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Dr. Octagon lyrics - Dr. Octagonecologyst

Earth People

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Sir Menelik] [Kool Keith] Live November 6 1996 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised perform with with Curt Kobane and Roger from Zapp [Sir Menelik] The plane managed to land the skeleton at the controls A place called the Twilight Zone Are extraterrestrials able to accomplish this? I will explain but you'd become more puzzled at the possibilities Earth ending trilogies, wacky stuff Like gas passing dinosaurs While I stroll in circles blindfolded Gave a lady some wrinkle cream out of rat poop You might just laugh so hard your skull cracks Brain spills thick blood shooting out like a champagne cork Females so horny and mean, sucking scales off of live rattlesnakes My boy gave his girl money for groceries, she got a new hairdo Women like this could even make the devil commit suicide hung from a tree on Johannesburg with no parachute Big-Bigfoot captured by UFO's Haloes were found, at the landing sites, vanishing Vanishing victims, kept alive on metal examining tables Ex-Experts baffled they could survive the caustic exposure to laser scalpels, green berets Flowing cold heads in mechanical wombs Radioactive constant temperature circular appendages Cripples start shaking sending distress signals We're not alone in the Twilight Zone They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Kool Keith] Back in spiral, I roast humans like a gyro New York, Atlanta, Africa to Cairo Diplomat King Presidential offspring Two miles from Westinghouse, with lights down South Government chemical voodoo man miracle Super disease your brain is more hysterical My urine see paralyze your ability with space codes electrodes you're ready for a pap smear Wax in your inner ear, doodoo in your outer ear Two cows a zebra will jump through your atmosphere Giraffe-Funk will raise beamin through your trunk Steam of Legion, to burn up in your anal region Power contracting with bombs in his rectum factor Utilized phonic like water in your Panasonic Trip or slip or fall Right into the earth pit, gamma ray toilet Microbes on your earth shit Dr. Ludicrous, I turn into a octapus Grab eight species, isolate like an incubus Convert with probes, green shit is on your earlobes Attack what stomach with juice they call gastric Alien bugs with sickle cell, get they ass kicked Dermatologist examine more black cysts Radiation butter pouring down your sinus, it's Dr. Octagon *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Sir Menelik] Utilize to abuse minds Slice head halves, let's probe the subconcious lobe Mathematical parabola, ACT test and just ex-plorating the creative arctic regions, or isolating cockpit A regular pitstop monitoring with enough fuel to fly a small dirigible To a place an oasis in a nebula, Earth Universal charting unseen atmosphere Requesting assistance, I speed through waves like a Concorde SST Then open aperature The shape of Octagon selects forward morphing it's the vertical Frankenstein Prototype of like Kervorkian Mind pedestrian controls Spend elevation gobble the ignorant supersonic cruise Hidin to think, focus psychosis with Von Blowford Black lotus releases when life is flailing external terminal update, thermal conducted power source supplied Man on the moon pumps amps, or souped up cable boxes getting up impossible The speaker needs another dose, concoct Concoct the scenario view, in a position of a coroner describing current events bent on human dismemberment To a point of no resemblance We're not alone in the Twilight Zone *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple [Kool Keith] Like Enoch, I wear my cape, you can't destroy my impeccable caliber that makes your vision blur I drop particle X when having Rhythm sex Voodoo arrangers with the kids Power Rangers Make me see other men, gorillas masterbating with human strangers Legally through court, you're stung by a genital wart Chlamydia, through the city-a Los Angeles Texas has a serpent that's urgent for the mass appeal biomedical test your rectum squeezing in banana peels Outwards backwards towards Boston It's costing androids leaving humans with hemerrhoids Thinking more of what they can't explore, like the cartoon Donald Duck is giving fellatio on the floor with Reed Richards, looking at The Thing's naked pictures Taking Ex-Lax to relax with the needle and thread sewing up all the other buttcracks In the industry there's no one who can mess with Dr. Octagon, now serving coleslaw and pink pickles They waved among the trees at breakneck speed [Kool Keith] Keep it simple *scratched* They waved among the trees at breakneck speed... their bikes [Kool Keith] Keep it simple Detached his bike, and leaped to safety Just before they collided with a tree...

Echo Leader

Last Emperor
Verse 1: It's like one for the microphone two for the camera Three for deadbeats vagabonds panhandlers Street scramblers alleyway managers Substance abusers born losers mic damagers Everybody screamin' representin' keep it real But I'm still a worthless bum tryin' to get a record deal Peep my lingo and every wise word the man speaks I've been living on the streets and haven't showered for weeks But time moves forward, there's no looking back I'm homeless in pursuit of a record contract I wish my whole crew was paid in full like Rakim's But instead we're malnourished with skeleton-like limbs Instead of a land cruiser with BBS rims I got a busted pair of boots, and they're not even Tims See most mc's claim their pockets stay knotted Puttin' money in the bank, but point blank, I ain't got it I used to pump chums, for money in lump sums But now I snatch crumbs with a thousand young bums I'm the everfresh, what I still possess remains measureless My brain contains jewels and gems like a treasure chest Raw deal, no lie, that's the real And I can't remember the last time I had a hot meal Society labels me a bum, and that's right My crew keeps it tight, bums of the world let's unite Chorus: This one's for all the neighborhood bums To all my brothers in the gutters, in the slums In every city, no matter where you're from To all my boys, make noise if your bum (Repeat) Verse 2: Allow me to explain the mission, the pain infliction I entertain so listen, my style rocks like Jane's Addiction Mc's don't impress me, they know not to test me We'll be at each other's throats like Mr. Belvedere and Wesley Especially, when wack rappers open up their mouse traps They know not to tangle with these bums from the outback You see you can't miss what you've never had The life of a bum really isn't half bad We're never alone, cause bums travel in packs We combine fine lyrics with underground tracks We rock the best shows, placin' mc's on stress mode You can tell a fellow bum from his raggedy dress code We rock raggedy kicks, and wear raggedy pants We rock raggedy mics, and sing raggedy jams like, (Group of bums) The bums have the right to lay the down the law The bum train is leavin' from track number four The bummy engineer is the Last Emperor Hard rock like The Thing from the Fantastic Four While most mc's rhyme about guns and shootin' I drop science on their domes just like Sir Isaac Newton Big up to Q in Brownsville, that never runs Lift up your fist and shout, long live the bums Chorus Verse 3: Crack your brew, light your spliff, it doesn't make a dif Creamy light peanut butter, choosy mothers choose Jif Overlord of the poor, man not a myth It's the Last Emperor that you don't want to flex with I'll place mental lacerations and allesions On mc's and domestic and foreign legions I might be flambeau, but read a book of allesions The emperor switches up styles every season In the spring, I do my thing, relaxin' and that's it In the summer, just like a pirate, I attack ships But winter maybe, my favorite, one of all, but Jamal Is a Legend of the Fall, just like Brad Pitt I'm known to lyrically black shots on behalf of have nots Lock it down with the sound, equipped with chains and padlocks No gadgets, no gimmicks, no tricks up my sleeve And I won't play the Superman role like Christopher Reeve See you can learn a lot from a dummy Keep it real, better yet in '98, let's keep it bummy Bein' broke is no prob, you don't have to rob But if you're frustrated cause you can't find a job Have no fear the emperor is here to help ya Respect to all my bums, I'll catch you back at the shelter

I Know You Know

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Trey Songz - singing] Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooh, Oh, Oh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Oh, Oh put ya feet up in my shoes for a minute shawty peep the way I do how I'm living you steadily trippin, say I'm trickin with the women girl don't make me get to trippin everything is what I'm givin, I know [Juvenile] I know I'm comin home to big fine after my day done all concerned about how I'm feelin and if I ate somethin you always hear the bullshit stories and never say nothin cause all of 'em in search for a man that's why they stay sufferin though you may think I'm from this bitch to the next a nigga be out here tryna get him a check, but I prefer cash for me and you so don't even much get ya nerves bad they want attention and they don't even deserve that girl you miss Juv-E what you think I don't care What you think I'm bout to go sacrifice this shit for that there they wanna catch the biggest fish in the sea-but he ain't swimmin cause he satisfied and ain't lookin forward to other women [Chorus: Trey Songz] I know, you know (I know, you know) just cause they shakin-don't mean I'm takin I know, you know (you know, yeah) just cause they holla-don't mean I follow I know, you know (you know, baby) just cause they throw it-don't mean I'm catchin I know, you know (you know) no matter how long I'm gone-I'm always comin home to you [Juvenile] You gotta believe me, you don't have to police me I be up in the streets makin sure that me and you eat see women try to tease me but I tell 'em be easy my family needs me so I'm goin where my seeds be I can sign ya poster but I cannot intercourse ya they really wanna solider that's why the bendin it over holla at big daddy I'm comin home like I 'ppose ta with a big ole bag of groceries and somethin that we can smoke up we don't need a passion cause me and you is what's happenin they thought we wasn't adaptin now everybody congratin forget all of that yappin as long as we keep interactin and we keep on attractin to each other with a passion [Chorus] [Juvenile] When the big dog is in ya they gon'wanna bother a G wanna leave way at night and come tomorrow with me yup so they can put a nigga business all in the streets out here tellin folks she gotta problem recordin for keeps she got big ?? tryna get me to the place hopin I reconize her curve but I can't even relate now they be at the red light flashin me with they head lights I know how to play it like tell 'em to get they head right I'm not tryna touch her so you can keep ya lil'rubber you too young for me why ya tryna get me in trouble she know that I love her-look we was meant for each other and she gon' act a fool when she with me under the cover [Chorus - repeat to end]

Nothing Gets Crossed Out

Well the future's got me worried Such awful thoughts My head's a carousel of pictures The spinning never stops I just want someone to walk in front And I'll follow the leader Like when I fell under the weight of a schoolboy crush Started carrying her books and doing lots of drugs I almost forgot who I was But I came to my senses Now I'm trying to be assertive I'm making plans Gonna rise to the occasion yeah Meet all their demands But all I do is just lay in bed And hide under the covers Yeah I know I should be brave But i'm just too afraid of all this change And it's too hard to focus through all this doubt I keep making these to-do lists but nothing gets crossed out Working on the record seems pointless now When the world ends who's gonna hear it? But I'm trying to take some comfort in written words Yeah, Tim, I heard your album and it's better than good When we get off tour I think we should Hang and black out together 'Cause I been feeling sentimental for days gone by All the summers singing, drinking, laughin Wasting our time Remember all the songs and the way we smiled In those basements made of music But now I've got to crawl to get anywhere at all I'm not as strong as I thought So when I'm lost in a crowd I hope that you'll pick me out How I long to be found The grass grew high, I laid down Now I'm waiting for a hand To lift me up, help me stand I've been laying so low Don't wanna lay here no more Don't wanna lay here no more Everything that happens is supposed to be And it's all predetermined can't change your destiny Guess I'll just keep moving Someday maybe I'll get to where I'm going

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 4 (Running Away)

JOE BUDDEN "Some Love Lost"
Tell me how long are we supposed to act like this? We won't never get on track like this How can I ever tell you how I feel if you react like this? You call me over here to talk, not get attacked like this It's funny, got your track shoes on but what you runnin from? Shit I know where you goin and where you comin from That's immaturity showin, it's just the baby in you One of the reasons why I never put a baby in you Tired of hearin how you'll never trust me again How you love me, then you hate me, then you love me again One minute I'm your soulmate, then it's "fuck me" again Until you get horny enough and wan' fuck me again But check it, I just wan' treat you good and do better You think I'm runnin 'round tryin to be the hood's Hugh Hefner Say I'm all about hoes when I'm all about you Even when I'm with my hoes, I tell 'em all about you Say that's just one reason I keep losin you I don't understand it, that shit is confusin too You left me, I'm doin me, you doin you So what the FUCK does me doin me have to do with you? How dare you tell me it's tougher for you? Like I don't hear about them niggaz you fuckin with too I'd have never knew you thought like that Damn it, who knew that you was into sports like that? More prayers cause they all players, you out there havin a ball, playa Ball player after ball player I mean you with the ball players more than ball players Hope they ain't fuckin you and makin you they ball-player Come to me, I just get a hard time while they give one to you Is this what you wan' do? With me you get an attitude, you get all stuck up Start callin me a fuck up 'til I tell you shut the fuck up Yeah, but the part I don't respect is you so cool with e'ry other one of your exes It's history between us, all ain't right either Back and forth domestic, all ain't flights either Be wantin you close to me, supposedly you say you over me That just come across as a joke to me Cause you ain't got the kind of love that expires Worst case you'll get tired, tell your friends I'm a liar Tried therapy when we felt it goin sour That's 400 dollars every hour For him to come and mediate, referee, be our interpreter Tell me I need to lower my voice, don't curse at her Says she only frustrated cause I keep hurtin her Tell me despite all that he can tell that I worship her Soon as you let your guard down I get it up again Fixin it is too much work, so I give up again But I wan' spend the rest of my LIFE wit'chu Make a WIFE with you, make it all RIGHT wit'chu But how you ever supposed to think that I'm RIGHT for you when all I ever do is treat you like a recyclable? Disgraceful, and you want me to chase you But it's easier for me to replace you Cause I see it like, if you can't deal with what we go through I got bitches lined up, I got an ego too And to them I'm everything, funny, I'm great and I'm charmin But to you I'm alarmin, all I do is bring harm in To you I'm the cause of all your misery Of course I disagree, you goin off our history All that arguin just ain't my style Cause that anger now got us like strangers now You tell me I should get help and I'm sick in the head You found make up on the sheets, I had a bitch in our bed But wait, I ain't love her though, I ain't fuck her though I could dead that bitch right now, man fuck that hoe You just think I'll get another and another hoe Way you talk to me it's like I got a whole club of hoes But I could switch gears, make 'em all disappear You goin through my phone like I got a bitch in there We discussin chicks after they through They don't matter to me, but for some reason they matter to you Huh, we keep havin the same threesome But not the kind that come as a blessing – nah You keep bringin up my last girl like she ain't my past girl Like you ain't the reason she present - check it You ain't gotta worry about me and her If I wanted to be with her, I would be with her Yeah we hung together, strip clubs had fun together But that's done, don't sweat her Uh, you the only one I wan' do a bid with Live with, share my last name, have kids with Can't be understated anytime we ever dated You compare me in your head to some nigga you created I'm a long way from perfect, I got shit with me Still I want you to love me unconditionally Nine years in, I don't deserve what you givin me Like you get a victory by actin like a dick to me Want me to see how it feels, I get the trickery Lesson learned though, you my missin piece Give another chance to your ex You don't pick up the phone, you don't answer my texts Bitch! We ain't give it all that we got Still ain't empty the clip, let's give it one more shot Or, we can go ahead on our own I need you, I can't do this alone, no But you keep runnin away! [x3] But you keep runnin awayyyyyyyy! But you keep runnin away... But you keep runnin awayyyyyyyy! But you keep runnin away! [echoes]


Eric B. Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
This is poetry in motion Try to catch on, stay close to the host and MC's try to make the road rough but I'm coastin Ladies hear the rhymes rub em on like lotion Hit spots soothin, can't stop movin Go ahead bust a sweat and you can bet I'm still coolin When I detain it's a brainstorm never the same form, every brain I rained on is warm Takin a trip through Memory Lane to Melody See if you could tell if these thoughts to fell MC's could do you justice, but you can't touch this Some kid just tried to bust this but he just missed I'm universal and much more merciful So versatile with the style it's reversable I get away even if I say a curse or two First, let me bust another verse for you Your arms too short to box with Ra so quit You don't want no kind of conflict Or you'll get stripped as the rhyme is ripped Pick up the pieces now ain't that peace yeah I'm hip Everything I said flows since my intro I plant a thought extend and then grow Holdin my pen tightly it might be Controversy at first when I write the chords of research don't just take it for granted When I'm gone my mind remains a planet If I keep buildin, and teach the children So when they read in between the lines it's filled in I break to meditate, not a peep, concentrate till I'm deep awake, but not asleep At the same time risin and advertisin what is true, keep advised and you can stay wise and I'm untouchable Comin over the bridge take a peak at the skyline Cause that's how I shine not only when I rhyme My culture's makin me stronger, mentally Physically I'm powerful poetry now that could be labelled as art placed in a museum Style'll make scenery, now you see 'em Exhibit a knowledge that's packed and filled with nothin illiterate it's facts I build with My mind's untouchable which means intangible Contents never dense it's understandable I study life so I can live it the right way No time to hear what another brother might say Why sell a capsule of crack I don't have to I rhyme and sign million dollar contracts to put message on records that's graced with hard bass Smugglin microphones, this ain't Scarface Whoever talked that talk, I wanna hawk And don't try to Escape From New York Cross a 110th Street lookin for a problem It's Hell Up In Harlem, watch Ra solve em I hear the music clear as I get near the hundred and twenty fifth street Apollo Theater Take a step back when I rap I step up to you... I'm untouchable Put on my thinking cap pump the track Test your reflex relax but in contact you fold and lose control so hold your partner closer you're supposed to keep your composure But you hear the drum said go then it gets so hype it's like nitro opponents get petro Remember the trademark left by the R that's never soft or smooth it's comin off the hardest in effect, you could die-tect the imposter Takin my props, Rakim is still proper I'm a prophet, you can't stop it, when I drop it Everything I say, coincide with the topic Thoughts bounce around till my skull is fractured Inside my brain it's all manufactured As we go deeper it's hard to find Don't even think about it, cause you can't read my mind It's clear so therefore you need a ear or inclined in the mind with some kind of idea for the style I'm advertisin what is true Keep advised that you stay wise and the mind is untouchable

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