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Dr. Dooom lyrics - First Come, First Served


Original and similar lyrics
South Bronx, New York (evil laughter) Chorus: x3 Is it live, live, live, live, live (evil laughter) Verse one: I heard your CD is wack wasn't fucking impressed Who's the nigga with the big mouth I live your ass ?erect? and bit off with a lion's mouth Your hypeman sound like a bitch that switch Y'all niggas need to be around when my dick itch Yo TNT these niggas acting wild like they homo But they trying to see me fuck it I'm a pull up in a Ford van Let these niggas know I'm a give em a permanent suntan Walk in your studio session Damage your crew in the vocal booth with a thirty-inch Smith and Wesson Dr. Doom on your intercom pressing your girl all night with a fucking bomb I'm a move the tattoos off all these MCs Let me make a sandwich first with government cheese Uncle Black got a new sawed-off When them booty kids show up we gone blast they ass off Niggas be mean mugging wide eyed smoking that dust I'm a send Tony Lou with a bazooka blow smoke in they tour bus In a yellow Caprice Classic I got a wig on them city boys ain't gon' recognize all four of us Jay and John with fifty cousins from the Bolding family We ?roll and amp? G The fuck y'all talking about I'm moving a different route Grab the carbines from under the couch See you on the Ferris wheel at Coney Island I'm not gon' be smiling Magnum waiting for your ass Yall gon' see my face, fuck a mask (evil laughter) Chorus: x4 Verse two: Smearing your mailbox With peanut butter and jelly with pickles from the deli Black shoe polish on your glass table I'm ready and able Going on the roof When the pay-per-view fight come on click off the cable Harass you to move Leaving ?poisoned rat cole slaw? around your toilet stool While you scream fuck you I'm a cross the street eating Popeye's Cajun rice In a station wagon with hot beans Taking a coffee break back in the house Giving your Chihuahuas Ex-lax with a hot bowl of Quaker State Leaving the front room Dropping bombs on your fur coat with a box, ka-boom Watching the Mets putting shit on your TV sets In the shower You won't be able to watch a program with remote controls For seventy hours check out your sore ribs The screen is gritty Everybody's starting to look green on Rap City Take your receipt, give your wallet with nine hundred bucks To a retarded kid in a wheel-chair Coming up the street Walking up the main avenue I'm passing you With a leather coat that looks similar to yours Fuck you You looking at me I'm a start walking behind you Act like I'm pantomiming you Talking to police men Chewing a arm And joined by a black and white squad car With binoculars watching you very far (What's up motherfuckers) (evil laughter) Chorus: x4 Is it live, live, live, live, live

Buck 'em

Big Ed "The Assassin"
Chorus: Fiend (repeat 2X) Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas Don't make me have to bust them niggas, bust them niggas My fourtyfive will dust them niggas, dust them niggas Don't make me have to touch them niggas, touch them niggas [Fiend] It's F-I-E, O.G. ready to prove that I'm strong enough Prepared to rip a nigga down if he look at me long enough I'm supposed to be fucked up with my mental capacity That's why these killers and they old ladies be coming after me They won't be no more after me including my body faculity Look at my name, I'm to blame for all these casualties No one as bad as me, I search the galaxy And I'm willing to put up my No Limit royal salary Go ahead make my manner please if the yapping don't decease When I stomp, you ???, get up and catch a breeze I ain't lying I'm horrifying, I'm the bull up in the pit Full of that shit, and ain't resting till you get your ass whipped Know what I'm sayin Chorus [Magic] Still keeping it real, smoking weed, drinking hennessey Every nigga around me that's why none of you niggas can bother me I'm gettin fucked up so how many wanna ride with me If you got a blunt get it lighted, come get high with me I like to smoke till my lungs can't take no more Got me ducking and diving like I'm strung out on coke But still one of the most dangerous niggas you ever came across Better cock my shit and bust until they label you lost With no remorse, me, Fiend, Big Ed goin be all right We be ???, come to the show and still gettin high Talkin bout where my niggas at and where the bitches at Where the fuck my niggas at, let's get this party started Chorus [Big Ed] Now when I said fuck yall niggas, best believe that I meant it For every bullet that hit your dome best believe my gat sent it Niggas talk shit and repent it, cause they know my hollows did shit I'm back on the streets as a hitman cause my stash is gone I spent it Gotta jack you for your paper, I'm a No Limit terminator Hit you like a gladiator, shake you like an alligator What's up now bitch, when I hit your town get shot or duck down ????? get buck down, two sheds get high no time for showdown Slow down, I got my gat all in your face Don't make me sound this bitch off like I'm about to start a race And leave your head all over the place now that ain't no fun 187, redrum, redrum, cause murder be the outcome Chorus [Fiend] Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas I said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas I said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas I said what's up with them niggas, what's up with them niggas Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas I said fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas

Come Along

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
Come along, co-co-come, come along But I don't trust niggas so make sure you come alone I hand picked you you think sensibly They friends with you don't need them to be friends with me Come along I'm gonna take you to some spots that you might like But bring shades you gonna need them for the bright lights Grab a drink and invite dykes that like Vic's We always end up fighting cause that's my vice Come along, co-co-come, come along And you'll see how it feels when you're sitting on the throne When you're so much better but they act like it ain't known So if somebody else is on it's a temporarily loan Hard to compete when there ain't no competition If everybody's the best why I feel like the comp missing Forced to find inspiration when I never had to So I go against myself it's a better battle Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Turn up the volume on a favorite song We got so much in common Except when it comes to rhyming She feel like lyrics are so intrusive I feel about her the way she feels about music Shes cute She don't like the words, she just like the beat And I'm thinking me too BIOTCH (Let It Breathe) Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Can't we dim the lights let me get in my zone Come along, co-co-come, Come along But I don't trust a soul so make sure you come alone (Let It Breathe) Come along, co-co-come, Come Along And watch these niggas that's doing it all wrong Throwback swag, nigga still doing rims Still doing throwbacks, you still doin Timbs? Looking for a way to save, you ain't earning no cake Move back in with moms she won't turn you away Then you all on the blogs showing off on CL When it's followed by a K gotta know it's a mistake Benefit of the doubt homie, if that ain't your daughters car I suggest you stop rapping about a automar Cause in return I'm just going to call a fraud Every time I hear a bar about the balla you are Come along, co-co-come, Come Along She gonna prolly drop her draws if she step into my home She probably going to be on cock It's Big enough to get lost in without Jack or John Locke On the water like an island thinking' she on the dock So she puttin in work so I'm thinking she on the clock Slow down baby what you trying to prove? When you live like me it's funny what one night can do (Let It Breathe) Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Can't we dim the lights let me get in my zone Come along, co-co-come, Come along But I don't trust a soul so make sure you come alone (Let It Breathe) Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Is you niggas out your mind? Is it hard to recognize when you out your prime? Maybe they can't imagine living life without that shine Walk around Hollywood like you're so in demand But when label stop acting nigga so do the fans Nigga you ain't a superstar, no allure bout you And when you talk about me, it says more about you Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Wonder why I ain't around niggas changing tone that's the way it looks But they really think whatever they say behind my back will manage to stay put We know the same people, go the same places From the same hood, can only be so evasive Come along, co-co-come, Come Along When you're from where I'm from you're going to prolly meet the chrome It ain't just me, it's like that where we all from Thought some of them niggas just do it out of boredom Some just preppin for the day they see a war come Hanging in the wrong place if you never saw one Come Along, co-co-come, Come Along I don't know who you done dealt with in the past Better be self sufficient ma you don't get a pass Cause your thighs are thick and you got a little ass You lookin for a suga daddy then go for it Twenty something years old with nothing to show for it Talkin' bout she was raised different Well get your own pockets bitch so was I Come along, co-co-come, Come along I don't call them verses, they similar to poems Similar to scriptures Similar to pictures You can stick to rap what we doing is much bigger (Let It Breathe) Come along, co-co-come, Come Along Can't we dim the lights let me get in my zone Come along, co-co-come, Come along But I don't trust a soul so make sure you come alone (Let It Breathe)

It's All Mo' Thug

It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo, Mo Thug. Flesh: Oh well, if you snooze, you lose. Ya stop prayin' to who?, and fetch ya, shoot it and catch your shit, back, stay packin' a gat in your lap always. If you pray, roll strap, now how about that? And stack, went to go tappin', nigga pap him, fuckin' with one of my own. No, no, wrong, and he facin' my chrome. Left, devil say they wrong, double nine execution, we mo' murder, stupid tricky bitch, that outstands, we don't play when the game and beam a red line. Hey Little Lay ran to the stash, don't push the master. Gotta problem? Then handle it the easiest way we can with a blessing and a masterplan. Niggas thuggin' off in the Land, and still the band. Can't fuck with these Cleveland Clair playas. (So the phonies), you better beware 'cause the Bone and Mo Thug on this mission. Listen better pray if you did cross us on the way, hoes. Krayzie: Oh, oh, oh, I just wanna separate from the precious baby, or maybe, I was meant to live my life brought up in this world of games. In God's name, I pray. The devil--he be breakin' me down. I could feel him 'cause he pullin' me, now. I've been blessed with an incredible style. When this mission is to try to separate us, wanna break us all down. Now, ain't that foul, so I ask the Lord to help me. Lord, why does this life of overwhelm me when we livin' in Hell? But we cherish everyday like we in heaven, oh well, but time will tell, so we listen for the ringin' of the bell, the bell, the bell, but it be hard to maintain and stay peaceful. If you the lover to the devil then the devil will beat you, defeat you, deceive you, evil. He will never leave you alone. I've been lookin' for a better day, but they don't never seem to wanna come my way, my way. Eh, I'm havin' hell of times, tryin' to make it, 'cause my people steady stressin' my mind. So I stay high, so I'm really sinnin', on the top they see me. Whether you're with me, it's deadly in the venom. If it get up in your head, it could really send you on the deadly mission. Keep your distance from the flames, maybe you can survive forever everyday. Layzie: Hell yeah, got me flippin' in the Northcoast. Remember me: the crook that wrote the book. I'm off the hook. So ya'll niggas better take another look, 'cause if you playa hate the Bone, then your life'll get took, so quick. Never bringing you no bullshit, man. Face to face, it's an assassin game. Bringin' you heat, ya'll niggas' bringin' the slang, but if you wanna bring the pain then you gotta maintain. Comin' in on another level. I'm a put you on deck up at the top of the pile. Fake niggas wanna claim our style, but I'm a break 'em on down, but you gotta come unique. It's the thuggish ruggish sound that you lookin' for, searchin' for, everybody boy wanna be like Bone and stay high. Little kids no longer wanna be like Mike, that's right. They tryin' to be like Bone and keep thuggin' for life. Gettin' ready for the end all, wit my nigga, Ken Dawg, Hustlas, Shiftas, and Tre, II Tru, AJay--same muthafuckas from around my way. with Krayzie: This how we play, play. Everyday it's the same ol' same around my way, around my way. We'll be thuggin' out 'round my way. This how we play, play. Everyday is the same ol' same around my way, around my way, around my way. Come around my way, my way, my way. It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo, Mo Thug Bizzy: Little nigga wanna come, get up in my way, hey. Know the brain is your strength to strain to gain your fame, fame, fame, fame. What about those hoes? Oh, no. Little Eazy was sure to teach Bone. And if he's wrong, well, he's gone, but my children--they keep me strong. My dear Lord, I miss my peoples, and it just seems so evil, and that I can't kiss my kids goodnight, put 'em to bed, tuck 'em tight, and catch 'em sleepin'. That's all right, that's all right. I'll get mine, hey, I'll get mine. It'll take time, but I'm a grind. Weed and wine--I'll be just fine. Cuffed up, and blow you. And Mama B was, what? In the back of the paddy, jumpin' out caddies cuttin' through alleys in Cleveland, Cali like daddy. Like daddy and duke. Mo blow fo 2-double-0-yeah double-0 zero. You really wnat to get your camels. Everybody was in your group-o, group-o. Wish: You niggas can't fuck with these Clair players on top of pile, and we rollin'. Stand back, haters, gonna be here for a while. Can't you hear the crowd screamin' real loud? And that's for Bone, thugs. Thanks the Lord my sister's got Bone to look up to and feel proud, and on top of all of that, hey, mommy's out the ghetto now. I thank the Lord, and these Bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me, yeah. I thank the Lord and these Bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me. Better believe that we're doomed, doomed. Shoot 'em, shoot 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, nigga ain't gon' stop none of these millions. Been a long hard way. Been a long, long, long hard way. I'm glad I got mine. Gonna floss a little bit, watch them niggas watchin' me, that's tryin' to take mine, but I got somethin' for 'em, watchin' niggas runnin' up, gonna meet his time, die, bye. Nigga don't bite or playa hate. We got much love in Mo Thug. It's all about Mo Thug. It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo Thug, Mo Thug.

Warrior Chiefs

Buddha Monk "Prophecy"
*sounds of fighting* [Intro: sampled] I'm the warrior chief. I'm the merciless God of anyone that disturbs me in my universe. Fuck with me and you will suffer my wrath. [Buddha Monk] It's assassination day, so the devil now prays That the bombs from this God don't sound no alarms Now y'all stay calm, let me move like Rahmadan Speak one word then you're gone, drop like Hiroshimo bombs Creation of this playing made by 36 Chambers It's death by wishes and mad niggaz is getting headaches I'ma warn you, this shit here is about to get pathetic And there's fucking boys getting shipped out by FedEx, If I said it Then it's best that you protect your fucking head, kid I re-design your chromosomes and make that shit my fucking home Get out my war zone! and I'll leave you hit down all alone I attack, that Killa Bee's chopping with an axe [Dutch Masta Killa] Fuck, it's dangerous in this game to bust In holes, while triffels gain your trust Representing Brooklyn from the Hook on No question, we keep the truck on Hoes, now get your fuck on Now you're suck on some shit, we bust a nut on All you niggaz waiting for this bitch, just hold on Desert eagles busting at seagels flying the coup I see you're face dipped in the plate, eating my soup Now you're on a negative vibe, then rob me Brooklyn Zu, we float through like foreign currency [Spiritual Assassin of Zu Manchuz] Sixteen kings, international Going against the odds and the curse A universal traveller verse The first to peep this right or wrong turf Trapped in the Earth's atmosphere Knowing the wisdom and the knowledge, things is never clear A hundred and eighty degree angle, straight line, bridge Naked asylum, strangle this kid That man move got rocked away far like hemmy's Vision slightly off, they keeping one with the froth Learning pussy, john protection, court minister, three six zeros Spillin treble, a bow and arrow in hands of a crossed-eye indian [BabyFace Fensta] Like Jeff Domer and his barrel of dicks, I shred cliques Crews, camps, clams, shit, the Iron Fist Infiltrator of Shaolin, but Manchurian Learned secrets in divine pamplets Manuals numerous with horrendous skills Intentional calculated kills from the hills When Zu Street had nightmares, Manchuz came on through Assassin's interior, humble exterior You're getting warrier, stagering from the javelin Rhymes get ate, like Pharoah Gram's, see eight Motivate, Manchuz cleaned the plate Went back for seconds, turned MC's to reverends Ricans, Born Again Christians Believing in mysteries and their histories Nimble and swift like cheaters We be crumbling divisions with murderous intentions [Drunken Dragon of Zu Manchuz] It's the number one rap creator forcing rhymes to make your mind boggle Guzzling MC's like a bottle of OE, Drunken, pass me another cup Round them up, mad jam, bust some rhymes and make them duck Too late, watch your fucking aisle, I'm Mike Tyson When I'm slicing, rhymes are accurate and precise then Hitting straight to the point, I don't smoke joints I only drink and puff blunts, so my niggaz appointed me Malik, the Drunken Dragon, I'll burn your ass if you're lyrics are sagging Cuz your rhymes are shitty, y'all move quick and niggaz say did-he Do what I think he just did, that kid is witty I don't need a welcome commitee, I just appear when I intend to Roast an MC cuz that's an my agenda, sure contender, wack MC offender Drop your draws, Manchuz'll get up in you [Poppa Chief of Zu Ninjaz] The click got crime with it, rolled back like I cracked a jackel Breaking ankles, gang tackle Most wanted like Tickle Me Elmo last Christmas Today seems the perfect day to test my sword play Planned it, before I did it, then I shitted Lovely like Jada Pinkett naked in Jason's Lyrics Bank on it, got my monkey wrench and my shank on it Give me a beat like this and I get stank on it Players is getting older, the older's getting younger The Gods is getting wiser, crackheads getting bolder I wouldn't tell you nothing to hurt you, unless I don't like you One way or another Zu gon' get you [Shorty Shit Stain of Brooklyn Zu] I keep the toast in the harness About to stick some foreigners Run your garment, cuz I hear my stomach calling It's a predicament, I'm falling but you don't see me crawling Cuz I'ma get this loot if it kills me I'll lock your shit down like a master lock Rolling with a master flock Brooklyn Zu, those the warriors No claiming colors, but strictly claiming hawk of fame I'm leaving niggaz we the stain on their brain Street life, we roll dice and rock diamonds Cuz we shining as we bubble on this gold mine And sip fine wines with all my kinds Crazy cuffies, crazy cuffies You niggaz bring your ruffy ruffy Rhymes is falling like a bag of illy Niggaz dealing with the real, come hear me [War of Zu Manchuz] Duel, I must stalk for the murder behind this shit War lies in the bloody pill like alligators Perpetrators got laced, War written on his face Nigga lost his place and his concentration in his place Clip full for too long leaks it empty Reload, shots at the sky, boo you watch a mole This original Manchu, technical assassin Gun, ax, whipper, we bounce of your block with satisfaction Destroy your anatomy aggressively Killing niggaz was meant be be Not logically, but self-explanatory Your man died in a blaze of glory Sword slash cut your bodies

Lord, Listen.

MICK JENKINS "Trees & Truths"
Life ain't nothing but a cat-mouse, nigga Mice get trapped in the trap house, nigga Lives get sacrificed in the streets White lights when you blackout, nigga For my niggas dig and move, better watch that back, fam Around here you're just another black man Niggas talk shit but I'm over their verbs like accents and apostrophes No apologies. Quite advance maybe prodigy Black rap mans dichotomy Some like the folks and the moes Niggas better duck when it's birds in the street Cause you never too fly to get caught by the crows Better call your God if you doubt my G Better call Allah if you fuck with the pigs in the house, my G, OnGaud Lord, Lord, Lord we never listen, do we? Lord, Lord, Lord, we never Lord-love to hear the lie. Hate to hear the truth We love to hear the lies, we hate to hear the truths Just ginger ale for your hoes, I don't want they souls Just ginger ale for your hoes, I don't want they souls Sip it like Champaign. Free be the campaign Pinkies in the air for the swank Peanut butter loafers, like fuck did you think? Don't you see the pennies, I don't need your two cents It ain't never really been about a dollar Nice repentance. [?] Pop up my collar Back when Slim was rolling impala. Running from the ops Parked car cuffed on the curb for the cops Swerve on the clock Bet your nose calm fore you swerve on the block Like, fuck them niggas they don't know our struggle Like, fuck them niggas they don't know our struggle Like, fuck them niggas, famo Lord, Lord, Lord we never listen, do we? Lord, Lord, Lord, we never Lord-love to hear the lie. Hate to hear the truth We love to hear the lies, hate to hear the truths Just ginger ale for your hoes, I don't want they souls Just ginger ale for your hoes, I don't want they souls Thank God they prayed for a nigga Thank God Rhonda prayed for a nigga Lord, Lord, Lord, we never listen, do we?

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