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Eddy Arnold lyrics - Welcome to My World

I Love Her

Original and similar lyrics
(Gene Dobbins - Jean Whitehead) The mansion that I've promised her Is still a dream somewhere back in my mind Someday she's gonna have it if I live that long If God give me the time. Although I haven't given her The things she might have gotten from another Oh, never once till she complains Her faith in me remains the same and I love her. The day when our first baby came We both cried and felt the pain together I passed around the cheap cigars And braged a lot about our newborn daughter. Now she's growing up and she's a Sweet and loving image of her mother Who gives me strenght to make each day And says I know you'll find the way, and I love her. When the world is walked away She's the one who always stays beside me Giving all the love she can Reaching out with gentle hands to guide me. In another month or two We hope to give our little girl a brother Without her I could never be the kind of man She sees in me and I love her. And I love her...

With A Girl Like You

Troggs "Best Of Troggs"
I want to spend my life with a girl like you Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba And do all the things that you want me to Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Till that time has come That we might live as one Can I dance with you Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba I tell by the way you dress that you're so refined Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba And by the way you talk that you're just my kind Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Girl why should it be That you don't notice me Can I dance with you Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Baby baby is there no chance I can take you for the last dance All night long yeah I've been waiting Now there'll be no hesitating So before this dance has reached the end Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba To you across the floor my love I'll send Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba I just hope and pray that I'll find a way to say Can I dance with you Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

What Is Love?

PETER ANDRE "The Long Road Back"
It's the way you're nervous when you speak It's the way I know just what you mean It's the kind of thing that's bitter sweet It's the funny feeling deep inside So many different sides Still so easy to define Coz you know that every time Not just in your mind You can feel the butterflies, sending chills down your spine [Chorus:] What is love but a kiss on a rainy day, a smile that won't go away A safe place to run What is love but a complicated simple truth, a bond between me and you The number one All that's love You do things that never crossed your mind Like you're doing all of the time Coz with someone special it's all right It's like dancing when you walk And singing when you talk And you're happy just to be alive Live in the moment don't be sad Just let it go and take care You don't have to understand, the how, why and when [Chorus] So take off your hat and stay for a minute Love is a precious thing if you let it in You'll never know what you find till you give it Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes [Chorus x2] I've been searching long yeah Let me sing it to you baby

I Can Love You

BOYZ II MEN "Full Circle"
If I ever had the chance To be the king of this whole land I wouldn't do it if you couldn't be beside me On your love you have me strung You are the breath of life in my lungs And I thank you for the love that you've shown me Before I go to sleep I pray And thank the lord for another day with you You're my dream come true [Chorus:] I can love you the way That you want me to My love, the things I do Are for you Girl you're all I ever need And you're mine exclusively When we're all alone I wish the time Remains the same From the time the sun appears 'Till the moon's reflection is clear I think about your love And hope that it stays near I'll take you all around this earth To show you just how much you're worth To me, you're my destiny [Chorus [twice]] [Bridge:] You're all the reason that I live And all the love that I have I'll give To you, you're my dream come true And I promise [Chorus ]

Here If You're Ready

ALL 4 ONE "ALL 4 One"
hay there lady i couldn't help but see you across the room i wanted to go and talk to you but you had something else to do that's why i waited a little longer before i tried to make my move 'cause girl i have nothing to prove i just want to be with you ya baby that's why i'm here if you're ready i'm not gonna waste my time a love like this is hard to find i can't get you off of my mind and girl i'm not afraid to let my feelings show i just wanna get you all alone and maybe i could take you home and we could chill for a minute and get to know eachother a little bit more turn off the lights and close the door no one could ever love you more that's why i'm here and i'm not gonna waste my time (here if your ready) a love like this is hard to find (here if your ready) and i can't get you off my mind baby if you want me don't be afraid to tell me if you want to get together then let your feelings show girl, you know sometimes you confuse me i don't know if you wanna be together or just friends but you gotta let me know something 'cause i'm not gonna keep waiting around for ya and girl, if you want me you gotta let me know or you gotta let your feelings show baby i'm here (i'm here if your ready) i'm not gonna waste my time love like this is hard to find (i'm here if your ready) i can't get you off of my mind here if your ready baby, i'm here if you ready i'm not gonna waste my time a love like this is hard to find (i'm here if your ready) i can't get you off my mind here if your ready


JOHNNY MATHIS "A Special Part Of Me"
I know someone's done you wrong But girl you've cried too long It's time to live again I won't try to complicate your life I'm not that kind of guy But I think I ought to tell you Love is [Chorus:] Simple Easy as 1 2 3 That's how love should be All you gotta do is trust in me Cuz it's Simple Just like the birds and bees It's simple biology So don't you wanna fall in love with me? You've got to find A new place to begin It's time you let love in Girl, what are you waiting for? This time there'll be no sad good-byes No teardrops in your eyes Girl I'm gonna make it beautifies [Repeat chorus to end]

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