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Eddy Duchin lyrics

I Cover The Waterfront

Original and similar lyrics
I cover the waterfront, I'm watching the sea,, Will the one I love, Be coming back to me? I cover the waterfront, In search of my love, And I'm covered by, A starless sky above. (chorus) Here am I, Patiently waiting, Hoping and longing, Oh! How I yearn! Where are you? Are you forgetting? Do you remember? Will you return? I cover the waterfront, I'm watching the sea, For the one I love, Must come back to me. (end song with repeat of chorus last verse)

After A Storm

Gentleman "Confidence"
Intro: When Jah ist at the ship We smile at the storm Life hard and this a road might be ruggy but Jah would never send you there from you nuh ready no listen to his voice and hold on steady we moving on and on Chorus: After a storm there must be a calm You shoulda never go resign Remember seh Jah love already there before you born His love is so pure and devine Just keep that smile on your face make it an easy day Never let dem get you down cause you will make it anyway With Jah love ina your heart I'm sure you will never go astray And while the sunshine you got to make hay Jah Jah a the water to my root the only truth Me nuh go stop work and try until me reap the fruit And as long as there is no justice man hafi go revolute Just tell the children the truth Chorus Box and kick me and treat me like a toy Try your very best to take away me joy you no ago see me ina babylon employ cus i have know jah love from ever since i was a boy en verdere??


Billy Bragg "Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy"
Richard belongs to Jayne And Jayne belongs to yesterday How can I go on When every alpha particle hides a neon nucleus Neil belongs to love And love belongs to no man How can he go on When no-one answers the adverts in his mind? Chorus: There will be parties, there will be fun There will be prizes for everyone And hey, hey, hey, here comes Richard There will be ladies dressed in lace I just want to see her face When hey, hey, hey, here comes Richard You helped me build this bed But you won't help me sleep in it When I fall between you and the wall Our titanic love affair sails on the morning tide Chorus I really love you style Did you read it in the Look and Learn? How long can we go on? Do you think I only love you Because you sleep with other boys Chorus

Keeping The Love Alive

AIR SUPPLY "The One That You Love"
Both of us holding back So afraid To fall in love and lose again We've both been hurt before Saw love walk out the door In the end... Actin' as cold as ice When we wanna be It's just a foolish game we play You couldn't hurt me bad enough To make me give it up And walk away (Chorus) We can't stop The feeling's to strong We've got the will to hang on Can't stop We struggle and fight to survive Keepin' the love alive We try to forget the past So many times It's hard to make those memories leave With all we have at steak We'll bend until we break 'Cause we both believe (Repeat Chorus) If we stand the test of time Love will be the lasting kind (Repeat Chorus)

Will They Love Him

Leslie Phillips "Beyond Saturday Night"
Verse 1: What's in the Father's mind Why does He have to go And if I can't go with Him There's one thing I must know Chorus: Will they love Him, Will they love Him like I do? Will they serve Him, Take care of Him like I do? I'm afraid to watch Him go Afraid their hearts aren't true Oh, will they love Him, Love Him like I do? Verse 2: What can you say when all is lost When the light of day has gone away? Well, that's how it feels to watch him go Down to earth, to a humble birth And as he goes away, I hear my heart say Repeat Chorus Verse 3: How can we sing when he is gone We've lost everything when we've lost our king And why does he go just like a man Small and weak, humble and meek And as he goes away, I hear my heart say Repeat Chorus

Every River

BROOKS & DUNN "Steers And Stripes"
Once upon a time Somewhere in your past Someone said forever But that promise didn't last Now you don't believe Love is ever true Steel yourself against the day When I stopped loving you When the day comes that I don't love you Every star will fall out of the sky And every mountain will tumble down And every river run dry For every drop of rain That ever touched the ground For every tear that ever fell And never made a sound I'll be there To hear you call And I'll be there to catch you baby Should you ever fall Chorus Chorus And every river run dry

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