, two, three. Lost in my dreams. This night will never end. You can only fly in your dreams. Midnight will be your friend. Drift away on starlight beams. Clocks are ticking the night away. You can only fly until dawn ascends. Repeat Chorus The moon shines starlight beams And you'll be flying in your dreams. Repeat Chorus The moon shines starlight beams And you'll be flying in your dreams. Repeat Chorus

Alone In Love

MARIAH CAREY "Mariah Carey"
[Chorus:] Swept me away But now I'm lost in the dark Set me on fire But now I'm left with a spark Alone you got beyond the haze and I'm lost inside the maze I guess I'm all alone in love I look into your eyes You turn the other way And now I realize It's all a game you play I hold you in the night And wake to find you gone You're running out of sight It's so hard holding on All alone in love [Chorus] You haunt me in my dreams I'm calling out your name I watch you fade away Your love is not the same I figured out your style To quickly drift apart You held me for a while Planned it from the start All alone in love [Chorus] Sitting in the dark without you How am I supposed to make it through the night Slowly fall apart without you Cry away the hours 'till the morning light [Chorus]


LEO SAYER "Another Year"
Writers: Leo Sayer Frank Farrell he sees her at the same time every night at the mexican discotheque she gives him french kisses he gives her french cigarettes they sit at the same table every time the lights are low but their eyes shine just digging the music from those sweet soul bands she keeps him outta fights holds on to his hand he whispers slowly tonight's the night months of planning so it's gotta be right under the table her bag is busting at the seams she made sure to bring everything moonlighting they're leaving everything moonlighting they're losing all their friends moonlighting it's the only way it's frighening but it means they'll stay together they're gonna make it together his blue morris van is parked in an alley just by montague street his friend eddie he did the respray so he couldn't drive it all last week and it cost most of the money that he had saved up to pay eddie's receipt but he figures it's worth it 'cos the disguise is a must when they go missing they're gonna look for the van first she whispers slowly it'll be alright I took some cash from my building society and my monthy check came in just right if only they knew they weren't giving it away 9:15 monday morning at the printing works the boss notices someone's not clocked in and the water department of the council offices has a message that mrs. park's daughter is missing meanwhile the carlisle turnoff of the m6 motorway drinking cold black coffee eating hot cup cakes she stares at him with his beard unshaved wonders at his powers of staying awake he whispers slowly you did just fine they shared the driving all through the night she laughs my mother will have lost her mind we're only ten miles to gretna they're three hundred behind

In The Cool Dark Night

Linda Eder "So Much More"
In the cool dark night here on my pillow as the stars hang bright over my head I can hear a breeze sing in the willow all the words of love we've said and my heart pounds strong under the covers and the moon casts long shadows ahead but I'm in a song only for lovers in the cool dark night instead I can hear each promise we've never broken and each heartfelt moment we'd ever share calling somehow calling someway I will always be there And I wonder if just as they told me all the old cliches really come true then I feel two arms reaching to hold me and I'm lost and found and new in the cool dark night with you

Portrait Of A Deadly Nightshade

Here the cries form (the) dying mankind In the garden of unholy ground Whispering voices, summoning screams Appearing shadows on my face Far away in the dark fading light As the ravens cry And the pleasure of night will arrive To fight the scarlet sky See the sky When angels fly Hear their screaming pain Out of the dark When they leave Her kingdom light Soldiers of the night The demons fight As darkness falls upon thy face Whispers in the dark Swallowing the moonlight sky The guardians of the night Draped in sinister pain Captured in sin On battlefields of ancient time The ending life begins Upon my self Awaken from hell Spreading it wings Crying out loud The bleeding eyes of death Forgotten realms Under the moon Standing in fear Ebony tears Symphonies in blood Symphonies in blood

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