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DONELL JONES lyrics - Where I Wanna Be

Have You Seen Her

Original and similar lyrics
Well, well, well, well, ooh whoa Check it out Sitting at the light she pulled up on my right Looking in the mirror making sure her shit was tight I know she felt me watching but was scared to look my way I know she wants to look, but I think I've got her shook Under pressure, don't know what to do She's got two cuties with her and I got my peoples too She put it in one, stepped on the gun and made a U Looked inside, gave me a smile, then she blew What am I gonna do? 1 - Tell me which way did she go Pretty young thing in a GS4 Love was so bangin' had me open from the door Tell me have you seen her She had a smile that I couldn't forget Shining brighter than the flawless piece around her neck The girl was so fine I just gotta make her mine Tell me have you seen her Have you seen her? It's been awhile now and I'm steady on the case Everyday I'm looking for her face Is like a dream to me and I gotta make it real Gotta let her know just how I feel Now there she goes again driving by I hit my horn, she throws her beams on high I put my joint in gear and I tried to give chase She disappears again without a trace Tell me have you seen her? Repeat 1 I gotta find her, where did you go, babe? Listen girl you seem to think you got away from me You got me looking for you in all these busy streets I must admit I got it bad for you It's just a little taste of all the things I'll do for you Repeat 1 till end

Do I Lie?

(Poole/Martin/Poole) Well here we go again You are telling me your stories And I've heard them all before About this girl and how you're friends Sure Nothing more It's a typical scenario You say I'm insecure And you know just how to play this girl And I wonder if I'll ever know the truth Yeah, I wonder Coz the devil is a gentleman And he says Hey babe, do I lie to you? Hey babe, do I lie to you? Coz if I say you're beautiful It's like magic, you'll forget it all It's like that babe Do I lie to you? Do I lie? Well here we are again Have you checked your head today Is your conscience living there? Coz I know you and her are having it anyway And I try and find your excuses kind of interesting But it's the same old words From the same old mouth again

Knoxville Girl

Graveblankets "Where It Hurts"
I met her at a WALMART She was tryin' to find a spare part And I thought I could help find it She said she just moved into town With a smile that turned into a frown And she grabbed my hand and held on too tight KNOXVILLE GIRL She said she was a Kentucky girl Who wanted to see more of the world And there was desperation in her eyes I asked if I could drive her home Cause her car broke down she was all alone But she said she didn't have a place to stay KNOXVILLE GIRL She moved in with me And we were both so happy Until the day I happened upon the news That told of the Knoxville murder armed robbery She needed me for cover So she acted like my lover But I knew she'd soon be through with me I confronted her with the facts The smile on her face, well it fell like an axe And that's when the bullets began to fly KNOXVILLE GIRL

Living In The World Today

Genius "Liquid Swords"
Intro: RZA Yo [yeah] Check it out son, check it out son Yo, [Wu, can I get a soo] live in the place to be You got the capital G G to the A-M-C Givin a mad shout out to the Ranch Crew from the old school And we gonna take y'all back, knowhatI'msayin? Lyrical sorcerors right here, the fathers, the cream of the crop son [Yo check it] Chorus: The Genius Well if you livin in the world today You be hearin the slang that the Wu-Tang say Niggaz that front we don't handle em So we blast em, alright, well OK Well if you like the way it sound then clap man And if the women love it too well then raise your hands But only raise your hands if you're Sure [Meth] Punk niggaz shatter like a glass jaw, break it Verse One: The Genius My rhyme gross weight vehicle combination was too heavy for the Chevy's is chased out the station Double-edged was the guillotine that beheaded it gassed up, fuckin with some regular unleaded shit Heads roll on hillsides behind ropes that bind-in, X marks the spot on the scope Heavily armed military is necessary, it's a gamble MC's bet they best at every Powerful parable ditties might harm if tampered with, set off and strike like pipe bombs Flashbacks to the Duel of the Iron Mic Look out for these fatal flying spikes, of massive sleep-holds, put strangle on commercial angle Microphone cords tangled from being Star Spangled Now who could ever say they heard of this? My motherfuckin style is mad murderous Chorus: (in reverse verse) Interlude: Method Man, Genius Well what you know about MCin? Yo, I know a lot Well can you demonstrate somethin nigga? Huh, I'd rather not I'm talkin bout stacks cousin Nigga that's what I got Cash Rules the world Well Cash Rules the spot Verse Two: The Genius My preliminary attack keep cemetaries packed of niggaz who think it ain't like that MC's are gunned down like being run down with mad trucks Them God struck, religious niggaz call it bad luck Rap celeb, you got caught up in the web now bees are stingin, yo that niggaz em-singin I'm just swingin swords strictly based on keyboards Unbalanced like elephants and ants on see-saws I throw raps that attack like the Japs on Pearl Harbor MC's be out like bank robbers Fleeing the scene, to be a sole survivor DJ the getaway driver Tried to dip but he dive I socialize on vocal vibes On tracks stabbed up with razor sharp knives Criminal subliminal minded rappers find it Hard to define it, when narrow is the gate for fat tapes and then played out and out of date Then I construct my thoughts on site to renovate And from that point, the God made a statement Draftin tracements, replacements in basements materials in sheet-rock, to sound proof the beat box and microscopic optics received through the boxes obnoxious topic, major labels, flavor tropical Punchlines, that's unstoppable Ring like shots from glocks that attract cops around the clubs and try to shut down the hip-hop But we only increase if everything is peace Father U C King the police Chorus Chorus

Shallow Love

JACK & JACK "Calibraska"
Is this shallow love or real? Everywhere I go, I see love turnin' into somethin' it's not People caught with the image, when's this shit gon' stop? When he gets down on his knee and that question gets popped She's like, "Yes, babe!" Eyes still locked at the rock He's got bands, he wants a pretty lady who wants a Mercedes-Benz So they can both show off to their friends They're in the whip, they're in the penthouse and they're in the jet to France Damn, it seems like love's the only thing that they ain't in Divin' in headfirst into some shallow waters I'm just touchin' on a subject that I feel is kinda catastrophic I'm not sayin' every couple with money's got this problem But in some cases without the label, she'd be straight up robbin' Takin' vows to the coffin on the wedding day Ain't no prenupt needed, she convinced him it's true Perfectly curved, believin' every word that she spewed Was blinded by the beauty, can't see through Is this shallow love? Or is it something real? You make it hard to deal Not knowin' if this is shallow love The way we live so well Can make it hard to tell What she in it for? What she really in it for? So girl tell me what you in it for Is it cause I'm young and livin' like a centerfold? Is it cause I'm takin' you places that you ain't been before? By the looks of it this love is too fake, we might as well just call the dentist, yo Can you see why I'm trippin' though? Cause man if shit's like this now Then what's it gon' be like when we get to the pinnacle? And I suppose only time's gon' tell But as of now, we're doin' fine, no help Girl you're a piece of work that God designed so well But you don't need to check the worth before you ride with me Put that man aside if he's all about bein' with someone just to get inside Or if he's hopin' and prayin' that you gon' stay when he gets caught When he slips up, fightin', pullin' all sorts and types of straws Now the jig's up, left broken in pieces like a jigsaw, ay But that's just how shit goes When you let the shallow love get hope Girl I just wanna know Is this shallow love? Or is it something real? You make it hard to deal Not knowin' if this is shallow love The way we live so well Can make it hard to tell What she in it for? What she really in it for? Nowadays these girls be so ruthless 2 A.M. knockin' on my front door, who's this? Girl I don't even know your name This ain't the time yo Oh my God this is so insane Like I ain't even got your number saved in my iPhone Is this shallow love? Or is it something real? You make it hard to deal Not knowin' if this is shallow love The way we live so well Can make it hard to tell What she in it for? What she really in it for? Tell me now Tell me now I don't even fucking know...

Goin' Down

JON B "Comfortable Swagg"
it's woman all over. ova the place she zz topp'n girl she got them leg's got me on the floor about to beg got thai look upon my face, u know i ain't come to play u wearing that dress like o a o a u rock'n that hair like o a o a damn girl you're bad as ever break ya down, put u back together it's a hundred dude's in here who cant help themselves from look'n at ya the spotlight is on her gotta have it, thats my word i don't want to just observe wanna get u open to see this is the life under the lights girl don't be scared cause all the people in here wav past the line out of my mind turnt up tonight look at all the drink in the air its goin' down own ow ow ow ow ow ow goin' down own ow ow ow ow ow down u know these eyes are red behind these shades i'm st tu tu tuttering she put that on me like she on the main stage we flyin'n night, sky scraping, make the rule then we break em' then usually, i don't do this but u left me no choice it's going down down down to the floor it's going down down go'n and drink some more we gotta a hundred bottles in the rearview the flashing light's are everywhere around you so sexy girl, u got enough for 2, but i'm selfish so, girl, i want it all everybody put your drinks in the air... right now

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