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Dr. Dooom lyrics - First Come, First Served

I Run Rap

Original and similar lyrics
[Dr. Dooom] Yeah Number one MC in the world, a.k.a. Dr. Dooom Straight out of solitary I got the block locked down Transfer me to conquer in the Pelican Bay You don't wanna step in my cell I eat your ass for real Even veterans go out with tight pants and lipstick Most rappers flex up, they vexed up, they actin hard Attendin Catholic school at mom's house, they soft as lard They roll in packs, carryin yo-yo's, and balls and jacks That kid you peeped it, his boys wearin Victoria's Secret Mean mugs get crushed up, your bra's showin, pickin dust up You light your trees up, I'm just the man to skin yo' knees up Walk behind you, tuck your stomach in, I redesign you Urgent emergency, your girl is cryin, they can't find you I move with bowling ball bags, you try to ask for Zig-Zags You got your panties on with wigs on, y'all playin tag Walkin in tough kid, your girdle's showin, watch your doo-rag G-strings get touched, watch your skid marks like Starsky and Hutch Y'all scope erections, while rappers run to different sections I ride in limos pull your thongs in, from here to Wisconsin Droppin this A-bomb make, tough MC's, put on Avon Eject your wigs in Hunts Point, your pumps in truckers rigs Chorus: repeat 4X I'm the man of the hour Watchin girls takin a shower I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back [Dr. Dooom] Rappers with panty-liners, rent cars, with no recliners I get ill, serve the best MC's with Massengil While crowds chill, take your haltertops, down to Big Bill Right on your mic stand, your flower shorts, you've been hurt Male with a dildo, your ass is low, call policemen Three million rappers on labels, sportin skirts release men I teach men, pull my pants down, piss on each men Frustrate the rectums on the night flight, I cruise on East and look at your contracts, while Vaseline, smears your buttcrack I counteract tracks, while you ate rhymes smokin crack Skinny kid two pounds, with phony legs, bustin two rounds That man is slinky, jacks off, and rappers host his Twinkie Underarm smell, keep the mics warm, y'all shirts is stinky Panties look great on you with wedding rings around your pinkie Now stop BS then cut your weight down, you'd be like Vester Facin your whole crew, with cardinals on like Uncle Fester Lo-lo-lo-Lopez, your moms call me Frankie Sanchez On deck with penis out, pine tar like Tony Perez Big battin average, send your girlfriend out, tossin salad I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back Chorus [Dr. Dooom] Rappers get maxi-pads and O.B., their time of the month No time for phone calls from tough guys, y'all puff them blunts Some serious stretch marks, cock-diesel MC's end up pregnant Nine months in time stuck, you rhyme, grabbin inmates jock Sportin your white dress, with Timberlands, you try to impress Petrol with bulletproof vest, your man is havin incest Knock up your celldon, your big group, they roll with Alvin Drag queen on Front Street, program, all your SP-12 beats Y'all roll up dust, smokin PCP, I come with big heat Y'all run y'all knowledge down, send your Rolex down to Big Pete Lipstick is smeared on, your Pele shirt, get your fear on Hard rappers with stockings and tunafish, smell like Starkist I call him Miss, rappers tampons, I bought it for Christmas I call you Anna make you sniff balls, back to Atlanta Change all your grammar and have you call home, bleedin to Grandma I run rap, tell MC's to watch their back Chorus [Dr. Dooom] That's right When you see in the mess hall All new jacks, even if you're old, give me that respect YouknowhatI'msayin? You might get neglected That's right, send me all the commisary Battlin me ain't necessary

Take Your Time

Fatal "In the Line of Fire"
[Singer]- Take your time young thug. Verse one PYT, poor young thug, ? To hit a nigga wit a slug, wormin' around town lookin' for this bitch to fuck, and if she can't hang she can get the nut, tis a dog bed to the fours and on floors, for enought talkin' cause wit big dresses no bra's, let me run it through ya stomach, baby thug life, down dirty and dumb from a cum and blunted up and down like a roller-coaster, let me hit it from the back, to you can relax from the over-doser I take my time baby, when you get ya clothes off doin' every thing in my power, to get the hoes off from back, I feel ya pains and aches, but Huessin can't wait who can play me? outdate, dime after dime love ain't for thugs, brown-nosin' niggas, nose dirty as the mud I get the real honeyz, I showed you how to chill honey the best dressed, respect me with the most real money Chorus [Singer]- Take your time young thug [Fatal]- Murder one cases, faces, chance [Singer]- Cuz, you fall in love [Fatal]- Thug get the money, strip streets and drugs [Singer]- Huessin takes away my aches and pains [Fatal]- Criminal, ginaral is a dog Huessin [Singer]- I'm here to tell you cuz, I have no shame [Fatal]- And the way he toss it up, will never get me out the game [Singer]- Wanna get a girl, who's down for mine [Fatal]- Only ride for you, if you ride for me [Singer]- The way he sticks it in, and takes his time [Fatal]- Nasty new, PYT, dem come for free Verse two You know I love it, when you got the thong in when I stick it in, and take my time, sweetheart you all in baby girl, you make fade the world, tryin' get ya all the niggas wit, to confident I won't hit cha the wildest thug nigga, you can profile In combat, react, criminalies, on a ? I'll give you ya space, keep these punks out ya face put them hoes in place, tryin' play me like a ace ain't no tellin', who jellin', on or behind my back I just love it when you cum, cuz I get high and relax Chorus Verse three You want the cheddar, and when I go down sell my Bertta rock all my sweaters, and write nasty love letters thinkin' bout where I got my tat-tat, on the medal bars servin' them getto stars, wit a black mat I'm only mobbin' cuz I be, do a quick stick, hit a lick wit a trigger like a robbery, and stake honeyz make money the same way, them outlaw niggas from ya fake, hood take money Chorus

Skin Care

Kwest Tha Madd Lad "This Is My First Album"
Mmmmmmmmmm.. damn this track is butter No artificial flavors here kid Yo matter of fact it's not even butter it's lubrication check it Now peep the flilz nilz if you will Bill or take a chill pill As I drop the real deal on my everyday bilznilz Bouncin love love with my man in a Lexus Gucci shoppin hoppin huntin for the opposite sexes Holdin down the Boule' when I stopped for a red light And peep the mega the don kick, crazy bumpin headlights Yo Rod, that looks scrumptions don't it, CHILL I want it Take the wheel for a moment, cause I'm about to JUMP ON IT Ran up inside hon, and got that mouth wide kid Had her open like 7/11, with that Southside shit Now what's your name, where you live, what's your #, what's the age? Is you single, where's your man, is he big, yo do you date? Would you like to have my shirt, have my car, have my child? Can I bite you on your WHOOMP THERE IT IS caught the smile She's like, Pleased to meet cha, my name is Tenisha I'm goin to get some pizza and see my cousin Kadesha I gots to give props, your game's mad far from booty So do you have a name, or can I call you cutie? Ahh, I had the mental smack dab in my pocket But if I wanted to rock it, watch me go ahead and lock it I put my arm around her squeezed and shorty said, Uh uh, please You don't know me to touch, you might have some disease Ohhh, so now I look like I got somethin, stop frontin on the skillz squally, you know I'm a little bumpin Do I look like I got gonoh-syphla-mydia phase III Walkin round beggin people TO MAKE LOVE TO ME Boom, she started rollin, caught the buzz from my pager Peeped the flavor, she looked amazed like Oh, you just played yourself How you gonna peep the next one while we talkin? That's foul you ass-out son and started walkin I grabbed her arm, nice and calm Took my finger and stroked the palm I said, My bad sweetheart, I didn't mean you no harm Yeah I know I went out fellas but you woulda did the same exact if the girl you met came this packed, no jokes, this dame was FAT! Anyway, let it slide, popped the backs out of my ride Went to the shop, hopped out, and we all slide inside Her cousin was AHHIGHT, no dime kid but she was sportable Baby gets up from booth and said, Can I have a quarter boo? She ran to the phone, and wasn't on there too long Came back like, My parents are gone yo.. IT'S ON! Wanna come to my house and parlay for a bit? Rod looked at me like 'You butter baby', nahhhhhhhhh kid, I'm lubrication Chorus: I'm so smooth, 'How smooth?' Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock Cause I'm so smooth, 'How smooth?' Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock Cause I'm mad smooth, 'How smooth?' Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock The man is so smooth, 'How smooth?' Hon said I'm so smooth they should call me lubrication -- Pete Rock I took Rod to his house, gave him dap, THEN I'M OUT Told him, Beep me later after I saw what honey was about For the whole ride, shorty hand was strokin my thigh Nipples on hard, lickin her lips, *sucking lips* Aiy-yi-yi! My ding-a-ling-a-ling, was ting-a-ling-a-ling All ready to go steady and slide up in her little bitty ting As soon as we got in the rest, we didn't rest, Kwest made progress Off with the bra, tongue on them breasts Rubbin on her thighs, started unbuttonin them Guess Jeans off, panties down, ooh no hair, YES! Slid my finger up inside, her tight wet cootie She started moanin and squirmin, with her big fat booty Another finger went in, and she went buckwild kid I bent down and licked my thumb, and started strokin that clit Word is bond, she was mad turned on, long gone and screamed Oooh I'm gonna come, so I was like, Hah, come on! Tightened up then BOO-YAA, glory hallelujah! She done covered and whispered lover, Now I'm gonna do ya! Pulled my Kani drawers off and gripped my ass kid Then she put her.. NAH, too graphic, but it was mad fantastic! After she was done, with that oral stimulation I guess it was Kwest's turn, for a bit of reciprication Went to play Jeffrey Dahmer, then I paused, on the L I sniffed my finger, whew, no awkward jaws I guess you could say I can't get enough of that funky stuff Cause I ate it, I ate it all, I ate it alllll up! I put the Starter Cap on the bozack, can't get with no kid rap She took it like, I'm cleaner than clean, you don't have to wear that! CHILLL, I use it or we stop Cause it's one-eight-seven on an uncovered cock! Legs on her shoulders bout to do what I gotta do UHHH, I'm, so, in-to you Hittin it, hittin it, hittin it, SMACK! I made the coochie fart, when I swung the BACK ATTACK! Then she got on top, the booty was nice and leaky Grindin that fat butt on me, GWAL COME FREAKY DEAKY She wouldn't let me in the anus but I don't sweat it As we dressed, she said, Booby don't be stressed I'm not, you know I'ma get it I got bouncy after a fat hug, kiss and a pinch {pager beeps} Ooh who dis? Oh hittin that'll be a cinch I'm lubrication Chorus w/ variations Ghost So smooth they should call me lubrication * cut and scratched *


I've made a tough decision We must make sure that mankind will survive They' ve taken everything, but this sacred promise Though this might be the last day for me with you I have to make you sleep and dream of someone else Seal your past, so you won't be able to tell them I open a rift into the unknown And take a silent walk, through time Where ends this colorful journey Will I ever see the curtain fall The dream is strongar than ever There is unchained magic in the air It's right before me on a transparant plane Juggling with a liquid substance Is it a final test I have to break through Which way am I supposed to chose Suddenly I'm able to hear my own steps But still unable to sort out what's far and what's near And when the unseen walls I pass becomes concrete Is it all in vain, am I about to spend my time with time I made a tough decision a long time ago After I realized we were falling apart Though it was the last day for me with you I made you sleep and dream of someone else It's blocking out the truth, buried deep in you


TRICK DADDY "Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47"
[Trick Daddy] 'Posed to be... Land of the free I don't see how Count me in Uh America Oh America Ha-ha-ha America (America) Sweet land of liberty y'all I'm doing this one for the struggle And every bad doin' brotha Sista, daddy and mother Who livin' in the gutter You want Better cars And a better heart Another start Yo' own yard And a place to park You wanna Trust 'em ?? And a better li' (life) A bigger crib And a home cooked meal Every single night He'll feel with you Goin' through But I coulda warned you When its time to be a man Do all you can See other lands And don't be livin' for the other man Take time out and settle in Be the better man And close ? watch your friends And then You'll understand A lil' better then But on the other hand You so god damn stubboran And you be Startin' shit And ever since you made president We ain't even seen you since You need to (You need to) Fill our schools Rebuild our church and homes Stop killin' my own kind And leave my Earth alone And stop tappin' my phone And searchin' my brone And keep your personal feelings home When you bandin' my chrome Do it for the Weak and the strong And to each his own We do it for the main goal So when all the heat is gone (Chorus) This game wasn't told to me (Told to me) It was sold to me (Sold to me) And we are never free (No!) No way Not in America (Not America) Not America (Not in America uh-uh) Our country 'tis of thee ('tis of thee) Land of Liberty (Liberty) But that'll never be (Never Be - NO!) No way Not in America (uh-uh Not in this America) Not in America (No) [Society] You only got 2 bucks and give less than a fuck -- then you a nigga Got a nice home and a Lexus truck -- you a nigga World champions and you M.V.P -- you a nigga 4 degrees and a Ph.D -- still a nigga You use your platinum ?? for ID's -- then you's a nigga If your skin is brown just like me -- then you a nigga Got a promotion and a FAT ass raise -- you still a nigga You from the islands and your peoples wasn't slaves -- you a nigga No matter how much your ass get paid -- you still a nigga Shot by the cops at a traffic stop -- cause you a nigga That's why I hold toast too I sell bi-coastal International They inter-catching you with satellites in deep space Now...Who invented niggaz in the first place? And said America is the original birthplace? Who gettin' 10 - 20 - Life on they first case? My niggaz (Chorus) [Trick Daddy] I'm doin' this one for the Kids in the streets Who ain't missed a beat Do it for the Deaf and the blind And those who don't eat meat Do it for all the Children of the corn And the unborn Do it for the speedy trials And all the lies you done sworn How you gon' keep the man Old Mr. Crooked ass preachin' man When your whole congregation drivin' a brand new Benz And writing brand new sins Lyin' on a million men And all my brothers, sisters, them daddys, and them doin' time in the Penn (Chorus repeated till end)

Sing For The Moment

These ideas are nightmares to white parents Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings Like whatever they say has no bearing Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing To see him walking around with his headphones blaring Alone in his own zone, cold and he dont care He's a problem child, and what bothers him all comes out When he talks about his fuckin' dad walkin' out Cuz he just hates him so bad that he blocks him out But if he ever saw him again, he'd probably knock him out His thoughts are wacked, he's mad so he's talkin' back Talkin black, brainwashed from rock and rap He sags his pants, do-rags and a stocking cap His step-father hit him so he socked him back And broke his nose, his house is a broken home There's no control, he just lets his emotions go Come on... Chorus: Sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear Sing with me now, just for today Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away Verse #2 Entertainment is changing, intertwinin' with gangsters In the land of the killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum Only an unholy, only have one homie, Only this gun, lonely cuz don't anyone know me Yet everybody just feels like they can relate I guess words are a motherfucka, they can be great Or they can degrate, or even worse, they can teach hate Its like kids hang on every single statement we make Like they worship us, plus all the stores ship us platinum Now how the fuck did this metamorphosis happen? From standin' on corners and porches just rappin' To havin' a fortune, no more kissin' ass But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn you Fans turn on you, attorney's all want a turn at you To get they hands on every dime you have They want you to lose your mind every time you mad So they can try to make you out to look like a loose cannon Any dispute won't hesitate to produce handguns Thats why these prosecutors wanna convict me Strictly just to get me offa these streets quickly But all their kids be listen'n to me religiously So i'm signing cds while police fingerprint me They're for the judges daughter, but his grudge is against me If i'm such a fuckin' menace, this shit doesn't make sense, B It's all political, if my music is literal and i'm a criminal, How the fuck can i raise a little girl? I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to You're full of shit too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you! Chorus Verse #3 They say music can alter moods and talk to you Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too? Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude Just tell the judge it was my fault, and I'll get sued See what these kids do, is hear about us totin' pistols And they want to get one, cos they think this shit's cool Not knowin' we're really just protectin' ourselves We're entertainers; of course this shit's affecting our sales You ignoramus. but music is reflection of self We just explain it, and then we get our checks in the mail It's fucked up ain't it, how we can come from practically nothin' To bein' able to have any fuckin' thing that we wanted It's why we sing for these kids that don't have a thing Except for a dream and a fucking rap magazine Who post pinup pictures on their walls all day long Idolize their favorite rappers and know all they songs Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in they lives Till they sit and they cry at night, wishin they'd die Till they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they vibe We're nothing to you, but we're the fuckin' shit in their eyes That's why we seize the moment, and try to freeze it and own it Squeeze it and hold it, 'cos we consider these minutes golden And maybe they'll admit it when we're gone Just let our spirits live on, through our lyrics that you hear in our songs And we can Chorus Chorus without Beat Instrumental

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