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DMX lyrics - The Great Depression


Original and similar lyrics
[LL Cool J] Get the fuck out of here, I'm LL Cool Soakin wet with bad bitches in the indoor pool [Redman] Yo what am I, an animal [LL] Cuz I bagged your's too One bad mooley, and you can get pants, schooly I'm the G.O.A.T., what I wrote cause fire and smoke Think I started on the choir singin solo for the pope Tell your mama please, get up off her knees You can't wear yellow spandex wit a ass of cottage cheese Open toed shoes, feet smell like collard greens Toes *Kriss Krossed* like she on J. Dupris' team Button your sittin up like beach balls in the sand plus A mouth full of rotten teeth with a dildo in her hand Who the fuck let you in, all my assistants are fired Now I'm lookin for some washed up rapper that I can hire You know some old school nigga wit a bit of attitude Pay him $1500 to fuck a girl in an interlude You say I'm souped up, well, soup is good food So what I scratch my nuts, how the fuck is that wrong For so glowin, afro pickin S-curl hatin, Jamaican rum sippin [Method Man] Kid I'll burp on your girl buttcheeks [LL] The honey had my nuts like two red beets I'm banannas, out of my fuckin mind they won't let me back in Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund Bruno Samartino, Stan Staziak Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs The top rooster pluckin, chickens when I'm cluckin WWF stands for When and Where we Fuckin Fuhgidabowdit Yo kid Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, ey, Fuhgidabowdit Ey, ey, Fuhgidabowdit Eh, Fuhgidabowdit [Redman] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo I'm like Menace II Society I roll through the drive thru like Kane Jack you for the cheeseburgers and chicken wings, and datins too See my boys down the ride crack patience too Bricks, walk around, snorkel down Maccaroni and cheese Timbs broke out the orphan house Transportin out, the poison in 'em Box 'em up in the aisle with the frozen dinners [Method Man] And them niggas that ran... [Redman] My goal's to get 'em With the heat seekin flow wit, fo' antennas Doc's Da Name, that's why y'all fuck wit me I'm pocket change, the bums don't fuck with D Objective in 'em, Carlo inspection sticka Check the pen, I write like a X was in 'em Teeth grittin, I brawl wit a major league mitten [Meth] Where the stash at [Red] Yo, yo, punk, M takin me wit him Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, yo, yo, Fuhgidabowdit Yo dog, Fuhgidabowdit Yo you heard, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo you hear me, Fuhgidabowdit Yo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit [Method Man] Yo, this be the Cool J function, music get my blood pumpin Down for whatever, which usually means I'm up to somethin Who owe me somethin, them niggas in the back frontin They rockin cuffs and, put the eight up, rappercussion You know my name, so there's no need for introduction I'm Mr. Done it all, so none of y'all can do me nothing Bitch I'm grown, puffin on that one and bone Bet me and Queen Bee be swingin til the honey come Backs get blown, trash get thrown In headlocks, from this view, I'm fuckin Star Jones I'm red hot just like candy, in '95 won the Grammy [Redman] Yo, he use it as an ashtray now [Method] Niggas can't stand or understand me, yeah Either or, funky headhunter wild comanchees wit shitty draws What's that shit, what shit, that shit on your lip I can't smoke wit ya kid, but I'll save ya the clip... Fuhgidabowdit Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, what the fuck, Fuhgidabowdit Yo, Fuhgidabowdit Uh, Fuhgidabowdit Ayo dog, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] Bitches can't stand me, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] Still pullin out pennies, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] [DMX] The shit I see every day brings tears to my eyes How I holla at my niggas brings ears to my cries Stick niggas for not knowin, then teach 'em somethin Bitch niggas talkin bout you from the streets you frontin I never liked you, and you, I don't know So what the fuck you think is 'sposed to happen, we gon go Mono on mono, whatever nigga, I'm gon dust you If you can't pick that afro, I'm gon bust you Walkin like you was a lil nigga cuz you is And don't forget that daddy's gonna always love his kids Crackin niggas got the nerve to wonder why I rob, why You guys will live while everybody else'll starve That pretty shit is played, fuck what your name hold Break a nigga off somethin, watch a nigga gain fo' Now you layin somewhere cold, stiff as shit And all that riffin shit, mens will get you hit, bitch Fuhgidabowdit

Wild For The Night

ASAP ROCKY "Long.Live.A$ap"
[Verse 1: ASAP] Wake up feeling blessed up Pistol on that dresser Ain't afraid to show it, I'll expose it if I dress up Riding in that Testa... rossa, nigga catch up, Sipping on that syrup till I'm messed up like yes sir So now I'm getting change, people looking at me strange Like nigga switching lanes, never changed, still the same We fuck bitches, get paper, you fuck niggas on papers You walk around with lasers, you probably own some tasers Lame niggas disgrace us, they girlfriends want date us Got different hoes, I'm pimpin hoes You could tell by my paystubs My niggas getting right, smoking weed with dirty sprite Going wild for the night Fuck being polite Finna wild out for the weekend Me, myself, and I my three friends Nigga feeling froggy, then leap in, ASAP niggas finnna sneak in Middle finger to the critics, me and my nigga Skrillex You know we finna kill it, ASAp we the trillest You don't really want that Glock boy You don't really wanna feel them shots boy You a B boy, I'm a block boy I'm a D boy, I'm a hot boy Six shots got me feeling like Pac boy Party all night, shit don't stop boy Drunk as fuck and I'm ready to fight Wildin' for the night, fuck being polite boy [Hook: Birdy Nam Nam/Skrillex] Wild for the night, fuck being polite I'm going... Wild for the night, fuck being polite I'm going... Wild for the night, fuck being polite I'm going... Wild for the night, fuck being polite I'm going... [Verse 2: ASAP] It's the weekend and I'm creepin with my niggas Drunk and disrespectful, calling women bitches I don't mean no harm but won't you and your friends Meet us in the cut and we can do the business God my witness that I only wanna kick it And yo girl just said they with us So we rolling in them Benzes Won't you pour it up and stop the babysitting? She got drunk as fuck and swallowed all my kids Back to the Mac, tats on her back Ass so fat, hit that from the back When it clap from the back, she clapping it back She flat on her back and it's back to the track Fuck yo pack, ASAP where it's at? Fuck nigga act, get clap lay flat Fuck yo dreams, leave a fuck nigga dreaming When you sleep and you won't come back from the nap Benjamin 3 stack, it's a fact, she lives in my lap On my aw aw cat (OutKast), daddy fat, bitches on my sack And you know them smokin' bitches rollin' and reefer got me open Wilding to the morning with my homies, tell em where we going [Hook]

Changed Man

2PAC "Better Dayz"
(feat. Johnta' Austin, T.I.) [2Pac] Shit, I'm a changed man Ay, turn the lights out Big baller 2Pac up in this bitch Y'know how we swing this shit, look [Verse One: 2Pac] By age sixteen I sold to dopefiends Not yet a drug dealer, but I watched 'em closely Until they noticed me I got the feds wonderin who broke the law Far too inhibited for gunsmoke, I broke his jaw Words harder than a fuckin diamond Mobile phone call to Simon, niggaz trippin homey, when we ridin Fuck them slowly like Jodeci And stick a needle in my eye if I don't live and die for M.O.B. And fuck your homeboys nigga we can drop the guns I hit your block and we can box for fun Nigga one on one, last to fall is a baller cat It's Death Row, why the fuck you think we call it that So if you knew me in my past life Don't act like we homeboys, ain't no love in the fast life I switch gears on them jealous bitches, who do you fear The gameplan of a changed man, so what I'm sayin is [Chorus: Johnta' Austin + (2Pac)] I changed plans but I'm still the same old rider (Fuckin with a changed man) I slang a new dope to the world but the people still buy it (Nigga you fuckin with a changed man) All my real thug niggaz, go and get your hands up You go and drink the Henn' up (You fuckin with a changed man) Changed man, you're dealin with a changed man [Verse Two: T.I.] In drop top, the glock cocked, got rocks in my socks Cops spot Watt niggaz but hardly stop niggaz Not if they got niggaz, doughboys and hot niggaz Who mighta shot niggaz but only by strugglin I'm for respect nowadays they expect me to be in a Ferrari or the old SL Or anything you see flashin past and can't catch Dat's me, gauge on the Escalade back seat - don't creep Oh what you think, T.I., P and them sweet (Don't sleep) Get you hit from your head to your feet (And you don't know me) I'm fin' ta introduce you to the old me You walk in, exploded and leave reload You don't like a rugged nigga, fuck you, blow me But you will respect me or get it in your neckpiece G No three niggaz here are gonna let me be or get you inside there's codes to the streets nigga [Chorus] [Verse Three: 2Pac] A nigga so cold when I flow, bow down to Death Row Three wheel motion, comin through coastin Who's that nigga in the G-ride screamin out M.O.B.! Nigga we ride I hit the charts like a stick-up kid #1 in the nation I fucked the world, the Judge gave me probation Faced with incarceration Move tapes like it's big weight, slangin to the whole nation GIMME MINE, or I'm blastin on every song Murder my enemies, I'm mashin until I'm gone One love to my thug niggaz And fuck a bitch, cause a true sister love niggaz Throw yo' hands in the air, close your eyes and hope Never come against the massive smoke, on Death Row My adversaries BLEED But fuck 'em all 'til the talk cease, fuckin with a changed man [Chorus] [Chorus w/ 2Pac speaking over it] [2Pac] E'rybody think they understand me Shit, you niggaz don't know me Y'all know that nigga on the rap song Y'all know that nigga in the movies You don't know this nigga in 3-D Real live right up against you in front of yo' face Shit, nigga you fuckin with a changed man [Outro: 2Pac] Westside, Outlaw Immortalz, hehehe You fuckin with a changed man Hahaha.. you fuckin with a changed man Hahaha.. I ain't the same, you fuckin with a changed man We ain't the same, you fuckin with a changed man We ain't the same, fuckin with a changed man Changed man

Freestyle For Stay Dougie

In hollywood everybody got a business card In manhattan everybody got a business card In new orleans... everybody got a gun, and a bible, and a net, or some type of a fishing rod, And at night, if you listen hard, You can hear gunshots from blocks away or fiends pushin bricks through cars, I'm from the same dark alley niggas never go down, Forty ounce glass and needles on the merry go round Look, abracadabra bitches, I ain't the average nigga yappin on a track for riches, Even though my rags to riches tale is vicious hell, A lot of niggas sick an pale when I spit the braille You feel me? I never ever ever slipped and fell You hear me? And any pussy that decide to try and come near me Will get raped crushed and left for dead on the hill I'll be on the pyramid stairs out of Brazil Now put that in your pipe and get twisted Make like fingerprints and get lifted Nobody spit the sick shit like I do The bayou kid so deep on google you need goggles Nigga I'm sick with this I'm castin spells on the judge and the jury and the snitches in the witness pit

Cash Still Rules / Scary Hours

WU-TANG CLAN "Wu-Tang Forever"
[Raekwon] Shake them niggaz Scary hours no money out, smash the Guinness Stout Play the outfield, Lucille, switched cracks on shields She's a rich fiend, sacrifice her fam, shift them niggaz to Queens, Guess jeans she charged thirty-five beans Hit the cell phone, regulate with well known tone A Wally kingpin, who also slam and strike edition Whattup, Corleone smoke the bone Tone phone me Whattup he tried to slang there, address him with chrome only Grady with the gray beard, transport for him Rockin Nike at Rastafarianburg, pipin that Switchin Benzes, ten carat nigga with gold lenses Frontin like he's sittin on a lump he's sittin on junk You wanna pull a heist, draw guns and robberies You wanna rock rep, step in yellow Wallabies Names arraigned, the century fox, little glocks Them niggaz with stocks, wail on your blocks Rich lifestyle, small like an ordinary white child But right now, Son is still shine, shed light now Breakdown, liquidate God, fuck it grab the nickel plate Spencer for Hire, tension when we mention Dryer He's a slave cop, behave pop Blue suits who bay stop us blow that cat at the Purple Haze spot [Method Man] I remember stickin fiends at the one-six-ooh when we was starvin, duckin five-oh, payin em dues Times is hard in the slums I'm from, they got us barred in We warrin and cage dodgin, rippin and robbin Got the NARC sabotagin, slippin cracks in your camoflougin, now you snitchin on the squadron That's somethin niggaz can't pardon City overrun by young gun with bad intention, and Wu-Wear garment So I see no need to mention, the potency of a sting from a killa bee, kickin the battery out the back of them wisecracks Distorted for your get high you hijack These friendly skies ain't for you, they for me and mine This the year of the grimy nigga, ragtime Keep these niggaz on the run, peep my Clan emblem Iron Lung ain't got to tell you where it's comin from Catch us swimmin with these sharks now, you rap villains (I feel the same way you niggaz feelin) We feel the same way you feelin, let it be known (let it be known) [*together*] What the blood clot you niggaz dealin, you crash dummies Cash rules, still don't nuttin move but the money [Ghostface] Aiyyo strongarm that kid right there with wavy hair Billy Johnson, snatched him out his whip in Times Square Took his Pumas, nameplate, dude lost weight Summer eighty-eight, started a fight, that can't wait Ask Dorothy, same kid pussy up in Marsey Blazin that Tad Rossi, up in the Marquis He lost like a hundred ounces, Jake rushed his houses Had him on the porch, ass no trousers This souped up, individual stuck, the new stuff Same kid cryin on the stand with Judge Cuffner Kissed him with art num it's three to nine style Before he left he flashin his face like Denzel Richard Dale took his Beaver, off the wall pullin his whip Mussy dropped and split his wig with the heater His safe butt was all fucked up, as he had me laughin God you see how he was laid out, in the grass with dirt in his mouth, Slim woke him up told him he wild out Blood leakin from his teeth he smiled like he gunned out Big bolo, stackin his shit financed a Volvo He copped his shit from a small, coffeeshop in SoHo He still pussy, he sell his dust up on the Lower East Posin like he rappin out...

Apartment 223

Dr. Dooom "First Come, First Served"
Do not ring the bell, there is nobody home The spirits around will haunt you, do not ring the bell There is nobody home Apartment 223,(Scratch: I'm very hungry) (3x) Apartment 223 with body parts under my bed cut your abdomen out stab your fuckin leather coat I chant while candles burn with robes on You will learn Christian no Hebrew on the the balcony I see you The devils coffin with corpse of course In a mental state earthquake Schitzophrenic eatin' Campbells soup Takin a piss urinalysis test I hope you wear a fuckin bullet proof vest Just purchased the charter arms .38 Then you entered the confetti hell gate On the pee(?) floor bloody towels on sculptures Machine gun suitcases, for all you niggaz with 2 faces Mass murder, should have been in San Quentin I'm doin'life to ten, when I come home you goddamn right I'm goin back again Fuck the drinks on the table While you sleep I take pictures of bullets in your navel Open your face and pour milk in your forehead Count the bodies, that's four dead Look behind your fuckin' back With the drill bit in your ass crack, EXTREME PRESSURE Teach you a lesson Fuck your confession of evil I march with black sheep on the Sunset streets With hoods like Dracula I walk in back of ya Draggin you stomach parts to McDonalds Drink Absolut bottles and bottles, while you tryin' to fuck with the most exotic models [Chorus] As you see the sign, beware of animals A fuckin wild habitat My living room is the wilderness with spots on my carpet practicing my gun targets Virtual reality is a rough end to yor career set you on fire in a leather chair Using charcoal to broil Rap you jealous eyeballs in aluminum foil Wearin' Masses(masks) on the telephone talkin to your black asses, with stocking caps I reach I'm takin'your ass in a rented van to Venice Beach In a cardboard box Beatin' down your knees with a bag of Master locks Police can't hear you with a dead body tied near you It's hot, I 'm drinkin' soda with a tech-9 sprayin' your fan belt motor Stop the bullshit, blast you hands of the hood I pull quick Video tape you in a puddle of blood with razors in your dick With an extra clip I move your torso Spit on you hips With Mac-11 vice grips, surgery is major With my sneakers stompin' on your pager With my cup of Maxwell coffee, I like niggas whose bossy Fuck the critics I press your back Steam burn through your straight leg jeans Soakin your bones out in the washing machine, with tide soap in the laundromat you witness the killing Your man got scared called Riverdale with a baseball hat, took a cab to Hawthorne I know where he's goin' You can't hide in an empty apartment with a matress and no protection, with a New York psycho Bombshells in the Hollywood section I'm pressin bells and bells and bells till you fuckin let me in [Chorus] Follow you on tour like a haunted nightmare Kickin' in your intestines like Rick Flair Standin' by the Mobil gas station with a flamethrower and a fuckin lawnmower, throwin big lighters at your fuel tank I smash your face in the elestric window, piss on your fenders With my ubbrella up like the Avengers Plead guily in court bring glocks through security x-reays going for the worlds record Shut the fuck up about music, I'm playin' checkers with blood Polo shirts Lookin' at the fireworks on the dirty ass terrace Bones in 'fridgerators spring water and lettuce Fuck it if your jealous Gather crackers with flowers around 'em Keep you eyes around 'em Buck dishes, dial your ambulance I'm on a mission Open up your shin guards in tinfoil Warmin' my bread and Saurkraut while your legs boil Ketchup and Mustard, Fuck voodoo Paint on my face lookin off my roof like Shaka Zulu Surroundin you area for the biggest mass hysteria Muhammed don't (he mad?) While you motherfuckers eat pork I tast real humans on my fork [Chorus x4] [Frankenstien's assistant type voice] You do not see anything on the table? (Chairs squeak against floor) Well wait until I get the box....

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