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Queen Of The Hours

Original and similar lyrics
Queen of the hours lies waiting for the wind to blow away the veil of time Slowly now the threads of age are starting to unwind (Chorus:) Queen of the hours Along, Along, Along the path of time, of time, She is still The clock shall tell the tale When all is well, is well. Black was the night that came in from the East and caused the land to sleep. Riding on a storm, it carved a message in Isabella Creek. (Chorus) Dawn is the death wish night has passed away, it left the sacred flower, Opened up the grave and bowed its life unto the Queen of Hours.


JOHN FOGERTY "Centerfield"
Well, beat the drum and hold the phone - the sun came out today! We're born again, there's new grass on the field. A-roundin' third, and headed for home, it's a brown-eyed handsome man; Anyone can understand the way I feel. CHORUS: Oh, put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Put me in, Coach - I'm ready to play today; Look at me, I can be Centerfield. Well, I spent some time in the Mudville Nine, watchin' it from the bench; You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Casey struck out. So Say Hey Willie, tell Ty Cobb and Joe DiMaggio; Don't say it ain't so , you know the time is now. CHORUS Yeah! I got it, I got it! Got a beat-up glove, a homemade bat, and brand-new pair of shoes; You know I think it's time to give this game a ride. Just to hit the ball and touch 'em all - a moment in the sun; (pop) It's gone and you can tell that one goodbye! CHORUS CHORUS Yeah!

Fire And Ice

Poison Until You Suffer Some lyrics Lately I can tell that something aint right I dont see the fire when I look in your eyes One time up, and the next time down This may be the last time that you see me around, said Well it sure seems to me nothing matters tonight And all those things we worked out, they got lost in the fight Its not enough, girl, that I gave you my soul I just want to know if weve got anything left at all, and I say Chorus: Hold on now, baby. This could be the last time we stand This could be the last time that we say good-bye The picture shatters I cant find the words to save it Tell me what to do, how can I make it right We will always be fire and ice Well promises made in the heat of the night You could sure spit them out, girl, but theyve long passed me by Nobody knows about the show you put me through This could be the last time that I get through to you Chorus Well I cant stand to see no more damage done But youll never understand until you suffer some, and I said.... Chorus

Tomorrow Night

G. Love And Special Sauce "Coast To Coast Motel"
Tomorrow night I'm goin' home Tomorrow night I'm goin' home Goin' to see my friends and my family My dog my old brown ??? Thats an ice ??? cool for Good stuff down on the south side They keep me flowin' Good times is goin' smiling and rolling I gots to run into my old time used to be Used to be with me Gonna catch my love on this weekend If she's still speakin' to me Come'on Jenny Lee Gotta get you into my ride Gonna drive all over the city tonight Checkin' down by the river Two tired to go ??? Yeah, tomorrow night I'm goin' home Well tomorrow night I'm goin' home Welcome home boy Well how you been Its good to see you Hello friend You've got a fine car And some cool threads Its good to see you Well hello friend I had to leave my home and get out I've been all around town to town Room to room Moon to moon Found my groove ??? Smooth as I should be but there's time changing Then I ??? myself Watch out every door is on my trail ??? Comin' down like hail I lose 'em now I'm homeward bound I've seen the past flash in my eye Days like clouds in the sky Talk about the days Will listen but I can't hear Yesterday yesterday Ready for some cookin' Mom's fixin' chicken Strawberry rhubarb crisp Its good like this Later on I gots ta go see the Catman My boy ??? I don't know got some new girl Every time we speak Freaks glazed in the heat Coolin' on Second with the wet green sneaks And this course ??? Feelin' nice I'm goin' home I'm goin' home Yeah, tomorrow night, I'm goin' home Oh, tomorrow night, I'm goin' home Yeah, I'm goin' home

Jane Ii

EPMD "Unfinished Business"
P - Hello hello, may I speak to the E? E - This is me... is this the doctor M.D.? Yo P it's kinda early, who's there Laverner and Shirley? Is it Kate and Allie, or some other girlie? Well anyway, yo P you know I'm lazy Callin me this time of hour you must be crazy P - Excuse me, but I'm sorry E Double It's a terrible situation and it might cause trouble Throw on your coat jump in your Benz and come over E - Why P? P - Yo, I think Jane is on my sofa E - What? P - Last night I was all alone Cold watch the boob tube, because my fuse was blown Picked up the bat phone, to drop a line to you Maybe 10:15, or maybe 10:22 E - Where was I? P - I don't know, you wasn't there Threw on the link Rolex watch and fresh gear I grabbed my key, along with the cash flow Shifted out the door to the local disco E - Where'd you go, not to that ran down pub P - Hell no... I was coolin at a club It was Spanish night, so I was drinkin Molta Threw on a little tango, plus a little salsa Seen a fly girl, standin next to me So I slid over to her very non-chalantly She was DEF, body perfectly fit She was packin, a 300-E with the kit I said, Kitten, how ya doin miss? I said, Hello my name is Parrish E - Hi, my name is Cris P - Can I buy you a drink? E - Yes P - What will it be? E - A martini and Rossi, Asi Spumante. By the way is that your Caadillac Allante parked outside right next to my Monte car? You can call it, my ex-husband bought it. P - Put my ego up here and said it's time to go for it This place is a drag, grab your coat and bag. We'll have drinks on the house, back at my pad. We got to my house we walked through the door Threw on Night and Day by E - Al. B Sure P - She grabbed me, gave me kiss on the lips So I grabbed the cold booty and caressed the hips I got ahead of myself, because I wanted to flirt Took off the G-strings and the V-neck skirt Put my eho up here E - Yeah it's time to do work P - I felt the movement below so it's time to react I went in my back utility belt anad pulled out a jim hat I bust a move... when it came to that But then she freaked it, and grabbed the bozack Started dpom it, then she called me the master E - You got bigger, better, stronger and much faster P - At first I laughed, as if it was a joke But then my heart skipped a beat, and I lost a stroke I said to myself, oh no it couldn't be The J to the A to the N to the E E - Yo P don't tell me it was Jane you were douchin With the Anita Baker head P - Nah more like Whitney Houston E - While the record's still playing to Al B. Sure's Effect Mode Stay tuned, to be continued on the next episode Peace, I'm Audi 5000

Bonus Track-midnight Sun

What went down on the side of the road? What I saw at the edge of the see. Only those elements time cannot wear, and they follow. What seeped out throught the cracks in time, what sucks out the color in me? What awaits beyond infinity? Beyond and to all time I stand. What blew in with the great gale? What weighed down the falling leaves? What came forth from the remains? What has always lived and gone unseen? What has caused the night to fall? Who speaks of eternity? Who awakes to night eternally? Beyond and to all time I stand. DE PROFUNDIS CLAMAVI (Baudelaire) O my sole love, I pray thee pity me From out this dark gulf where my poor heart lies, A baren world hemmed in by leaden skies Where horror flies at night, and blasphemy. For half the year the sickly sun is seen, The other half thick night lies on the land, A country bleaker than the polar strand; No beasts, no brooks, nor any shred of green. There never was a horror which surpassed This icy sun's cold cruelty, and this vast Night like primeval Chaos; would I were Like the dumb brutes, who in a secret lair Lie wrapt in stupid slumber for a space... Time creeps at so burdensome a pace.

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