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ELLA FITZGERALD lyrics - Oh Lady Be Good!-Best Of Gers

I Got Rhythm

Original and similar lyrics
Days can be sunny with never a sigh Don't need what money can buy Birds in the trees sing their dayful of songs Why shouldn't we sing along? I'm chipper all the day Happy with my life How do I get that way? Look at what I've got: I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man Who could ask for anything more? I've got daisies in green pastures I've got my man Who could ask for anything more? Old man trouble I don't mind him You won't find him 'round my door I've got starlight I've got sweet dreams I've got my man Who could ask for anything more? Old man trouble, I don't mind him You won't find him 'round my door I've got starlight I've got sweet dreams I've got my man Who could ask for anything more? Oh, I've got rhythm I've got music I've got daisies in green pastures I've got starlight I've got sweet dreams I've got my man Who could ask for anything more? I've got rhythm, I've got rhythm ...

Want You To Want Me

ANGGUN "Chrysalis"
I'm here give me a glance, been following you like a shadow This is how I spent my time dreaming about our days tomorrow Another day has gone bye another moon another sun I can wait for you my love Don't want to do any harm just find a gate to your attention Sometimes I walk away coz I know that we can't ever be together Sometimes I close my mind I can't keep this love for myself any longer Somehow I have to find the right time to say that I want you to want me, Even in my dreams I hope yo know who I am through all the letters I have sent you I know I'm not the only one wanting and dreaming about you Two different world between us, you're on the spotlights far from my touch I can't wait here forever For a sign from your eyes the magic I wish I could have Should've walked away coz I knew that we can't ever be together Should've closed my mind should've known that this love can't go any further Should've stopped myself from this dream coz life will never want you to want me even in my dreams In my dreams

My Soul Back

JON BELLION "Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1"
[Intro - Jon Bellion & Samira Gibson:] Beautiful Mind, Mind (Beautiful Mind, Mind) Mind, Mind. Yeah (Trying to find my) Trying to find my soul Trying to find my (Yo I hate being) soul (Haha, I'm sorry) Samira Gibson, Trying to find my (Trying to find my) soul (Trying to find my) [Hook x2:] Aah... Get that soul back, I'm a get that soul back T-t-trying to get that soul back [Verse 1 - Jon Bellion:] I said "I'm just trying to get my soul back" yeah Said "I'm just trying to get my soul back" Some where along this road, may have lost my way But baby I'm ready to step again Said "I'm just trying to get my soul back" yeah Said "I'm just trying to get my soul back" I look right and I might just give you Something to talk about, baby you better tell a friend [Verse 2 - Samira Gibson:] I'm just trying to get my soul back I'm just trying to get my soul back See it don't matter what you say to me You're making music for my soul For my soul, for my soul [Hook] [Verse 3 - Blaque Keyz:] My soul is a slick opportunist used in lyrics Here's a meal for your thoughts, food filled with spirit Never been affected by dudes who couldn't feel it When I'm buried in the seam, I choose to Kill Bill it I make music for my own uses Never worry about approval from so called cool kids Used to reduce thoughts of who I influenced Now I'm all about a target, hitting hearts like Cupid I from the land of break-beats and skate decks Baselines and backpacks, good tape and tape decks Making music from the heart Trying to separate the real from the fake But was standing in the dark They used to tell me where the honey's at During their recording and I bought it Now I'm trying to get my money back I can't say when me and soul departed But I'm just trying to get back to where it started [Hook]

Sep Seven Game Show Theme

[Slug] The following program has been brought to you by Rhymesayers Entertainment The following program contains explicit lyrics and we the producers stay defiantly behind the views expressed in the following program. All right, all you players and player haters, once again it's time for the "Sep Sev" game show Recorded live right here in lovely snowy Minnesota this is the game where we make the average player a star. Now, if you'll join me, let's give it up for the host of the "Sep Sev" game show that's right, here he is, Mr. Sep Sev... YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, fuck the money, everyone on the floor drop I want all the food in the bag, and I ain't tryin' to hear that soar talk Stole the dinner and freaked it to the freeway Flipped the screenplay, and made every love scene a three-way Sound track recorded here in Minnesnowda Tastes like ambrosia Disinfects pen holders Yo, let's hold our breath and show your chest, if you're proud of it And wake me back to safety if you see me falling out of it Under a full moon, the color ?of mind is a mucous? See your in the distance, the images riveting Given the way the clouds moved, it fucked with the lighting Grabbed me by the thoughts and pulled me tight like a kite string All right, let's hear it for contestant number one What's your name sir? Yo, MC famous, the killer Okay Mr. Anus Driller, you want to play the next round for a new Lexus with matching socks? Or air on the horny Miami based video or do you just want to take the phony looking fifty dollar bills and run with money? Yo, I want the sex man, just give chicks man, just, just let me touch 'em man! [Slug] Now what If I spent, my whole day ?, on getting bent, and now I can't afford my rent Do I grab a crowbar to your back door (Back door) or hit up Super America for the cash drawer? (Fast forward) I should be honest, cause even my outer conscience, Knows the odds of blowing up are equal to people waking up from sleeping, Keeping me from retrieving kingdoms and bed time stories, Used to bore me with, positioned in the orbit of my imagination Small portion, even that much, flustered by the drug fell in lust with the rush Hush, maybe somewhere in it I became a cynic, but your sexy grin gets less attractive by the minute The planets in my head now rotate around the mind The substance, the bug shit, all in my circumference And I function Like I don't give a fuck if you grasp it Resent the bitch that don't and cast it under the masses; I asked, "Is that right?" I answered, "Does it matter?" I was glancing at how you fancy the passion, bastard How fast you scale the ladder to jump I'd rather just flunk than gather your junk (Yo dog, you should blast that punk) Alright, this next round our contestant is gonna have to slam a whole bottle of expensive firewater, chase it with a forty of malt liquor smoke a blunt, load a gun and sell records to 14 year olds all over the country And the first one of you genocidal fashion fantasy fucks to go platinum wins Wins what!? Mr. Announcer, tell them what they'll win! Well, they'll win respect, lot's and lot's of props! [Slug] Pissed on the Asti Spumonte, sippin' kamekazi Shoulda called mommy when you saw me pull up in ? The rest of you're life's a flashback when I jump out that hatchback Here's your tape, give me my cash back I'm on tracks, and that's that, in fact that's all you need Either take some kind of lead, or fall to your knees and bleed How's your scene? And how's that rental running? And how's the weed selling? And how's the demo coming? Me and my participants, be the reason why you and you crew bit your lips Stick this in your mouth to cleanse it The fuckin' prop is too expensive Make's me want to end it (Repent kid) My advice is from here on out you purchase yellow boxers That way when your bitch does your laundry, she won't tell her moms about the stains created when I skated across that flat service you refer to as lyrical endowment That content, that conscience, run down to that ?

Closet Chronicles

KANSAS "Point Of Know Return"
(Steve Walsh / Kerry Livgren) Once carried through the current And being swept away The king is in the closet He's hiding from today And though he owns all fortunes This room is where he'll stay And his world is filled with darkness, turning grey Gazing out the window Of the 42nd second floor He is separate from all others No one knocks upon his door And it might as well be raining 'cause the sunlight hurts his eyes And his ears will never hear the children's cries Once proud and full of passion He fought the cause of man Many people loved his courage Many followed his command He changed the old into the new And the course of things to come And then one day they noticed he was gone At first it didn't matter Nobody seemed to care They all became too busy To find him anywhere do no one knew hot even him The problems he would find On the day he journeyed deep into his mind I close my eyes I go far away Away from this battlefield In my dreams well here I will enjoy it Where innocence plays with all the laughing children The kind who are crying right now A taste of freedom from the pain Of everything here I see Life is sweet but I took it all for granted And now I don't know if I could even tell you Just what we permit, we allow Allow me to forget the life I've made my own I've held this nation in my hand And yet it's not my home Allow me just one answer just one reason why Why this refugee of the family of man must die Tell me why Daydreams filled his nighttimes And night dreams filled his days Confusion and uncertainty A puzzled mind of haze You thought he was so powerful And set upon his ways Well he left us all to travel through this maze I heard the king was dying I heard the king was dead And with him died the chronicles That no one ever read The closet's fully empty now It's occupied by none I'll draw the drapes now destiny is done

Nobody Can Take My Dreams From Me

JOHN DENVER "Forever, John"
(Danoff) There are minstrels and beggars, poems in the sight of the king. Sometimes they sleep in the daytime, come out in the night time and sing. They come into the castle, through whatever window they can find, they come into your mind. Dreams of flying, dreams of being free. No one can take my dreams from me. No one can take my dreams from me. You can bind me in chains, lock me up in a jailhouse to rot. And if you come to see me, you might think I'm there but I am not. They can sail into prison, find their way through any basement door, they can offer you more. Dreams of flying, dreams of being free. No one can take my dreams from me. No one can take my dreams from me. You can take my money, take my reputation, can even take my color TV, no one can take my dreams from me. No one can take my dreams from me. No one can take my dreams from me.

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