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Dr. Octagon lyrics - Dr. Octagonecologyst

Blue Flowers Revisited

Original and similar lyrics
Dr. Octagon, paramedic focus on the East for priests my anisthetics prescribe a certain fertilizer Homegrown computer wise on the microphone Utilizing tracks inverted by animical High typical force, space sex intercourse You get lost, and memorize to the Enterprise Scotty the Captain, Mr. Spock keeps rappin 4212, the shit moves at warp speed Dynamic 7, navigation of the coppers Moving in crystals, operating lightspeed I see the plants, they're growing Blue Flowers (2X) Cyber analog through virtual reality Different colors of earth rocks in variety Medical equal, with helmets on the space people Galactic at 8, the verdict can't demonstrate You be confused, and disobeying planet rules Biochemistry, with stars for publicity Megasonic bass, with data chips in your face Nuclear lend drums, that bang hard on dark tracks Reacting reverb, concious spots on your nerve I take a break like James Brown to the bridge *singing* Sailing, takes me away To wherever I'm really going.. shoobedowop Up, up, and away! In my beautiful, balloon! Optical biofeedback, magnetic borders X-Ray you see skeletons fly North for the next day We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases Return *singing again* Here's George Jetson! Back with intriguing positive minerals You enter the center search and raiding at random with no condom, no rubbers will reach the testicles and effect em, by animal means, I'm in your spectrum As I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, I see Blue Flowers (3X) blue flowers... yes...

Head Of Septa, Nose Of Me

Atom And His Package "Making Love"
this guy jeb is from outer space. he showed me a smelly peacock and he peeled off his face. so i confronted him, before he could hide. he looked nervous and asked atom, wanna go on a space ride? the spaceship was ugly it had 17 wheels, there was a poster of larry bird fucking shaquille o'neal, there was a QY7 billion, that one that i want, and in the back ther was a taco bell restaurant, have you been to the place where i've already gone? not even a hipster looks good with brand new sneakers on, the spaceship it goes round and round, and the alien weirdos go up and down, we're captured on a carousel of time, we can't return, we can only look behind oh poop he sed he was visibly upset, he put down his apple omlette and ejected the diskette, he sed the news is not good he turned green, there was a giant potato hading towards us on the video screen. don't worry yourselves doodz, it turned out alright. im glad i didnt bring my 39 dildo's that night.

What Cha Know About This

TIMBALAND & MAGOO "Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment"
(feat. Babe Blue (1 Life 2 Live), Mocha) [Timbaland] You see I think it's time for me put it down.. .. for my females, hahah I'ma let my females shine on this track You see I ain't biased I ain't racist either So I'ma let uhh.. Mocha bring it in [Mocha] The one boss bitch, not on that horse shit Honey I wanna score with, money, I'm all for it Speak the raw shit, they on the floor quick Prepare to be surprised, if you think I'm a poor chick Got off the wall shit, who could be more thick Plus I can flip, rough-up, or flatten out, four bricks As for the mic, I can break flow out, or either bless em My style is my own, and a shorty, can't test it So y'all - ramble on, I'ma get my gamble on Ceram' handle-arm, while y'all scramble on Want to battle It's on, I'll take you on anywhere I'll take you on a bus, on a boat, or up in the air I'll take you on with the gat, I'll take you on on the track I'll take yo' ass on a trip, and you never come back Though this a freestyle, these styles ain't free When I'm done, better believe, they got a PILE for me [Chorus: Timbaland and Babe Blue (repeat 2X)] What cha know about this, ha You don't know Lemme show you bout this, ha We gon' blow We don't go without hits, ha Get the dough You can never doubt this, ha Ha [Mocha] Y'all go 'head and yap on, I'ma keep rap strong Talk but don't act on what you rap on (say what) I speak facts to beat clacks, and lead tracks Heed that, relax, feedback Keep that Bet-ta ease back, never see me slack Break your kneecaps - then, have you do three laps Tryin to see this half a mil, y'all - dingy stacks for - weed in sacks, tote - ki's to crack Wonder why they can't keep they eyes off me Y'all chicks ain't 8, I'm a dime plus 3 Got a 6 I got a stack Got a whip I got a jet Got a clip I got a tec That's why you not a threat Wanna know how you could be down too Can not do, make em say 'ahhh, oohh' Been through it, put too much into it And writin so long, I ran out of pen fluid [Chorus {except last line}] [Timbaland] Babe Blue [Babe Blue] Y'all chicks assed out, Babe Blue's here Shook out your mind, cause my debut's near All y'all demo chicks see me when you master yours I surpass you whores, then I smash your broads Shorty, don't get your hopes high, praise the most high Babe Blue, livin loca I crush all those, small hoes, what My go-to-the-store clothes is better than your wardrobe You ain't seein mine, I walk right in the club You one of them chicks that be in line Me Studded out, ice flooded out Bitch you ain't nice - please, cut it out Bronx to the death, we gon' spit raw Timbaland got beats, what you talkin shit for Forget yours, Moch' and Blue, comin through Bystorm, Z Man, tell me what you gon' do [Chorus] [Timbaland] It ain't over! [Babe Blue] Y'all chicks talk a lot, now you wanna hate me Moch' and Blue, Cagney and Lacey Start the biddin wars at 1.2 We gonna show all of y'all what one joint do You wanna get the third degree, cause you never heard of me See thugs murder me, deep blood burgundy Hell nah, see I'm tryin to get my mail ma But y'all chicks didn't know, so I had to tell y'all [Chorus] [Timbaland] Doubt this, uh uh uh, whaaat Let it ride, uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Tonight (1 Life 2 Live) uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh (1 Life 2 Live baby) Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh Uh uh, uh-uh uh-uh, 1 Life 2 Live What what Uh uh uh uh What cha know about this, ha

Gangsta Fairytale 2

ICE CUBE "The Predator"
[Intro: Little Russ] Hey motherfuckin Cube, what the fuck wrong with you You didn't kick the rest of that Gangsta Fairytale shit Why don't you kick it one good time Niggaz on the playground wanna know what's happenin You left em hangin man, what the fuck [Verse One: Ice Cube] Little Boy Blue is outta Folsome Now them three little pigs gotta roast him Drivin down Sesame Street and I bet That little motherfucker's out fuckin Smurfette Ain't saw the wolf yet, but it's no doubt They'll catch his ass slippin at his grandma house They got the Mac-10 pointed out the coop Cause they gotta follow they nose like Fruit Loops Peeped out Little Miss Muffet on her tuffet eatin grits She saw the Mac-10 and the bitch had the shits Ran into her house, called up her crew Cause Red Riding Hood wants to kill Little Boy Blue And the wolf too, what is Mister Rogers doing Moved out his Jordan, bought him a Ewing Him, Little Boy Blue and the wolf in the cellar Planning on gettin Cinderella Cause Cinderella still works for the pigs Through with the dwarfs, fuckin Bebe's kids Now Snow White got the horny ass fever Fuckin the Beauty's Beast like Jungle Fever Now the word's on the street When the crews meet You better make some fuckin room Cause it's on with the pigs and them other nigs When the cow jump over the moon, everybody jump [Verse Two] Now Little Boy Blue is up front WIth the nine millimeter, ready for the hunt Little Red Riding Hood caught his ass slippin Drew down on the boy cause the bitch is steady trippin About to get loose with the deuce deuce That's when the boy said, 'What about the gang truce' The little hoe had no words The wolf came around and the bitch got served Three little pigs bought wigs Dressed like sheep, Cinderella is Little Bo Peep Tryin to creep, on the crew The wolf, the Rogers, the Blue, they through Cause the pigs did the buck buck bang, ping Now you hear the fat lady sing Cinderella, ran like a bitch To the pay phone cause the bitch is still a snitch Now the pigs are caught by the pigs and taken In the pen to get fried like bacon You still can't trust no hoe And Ice Cube'll tell the kids how the stories, should go [Outro: Little Russ] Yeah Cube, man that shit was dope nigga You all that and a bowl of grits Nigga that shit was on props, nigga! Yeah that's how you kick that shit for the ninety-deuce, nigga What's happenin nigga! Yeah nigga that's Gangsta Fairytale part 2 nigga All you trick-ass niggaz can't fuck with it


DEAD PREZ "Lets Get Free"
Intro: (news snippets) Let me now turn, to our program for the future... The economy right now, is extremely supportive of the president and his policies FBI scientists have found chemical traces, consistent with a bomb or a missle, on a piece of wreckage... Police using clubs and tear gas against demonstrators... They called me a mother -(bleeped out)-ing so-and-so...and a white they said, 'you're getting some of your own medicine'... Singing: Telling lies, to our vision Telling lies, to our children Telling lies, to our babies Only truth, can take us away Verse 1: You can't fool all the people all of the time But if you fool the right ones, then the rest will fall behind Tell me who's got control of your mind? your world view? Is it the news or the movie you're taking your girl to? (uh) Know what i'm sayin cause Uncle Sam got a plan If you examine what they tellin us then you will understand What they plantin in the seeds of the next generation Feeding our children miseducation No one knows if there's UFO's or any life on mars Or what they do when they up in the stars Because i don't believe a word of what the president said He filling our head with lies got us hypnotised When he be speaking in cold words about crime and poverty Drugs, welfare, prisons, guns and robbery It really means us, there's no excuse for the slander But what's good for the goose, is still good for the gander See... Chorus: I don't believe Bob Marley died from cancer 31 years ago i woulda been a panther They killed Huey cause they knew he had the answer The views that you see in the news is propaganda Singing: Telling lies, to our vision Telling lies, to our children Telling lies, to our babies Only truth, can take us away Verse 2: I don't want no computer chip in my arm I don't wanna die by a nuclear bomb I say we all rush the pentagon, pull out guns And grab the intercom, my first word's will be I believe Man made God, outta ignorance and fear If God made man, then why the hell would he put us here? I thought he's supposed to be the all loving The same God who let Hitler put the Jews in the oven We don't fall for the regular shit, they try to feed us All this half-ass leadership, flippin position They turn politcian and shut the hell up and follow tradition For your TV screen, is telling lies to your vision Every channel got some brainwashed cop shit to watch Running up in niggas cribs claiming that they heard shots It's a plot, but busta can you tell me who's greedier? Big corporations, the pigs or the media? Sign of the times, terrorism on the rise Commercial airplanes, falling out the sky like flies Make me wonder what secrets went down with Bob Brown (?) Who burnt churches to the ground with no evidence found? It's not coincidence, it's been too many studied incidents It coulda been the Klan who put that bomb at the Olympics But it probably was the FBI, deep at the call Cuz if they make us all panic then they can start martial law Chorus: I don't believe Bob Marley died from cancer 31 years ago i woulda been a panther They killed Huey cause they knew he had the answer The views that you see in the news is propaganda I don't believe Bob Marley died from cancer 31 years ago i woulda been a panther You killed Huey cause you knew he had the answer The views that you see in the news is muthafuckin propaganda Singing: Police is telling lies fooling millions What are they teaching our kids in these school buildings? Televised, enterprised in all the killing Controlling our lives, this ain't living No this ain't living Chant: FBI, CIA ATF, KKK IRS, TNT CBS, NBC FBI, CIA ATF, KKK IRS, TNT CBS, NBC Singing: Telling lies, to our vision Telling lies, to our children Telling lies, to our babies Only truth, can take us away News snippet: uh, we view each other uh, with uh, a great love and a great understanding and that we try to expand this to the general, uh, black population and also people, oppressed people all over the world, and, i think that uh, we differ from uhmm... uh, some other groups simply because we understand the system better than uh, most uh, groups understand the system, and uh, with this realisation, uh, we attempt to form a strong political base based in the community with the only strength that we have and that's the strength of uh, a potentially destructive force if we don't get freedom.

Young Boy

Clipse "Lord Willin'"
You out of line (*repeated throughout song*) [Chorus: Pharell] Mmm I'ma tell you what I'm talkin bout When I was a young boy My mama always told me don't take no shit Motherfucker hit you then you better hit 'em back So when I hit the nigga it could Breeeeeak Nigga out of line [Verse 1: Malice] Back when I was 'bout Big Wheels and race tracks Pops pushed a Tornado and rolled to 8 tracks Never stood a chance, exposed from way back Lyin' to the baby sayin its Ajax I was 'bout 4 when I walked past that door That shoulda been closed where I first witnessed the raw See in my household it was quite unique Playin hide and seek, you might find a key Car glimpse accidentally, branded my mental Pals my role model in that Lincoln Continental Bought all my friends Icees, it was 'bout 6 And when he pulled off I was like, See told ya we was rich How I turned out let it be no surprise When they speak of cousin Ricky it brings tears to my eyes See, my family got a history of hustlers Lil' brother, big brother, mother to grandmother Its tradition [Chorus] [Verse 2: Pusha T] My mama didn't see it comin, my daddy was there What's my excuse Cartoons were the root Started with Yosimite Sam with the gun in palm of the hand, what couln't I demand See, thirteen Studied the gangsta's lean Low brim, no smile Lotta cash meanwhile Daddy had the Chrysler Fifth Avey Hustlers on the blocks cars were aero-dynamie With ghetto paint jobs, Mango M threes Seventeen inch B-Bs ridin' tough Tha bike was Huffy, attention was froze In a twenty five cent frozen cup laid my soul Tha streets had me to mold Since fourteen holdin, Pusha T was chosen Rebel like Shake Rivera Tyco RC versus Carrera [Chorus] [Verse 3: Malice] I think of grandma and the way she would foot 'em She kinda remind me of Madam Queen and Hoodlum Sport the grandkids, each one she would treasure Said she kept two guns and to do so was a pleasure The cigarette dangle forty-five degree angle Sitll every bit a lady but you don't wanna tangle Let that explain me and how I got involved Young'ns hustlin in the creep, me, Jon-Jon and Jamal [Pusha T] Age Fifteen Walkin through the hallway, plate the new Jordans First ones on the scene See I could afford 'em, Livin out a dream Hustler on the rise, laces untied Slid past young'ns, couldn't break my stride Didn't know I was knotted in street ties Teachers askin' how and why Bitches passin' by Oh my, he's so gangsta [Chorus]

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