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Eightball lyrics

Playerz Night Out

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring E 40] [Anyway it doesn't matter much how you feel you know what you got to do I'm here to do it how about you?] E 40: Our age five years old we were young bucks scrubbin' each others backs in the bathtub Babysitter would send you to bed but she would make me stay up so she could give the young playa some viscious head uh early symptoms of time of nightway gigantic factor from the Caukenis bitch tamer some had it all though but less unfortunate you had an alloy spoke Mongoose and I had a Huffy You owned a green machine three different lunch pails I had a go-cart that I built from a bunch of used nails We grew up in the church together nigga sunday school Now I heard you off into jackin nigga that ain't even cool I used to be conned, racked, fucked around, and ripped bad barking up on the wrong tree talking about runnin up in my past Niggas have hateful thoughts but they stop me from strivin suckas be shakin salt all in his gameful so find some fools be gettin crossed victims of 40-ness man all that drama you come with I swear you on some shit Whether it's morphine or cocaine Doja or doggfood they had these marks for Tre and Max fuckin off my high breakin rules you got ya P's mixed up you ain't no pimp you's a forty I spit for major mix while you make tapes for ya homie and then you work up tha nerve to speak fair words The pimp, a traitor, we instigators that's why I wrote this verse for every youngster with his mind on his meal Young playa just chill and take a look at what these fakers call real nigga I trust no man, cuz man will let you down every time that's why I take it upon myself to thank god in every rhyme cuz I've seen better times and I've seen worser days when some of my so called friends wasn't around when I ain't have a verse to say I quench my thirst today with righteous thoughts of mine cuz righteous thought of mine will leave mark ass niggas far behind I seen it every time they come and go That's why I drop to my knees and ask god to distinguish friend from foe and what do you know by the time morning comes I can see the light and then I'm thanking god once again for making everything all right he made it tight and now I'm back up on the scene countin' greens straight from H-town to New Orleans New human beings puttin it down like a mic or not replace the slot open up shop we 'bout to make it hot Stop with ya devilish doins because ya devilish doins will only bring forth ya ruin Friend or foe, you just will never know Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold playa hatin is everywhere I go Friend or foe you just will never know Listen I'm tryin to tell you my nigga to watch cha back and trust few Cause ain't no nigga gon watch ya back for you like you When someone is broke and down and out without no clout it's rough At least you know who you can and who you cannot trust see let me explain myself and clear up the point I'm tryin to make don't want no bustas around me playa hatin or actin fake don't ever be wantin nobody to get to close I don't know if it's effects of from the marijuana that got me more than trippin see nowadays tha nigga be rollin' thick with hella loot but if my loot was gone would I be all alone? See, my partners who used to ride with me and smoke that dank, and fuck with hoes would they be them same niggas if I didn't have shit to roll? Maybe they will, maybe they won't who is to say what a nigga will do who is to say if you help someone it's guaranteed that they'll help you see what I'm sayin, listen to me and see if you can dig this Smilin' faces replaces friends when people recieve ends Now all of a sudden I'm actin funny because my moneys loaned But there was no drama when I was livin' at my momma's home But I'm not tellin' a nigga nothin you don't already know personal business, you got to watch who you friends is I'm thinking about hard times freeing my mind who in the fuck goin be my crutch? Holdin me up, helpin me out makin sure that I stay in touch Where do I sleep, who do I turn to? When I be low on my cash who am I down with when fifty niggas be talkin bout kickin my ass? Who is my friends who is my foes? Who do I ask, when I want to know somethin about somethin but I don't know nothin my ignorance be keepin me out in the cold Who do I call when I'm in need of a ride? in somebody elses car How do I get from point A to B if B is just to far? Where can I get a loan, where can I use the phone? Who's goin to give me the permission to make a decision to come up in they house and live when will I drive a BMer takin my clothes to the cleaner How can I know will I forever be payin my dues, will I forever be singing the blues? Where will I find a shoulder when I be wantin to lean know what I mean? when I be needin some justification stuck in the fuckin same location who is the friend that is helpin me? who is the busta thats hurtin me? who can I trust? will you be there when the goin is tough? Will I be hangin with dick in the dust? Who wanna share my load when it's too heavy to carry? or will I go crazy pullin the load alone? constantly gettin my hustle on when will I finally see, kinda suspect or even actually know Who is my real friend thick and the thin? and who in the fuck is the foe? Friend or foe, you just will never know Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold playa hatin is everywhere I go Friend or foe you just will never know...

Family Tree

Belle Sebastian "Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant"
I've been feeling down I've been looking round the town For somebody just like me But the only ones I see Are the dummies in the window They spend their money on clothes It saddens me to think That the only ones I see are mannequins Looking stupid, being used and being thin And I don't know why I hang around with them The way they act, I'd rather be fat than be confused The way they act, I'd rather be fat than be confused Than be me in a cage With a bottle of rage And a family like the mafia I've been feeling blue And I don't know what to do And I never get a thrill And they threw me out of school 'Cause I swore at all the teachers Because they never teach us A thing I want to know We do Chemistry, Biology and Maths I want Poetry and Music and some laughs And I don't think it's an awful lot to ask So won't you please get up off your knees, and let me go So won't you please get up off your knees, and let me go Cause I'm here in a cage With a bottle of rage And a family like the mafia If my family tree goes back to the Romans Then I will change my name to Jones If my family tree goes back to Napolean Then I will change my name to Smith If my family tree goes back to the Romans Then I will change my name to Jones If you're looking at me to be an accountant Then you will look but you will never see If you're looking at me to start having babies Then you can wish because I'm not here to fool around You can wish because I'm not here to fool around You can wish because I'm not here to fool around 11) There is too much love ยก@ I could hang about and burn my fingers I've been hanging out here waiting for something to start You think I'm faultless to a 't' My manner set impeccably But underneath I am the same as you I could dance all night like I'm a soul boy But I know I'd rather drag myself across the dance floor I feel like dancing on my own Where no one knows me, and where I Can cause offence just by the way I look And when I come to blows When I am numbering my foes Just hope that you are on my side my dear But it's best to finish as it started With my face head down just staring at the brown formica It's safer not to look around I can't hide my feelings from you now There's too much love to go around these days You say I've got another face That's not a fault of mine these days I'm honest, brutal and afraid of you

Eyes Closed

Dayton Family "Fbi"
Shoestring: Shoestring's on the comeback, bust you bitches up off my threads Motherfucking feds raid my shit I put that head to bed Been running from the law, been rocking war from my hideaway Fuck them bitches, hittin them switches perfin as I ride away Be quick for pulling your piece and slip like grease and there's a deadly war The bitches they call me Shoestring, the niggas they call me Skeletor Walkin up to your doorstep, creepin up from the back bitch, the killer of your dope deal The killer that left that package and that body in the driveway Murdered them on a Friday Scooped up the yea, the pay and headed back for the highway Put the coke on the floor, hand over the dough My hat is cocaine white and the feds think its blow So they pullin me over ??? honkies checkin my suitcase Somebody want to wet me up The feds are tryin to set me up Reachin for my pistol grip, I'll pop it til I drop these hoes Try to stop the click, we'll beat your shit and leave this bitch with your eyes closed Froze, I'm creepin up on you with that fuckin missle 30 oz six shotgun shells, all he heard was fuckin whistles Fuckin up your tissue, pack your pistol and riot pumps This motherfucker thumps, so none of my enemies jump So motherfuck your cookie crew the Avenue be rollin through Its all about the money bitch, what the fuck you wanna do Niggas wanna grab they balls, show they teeth like they jaws You niggas have more periods than the motherfuckin pussy walls So what the fuck you talkin bout, rappin ain't no thang to me You buster ass bitches ain't really what you claim to be We can throw them thangs, play the same and i'm gone bust your nose Try to stop the click, we'll beat your shit and leave this bitch with your eyes closed. Bootleg: Consolidated, suckers assassinated subliminal criminology Actually rippin for salary its no formality To be a tragedy, body rip for raggedy, dogmatically Financially money's the mission Motive the means, bodies for fishin Intuition got me trapped like Quadafi erasin your posse for a hobby Dead bodies in lobbies dealin with the veteran In your head like Excederin, better than medicine Curing viruses hard as caluses Head wounds by 30 inch, givin paralysis, track record like Dallas Competition is missing, being stragled from angles In position by magicians like mathematicians I'm stackin digits and figures on petty niggas Lemon squeezing mc's with platinum triggers I'm deadly like storms in Arizona I make my living on corners, by turning niggas into organ doners, fuck diplomas Haven't you ever heard of a killa, we can go eye to eye Cause with your eyes closed is how you die Say goodbye to the bad guy, am i my brother's keeper Reefa makes me creaper, hoe put him in a sleeper So watch yourself, watch your step for these bullets ???? But couldn't creep away from its death One of my niggas died, it was his time murder ain't jokin Flashes and blashes reading him dead with his eyes open Since we ain't no dummy, takin the aim and bust him Now the nigga was trusted, the friendship than rusted, but fuck it I rather be behind guns than in front of bullets Bullseye all in my face by a nigga who ain't scared to pull it So he's drinkin 40's pullin ???? wishes Open fire on snitches killin all the death wishes Get the picture, I never shot a man when he was runnin Pistol barrell in his face so he see all the bullets comin Cash in chronic ???/ Informer drug holder Bitches in love, niggas catch slugs between they shoulders Green shit that I'm foldin make niggas think that will hold them But they don't wanna jack trigger with mr. empty the clip I flip on the scripture like I'm Apostle But stick to the script, cause this is real nigga gospel Until my mission's accomplished, I'm gone be hostile with a bottle Didn't have no role model, so i live like fuck tomorrow The path that I chose was to roll with my OG's Killers and creepers who never sleep or dose Fuck with us be leaving with your eyes closed Its mandatory I'm wishin to catch a nigga like a transmission Straight up slippin with his eyes closed And in my hood ain't no sightseeing Fuck with us, who knows where you might be in Only police will be lookin after the hearse roll And ain't no catchin a crook, so you'll be leaving with your eyes closed Watch your back, I'm creepin from the blind side Another nigga dead, another fuckin homicide 211 187 better call for back-up I'm a get to flyin heads, once i load my Mac up Crackheads crack up, bitch niggas back down We ain't scared of shit on the north side of flip town Dayton Avenue is where I'm from to be exact It's all about survival, tryin to get some more crack, right back Before you catch a barrel to your dome G If you with somebody else, than you and all your homies Come one come all nigga ain't no hoe up in my gang Got no time for lames and I'm a stay the same I'm criminally insane, givin pain is what I do Catchin you in plain view, makin sure your ass through Money and the power, bitches in the door Grippin on a nickle plated 44 And you'll be leaving with your eyes closed

Life Is Tragic

DJ Muggs "Muggs Presents the Soul Assassins, Chapter 1"
Intro: Yeah, what? '96 One two, one two, nine-double-tre Infamous Mobb up in this, Infamous Mobb up in this shit, *?nine car?* to the year 2 G We're all set like this, to my nigga Kicko Yo, y'all, Gambino, godfather (Ty Knitty) I tell my nigga Kicko, back in the world again Slash dove slash player hater We strive for action, breakin nigga's knees for cheese Seems I gotta redeem, puncture your chest til I see flesh and bleed Then I all set, set things correct, balance weight, no escape It's the Infamous Mobb to the year 2 G My fam will be known throughout the universe Comin right back, back down to Earth Goddamn it, just planned it Got my ho bitches slanted, my seed I planted Another life I give, Ty Knitty A visible shield, trife or deal Dun, is life for real? Conquered and peeled (yeah) or you end up crimed at will, only the real Reality is trife by forcefield, but I shield Police guns'll blast, little late to stab at your hi-ide Under fire you fold, under fire you fold, nigga (Scarface) For all my team locked, locked inside facilities Penitentiaries, steady livin in misery intensively, then I strike you mentally then physically Infamously rap the QBC Convincively I can advance Dee, it's a prophecy Live a lottery, shut up, massive mynogany (Gambino) I got my nigga ???? black, killer black in the world again Holdin me down with 4 pounds Legendary crown, Scarface and Gambino Two grimeys, word life combined one is in my body, dun Now we're livin life as one [Yo son, (yo son), I gotta stop threadin on that shit, man, word up!] But we trapped on this planet til the day that we die Ain't no way to escape sight from my twin eye Above my unlaw, juice from the wines Far side only to see with Mobb eye Genuine shine, left blind by bright light Strike like Navy SEALS seen with dark light with the 'seal gat lace black for combat (Lace black for combat, combta, nigga, combat, nigga) (Scarface) Twenty four lie, Southport I support all my niggas li-locked down for life Keep ya head tight, cap front, hit em up right Icepick-like gat keepin sick, cock, safety of Steady, five Berreti ready to chop or get chopped, son, don't let nobody know Go handle your business, champion winner Victorious, leavin you questionin this with medicine curin your soul, takin control of the situation Situated at hand, we expand like coke land Fool proof plan, like the gingerbread man catch me if you can, on the run, fugitive fled Flee to be free, carcerated from my Queensbridge family *?Tee-na?* beats ta expand Lakin Luchiano feedin DJ Benny Rock free hop top top, ta-ta George ???? Cliff Diggity my niggity Fat Mom mouldy rap and Tee ya get ya mouth flee Duggidge, JL, *?why too young?*? Go hire two Old time Fake Lou, Tee cut the groups Green Eyes and Nickel, Tee-lord, we no be no part Tee go gun knot slingin panties, go send his ass back to Puerto Rico Jakes on terror, do black skins All my men... Chorus: Life is tragic (tragic) Back in the world once again (once again) Tryin ta make a million times ten (times ten) Friends, how many of us have them? Grow with, this cat had the clap on the Infamous Mobb In the world once again (no question) Tryin ta make a million times ten Friends, how many of us have them? (Have them) On locked, Dee, cos Dee's bagged them


MOBB DEEP "Hell On Earth"
turn them heaadphones up yeah to my man Nigga-No, yo Killa Bee no doubt [Prodigy] I kick that progress and to that dumb nigga god bless I know you can't sleep or rest behind that bullshit now you rock the best, scared to death while you walkin fuckin up the talkin, we straight up, New Yorkin we blowin niggas heart attack stroking niggas provoking niggas, shittin all over niggas you rollin thick, but sure the Mobb rollin thicker get that liquor, turn your back ice pick ya but fuck that stickin with the gat is quicker scared to come around my corner, you ass nigga do a jaw way all day fake shit what you gonna do outta town, play bit(ch) and run like a faggot switch take the whole shit and show the world don't sweat it baby girl I gotta hem and pull the gat like a stem you all fucked up like a off beat blend I send message that you couldn't read clear try to play the front but you got stuck in the rear take it as a letter but I'm not sincere yo this ain't rap, it's bloodsport your life cut short, you fell short pressure's on high, full court my team form killer instincts and fire arms dangerous stuff mine's brainstorm wars a life of a wild rebel, who run wild clik (blaow-blaow) nigga lay down (blaow) fool stay down appear, disappear, a hydro cloud while you running at the mouth a hundred miles, I'm out Mobb Deep style from the depths of Hempstead get ninja'd I creep quiet, keep the live nigga inchin' listen, who are you to throw your fist in hit like a bitch, run like a faggot an take the whole shit that's it I had to pass here with shit It's time for showtime, let's see how deep things get you want to talk tough and get all delinquent you find yourself all bloodied up and shameded me and my man pioneered this violent nigga rap shit bust a gat, give me no fear of that, I'm laughin what's up there let's take you there and touch something I'm a maniac, brainiac, fanatic at that capable of combat, P counterattack in some hot wheels, sendin shots out the back it was a foul way to go, Kicko you know the ropes so... bloodsport motherfucker ay yo the rockweiler chew in chew out ass niggas, pull em on your collar and let the lights dimmin and you'll be swimmin in a puddle of reality, juice fatality too this rap is the bitch, you shouldn't marry the two to the set of prenumtual got paid in too comfortable it's all good, we don't want to humble and while you shinin in the spotlight I got this dot right the aimed right a stoplight the trife life, ain't no part two's when it's over it's over you hit now send your soldierly stool lt;repeat last stanza gt; nigga, bloodsport


OUTKAST "Aquemini"
Yo, this is my story, this is my song And to them rudypoots don't attempt to try this at home It's just a poem until y'all learn right from wrong Kwow when to bless a situation, when to grab the chrome But it's back on, another stormy night in Atlanta, Georgia Overcast, but on behalf of Outkast, I cordially Invite you to an emotion filled theater Bring your umbrella cause young fella it gets no weirder [Refrain] We reign, reign supreme, preme, dungeon, dungeon kings Do you know what it brings rats, mice, snakes up out of they hole Chonkyfire, spliced with rock n'roll indubitably, piper pied Now hold on my brother no, no, no, no, can't stop the stride You are now about entering the fifth demension of ascension Our only intention is to take you high High, yeah, yeah my lord [Big Boi] To make one bob they head would be the track job your job's to spit that fire Some of y'all MC's take this rhyming for granted I won't comply With that slackin, poppin and crackin 4th ward way we snappin They won't that hardness that oddness that gets a nigga to start this What's happening, see if do what yo won't do today boy Will I live tommorrow like you can't even live cause you strayed Motivational skills lacking, when I see you nigga packin Understand that though, you behind a $75,000 car do' But you still stay with mom though playin the king like Don doe You chocked up, you was the nigga that supposed to be locced up Makin them thick Hip Hop is dead, exhume the body if you ain't scarred And if I see you in the streets I'd dap you down like you was Greg [Refrain]

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