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Doja Clik lyrics - Speed Kills

Stack Your Grip

Original and similar lyrics
But they ain't knowin' no What you talkin' bout you fumblin' game out your mouth Better put some stick on your grip and get on a paper route Cause cream ain't to be fucked with and that's the truth this gamology Better soak it up and be a hundred proof Cause you can't be the shit slangin' woof tickets You better buy you some stick with it cause game is unlimited Flippin' shit rippin' shit Young Ren is so versitile, you heard my style is buck wild But in the meanwhile, motherfuckers in my city want to do what I do But they P-H me behind my back, why don't you do that, raps are through Talkin' loud is sayin' nothin', your ass is bluffin' Just cause everyone is ?, rappin' don't mean that you gonna be slumpin' I only fuck with the infederal, individuals gettin' pulled Them player hater searches are makin' Young Ren a criminal Really though, you don't know shit, I put that on my dick Fuck a bitch and a snitch, It's all about my grip Surrender to my will, submit to my game My daddy just like you want it, broke down like dank Doja sticky who's with me, yo you ain't no That this the mackaholic straight lacin' you hoes Day to day I'm forced to deal with this bullshit Motherfuckers runnin' around with a hole in they lip Just a talkin' loud but ain't sayin' a damn Then when I come around smilin' in my face like we pals Nigga.. fuck you, suck my dick, I gives a damn, that's how I am And if you want lets trip, with this some serious, curious Niggas get fucked, I grap my dick, cock, then bust a nut Dear Lord forgive me but my future's lookin' dirty and plain I don't see shit but the motherfuckin' paper I make My daughter's older and now she talkin' to me And she makin' more sense than these punks on the street Daddy get paid is what she say, so I do it that way Be about my paper fuck I hate to win if I play This game ain't no joke, how can I be broke When I on the streets 24-7 and mo' I wamp stack in ? by spittin' it real, movin' the crowd Niggas say they do, but don't do, they just talk loud Why you loud talkin' when you should be stackin' mayo Recognize this hustle not erdayo Your game is frail, smash you like play dough Say hoe, have you ever met Mr. fo'- fo' Cause your mouth is runnin', and it's time for gunnin' Your brain is numbin', off them hot slugs that are hummin' Suckas loud mouth, fakin' all the funk Loud mouth mre for a cent, and I'm tearin' shit up No mercy, you heard me, bitches ain't shit I don't play, go the wrong way, I'm flippin' yo' script I'm from Stockton, Cali, E-D-C, so killa Young Ren, the D-O-G With the mackaholic, spittin' game Never loud talk in the mouth for money, pushin' your fame You got a big mouth like Jimmy Heart, but you don't got Nuts to back it up, I slap you, and you won't give a fuck Where do we go from here, that be, I got me towed down It's a new brand year Everybody love my flow now, all you hoes goin' wild Wanna fuck with the kid AKA Omen Child, I'm terrible Oh no I thought you knew, don't be surprised I fucked with the foundation nation true Who's to blame, when your brain dead stuck in a ditch Inside out with your mouth full of dick So take caution, when you see me slide through the crowd With my evil grin, I mack a bitch while you get loud Yeah Motherfuckers bout be runnin' faster than Luis and shit You know what I'm talkin' about Shit Talkin' loud but sayin' nothin' I ain't sayin' shit I don't know Motherfuckers just so lame in the game Better just recognize Trick ass bitch better listen Soaks ya like a spunge Do shit my way And get hung, biyatch Hoes get hung Motherfuckers wanna know Doja sticky Clickin' when it's finished And mackaholic and we out

Damn Rightt

MS. JADE "Girl Interrupted"
(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) [Intro Ms. Jade] Uh, Ms. Jade, yeah It's like that old 'back in the day' house party Dance contest shit right here [Verse 1 Ms. Jade] They got me, watcin' my back, looking over my shoulder I'm the best part of wakin' up, like a cup of Folgers I'm the oldest and the youngest at the same time Assitent to the beat, like we both got the same mind I got the feelin' for the flava of the figgas Ya'll dont know what ya'll done triggered Squad'll ride and turn big whipper, they love me From block niggas that shot cracks, college boys Them niggas with dreads and knapsacks I spit greasy like an S curl I don't just get 'em naucious I make them muthafuckas hurl Step it up, next level once I get involved Back flip, kick, then I spit like I'm Lara Croft The game is off, I made every shot, from every block Hydro to the ready rock, I semi pop like I got beef wit ya Dem things gonna get cha, better bring ya peeps wit ya [Chorus Bubba (Ms. Jade)] Is you a problem for them faggot boys (Damn right) Would you finish off this bottle wit me (Damn right) Could you lose it all to get some more (Damn right) Do you eat, sleep and shit Philly (Damn right) [2x] [Verse 2 Ms. Jade] Since I was suckin' on bottles, and playin' wit my rattles Cocky wit the flow, plus I'm itchin' for a battle Grab you and choke you up, toss you in the corner Flows make you drown when you sinkin' in the water Callin' for the coroner, funeral in Florida Ya'll don't wanna deal with this broad, nigga i'm warnin' ya Hot like Timmy, push ya buttons like I'm Jimmy Peep shit, street shit, Broady game in me It's a gimmick, fuck the house, I'll take it to the limit Turn ugly like a gremlin, if you messin' wit my spinach Smoke green in them Bonaville seats, lean Ms. Jade, need an army to beat me I gotta stuff you, one time you'll get it A little talent but you don't know what to do with it I'm through wit it, all that other shit is minor Key element, right next to water, sun and fire I'm from the 215, so ya'll guys better recognize Handle half and leave the rest to God Nothin' to lose and somethin' to prove I save the bender for the suckas, shit I'm breakin' the rules [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 Ms. Jade] Ain't no way ya'll folks don't smell what I'm preparin' I ain't carin' 'bout ya mom, pop or aunt Karen I do damage on a daily basis Words boil you like hot soup and I'll let you taste it I'm the bang bang, minus the chitty cocksucka Born like 16th Street to the damn Ruckas I'm dumb nice, ruin ya dumb lives See a watch but you broke, look at ya dumb ice Sometimes I feel outta place cuz I stick out like a sore thumb Wild out so I can't wait 'til the tour come I'm like Gladys without them damn Pips Plus I smoke on them L's til my fingernails is black tips I'm so hip, ya'll see the shit that I be on Talk tough, niggas be like plastic like neons I'm disgusting, known for ball bustin' Crushin', bluffin', dustin', it's nothin' [Chorus 5x]

Just Do It

GOODIE MOB "World Party"
hook We'll I'm just gonna tell you We ain't bout' that talking homeboy, we'll do it And all that acting you doing, we see through it Fuck hollering and screaming lets get to it, lets get to it (Cee-Lo) Now I say my rap reflect the enemy Passion and positive energy Y'all talk about killing, it don't surprise me Tripping bout' a nigga, don't judge me wisely But I ain't bout' to holler or scream at you You can look in my eyes and tell what I'd do I'm a charge at niggas and you know I'm true But goddammit, fuck nigga this one for you I know how it go, I done been out there before Heard its goddamn time to blow Stomping niggas down till they don't want no more Trying to get some Polo's straight out the store Some gone, some just can't let it go I might laugh and joke, but I'll let a nigga know I'm the same motherfucker from 84 And I still do it in the aftershow And I don't like to feel like I'm being tried I ain't bullet-proof, plenty nigga done died But I damn sho' ain't finna go and hide I got one on me, and I'm down to ride I ain't trying to say I got all the game I got fame, but a million I can't claim So respect me playa, and I'll do the same But neither one is guaranteed to have the best aim hook (T-Mo) The revolution has begun........... Handle your business playa Devoted to the game, and dope cut-throat ways will get you paid in full Pull a rabbit out the hat trick, magical quick Slick its like a porn flick Umm... Imagine having money so big It makes you look like a pig Get your big behind You remind me of swine with your fat nose Stuck in your pose and thread bed that shawty Lame with your game, put it all on the table Got your label and your fast cars, and your bodyguard looking hard Throwing your cheese, for them rats its snacks I'm like a egg bout' to hatch Tony, horny, I'm macaroni Commercialize suckers looking like busters I'd ride for the kings and queens of my motherfucking team Spark in the night, ummmm we bout to fight Haters, come and say that shit, Dammit these fools gonna have to take us together How the fuck, ever you want it, get to it SWATS hook (Khujo) The streets making you feel like a real G But we Georgia finest, our Fulton County fleet You still putting thangs up in your mouth Cause you been pacifired, since you was knee-high All your life in school, thats the reason why you couldn't learn nothing Runt, at the tender age of 18, books no longer hold your attention span Short term, but you can sho' enough count that green Something you just can't coach Don't sing it, bring it I usually caught me at least one fool a game You can only phanthom pain, I don't have to But don't let me get on a case of this drank Leak to my heart, elevate to my brain Make you wanna walk that plank You'd better swim motherfucker Cause bullshit don't float You are what you eat See you remind of this goat that I had by the hairs of his chinny-chin-chin Curbing over some yellow rice, you can't do shit Might as well hit the graveyard shift Somewhere at McDonalds or Burger King Grab a taste or spill, over some hairs, nobody cares And we do assholes that grip leather chairs hook (Big Gipp) I used to hang out, smoke out, fuck out, bang out Run your mouth wrong, got your front tooth took out On the spot bodies with no heads, no legs, no feet Left em' out in the open scoping that ass out for weeks Never speaking, busting, breaking brains Berettas brought the rain back and forth Trigger action, snatch it up, load it up Hit the door, gotta call, yo' he at the mall Fuck it all, hit em' one, two, three times I was scared the first shot, but liked the second and third Left him hollering and screaming, dreaming for another chance to live Had it up yesterday, but today its mine Bust your ass one more time, for the niggas on the grind So go and hide hook

Clap Your Hands

A TRIBE CALLED QUEST "Midnight Marauders"
[Chorus] (*scratching* - Clap your hands now ) [Phife] Brothas know the flavs when the Quest gets loose Slammin sucka fuckas like the wrestler Zeus Crazier than Tupac in that flick called Juice Cock is longer than the hat worn by Dr. Seuss Love a girl in Daisy Dukes like them kids called Deuce Gets paid to sex the hoochie like my main man Luke Control the mic like Denzel on the girls Wack MCs be on the nuts like Rocket J. Squirrel The worst thing in the world is a sucka MC Favorite rap group in the world is EPMD Can't forget the De La, due to originality And if I ever went solo, my favorite MC would be me Phife Dawg up in the house, I give a shout out to Snoopy Peace to all the Questers, to hell with the groupies Like um, Ralph up to Potsie, Brooklyn to Dodger Laverne to Shirley, Rerun to Roger Ren to the Stimpy, Laurel to Hardy Q-Tip and Phifer, they mashed up the party Kick the rhymes and more rhymes Kick the beats and more beats We'll have you scratchin in your head, like Shaheed on Technics For those who wanna oppose, just take a stand But for now, just shut your shit and clap your hands [Chorus] [Q-Tip] You just wanna dance man, then clap your hands If you venture up the wrong road, then the circumstance... Will be crucial, I got hundreds of rhymes that'll suit you So listen The Abstract intuition is very very worthy I can feel ya out from Russia to Jersey Can't understand, the underground, it gets deep The low, the Nikes, the links, the jeeps The women, the lingo and all the other goods Peace to the hoods, that keep my shit on play Please don't do the mute when you hear me on the juke Brothas know my angle, it's the Star-Spangled black banner Hook up the beats at the funk manner If want a roll, then dough I be rakin The scope is on the world, cuz it's mine for the takin You know I'm gonna do it My shit is rock solid, but it flows like fluid Chemists get confused of my ill composition This is the third of the new Tribe addition MCs be swingin, but alot of them be missin So shut your bloodclot and listen Cuz I'm bringin you the ill rendition I'd like to send this out to the L.E.S. Gotta alot of rhythm and style and finesse Come here love, hot sex on a plat And when your done with that then clap [Chorus] - repeat until end


GWAR "Scumdogs Of The Universe"
[Sang by Sleazy P.] With a battle cry go forth which is 'Give the people what they want.' And what the people want could only be the senseless slaughter of the gutter-slime that litters this nation for cash and prizes. Yes, this is the show where people bet their lives to win something big. Cause when your life is shit, then you haven't got much to lose on Slaughterama! This next geek is guilty of the following: A Grateful Dead life for which he's been allowing. Tried to tell us 'Give peace a chance.' Met the National Guard and he shit in his pants. Its not you imagination, its not a bad trippie, yes thats him - Its the big smelly hippy! Hello Mr.Hippy, nice to meet ya. Hey, got a little shit between your toes. How's things at the ol' manure factory How's little Tofu What! She grew another head Well, ya gotta lay off that LSD y'know, kinda makes your offspring goofy-looking. So, how do ya hide money from a hippy Put it under the soap. I'm sorry but that answer wasn't in time, you're gonna have to put your mouth on this. Whoa! I blew your head clean off. Good thing I was such an expert shot with the National Guard back in Penn State. There's nothing like hippy honey. My dad always use to take me with Lee Harvey Oswald. All right, we're rocking now. Worlds biggest hair, worlds tightest pants got no circulation but you still can't dance. Fashion is a statement and sometimes a risk. Every fashion had its faults, but yours is the pits. Always in black, looks like he's dead - Here's the art-fag lying on his death-bed. Hello Mr. Art-Fag, come on out here. Say, what a hairdo. Its awfully big. As big as the.. the.. the Hindenburg and it will go up just as fast if I put this lighter to it. But no, I'm gonna hold out and ask you this question: What ever happened to Eddie Munster I'm looking at him! Oh, Oderus help the boy with his hairdo there.... ooh, its getting ripped off. Ow, you know that's gotta hurt. Hey, what's Oderus trying to do with his face Is that a face-lift No, he's pulling that face clean off. Ahhhhh. Help that sod outta here.. Gave up pussy, stopped to a toot. Now you can't wait to give someone the boot. Elbows and knuckles, all you knows how. Follows the heard, just another cow. Brain full of shit, boots full of lead. Scream for him now here's the nazi skinhead. Hello Mr.Nazi Skinhead how'ya doin' How's Geraldo's nose Still broken W ell it's good to see ya still on the job. Y'know when you're mugging talk show commentators in bathrooms, always remember to draw the swastika turning to the right, not to the left, always to the right. Why do nazi skinheads wear red suspenders anyway H e doesn't have to tell you. Time to give this nazi skinhead one more haircut, real close to the shoulders like. Whoa! His heads been decapitated. Look at all that PSI in he aorta artery. Whoa! Is he a gusher or what Well, ladies and gentlemen that's all for this week. We've killed everyone worth killing, hope you do the same. We'll Be back next week for another edition of Slaughterama. It's full of existential despair. It's full of people who just don't care. Don't feel sorry for them. They've chosen there own pathetic life.

Watch Those

BIG PUNISHER "Yeeeah Baby"
[Big Punisher] Earth to Pun.. come in Pun.. [some whining noise] Yeah yeah yeah.. The levels the levels the levels be good Levels is good, levels is good Yeah.. [Chorus: Big Punisher (repeat 2X)] You got to watch those, jokers who pop those You know those, crusty-lipped snot-nosed Indeed I spot those, actin rah rah, talkin bla-bla that's ca-ca, chill pa-pa, no ah-ahh (ah-ahh) [Big Punisher] I'm quick to dumb out, run up in yo' crib with the guns out Spray your peeps, smack the baby teeth out your son mouth Who can stop me I told shorty I'ma shoot you papi Caught him in the crapper with the clapper; while he was doin caci I'll probably die in jail - make it through life and fry in hell Either way I'ma lead the way, cause only time'll tell I rhyme for real, not that imaginary vocabulary I really will stab you and every one of my adversaries There's no remorse - fuck these thug niggaz, show me the boss Gimme a hustle worth the risk of goin up North I love my freedom, and you know I love my bein So sometimes I gotta get ugh and mug for my per diem I'll see him in hell, we'll settle it there, better it there No innocent bystanders to get hit with a spare Like I really care who catches strays from the Mac Like I really care who you paid to rap on your track Nigga you wack - you ain't bringing nuttin for us I got songs with the Devil and Jesus singin on the chorus You can't ignore us, nigga you know how we roll Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole [Chorus] [Big Punisher] Can't no comp come at me, this battle the Bronx'll back me Got the nicest niggaz alive talkin bout, 'Papi's nasty' Cocky crafty like Rocky sassy Puerto Rock Apache Posse not even the cops could catch me I'm too fast - four-hundred pounds, but I move ass Soon as you spoke, I already smoked you with two jabs My game is tight - you wanna play, just name your price Fame to ice, your brains your life, the game is sheist and I'm the trifest on the field Even in school I was nominated the most likeliest to kill This bastard steal, a full clip and a extra and I'ma blast ya til your whole click respeta Leave you muerta, it ain't me it's the metra 'tate quieta, the bitch got a bad temper Don't surrender - you ain't got a chance You be lucky to leave here half-dead, in an am-bu-lance So take a chance, but expect the worst Put my foot so far up your ass the sweat on my knee'll quench your thirst {OOOOOH! [long slurrrrrrrp] .. 'Thanks Pun!'} [Chorus]

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