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Eightball lyrics - Lost

My Homeboy's Girlfriend

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Master P Mystikal Psycho Drama Silkk The Shocker] Verse 1 (Silkk) AHHHHHH! I kicks it off nigga what rhyme wit no fuckin problem down wit them drama boys an also Eightball understand I gotta plan to get me some green I stay in cruise like control but bustaz fold like a bad poker hand now watch me shake this bitch up like the dice games see I'm always schemin tryin to get over niggaz like left an right lanes, different day same shit, I ain't playin bitch, niggaz still got a rusty four-five wit the same clip, an see, you can get wit this, or you can get wit that, you probably won't get wit this click, cuz um, this where the gangstaz at, it's a real deal bitch, the real shit, there's no gimmiks, Suave House, an the 504 Boyz courtesy of No Limit, hit em up. Verse 2-(Buk) Get down, feel the ground, shake 'em up, you down to die, cuz we too much for the industry to handle, we buck aside, run it nigga nut wit yo five, I like to lease shit it's gettin leathal an I, you know the drama boys, down fo life the Suave an I, to the dirt, drama boys, wit Ball got drama that will work, make 'em feel it, every land we hit it from sugar to shy, adrenaline pumpin, ready to ride, gotta get my guys, can't waste no time, it's first of my life an money, now watch drama get bloody bloody, in ???, gotta let you know that it's a cuttin up, an if you don't hundred guys, hundred girls gonna make you wish you hadn't stuttered. Verse 3-(Mystikal) Slow down, they see me an say, THAT'S HIM, that's that bastard, an as soon as you start runnin up like it's hurtin ya, it's when I fuck ya fasta, don't really wanna be like that, but I tell this bitch I be if I have to, shut this mutha fucka down, bend it backwards, y'all already know where we at this is Suave House, it's like my house, an if you ain't down wit tha an No Limit, then ride out, y'all hypin died down, its baskin an dried out, sparks poppin from the ground it's commin out my mouth, bitch don't get mad, go get yo bags an roll wit it, or stay the fuck away from niggaz you got no business, we don't give a fuck about nothin, we untouched, one-hundred percent pure shit, uncut. (Chorus x2) Suave House, No Limit soldiers (x8) (Eightball) Real playaz, wit nothin but this uncut, (Master P) Down south fake hataz get tossed up. (Eightball) Ain't No Limit to the Suaveness, we bust, world wide wit this pure uncut. UGHH! Verse 4-(Pysde) Here goes this potioness vocaless, wit the motion of locus, an leavin 'em, open an dope, wit there noses drove when I focus, the de-infected brain cells, lay by the thousands, the music them hittin shown to be known to livin in project housin, towels that ring-out, givin up on y'all boy, y'all don't need to be fuckin wit moi boy, No Limit an Suave boy or I boy, you suckaz hear til you make you feel me deeper than you, some of these bitchez as cold as a Chicago at christmas an this is, a test to make 'em scroll from a brain of the ???, ignorant mutha fuckaz that will get high an talk from ???, inflict the sickness yeah for the paper, guess who after me, the Don limited an the fat mack gonna cut it after me. Verse 5-(Master P) UGHHH! Chasin houses ride wit me, real niggaz an bitches get high wit me, I live the life of a No Limit soldier, I run wit pimps an dealaz, I thought I told ya, but we all about our piz-aper, that's why I jumped in the double O an hooked up wit Tony Draper, so handle bizze at the biz-house, it's all about No Limit an that.... Suave House, gettin paid for the diz-ounds, worth millions cuz we all about our piz-ounds, so how ya do dat there, make 'em say UGH!, get rowdy, get bout it. Verse 6-(Eightball) Who is it? Big Ball payin a visit, don't miss my exhibit, nigga I'm about to rip it, apart, startin wit yo heart, we ain't hard shit, dirty ass street nigga, stained an the scarin shit, an foreign shit, most hoes would kill to get wit, the Suave House, an them soldiers at No Limit, niggaz fear it cuz we strong an we black on, green or brown, we be smokin til the sack gone, tornados flows, blow away my foes, hurracaine came, stormin on these hoes, Master P, Silkk, Mystikal an Psycho Drama, in the kitchen wit me cookin up this uncut. (Chorus Eightball an Master P's x2) (Suave House, No Limit soldiers x16)

Book Of Rhymes

NAS "God's Son"
Alchemist you know me man I'm the type of nigga that write rhymes right on the spot in the studio soon as I hear the track; you know what I'm sayin Word but I wanted to bring a couple of books to the studio today Man I foundthese shits up in the crib man in boxes man I don't even remember when I was writing these shits or what's in these shits man probably a bunch of bullshit man Fuck it check it How can I trust you when I can't trust me Picture myself a old man a O.G. Some niggas will conversate with liers all day Time pass...(Nah lemme start somethin' else) Soul on ice death threats given by clowns I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first I thought I was abnormal cause I would overcome any tasked called to So there it is I'ma prince I'ma get slain Some do minor shit swear they on the top of they game Ya rhymin' is called 'Vagina Monologue' It kinda supports theories of scary niggas who should lie in the morgue Rarely y'all come in contact with the real Since Pun passed he was the last shine of sun I could feel Yo said there's a few left since music's expressions of life Damn I wish I took more time to write in my book of rhymes Oh shit Tina - I been lookin' for this bitch number damn. No this rhyme is weak.. This is week I remember this bullshit right here (My Book of Rhymes) Gandhi was a... what the fu.. Gandhi was a fool, nigga fight to the death The US Army is a school that teach ya plights of conquest (I wonder when I wrote this. Nah it's weak) The money's ya religion sky the limit live life Numbers is big business makes the poor live trife The glimmers of hope provoke those without dollars to dream Through your existence become wealthy knowledge is king Pimps and card sharks thiefs murderers with hard luck Addicts and fiends prostitutes passin' for teens is my society Cops that shoot blacks is routine for noteriety Grow up watchin' well dressed niggas with charms Beautiful ladies on their arms Dangerous new cars was my fantasy for Nas Rubbin my lips with Campophenique Still behind the ears wet turned out to be Pioneers vets amongst hustlers crack sellers and liers and squares... (Nah that was weak there) My people be projects or jail never Harvard or Yale Pardon me type in my 2way while I'm chargin' my cell It's hard to be iced up with Gucci god poverty's real I can't fight you cause you would sue me niggas be groupies I see imitators tryin' to make albums spittin' my style And they don't even realize that I notice they stealing Nas' shit I pump some Rick James with that Teena Marie My nina lean on me like Swoop it's crap this can't be My book of rhymes This can't be my book of rhymes writing this bullshit! (My Book of Rhymes) Nah neva that fuck that, aw why you laughin' Alchemist Huh you a funny nigga... naw yeah (My Book of Rhymes) I'm tellin' you I'ma come up with some new shit now Fuck that I'ma write again now fuck that I musta been high on some shit mmm what the fuck is this Look how we treat pregnancy women in the 'hood Our values so low our values are no good Things our mothers told us we shoulda heeded Cause now we need it We older almost able t... I'm jealous of you how come you so beautiful Smelling fresh youthful intelligent while I'm stressin' and shit Aiyo I envy you 'cause all you do is smile and things come your way Such a innocent child is what some say I get upset 'cause I just want to be treated the way you are Like a star not a worry in this world thus far But wait a minute we both need ya mother's attention I must be crazy jealous of my own baby infant (Kinda crazy)

Themes Dreams And Schemes

featuring A.G. O.C. Ghetto Dwellas [O.C.] Even if the Chosen One's frozen inside ice I still rise like the spirit of Christ it's all right I'm a let you niggas know I'm still nice With this voicebox made of gold larynx priceless What the fuck y'all niggas thought? I done seen niggas sold and bought for what my ancestors fought Was taught to drop Jewelz (Word life!) You will respect mines or else feel the fragments of gunshot shells I will rock well for the rest of my days on this God-forsaken planet Splitting niggas wigs like I'm slamming 'em on granite Niggas can't manage whether Jamacian, Hatian Dominican, white, or Spanish Fuck all that freestyle shit, I think shit out If it's coming from the top, make sense of what you're talking about [A.G.] The E J got me wetter than a nigga hit with a nine Beretta Your rhymes is dope, but mines is better Let us divide this cheddar, O.C. and us three Tighter than niggas that did time together It's only right we shine together I'm a rhyme forever, while you the worst I see it now: I'll be an old cat with a fat verse Unless these streets get me first, want a few mil But y'all can never give me what I'm worth, we got the flavas I'm whipping honey shit, the cherry Blazer, my pen is real You feel the blood touch the paper, cause now I know it And I'm a blow it like I knew it for years Like my peers through childhood Was a wild hood, did anything a broke black child could Even robbing and stealing, but that's not foul, that's the hood Even money knew it when he cracked a smile and passed the goods Ayo the theme is to stay sick and have 'em fiend The dream is to make hits and stack cream The scheme is to get that cash for new trucks Ass at the bar for us to scoop up The beam, infrared on you, beamed up Come out the club, spill bub and scream What? D.I.T.C. and G.D. teamed up Bases loaded, the place exploded, we cleaned up [D-Flow] Ayo I touch pistol, shine like crushed crystal Fuck what I sift through, insane in your membrane These cuffs I slip through, when I bust, trust I won't miss you A killer like Kam, I send your whole fam with you Addicted to Dro, sipping on Mo Tell you if you didn't know, G.D. be ripping the globe Whipping the Range Rove, dough will never change Flow If you lyrical I'll cripple you, that's how the game go Get the fuck out of here with your plain hoe and small chips We all rich, only players score more than six Gorgeous chicks, quarter licks, blow a pound before we started It was more than this, hold it down Keep my head up, for ignorant niggas around me Front on my fam, son, better dose is what you tell me I keep it tight, you weak when you write And get beat, you light player It's the flavor I save for your neighbor My niggas died for this money and I'm a try for this Gotta cock the six, spit shots, shit, and drop hits We be the Bronx's finest, honeys got to rewind this G.D. and D.I. shit, now change the topic [Party Arty] Yo fuck a Bently, I push a Benzi 500 Like the Indy, got too many Benjis to be stingy Skin complexion of a penny, skip the Henny Hit the Remi, spit the semi-automatic at anyone that static It's Party Arty, cardy with premium Trust me, for us three, I bust three Triple teaming 'em, Show A.G. and 'em Without a doubt G.D. and 'em Bout it, bout it like Master P and 'em It's the machette swinger, I got plans to fuck every singer I already bring the ruck like Jerry Springer Bless it, for refreshment, I'm a senior Felony charges, y'all niggas is misdomeanor Like when I first shot the milli, or when I first copped the philly Ace Buchanan, a.k.a. Poppa Willy Flows knock you silly, rock above you when it's chilly Show love when the hoes jock to grill me, fill me The rasta in me make me wanna kick shit like I was socked silly I'm not the Willy to fuck with Cocked the milli on some rough shit, you want it, it's yours Get lost, cause y'all cats don't want to brawl with the big dogs Ayo the theme is to stay sick and have 'em fiend The dream is to make hits and stack cream The scheme is to get that cash for new trucks Ass at the bar for us to scoop up The beam, infrared on you, beamed up Come out the club, spill bub and scream What? D.I.T.C. and G.D. teamed up Bases loaded, the place exploded, we cleaned up

Without Me

EMINEM "The Eminem Show"
[Intro (Obie Trice)] 'Obie Trice/Real Name No Gimmicks' [Refrain 1] 2 trailer park girls go round me outside round me outside, round me outside [Repeat Refrain 1] [Refrain 2] Guess whos back, back again Shadys back, tell a friend Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back Guess who's back... [Verse 1] I've created a monster, cuz nobody wants to see Marshall no more they want Shady I'm chopped liver well if you want Shady, this is what I'll give ya a little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor some vodka that'll jumpstart my heart quicker then a shock when I get shocked at the hospital by the Dr. when I'm not cooperating when I'm rocking the table while he's operating you waited this long now stop debating cuz I'm back, I'm on the rag and ovulating I know that you got a job Ms. Cheney but your husbands heart problem's complicating So the FCC wont let me be or let me be me so let me see they tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me So come on and dip, bum on your lips fuck that, cum on your lips and some on your tits and get ready cuz this shit's about to get heavy I just settled all my lawsuits Fuck YOU DEBBIE_! [Chorus X2] Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me cuz we need a little controversy, cuz it feels so empty without me [Verse 2] Little hellions kids feeling rebellious embarrassed, their parents still listen to Elvis they start feeling the prisoners helpless, 'til someone comes along on a mission and yells 'bitch' A visionary, vision is scary, could start a revolution, pollutin the air waves a rebel so let me just revel an bask, in the fact that I got everyone kissing my ass and it's a disaster such a catastrophe for you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me Well I'm back [batman sound] fix your bent antennae tune it in and then I'm gonna enter in and up under your skin like a splinter The center of attention back for the winter I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling Infesting in your kids ears and nesting Testing 'Attention Please' feel the tension soon as someone mentions me here's my 10 cents my 2 cents is free A nuisance, who sent, you sent for me [Chorus X2] [Verse 3] A tisk-it a task-it, I'll go tit for tat with anybody who's talking this shit that shit. Chris Kirkpatrick you can get your ass kicked worse than them little Limp Bizkit bastards, and Moby you can get stomped by Obie, you 36 year old bald headed fag blow me You don't know me, you're too old let go its over, nobody listens to techno Now lets go, just give me the signal I'll be there with a whole list full of new insults I've been dope, suspenseful with a pencil ever since Prince turned himself into a symbol But sometimes the shit just seems, everybody only wants to discuss me So this must mean I'm disgusting, but its just me I'm just obscene Though I'm not the first king of controversy I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do Black Music so selfishly and use it to get myself wealthy (Hey) there's a concept that works 20 million other white rappers emerge but no matter how many fish in the sea it'd be so empty without me [Chorus X2] (Hum dei dei la la Hum dei dei la la... la la la) [X2] 'Kids'

Vital Nerve

Company Flow "Funcrusher Plus"
Intro/Chorus: Soon you'll see As I flow fluently to frequently, another MC will drop off the face of this Earth, for what it's worth I've been the nastiest, one since birth New York is number one today in the house! [El-P] I'll do the simple shit, strike harder than Hoffa El the maladjusted MC, Funcrusher Massive, a sign for my condition automatic Goldstar connect thoughts get jostled at your position Listen, abort mission without further discussion Dual personality, half me Doc Jekyll when I burn your paragraph down to a haiku So Tootsie Roll motherfuck back to your seat cause I don't like you I got a hundred beats, all nicer than your joint Karaoke MC's need not receive G's that's the whole point Be out within the crowd get open like herpes simplex sores on vexed pussy found that I put more crush, on crews than Jets You're just that simple plus overfronted -- but that's the status Cold caught my shit you better not sit, so stop the madness With hip-hop guidelines I state I never liked authority When sales control stats I place no faith in the majority Chorus Auto, matic, just for my people Auto, matic, just for my crew Auto, matic if you're wack then you'll get knocked out of the box and you'll deserve it too New York is number one today in the house! [El-P] I analyze, people call me El so son catch it MC's be disillusioned as hell, them can't hack it I'ma knock you out your tax bracket Slipped into the wrong hands, the mental barbarian Stay-Freshed in Ziplock, money plot hatcher How the fuck you gonna bring a Go-Cart to the Grand Prix hee hee laughter, enter for irreconcilable disaster I'ma protect mine like a Japanese fighting sticks master Aim, pierce your vital nerve, the bloody conquest Rappers they be like bro, I sunk your Battleship Ultra-magneto, burnin pee burns my credo Mad men cry like when you realize you got a shirt full of infrared dots plus I'm scopin at this bitch, be prepared for the mental headshots When the CoFlow leave the room, we takin mics bitches and boom (the incredible BMS...) [BMS] Now the mint and governor get paid, collectin off raids all the cash that was made from a brother, New York Undercover Don't love her, still I'm SuperHun Rhyme styles monstrosities, fools never stoppin me I swat MC's quite easily, Dunn Imitate styles most complain you can't begin to express Elevate off this, nine times to your brain makes your mind manifest, shit's hopeless Stop stop the nonsense, this could not accomplish Low pro interactive, go open carsnatchin CoFlow, by all means necessary packin rhymes is automatic Check the barrel circumfrence who done it, confirm it sewers done run it BMS just a killer plus serial But still ill and Sugarhill, to the fullest extent Tactic G represent, C-4 blowin up like the doors and this president (Dead, Presidents) Chorus Auto, matic, just for my people Auto, matic, just for my crew Auto, matic if you're wack then you'll get knocked out of the box and you'll deserve it too [El-P] I'm gettin fresh for my freeform All hold heart rocks down when I'm turnin veterans to greenhorn Beat it, make a bee-line, be lax or you'll be outed Spit words that's really cold, pinchin lymph nodes, El The inconvenience to your master plan fell, your shit's abyssmal Decimal point, zero for the judge burnin rhyme books Fuck basic, iambic pentameter just dissolves So I'll say fuck you suck your marrow like a chicken wing, from pluck you Location I'll rock like Zeke, calamity What's your composure, shoot sex like Vanity it's over Done it again brainstorm slice in your direction Cut the belly of your block open over to C-Section Death callin one, for the dysfunctional son Trapped in my digital domain ... (the El to the P) Yo fuck rappers that freak a fable, phony will make them fall out Frequencies painful run em as sonar, CoFlow's the callout You're misaligned, I turn benign breaks into malignant Knock em out the box, capture they flag and kick they can in Badlands, live one down the information highway Write a rhyme in braille, send a fuckin battle to your e-mail Yes once again empty MC's we have had here for those fortune enough to feel this, blessed number one ichiban numero uno crew -- track runner stun gunner plus vocal freak show performance Company Flow rockin shit from the intro to the outro Nevertheless I must digress for the master The walking FreshFest MC's pure when in soil yet shallow when the bank roll The independant representation of what MC's can and should be Judge prosecution defendant and jury New York... New York... New York... New York... New York is number one today in the house!

Bad News

D12 "Devils Night"
[Chorus] Brigade jump on a couple of punks Nigga, we bad news (We bad news, nigga) To beef for real If you step our way it's on Anybody, everybody (Oh shit) Come on Brigade jump on a couple of punks That's how we're moving it moving it moving it To beef for real If you step our way it's on Anybody, everybody (That's right) Come on [Kon Artis] We breaking every rule in the book Illegal crooks that got your mind shook Kon done with spells up Poisonous cook The Kon Artis Make way for the hell raiser Mysterious neighbor Cuttin throats with broke Coke Bottles and rusty razors I ain't the one to save you in a crisis I kick you while you're down Snatch you up and ask you who's the nicest Better say me Or I'll put your next to some vice crips And squeeze until they lifeless I stayin confidence with my mind About being good or evil I'm deceitful Lethal when I leave you Dead inside your blood brother When your hand for help reaches out We just chuckle Now where the fuck of how we is as individuals We raise wrong Politics and poverty got us head strong You dead wrong If you think you'll make it out with all your limbs Grab your camera So we can put this on film [Kuniva] Hey Don't get cut into hundreds over some dumb shit I advise you to run quick cuz we run this Guns click on the reg reg Put MCs on they death beads Either that or leavin' 'em walking on peg legs In various locations I'll be wylin' out at places I'm why they're running out Of handicap parking spaces Intense dreams You want suspense It's endless How I massacre crews Leave you solo and friendless Contact lens less then lifeless The trifest MC You never wanna fight with Or rock a mic with Carry a knife with Da Brigade on the night shift Pack this big dick that I use to fuck your wife with You ain't the nicest Derelicts with intelligence Leaving your grill wide open like pelicans Just wait My words penetrate through your vertebrate Til it snap your neck brace And crack your chest plate [Chorus] [Kon Artis] You studies wanna job like assets Rough is ready to start teaching niggas In ass whippin' classes Breaking glasses Damage crews by the masses Shit talking like Cassius Get in your E-Class and dash bitch Kon Artis The only man that can expand the cervix With the tip of my bone Get in your girl and keep fucking Until she starts screaming 'Leave me alone' Walking predacone Looking for weak grade to set it on From dusk til dawn I bomb Went through hell and remain calm The devils to stir us to fight me Just to see what type of shit that I was on Those bastards is why they got burnt And turned into crisp XXXXX With lyrics hotter than lava comes It's urgent That she splurge with Before I merge with Kuniva will make ya nerves emerge and split Heard me bitch You weren't worthy with the mic Is why I snatch it And people think and praise with words that I like With things that I say on you You need someone to spar with Put you in the back of my trunk Get in my car trick Running with nothing but thugs With the fug We more dangerous than L.A. cops with big clubs Who's arresting you when you're drunk You sick munk Spitting up bills scriptures and gumps Till you punks get the picture Get it If rap was a whore you couldn't hit it I make it my business Twenty four seven to try and stick it [Kuniva] Gotta get it I gotta give it to you non-stop Bombs drop lyrical warfare we onslaught Dead bodies rot We making your body rock Licking them off like lollipops That the shotty pop Kuniva snatch rolex chains, watches and anklets Dissin' the stank bitch Packing heaters to make you thank quick Now ain't this Something you don't want a piece of Don't worry about waiting these ones Chillin' with me buds [Chorus]

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