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O Mary

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I do it 4 u Dis rap not 4 him He just some sin From de recycln bin Thinks hes on fire Cutting his wire He's such a liar Bow's to his sire Hes a strangling weed Tryin hard to succeed But he'll never defeat U As long as u stand true I'll stand beside u Don't need to hide u U got de faith Now let's embrace Word to Mary Her life was Scary Mother of u The holiest Jew Jesus U rule He's just a tool What a looser Just a bruiser I want Mary I want Mary Life was scary Before Mary

Pay It

Ain't no stoppin' me now. I'm ready to go. It's just a new ? they want baby. On the block it stays hott. No where to go. Out of control. So I made it. Yeah sometimes it's hard, But I'll deal with it. Put my faith in God. And keep on livin. [Chorus:] Just pay it baby. No matter what they gon' be haitin'. Flip back, shake it, keep on perculatin'? Walk and talk everyday. Get out of my way. I'm not playin'. You thought you would hold me down. Well look at me now. I put on a smile and payed it. Yeah they try real hard. But i aint ?. Put my faith in God and keep believin'. [Chorus] I ain't gonna' stop. Take it to the top. Cause now we makin' moves. ?? ever forget you. Imma keep it locked. Give thanks for what i got. All my people take a stand. Don't regret a thing. But the hurt the pain, it made me who i am. Shake them haters off. Make them fakers leave. I'm tryin' to get this cheese oh please believe. But some of these ? Don't mind. I'm tryin' to make this bread, why you all in my recipe? Now playas promoted. Haters devoted. The only way you dope is if I wrote it. No matter how you act you can't hold me back. Me and Jeannie on the track. What's messin' with that? [Chorus] Brooklyn stand up. Get them hands up. [x2] Borricua oh morena oh latino oh everybody.

Lord Of All

Lord I long to see You glorified In everything I do All my heartfelt dreams I put aside To see Your Spirit move with power in my life Jesus Lord of all eternity Your children rise in faith All the earth displays Your glory And each word You speak brings life to all who hears Lord of all All of creations Sings Your praise In heaven and earth Lord we stand Hearts open wide Be exalted

Through The Wire

KANYE WEST "College Dropout"
Yo G they can't stop me from rapping can they Can they, huh [Chorus:] Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall For a chance to be with you, I'd gladly risk it all Through the fire, through whatever come what may For a chance at loving you, I'd take it all away Right down through the wire, even through the fire I spit it through the wire man To much stuff on my heart right now man I'll gladly risk it all right now It's a life or death situation man Y'all don't really understand how I feel right now man It's your boy Kanye to the.... Chi-Town what's going on man [Verse 1:] I drink a boost for breakfast, and ensure for dizzert Somebody ordered pancakes I just sip the sizzurp That right there could drive a sane man bizzerk Not to worry y'll Mr. H 2 the Izzo's back to wizzerk How do you console my mom or give her light support When you telling her your sons' on life support And just imagine how my girl feel On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Emitt Till She was with me before the deal she been trying to be mine She a delta so she been throwing them Dynasty signs No use me tryin' to be lyin' I been trying to signed Trying to be a millionaire How I use two lifelines In the same hospital where Biggie Smalls died The doctor said I had blood clots But I ain't Jamaican man Story on MTV and I ain't trying to make the band I swear this right here is history in the making man [Chorus] I really apologize how I sound right now man If it's unclear at all, man They got my mouth wired shut for like I don't know the doctor said for like six weeks You know we had reconstru.... I had reconstructive surgery on my jaw Looked in the mirror half my jaw was in the back of my mouth man I couldn't believe it But im still here for yall right now yo This is what I gotta say yo Yeah, turn me up yeah [Verse 2:] What if somebody from the Chi was ill got a deal on the hottest rap label around But he wasn't talking bout coke and birds it was more like spoken word Except he really putting it down And he explained the story about how blacks came from glory And what we need to do in the game Good dude, Bad night, Right place, Wrong time In the blink of an eye his whole life changed If you could feel how my face felt you would know how Mase felt Thank God I ain't to cool for the safe belt I swear to God drive two on the sue I got lawyer for the case to keep whats in my safe; safe My dawgs couldn't tell if I I look Tom Cruise on Vanilla Sky, it was televised All they heard was that I was in an accident like GEICO They thought I was burnt up like Pepsi did Michael I must gotta angel Cause look how death missed his ass Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. Glass Look back on my life like the ghost of Christmas past Toys R Us where I used to spend that Christmas cash And I still wont grow up, I'm a grown ass kid Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did But I'm a champion, so I turned tragedy to triumph Make music that's fire, spit my soul through the wire [Chorus] Know what im saying When the doctor told me I had a um.. I was goin to have a plate on my chin I said dawg don't you realize I'll never make it on the plane now Its bad enough I got all this jewelry on Can't be serious man [Chorus repeats till fade]


AMARANTHE "Massive Addictive"
Always thought impossible Break the chains of life What I fought for every day Could finally come alive Whatever dreams I longed for I strove for to defend Whatever hope that's there for me Will stay there to the end There's no trace of yesterday examining my faith See a starlit hallway for the future I create Before the darkness gets me I will spread my wings and fly I transcend from the chaos and the darkness turns to light This is the time For chasing my desires What's in my heart is true And if my dreams set everything on fire Then I would still belong to you I never doubt the feelings that I had Could bring me through And every teardrop leaving me Was leaving me for you If all my instincts screamed to me And tried to guide me through Would I long for an eternity Or just come back to you What I can dream Scream It's possible But it will turn Burn Keep it real Trust your dreams And soon you'll stand here next to me

Jackin' Afroman

AFROMAN "Afroholic: The Even Better Times"
[Verse 1] A little ditty, about the Afroman A Mississippi rapper, doin the best he can Afro gon be a hip-hop star Freestylin in the back of that police car [Chorus] Oh yeah, life goes on Long after the Sheriff Department is gone Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after the Sheriff Department is gone [Verse 2] Afro got some weed, and hit the bong He hit the jackpot, when he wrote a hit song +Because I got High+ Signed with Universal, cuz he was havin fun But they took his money, like Enron [Chorus] And oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of riches is gone Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after the thrill of riches is gone [Verse 3] Broke and alone, in a cheap motel Afro spots a bible, and he says "what the hell" Mama said it's better to give, than it is to receive Afro went to church and said "I believe" Universal loved Afro when he was on top But when he became a Christian, that's when he got dropped But Jesus would comfort Afro when he prayed Jesus said "Don't worry bout that money People download your music off the internet anyway" Jesus said [Chorus] And oh yeah, life goes on Long after corrupt record companies go bankrupt Oh yeah, I said life goes on Long after corrupt record companies go bankrupt [Verse 4] So let em steal, let em do all this wrong Let em make evil videos, and encourage evil songs Keep rippin off artists for as long as you can People go to the internet and make you a broke man (Laughing)

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