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DRC lyrics

Bitch Name Blockhead

Original and similar lyrics
chorus i got this bitch name blockehead she got a blockhead she smoke dope so i called the bitch a rock head the black ones falcons jersey and the socks red fuck wit that row we gon leave ya whole block dead lil charles stop it them hoes jockin and once we spot em electryfying like socets the bicth chasin cheese but the bitch anit got no wacklets this bitch i kno dis chorus i got this bitch name blochead she got a blockhead and after every blockpary she give the whole block head verse i got this bitch name blockehead she got a blockhead and after every blockparty she give the whole blockhead i mean she suck somuch dick she got a cock head and when im bout to let loose she say i got it im shootin nut out my dick lke its a rocket she looked at me and said her favorite flavor chocolate and stead of money she keep condoms in ger pocket cuz i kno if my dick was a cord her mouth bethe socket chorus verse i got this bitch name blockhead she stay in bankhead she got 5,4,5 friends that'll suck u to u red she suck me in my nova she suck me in my rova she suck me in my benz givin the nigga the cold shoulder she did me in my friends she did it once again they pulled up in the lac said im a blockhead fan now what the fuck is up shes suckin on my nuts she suck my dick so good man i splattered on her GUTS!!!

I Remember That Freak Bitch

Aiy-yo! [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the gloves bitch!) I used to know this girl that slanged the green shit Had it all goin on, but it didn't mean shit She wanted to be a star, with big cars and all the fame that came my way I gotta say that she was all that, and a bag of indo with no seed, such a delightful weed I wish she was still around but, no she's gone I guess she got blessed and she got put on Aiyyo I miss that girl, she had the bomb, was the bomb-diggy bomb bomb, and nope, I'm not Qu'ran Had all the holy books, and notes to get still I never met another dealer with that appeal With those electric eyes, hypnotized any wise man surprised, the queen of the lye [Barron Ricks] Bee eyes, bouncin five deep, clicked of innocence Hangin with friends, all under surveillance from the government While Don want tights they floss rights, just chewin on ice Meditatin with her camp, gettin damp She's a pimp or tile freak bitch, high maintenance She got her fuckin clit pierced, chained to her anus Professional for wettin niggaz up, suck em first til they bust, swallow nut, then she's quick to strut right out the projects, been a whore since ninety-one Suck a niggaz dick for fun, holdin guns in her buns Type of chick tell you 'fuck me in the ass' talkin shit While she goin WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA on your dick [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the gloves bitch!) Yeah since I seen the queen of green on the screen So I stepped up, to her screen door, like a dream or better yet like a fiend, who need a fix She wasn't like other chicks, pullin tricks on the scheme for chips She was like, Run-D.M.C., _Tougher Than Leather_ Raw bitch, but then she was soft like a feather Never again will I meet a woman of her nature SkyPager turned off, datin one of the Lakers Lucky-ass nigga with the jump shot He got that hot shit, all in his pocket on lock Damn I guess I'm jealous that another fella's got with her but her sister's, bangin too, what should I do Fuck it I'll do like my nigga Smooth with the Princess Plantin my seed in the next Queen of Buddha Bless Fuck playin the second string, on the squad I'm blowin up, all in your face, word to God [Barron Ricks] Yeah I fucked her in the Hershey Tunnel, deep inside it made her pussy bubble, aiyyo she told me that it loves you I told her 'arch that back, let me see that ass' And then I kissed it, licked it, stuck my nose all in position You tell me baby listen, can't you see my fuckin dick is throbbin She started slobbin and gogglin, spittin burblin burpin it I told her 'just don't matter baby, just don't bite it' No hold barred, my dick was hard enough to dent a car, I stuck it in between to spread the Red Sea apart, the pussy fart was a motherfuckin work of art, she rode my dick just like a Kawasaki til the pussy started soundin sloppy like an old jalopy, time to nut Took off the condom slapped her on the butt, then I bust on her face in between her lips Then she started lickin it, cause it was good shit, protein! Hot and rich.. damn I got my shit freaky, Mr. Ricks [B-Real] I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs The Victoria's Secret, she give love No matter which way you keep it You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it (You get the glove bitch!)

Pimp Like Me

D12 "Devils Night"
(feat. Dina Rae) Whattup I gotta tell you motherfuckers the truth This is straight G shit And all you can do is respect it [Swifty McVay] Well I'ma state my name, Swift McVay None of y'all niggaz got shit to say Rhymes keep comin off like a toupee Plus I'm big headed runnin things my way A selfish man, the back of the hand Be slappin the hell out of hoes because I can Prostitute, I want my loot And I don't give a fuck about your broke-ass man and Y'all givin niggaz what they needin 'til bitches understand I'm mean and Swift McVay is, blowin up Courvosier 'til I'm throwin up Wanna playa hate me, bitch so what What's yo' function Where's yo' bucks All you wanna do is wanna stick him up You wanna rob me but I got too much (hah) D-12, naturally lifted You niggaz better duck when I cock the biscuit You fuck wit me, I fuck wit you Your entourage, nigga fuck them too I got grenades What the hell your little twenty-two gon' do (Y'all ain't gon' shoot) Y'all major soft Cops gettin mad cause I paid 'em off, made 'em cough blood and shit That's what the hell you motherfuckers get, we runs this bitch So hey, you ain't gotta be scared to fuck If you want head, then prepare to suck (do it) Even if the nigga don't care to nut For every stroke, it's a hundred bucks Respect the game, you just a slut So open your legs up and get my duck [Chorus: Eminem w/ Dina Rae] You just a .. (hoe) You just my .. (hoe) Dirty-ass .. (hoe) I'm yo' pimp, you my bitch [repeat first part 3X] Go get my .. (dough) Go bring me my .. (dough) Dirty-ass .. (hoe) I'm yo' pimp, you my bitch [Proof] I don't spit game, no longer than my name Then when my chain hang, my nuts do the same Don't pay pussy, pussy pay me Bitch, slut, whore or lady (yup) And knowin the fact, I was born to mack That's why I got a hoe in the back, blowin my sac Got good game, that's a hood thang What'd you brang, loot or poo-tang Let 'em all bang, run that cheese Tell that trick nigga (come back please!) Rob a L7, that's a square You a bottom hoe, you got to know Off you I plan to make a lot of dough So suck fast bitch, and swallow slow [swish-slap-swish] (AH!) Bitch quit talkin back [swish-slap-swish] (AH!) Now walk the track [Kon Artis] I don't pay for ass, you pump my gas You get slapped when we're short of cash I get whiplash when I hit the gas And I holla out the window of the hatch Where's my scratch Bitch, that's, it Suck it stroke it make me rich As a token of my appreciation it's another client for you to hit I don't give a fuck if you gotta go home to the kids You shoulda picked another occupation trick Now you're stuck with me, fuck with me and I'ma slap you up in this truck You must be out your mind or somethin Cryin and whinin like you tired or somethin Go suck some head until it aches for Bufferin You don't work You make nothin I'm just another case of a lazy husband [Kuniva] I want the paper stack Buy you an outfit, then take it back When you page me BITCH I never page you back You only act a certain way that I make you act (whattup) Hoes recognize, and niggaz do too Cause they realize that niggaz do shoot Don't like a chick that act too cute Bitch hold my gat down when I shoot hoops (oh yeah) And don't be askin me, all kind of questions All harassin me, callin stressin Or I may have to release some aggression Beat you to death and teach you a lesson Lookin for handouts like you my damn spouse Pull your pants down and fuck my mans now Shut your damn mouth or get in the damn house Off with the damn blouse and suck on my damn crotch [Chorus] [Bizarre] Sell that pussy Sell that pussy bitch Get out there and switch and go make Bizarre rich You gotta itch, you fuckin dirty bitch Now get on the corner, and start suckin some dicks Niggaz want pussy, and I need cash So mom, get out there and start sellin yo' dirty ass Bizarre quick to hit 'em, and then stick 'em Fuck it; I'll let you hit one of my victims (Somebody help I'm on 7 Mile and ..) Shut up bitch, you talk too much Now you about to get fucked in your dirty butt You never seen a pimp like me, out here whorin Shut your fuckin mouth and you'll be out by the mornin Cause I'm the dirties pimp, you ever heard of Give me my five-thousand, and take this cheeseburger (bitch!) Go suck dick in the back of the party So what if you on your period, blood never hurt nobody [Chorus] [Eminem w/ Dina Rae] You just a .. (hoe) You just a .. (hoe) That's all you is .. (hoe, hoe, hoe) You just a, dirty ass bitch A dirty ass, nasty ass, stinky ass, filthy ass, stanky ass bitch (Oooh, ooh-OOOH) Hahahahaha... (lahhh-aHHH) But I love you... (hahaha) .. Kim (mmm) [Outro] And there you have it god damnit, the fundamentals of pimpin You heard it here first, from the Dirtiest Dozen you ever seen in yo' god damn life Yo this is Rondell Fiend on the scene And we keep the pussyholes smilin, because we always whylin YouknowhatI'msayin Fuck all what everybody else talkin about We let you know right here Big pimpin, it ain't dead, we love gettin head, in a dirty-ass bed That's just what we do You know we was throwin heroin pimp parties back in 1968 The pussy is all great I'll see you at eight, bitch

Alone Again

Aint no set ride for me So I aint trippin' off no set I'm bout money D O E cream is my thing I got my mug oning when I hit the scene Let my nuts swing and be king Suckas on a scheme Low life buster motherfuckers living nothing but a dream A fiend lost to reality You feel presence of evil when you have a fat salary So what that means you gots to loc' up self love against the world Middle finger up Everyday I fight the devil, always in my face Got the next man's dream tryin' to take my place Anyone in the world can do a 1-8 sell I'd rather stack a grip and mob in a Chev They hated that you made it so they tryin to fade it Suckas scheme for the cream You in the game, better play it Chorus x4 Stack your grip Don't trip off no punk shit Be a hustla bitch, maybe your wig won't get split I'm flippin' shit We movin' niggas, hoes, and keys A bitch in my mix don't fall in to succeed Re-emburse, the money comes first An eye for an eye snitch bitch rest in dirt No high sidin', just playa pimps I'm ridin' 2-0-9 Youngsta srtivin', automatic bustin' a kanivin' Penetrate stayin' far from fake Can't no one fade when it comes to this game I'm trustin' no slug, just me on my own Ready to bust from dust 'till dawn trailin' stanky bitches home It's serious business, a true can't be slippin' Gettin' took out the establishment, thicky segregation Fight or die, give up or try It's always the next man that wants your life 2 for the money and nuttin' for the hoes 9 ways to get bent, Doja Clik takin' souls Chorus x4 This is Young Ren ? baller grabbin' his nuts Down for my scratch and killin' all these punk ass chumps Jump on that ass for the fact that they playa hate me About a hundred motherfuckers want to fade me But I'm too crazy, step to me with bullshit I'll bust hot ones in that ass, empty the whole clip Made by a snitch , that's why them suckas fall so quick And if you ain't down for your scratch you must be a punk ass bitch Punk ass bitch all up on my nut sack Punk ass bitch you need to get the fuck back You need the fuckers ? I ain' no bein' a straight up hustla Unless you want to be a broke ass busta You fuckin' bitch made punk motherfucker rose Want to fuck with Ren, you're fuckin' with your funeral Chorus x4 Make that cash and dash

Party For The Fight To Write

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
* intro: This is one of those songs you can clap along too... [Slug] Hides the eyes beneath the bill of the cap Walks amoungst the flies that hover over the mat He lies, but only when there's a reason Mentions life by the tragedy, the comedy, the season Poor at handling and managing income Got enough love to pass around and then some Been done, that there a name you can trust Read the whole match book and put a flame to the brush Good with packs, and rips up sacks Put the show in biz, try to give what you get When you let him run free with the thought Pull the line in, try to see what you caught I ain't all that bad, but I ain't all that great I Went back to the lab and began to mutate Wait. I still look the same, still got the same dumb name Ain't a damn thing changed But if you like surprises, I know of a party Where they all dance around to your heart beat Bring your own agenda and embrace your flaws Lets put a face on this common cause chorus: And he said some got pencils and some got guns Some know how to stand and some of them run We don't get along, but we sing the same song Party for the fight to write, and write on Stay gold Pony Boy, stay true outspoken Make a record Mr. Gangster and get 'em all open The theories, the stories, the truths, the myths Its all therapy, on top of turntablists This indutry's big, so big in fact (and fat?) We can all get some, and we can give some back And if its done correct, we'll make more than noise So pick it up, and pick me up when you're bored with the toys As a child Hip Hop made me read books, And Hip Hop made me wanna be a crook And Hip Hop gave me the way and something to say And all I took in return is a second look Son, you're shook, cuz ain't no such thing as half way there Gettin' good at actin' like you just don't care The circle of life trying to make it square condition And self sit still And Still.. where have all the sheep gone Burnt down the farm and turned the TV on John Coltrine, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley all get invitations to my party chorus And if I spent anymore time inside my head I'd probably need some leather straps attatched to my bed And if I go another day without eating a meal I'm gonna show you what it means to keep it real And if they keep shootin' guns up and down my block I Swear to God I'll be the first one to call the cops And if I gotta hear that song ever again You gonna have to share some of that beer my friend They mistake me as happy-go-lucky Just another base-head bobbin' nobody But from where I stand, they sould like spies Fillin' all the children's head with lies Well alright, get your money right But right now tonight I want you to pick a side So when you got your power and you got your chedder Let's get together soldier over throw this hold and make these roads better Bring it on.. he said bring it on (right now) Ain't nothin' but a party y'all... lets get it on chorus

Smells Like

JARREN BENTON "My Grandma's Basement"
[Hook: Mic Buddah] Looks like, feels like murder Smells like, tastes like murder Feels like, tastes like murder Must be murder Looks like, feels like murder Smells like, tastes like murder Feels like, tastes like murder Must be murder [Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man] When God comes it curtains, baby butchering, bloodthirsting and body burnin’ rupturing aneurysms from your brain burstin’ I smack Leatherface and laugh at Jason I stick my dick in that Lucifer chick that used the crucifix for masturbation Satan’s coroner, kiddies lock your door, it’s the art of war Spittin’ horrorcore since Lionel Richie was a commodore Its 'M' for Murder Hitchcock, I start a convo, like who you like better, Big or Pac Then I suck your pussy ‘til your clit pop Yeah boy, like I’m Flavor Flav with a big clock Dispatchin’ any competetor, you’re regular Detachin’ your your retina, the bloodsheder bitches piss on me My dick meat stink like pastrami My white ass is whiter than Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton can get her clit done with my big tounge Have the bitch strung, once me dick swung, her lip drip cum When I bust I leave more than your face and your mouth smothered I leave your coach and your living room and your whole house flooded ‘Til every fan bumps this, I’m rowdy ravenous and rambunctious Have white bitches wearin’ hammer pants dancin’ to can’t touch this I paint pictures on canvases, stick a fist up your bitches like hand puppets Pussy gargalin lickin’ your clam nuggets Lyrically you ain’t never caught a body I dunk your head and make you drink the shitty piss water in the porter potty Lesbian orgy with Earthlings and green bitches fuckin in public I’m on some other shit, I get aliens on a mothership suckin’ dick I’m the best and that’s it, put me on top your rap list Have all the dead rappers come out their graves, and do my ad-libs Bitch, c’mon [Hook] [Verse 2: Jarren Benton] They say you are what you eat, I don't recall eating a fuckin’ rapist I throw a rock up in the sky and hit a freakin’ spaceship, I’m goin’ ape shit Hey bitch, how come everytime you give me head My dick get cut up by the seam of your braces A grown man that still lives in his mama’s basement Dissect a fuckin’ ape and give it a brain replacement I murk y'all, bitch you soft as a Nerf ball Auto-erotic asphyxiation, choke myself when I jerk off Put your ass in the dirt dog, created the law of Kershaw But the pussy smell like pamino's, then man that's just a turn off None of you dumb fucks concernin’ us I tie you to the gas stove in hell tell Lucifer turn the furnace up Me and R.A. the Rugged, you fuckers gon’ love it You a bitch, you snuggle with men, take dick, kiss it and chug it I’m a glut and eat buckets of nuggets of human flesh And blow his rap budget on crack, snacks and puppets Fuck a metaphor, I metamorph into a feather dwarf With a knife and slam my dick inside the dresser drawer Strangle you, I strangelin’ myself to see who die quicker Poppin’ your casket with a pistol like surprise nigga So when we die, make it to the pearly gates When God don’t let me in I clap his ass with this .38 Forensic scientists can’t even identify the shit that I did to the bodies Blood stain in the lobby, morphine in the IV, cut scalpel when I see I'm fly to death, Kamikaze, I’m probably in Illuminati Fuck a beat, I rock over a queef And if I go broke I’m stickin’ Kanye West for his teeth [Hook]

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