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Eddy Arnold lyrics - Chained to a Memory

Battle Of New Orleans

Original and similar lyrics
(Jimmie Driftwood) Well, in eighteen-fourteen we took a little trip Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississipp' We took a little bacon and we took a little beans And we met up with the British in the town of New Orleans. We fired our guns and the British kept a comin' There wasn't neigh as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We seen Morse Jackson a walkin' down the street And a talkin' to a pirate by the name of Jean Lafette He gave Jean a drink that he brought from Tennessee And the pirate said he'd help us drive the British in the sea. The French said Andrew you'd better run For Pakenham's a comin' with a bullet in his gun Old Hickory said that we didn't give a damn He was gonna whip the britches off of General Pakenham. We fired our guns and the British kept a comin' There wasn't neigh as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. Well, we fired our cannon till the barrel melted down Then we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round We filled his head with cannonballs and powdered his behind And when we shot the powder off the 'gator lost his mind. They lost their pants and their pretty shiny coats And their tails were always showin' like a bunch of billy goats They ran down the river with their tongues a hangin' out And they said they got a lickin' which there wasn't any doubt. We fired our guns and the British kept a comin' There wasn't neigh as many as there was a while ago We fired once more and they began to runnin' Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. We marched back to town in our dirty ragged pants And we danced all night with them pretty girls from France We couldn't understand them but they had the sweetest charms And we understood them better when we got them in our arms. We'll march back home but we'll never be content Till we make Old Hickory the people's President And every time we think about the bacon and the beans We'll think about the fun we had way down in New Orleans. Well, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico...

The Gulf Of Mexico

Shawn Mullins "Up All Night"
The Gulf Of Mexico She cooks him ham and hotcakes at 5:30 in the morn She does the dishes and irons his uniforms And she thinks she might have loved him once but that was long ago And the rain pours down like a holy waterfall over the Gulf of Mexico The boardwalk's deserted and the beach is all closed down And the middle school punkrockers ride their skateboards through the town And she looks back and she daydreams about things and people she's never seen Just to keep from being blue And she gets home about a quarter to four And drives her brother to the liquor store on ocean avenue And I'm parked on the state line on this cold November day And pretty soon I'll be a drivin fool somewhere down this lost highway Then I hear a voice from my soul's core Sayin 'freedom's just a metaphor, you got nowhere to go' And the rain pours down like a holy waterfall over the Gulf of Mexico

Every Little Girl

ANGIE MARTINEZ "Up Close & Personal"
(feat. The Product G&B) [Big Pun] Yo yo Angie, come downstairs, the pub is open Hurry up ma! Put your socks, put your slippers on! C'mon ma hurry! (Alright then, I got it) [The Product G&B] Oooohhh Angie.. Ooo-whoaaaa, yeahhh.. Oooh yeah hooooo whoahhhh, ohhh-ye ohhhhh-yeah [Angie Martinez] Uh, yeah (ooh ooh ooh ooh) Uh (ooh ooh ooh ooh) Uh-uh-uh uh-ah uh-ah-uh-ah I started in Brooklyn, comin up in the game Everybody has a story mine wasn't the same Angela, delinquent, I thought I was grown I went through a lot things way before I was known See my moms, she never knew I would make it all start She was through with the bad grades, the late nights in the park Causin my mom pain, my life was in the dirt I played hooky all day while she was hard at work Sorry ma, know it was hard and my pops was a jerk She packed her shit and got us out of there before it got worse Moved the fam to Miami in hopes of changin my ways A big portion of my mind still remained in a daze It wasn't 'til we came back my life matured Success would be the only thing that I was fightin for I was determined to get there, and keep it hot Since that day my only goal was to reach the top [Chorus: The Product G&B] To every little girl, on every block That's comin of age tryin to reach the top I said no matter who you are, you can reach the stars But never forget, how fragile you are, cause a girl is fragile [Angela Martinez] It's crazy, when I think back, sometimes I have to cry Cause when you young, you don't see how life can pass you by You don't even really care if you gon' starve or not This go back to ninety-three when I got the job at Hot I used to answer the phones for Flex, do overnight spurts Back then, I was like, 'Hey who knows It might work' I wasn't satisfied, but it would just begin Cause in ninety-five, I was every day, six to ten I put in a lot of work so I could bring in my listeners I secured a fanbase, although some of them dissed us I was new at my thang, but I was doin my thang And I would never let nobody try to ruin my thang But of course, there were people couldn't stand where I was Cause although know I'm in, I wasn't made what I was Through the heat, kept it movin, throw the haters a smile What would they do if they knew her heart was fragile [Chorus] [The Product G&B] Angela.. (uh-huh) Angela.. (hahahah) Angela.. (wooh!) Angela.. (uhh, uhh) [Angie Martinez] Overall, it's a rough business, it could stop even you There's people that's gonna say things that's not even true Like the one about me not bein down for my women And I hated the lesbian rumors that went around for a minute How bout the one that goes, 'Yeah, she goes with him. He bought her the car, the ice, the clothes and rims.' And I'm sure you all heard she caught one dead in the face It'd been different if she said what she said to my face As for men, who knows where my story will start I went through a relationship that nearly tore me apart So I'm chillin for now, it's all about me for the moment cause there's things that I wouldn't allow But I'ma be aight though, keep comin with tight flow Try to stay on the low while I'm watchin your hype grow Playin the role like nobody can cramp your style But I know, like you know, that you're fragile [Chorus] [The Product G&B ad lib to the end]

Farewell Summer

JOELL ORTIZ "Farewell Summer"
[Joell Ortiz] Yaowa! Lot been goin on these past three months If you don't mind, I'd like to share it with you Let's see, summer of oh-ten Well right before it kicked off I lost a really close friend Last time we kicked it was at a show in Coney Island Fucked with some bitches, I swear I miss my homie whylin That was bad enough news, like I needed to hear more Mr. Marshall Mathers is interested in us four "Us four" being Crooked I, Joe Budden Royce and myself, but I swear it's always somethin When the talks got real, E-1 started frontin Tryin to cockblock but we handled that, it's nothin Listen close, hear it from the horse's mouth, it's crazy The deal ain't finalized but yeah, Slaughterhouse and Shady Shows been gettin better, Highline was retarded When Fat Joe came out New York City went bonkers Styles P came out and put it down for all of Yonkers Even Sean Paul ripped it after twistin up the ganja Closed the show with Jim Jones, you know "Nissan, Honda, Chevy" had the fans Andretti, that's a monster Wish I coulda spit that on the stage at Summer Jam Can't complain though, that verse helped me scoop a couple grand Aside from the music, yeah, copped a new apartment Two bedroom joint, nothin fancy, lil' carpet Marble in the kitchen, cool walk-in closet A paintin here and there, somethin simple for an artist If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son Well then feel sorry for me cause I had more than one Like E-1 and Slaughterhouse single, I lost +The One+ Before the us and Pharoahe Monch Canada tour was done I argue with her like, "Bein insecure is dumb The only thing that I could get from all these whores is cum" We did the Skype thing in my bunk on late nights Always started cool but ended in the same fight Why I ain't pickin up the phone once again It only takes a second to reply to BBM Baby I don't know what to say Maybe it was the 20-hour drive from Montréal to Thunder Bay Maybe my phone died, maybe I'm sound checkin Maybe I'm on stage goin in for the crowd sweatin Either way it's over, you failed to understand You was dealin with a star, not your average brother man On another note, I got to kick it with my sons Up in Dave & Buster's winnin tickets, it was fun Did Rockaway Beach, played some frisbee in the sun At summer camp they had a Track and Field Olympics and they won I took it down to Miami on the 4th Wobbled out a mansion and did cameo of course Shit I brought to the telly looked like panties on a horse Freak brain, this bitch said "Nigga, ram me 'til I cough!" I gotta call the bitch but yeah, Flex see that I'm focused Droppin bombs like I did to get rid of the roaches Feels good bein Puerto Rican from the pro-jects And countries overseas havin a ball like my cojones This summer I did well settin up for oh-eleven Comin up on a year my granny said hello to Heaven My moms still goin through it, e'ry now and then she cries I'm tryin to bring a different set of tears into her eyes "Free Agent" is FIRE! The world gon' see it's tough I'ma drop the "Yaowa" mixtape with Green to heat it up Shout to ICU, the documentary is nuts Some people on there gone, a lot of memories, but yup Gotta keep it pushin though the ride gets bumpy I'ma keep whippin until I get money Hate to be so blunt, but I came up extra poor Borrowed from next door, couldn't get ketchup from the store The butt of all the jokes cause of the rejects that I wore Matching perfectly with all the V-necks that I tore But nope, not no more, my feet keep the sickest kicks Still doin V-necks but nowadays my shit is crisp I'm comin for the title boys, hope you niggaz rhyme I'm treatin this like high school, "A" game every time Let you niggaz party, go on vaca', I'ma grind 'Til e'ry verse I kick is like Pele in his prime Y'all don't want a war, be screamin mayday with a nine Your thought caliber's no MATCH for this AK in my mind Don't get clapped, like sex with a dirty slut When I'm done with rap, they gon' hang your boy jersey up Cause I done been an all-star on all bars My dad left, and the apple never falls far So I'm gone like a sports car Anyone who think they better is just +Wild+, Draw Four card I did this by myself, no help brother No more sag, I'm comin for that belt fuckers Said my prayers, and God called Joell's number So stay tuned in the Fall, "Farewell Summer"


[Lil Wayne:] I ain't terrified from nuthin' I'm young wild crazy and disgustin' Better watch me cuz I'm coming With a oven by my stomach I'm scramblin' for the money Tape ya up like a mummy Call ya people and tell 'em I need 50 for this dummy I'm runnin' hidin' and duckin' Stuntin' ridin' and thuggin Dumpin' fire and bustin' Lovin, lyin' and lustin' Stealin' killin' and rapin Runnin' climbin and chasin Strugglin hustin' to make Get it got it I take it Watch ya Chevy mister Move ya purse miss Cuz I tote heavy pistols And man they burst quick It's too late to hesitate I was told there'd be better days But shit that was yesterday And still I haven't ate But dog that's how ya labor when ya bein' a thug These niggas don't seem to feel me till they seein' they blood Can't hide it though I represent the 17th Carrollton Hollygrove That's my G-code [Chorus [Lil Wayne]:] Now put ya box in the mud Get ya glocks in ya gloves Ride drops on dubs We gon' live by that Make the snitches catch a cut Soldier pistol nigga what Hit the block and open up We gon' die by that [repeat] [Juvenile:] We raised up lookin' at trees and brick walls Foreign properties and pack some menthals Got us a fire connect and went off Got jammed with this broad that rent cars Wasn't tryin' to change the game, just be in it Didn't give a fuck if we balled for 3 minutes Snatch all the hoes and 'bauds and ree' tennis Niggas can't survive the shit that we been in Jack niggas to get some cheap linen The ones that refuse we put 'em to sleep in it Got up in the mornin' for class and play hookie Some of us is veteran some of 'em stay rookie Bitch couldn't talk to us if she wasn't fuckin' Ya either be bout it or look and keep truckin Police drew causes and tried to cross lines We stuck to the code we lived and died by it [Chorus:] [Juvenile:] If war ever came we held the fort down Back, slowed up, we switched and sold pound Stayed on point to make some more green Get our stash away from dope fiends Nigga had a habit he supplied his own Always stay hot cuz we ride with chrome We kept a little work for the ki's and bones Crowds draw heat so we be's alone We learned how to keep our mouth closed and watch Them other motherfuckers fall off the block 24/7 all around the clock We hustlin of course in the gamblin spot We had a chance to stop, we still wasn't ready Shit kept comin' so we made more fetti Police drew causes and tried to cross lines We stuck to the code we lived and died by it [Chorus x 2]

The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History

AESOP ROCK "Bazooka Tooth"
[Chorus] Get up to get down now Get up to get down now (like this) Get up to get down now (like this) Get up to get down now (alright) I don't wanna do it anymore Couldn't do it if I tried, wouldn't do it if I wanted it Hey I don't wanna do it anymore Couldn't do it if I tried... [Verse 1] Okay The moments were subtle but unstolen and guess who owns them No friendly, non-threatening corporate lacky mucks in the totem Lucy was in the sky with diamonds Five dollars to hold them The summer beneath these Pac-Man's with acid behind his molars Little white tab hollering, little white flag waggling Inorganic pat on back, trim the panic flat on backer Back to back like Mad Hatter magic Rabid mastif collaborative Splatter bachelor fabric fatter with Cabbage Patch lit (Dark days) Banded Louie-Louie (Park blades) Chemically bent-up but eager to crash for that one, two, three repeater Good morning Vietnam Whose couch is this, whose house is this, who are you down with bitch? I'm sorry, dog, I dreamt the foulest shit There was this rabid foot talismen drowning out of my armspan What's fouler was the other farmhands growing gills and shark fangs What's fouler was my torso stripped to ribbons in the marshlands But I'm up now Let's get this window pane and shut the fuck down Down by the river where the litter sits And lionheart critters smoke dope and act like illiterates I ran with a brat pack of loose bolts and high social maladjusties Sacred, numb, and boundless went to same proto called cookie Well, I was dummy to some when my tongue was cradled and my skin looks crazy Pocketbook mirror, courtesy Amy Spiders in the mattress, paisley sunglasses, dialing eyes green Ice grill that could burn through your picture-in-picture widescreen Poison late late show starring Aes and his jigsaw face Twelve hour solid gold entertainment Other shit to sell from other ships that sell they DD paper (Space Invader) This one's for the labor days worked for rent and rolling papers Only the illest beats leak asbsurdly out the boombox The daytripper anthem goes: "Wake. Drop. Walk to Aquarium." Whistle while you work like a canary lung All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy to carry drugs I sorta see it as my last flash summer Skateboards and sloppy psychedelics and big numbers Good times, good people All airbrushed on a collapsible easel Peace man, easy [Bridge] And I knew the permanancy would drift And I knew the ph balance wasn't right And I knew the crash and burn, how to caress it L.S.D. flashed the message And I knew the gash wasn't gonna stop bleeding And I knew the ph balance wasn't right And I knew how September would then affect it L.S.D. [Verse 2] Lazy summer days Like some decrepit landshark dumbluck squad dog lurks sicker, deluded Last sturdy domino leans secluded Don't let stupid delusions lesson super-duty labor students Dragnet lifer solutions Daddy loves sloppy dimensions like son-daughter links Such determinated leopards, successfully disshelved Little soliders developed like serpents despite life sentence ducking lemmings Some don't like sobriety's dirty lenses Some do let sleeping dogs lie still Don't look so damn lackluster Suck defeat Love some damage, load sample delete Late Show, Dave Letterman, shitty diner lip-slide dutch Low self-discipline leader seek that lung self-destruct Life sucks dickhead Lost summer's display laminate showcasing divinity Live system definitive Liturgy soaked the pig lowly, spectactular delight Why, what kind of L.S.D. you like? Your lizard king has spoken (all hail) You in the back, get them up, those trails are necessarily bumped (Summertime) Some'll try and recapture the same flag But I played it smart and recognized the summertime passed [Chorus]

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