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Earth Wind And Fire lyrics

Frontline Of Seduction

Original and similar lyrics
Hot night and I'm ready Her game is rock steady A long time I've been waiting Hyped up, anticipating Fall weak by the hour Wanna climb her ivory tower Embrace and devour She's still in total power In the dark, feel my heart Racing when the ringing start Watch her breathe, such a tease Fantasy's what I need to melt her heart Then she'll say to me: Chorus: On the frontline of seduction I've been waiting at the junction You're the one man who can function On the frontline Baby what I want Baby what I need Is the love I feel When you aim at me I dial the phone she won't answer Can't sleep, I'm her prancer Lay here, watch her shadow Plan a move to win the battle Last night, at the party Cold sweat hugs my body Here eyes are up and down me Her scent all around me Start to move, cross the room And she drops out of view Just as I think that my Luck is dry I see her try to catch my eye And then she says to me: Chorus: Baby what I want Baby what I need Is the love I feel When you aim at me

Sweet Side

LUCINDA WILLIAMS "World Without Tears"
You run yourself ragged tryin' to be strong You feel bad when you done nothin' wrong Love got all confused with anger and pride So much abuse on such a little child Someone you trusted told you to shut up Now there's a pain in your gut that you can't get rid of No one heard your screams when you were nine When bad dreams filled your summertime So you don't always show your sweet side ... You're tough as steel and you keep your chin up You don't ever feel like you're good enough You've had the blues ever since you were six Your little tennis shoes and your pick-up sticks You were screamed at and kicked over and over Now you always feel sick and you can't keep a lover Every Christmas there were presents to unwrap But the things you witnessed when you were five and a half So you don't always show your sweet side ... Someone deserted you, the damage is done Now you don't deserve to be loved by no one Hands that would feed you when you were two Were the same hands that beat you black and blue You get defensive at every turn You're overly sensitive and overly concerned Few precious memories no lullabies Hollowed out centuries of lies So you don't always show your sweet side ... I've seen you in the kitchen cookin' me supper I listened to you bitchin' I watched you suffer I still love you baby 'cause I know you Don't mean to do the cruel things you do I've seen you sewin' buttons on your shirt I've seen you throwin' up when your stomach hurt I'll stick by you baby through thick and thin No matter what kind of shape you're in 'Cause I've seen your sweet side ...

Poetry Girl

ERIC BENET "A Day In The Life"
Sing to me... She was a poetry girl I adored Late at night I'd hear songs from her window Myrrh and frankincense seeped through her door And they lingered on As her fingers caressed her guitar Felt like the strings of my heart she was strumming With her words we made love from afar As she sang her song [Chorus:] They were songs of change, joy and pain All the love she made Like she took the words from Every dream I've known, every love outgrown Singing on and on, like she took the words from my heart And to the poetry girl down the hall Late at night I would answer her calling Like the lyrics from one of her songs She made love to me Now our bodies and souls intertwined On the wings of passion we were soaring Then by the flickering candle at night She would sing to me [Chorus] Love is often unkind when we fall For now my poetess sings to another But when I think of those nights down the hall From somewhere deep inside I sing songs of change, joy and pain All the love I've made, I take the words from Every dream I've known, every love outgrown Singing on and on, and I take the words from my heart [Chorus]

Red Letters

DC TALK "Supernatural"
Red Letters Pages filled with a holy message Sealed with a kiss from heaven On a scroll long ago Phrases, words that were bound together Now have the power to sever Like a sword evermore Heed the words divinely spoken May your restless heart be broken Let the supernatural take hold (chorus) There is love in the red letters There is truth in the red letters There is hope for the hopeless Peace and forgiveness There is life in the red letters In the red letters One man came to reveal a mystery Changing the course of history Made the claim he was God Ageless, born of a virgin Mary Spoke with a voice that carried through the years It's persevered Heed the words divinely spoken May your restless heart be broken Let the supernatural take hold (repeat chorus) (bridge) What You say moves me, revelation, come and take me The more I look [the more I look] the more I see [the more I see] The Word of God [the Word Of God] is what I need Oh yeah, oh yeah Yeah, it's the book of love Yeah, yeah, yeah It's the book of love That moves (repeat chorus) Speak to me, breathe in me new life [x2] Let Him in your heart [x4]

Bring Your Lovin' Home

Immature/Imx "The Journey"
Yeah, yeah Look here boo I'm attracted to u How many ways can I interact with you My brown sugar baby, you taste so sweet Finger lickin' good From your head to your feet You're thinkin everybody got a piece of me It may be I'm bad as Michael J, see Billy Jean is not my lover LC the ebony lover Batman: Watchin', moving slowly in the dark Chocolate, dreams those feelings bout' to start In my mind everytime it's me and you One more Time spinnin up and down we're through Chorus: Bring your lovin home my baby Bring your love to me (Bring it home) I just wanna know if it is still sweet (Honey) Round and round wit you my baby Love me now and through Bring your lovin' home my baby Ooh Ooh (sugar) Batman: Still in feelin' more in love with you When you dance I feel my hands on you Come with me I'll show love that's true Baby, oh, what can I do for you Still in love Moments shared (moments shared, moments shared) Round and round(Round and round) Dancin' Dancin' in your heart tonight (in your heart) Chorus Romeo: I got what you want, don't sleep Cartier links (what)persian minks, what No pressure lil' mama I keep you in Gabbana I keep you in the Donna You wearin Karen I got people starin At you Because the things that I do, boo hahaha Now bring it to the Rome Chorus (2x) ¡¡

Toss It Up

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
(feat. K-Ci, JoJo) [Tupac] The money behind the dreams My right hand, my other Capo in this big motherfuckin war we got My other Capo in this big ass, conglomerate called Death Row Snoop motherfuckin Dogg, Tha Doggfather And who he comin through right now, Makaveli the Don Feel this, Killuminati (Toss it up!) Lord have mercy, father help us all Since you supllied yo' phone number, I can't help but call Time for action, conversatin, we relaxin, kickin back Got you curious for Thug Passion, now picture that Tongue kissin, hand full of hair, look in my eyes Time to make the bed rock, baby look how it rise Me and you movin in the nude, do it in the living room Sweatin up the sheets, it's the Thug in me I mean no disrespectin when I tongue kiss your neck I go a long way to get you wet, what you expect Late night, hit the highway, drop the top I pull over, gettin busy in the parking lot And don't you love it how I lick your, hips and glide Kiss you soft on your stomach, push my love inside Got ya lost in a love zone, stuck in the lust I got the bedroom shakin back-breakin when we're tossin it up [K-Ci, JoJo] In this baby, I like the way it's goin down When all that is around, slip slide ride Givin me love nice like Female I like, what I wanna give all night You and me alone everybody's gone toss it up Baby let's, get it on! I like the way you please me, babe The sexy way you tease me, sugar The way you move your body It really drives me crazy Your body hypnotizing, your smell is so exciting So baby come on home with me, I like the way you give it to me! [Chorus: K-Ci, JoJo] I like the way you give it to me -- let me see you toss it up [repeat 4X w/ variations] Play on, play on, play on, play on, play onnnn! [repeat 4X w/ variations] [K-Ci, JoJo] Ohhh, it's K-Ci baby, mmm that want you lady Ohhh, don't act so shady, baby your taste as fine as gravy The way you move that thang, you make me wanna sang Girl you make my bells rang, make them go ting-a-ling! Now the man, I'm here again Don't worry to ever end It's feeling too good Gimme some more, oh lady lady Your body the kind I like-ah Big booty to the lung delight-ah Bag it up yo, let me in there Toss it up for me!! [Chorus 1/2] [Tupac] Do you want me what's your phone number, I get around Cali Love to my true Thugs, picture me now Still down for that Death Row sound, searchin for paydays No longer Dre Day, arrivederci Blown and forgotten, rotten for plottin Child's Play Check your sexuality, as fruity as this Alize Quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move Cross Death Row, now who you gon' run to Lookin for suckers cause you similar Pretendin to be hard, oh my God, check your temperature Screamin Compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard Brothers pissed cause you switched and escaped to the burbs Mob on to this new era, cause we Untouchable Still can't believe that you got 'Pac rushin you Up in you, bless the real, all the rest get killed Who can you trust, only time reveals -- toss it up! [Chorus w/ variations] [Tupac] Play on playa, play on How can some non-players do a song about Compton and then wanna do a player song How can non-players do it (We not little kids, we not playin) Tellin lies, who Puffy, I read your little interview buddy, c'mon You still ain't touchin us, all that peace talk I don't care if you kiss my ass from here to across the street boy It's on Toss it up, we took you on, and we took y'all beat You know we beat you down, and we took y'all beat Cause you wasn't rockin it right Tired of suckers rockin it, toss it up, is how we did it Yeah, toss it up now!

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