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DJ QUIK lyrics - Rhythm A Lism

We Still Party

Original and similar lyrics
Siide! Oh no it's '98 y'all we got some new shit What we say? Yes ha ha fade the world in this motherfucker that's right oh check it out 1 Fuck what ya heard baby I'm DJ Quik whether on T.V. or in these streets I'm still the shit I went from drinkin' eight ball and makin' demos to drinkin' Hennessey Chivas Regal in the back of the limo Gettin' my issue in life you can't hate that and when I tell you about yo' self nigga you can't take that 'cause y'all be cross fadin' if you don't understand you got a side and I got one but you be crossin' over here to see what's in my hand Yeah but that's cool too I gets my money on the double that's what I do hittin' them brown bubbles and avoidin' trouble hoes to choose with nothin' to lose a million mothafuckas wanna be in my shoes But you don't understand, beyond the parties cheer I been broke my whole career breakin' bread with my peers bought a '96 Impala the new SS before the 20,000 mile mark I gave it to Sid I could never bust a new shoe if my nephews ain't got 'em Fila Jumpman Cortez yeah I'm comin' out the pocket for my homies in the 'hood up on it when I'm around 'cause there's a difference between bein' a thug bein' down now Chorus Bang bang boogie da bang da bang boogie to da boogie bang boogie da bang fuck what you sayin' nigga You's a gangsta! No I'm not! Nigga you's a gangsta! No I'm not! Nigga you's a gangsta! -2- Just 'cause I kick it with killers don't mean that I do it my occupation's a musician I'm stayin' true to it I went from bein' a rider to bein' a provider while I was straddlin' the fence tryin' not to hit the divider Just an impressionable human being tryin' to do right every now then I get my manhood tested in fights like I used to have a beef with this cat named Eiht and his homies approached me at the club El Rey What was I to do I'm on stage I'm doin' my thang and this nigga's out in the crowd tryin' to hoo' bang givin' it up for his homies set trippin' too but he wasn't from Rollin' 60's more like Tragney I wonder what's his problem what he tryin' to say Is this business personal or just Fuck Quik Day? I approached him like a man not like a nut he turned around put his drink down straight knuckled up In the dark club punches is flyin' all around and even though it was me him the rumors went 'round and said I killed somebody now how that sound How could I stomp somebody to death that's bigger than me and I'm just a hundred fifty five pounds tell me Chorus -3- See some don't realize the power of lyrics 'cause when you rap about death you talkin' to spirits You see you can say the things that can help us all ball or you can say things that make it bad for us all fix the problem the only way is come to the source don't be a Trojan Horse help us change the course everybody knows that it's bad in the 'hood so check what you rappin' about if it ain't to the good I did my part a long time ago I changed my views ain't no gang bangin' slangin' just hangin' with trues give it up to my Creator that you can quote but mothafuckas still see me as a scapegoat yeah like that night when Biggie died at Quincy Jones spot like 400 other people yeah I heard some shots broke away with the crowd nervous obviously the mothafuckas blamed it on me What the hell!?! Chorus Check it out this song is dedicated to the two most prolific writers in rap music history Tupac Shakur the Notorious B.I.G. It's also dedicated to the little homie from 60's that lost his life at that party Rest in peace y'all And to MC Eiht when you get yo' head together maybe we can do a record feel me I'm out Bang bang ('til fade)

Affirmative Action

NAS "It Was Written"
(feat. AZ, Foxy Brown, and Cormega (The Firm)) [Intro: AZ] This is what... this what they want huh This is what it's all about.. What Time to take Affirmative Action son They just don't understand, youknowImean Niggaz comin sideways thinkin stuff is sweet man Yknahmean Niggaz don't understand the four devils: Lust.. Envy.. Hate.. Jealousy Wicked niggaz man [AZ the Visualiza] Yo, sit back relax catchin contacts, sip your cog-nac And let's all wash this money through this laundry mat Sneak attack, a new cat sit back, worth top dollar In fact, touch mines, and I'll react like a Rottweiler Who pull the late, we play for high stakes at gunpoint Catch em and break, undress em tie em with tape, no escape The Corleone, fettucini Capone Roam in your own zone or get kidnapped and clapped in your dome We got it sewn, The Firm art of war is unknown Lower your tone, face it, homicide cases get blown Aristocrats, politickin daily with diplomats See me I'm an official mack, Lex Coupe triple black [Cormega] Criminal thoughts in the blue Porsche, my destiny's to be the new boss That nigga Paulie gotta die - he too soft That nigga's dead on, a key of her-oin, they found his head on the couch with his dick in his mouth, I put the hit out Yo, the smoothest killer since Bugsy, bitches love me And Queens where my drugs be, I wear Guess jeans and rugbies Yo my people from Medina they will see you when you re-up on your heater all your cream go betweeen us Real shit, my Desert Eagle got a ill grip I chill with, niggaz that hit Dominican spots and steal bricks My red beam, made a dread scream, and sprayed a Fed team Corleone be turnin niggaz to fiends U-Conn's and ninja black Lexus, 'Mega the pretty boy with mafia connections it's The Firm nigga set it [Nas] Yo, my mind is seein through your design like blind fury I shine jewelry sippin on crushed grapes, we lust papes and push cakes inside the casket at Just wake It's sickenin, he just finished biddin upstate And now the projects, is talkin that somebody gotta die shit It's logic, as long as it's nobody that's in my clique My man Smoke, know how to expand coke, and Mr. Coffee Feds cost me two mill' to get the system off me 'Life's a Bitch,' but God-forbid the bitch divorce me I'll be flooded with ice so hellfire can't scorch me Cuban cigars meetin Foxy at Demars Movin cars, your top papi Senor Escobar [Foxy Brown] In the black Camaro Firm deep all my niggaz hail the blackest sparrow Wallabee's be the apparel Through the darkest tunnel, I got visions of multimillions in the biggest bundle, in the Lex pushed by my nigga Jungle He money bags got Moet, Sean Don Bundle of sixty-two, they ain't got a clue what we about to do My whole team we shittin hard like Czar Sosa, Foxy Brown, Cormega, and Escobar I keep a fat marquis piece, laced in all the illest snake skin Armani sweaters Carolina Hebrera Be The Firm baby, from BK to the 'Bridge My nigga Wiz, operation Firm Biz, so what the deal is I keep a phat jew-el, sippin Crist-ies Sittin on top of fifty grand in the Nautica Van, uhh! We stay incogni' like all them thug niggaz in Marcy The Gods, they praise Allah with visions of Gandhi Bet it on, my whole crew is Don Juan On Cayman Island with a case of Cristal and Papa Chula spoke Nigga with them Cubans that snort coke Raw though, an ounce mixed wit leak that's pure though Flippin the bigger picture, the bigger nigga with the cheddar Was mad dripper, he had a fuckin villa in Manilla We got to flee to Panama, but wait it's half and half Keys is one and two-fifth, so how we flip Thirty-two grams raw, chop it in half, get sixteen, double it times three We got forty-eight, which mean a whole lot of cream Divide the profit by four, subtract it by eight We back to sixteen, now add the other two that 'Mega bringin through So let's see, if we flip this other key Then that's more for me, mad coke and mad leak Plus a five hundred, cut in half is two-fifty Now triple that times three, we got three quarters of another key The Firm baby, volume one uhh..

Looks Like A Job For...

Big Daddy Kane "Looks Like a Job For..."
This is a world premier and I'm here.. - gt; _It's Hard Being the Kane_ [Big Daddy Kane] Nobody move, nobody get hurt And I won't have to do no-body work The minute I come on stage and take position A demolition, where rappers catch a bad decision, huh I start to swingin it, puttin my bad thing in it Soon as I start flingin it, girls'll start clingin it People'll start singin it, noise oh I'm bringin it To show and to prove to the people the man that really is the king in it Cause I take the cake like Hostess No, not the one you wanna play high post with Warm it up Kane, warm as a snorkel Snatch the microphone and do a nigga somethin awful I give him the rhythm-a-jazz pizazz finesse and yet the flavor to jam and slam the land I flip the script like nobody can It's like they lack the crowd to get live and raw from all the brothers who smothered the mic They're frank with force, cause you know, Kane comes off See me and the mic go together like neighbors And if that's too fast, here's a slower flavor You see.. I.. am.. the.. man.. to.. stand.. top.. brand.. No.. band.. at.. hand.. and.. yes I can can, yes I can can rip the microphone to shreds Buck buck, rough and tuff, and a little bit raggamuffin For havin a rapper that try to battle will stress me You shouldn't address me cause you can't impress me So don't test me, boy, I say you better move over Yeah, yeah, huh Many people tried to say I fell off He went R amp;B, now his rap is all soft But if you say that on stage, I'll prove you wrong And wax that ass, rappin off a love song Cause with the street in all battles I'm still hard like a mallet, servin competition like salad I'm gonna give you some damn good advice G Break out, before there be some sugar honey iced tea Cause now you're comin in the danger zone There no man, can withstand, or hold his own I burn a rapper so bad that it bruise even if you put a condom on the mic that I use That won't protect ya, I still can effect ya Cause I flip the script, like a movie director I'm makin the non-believers believe what I'm dishin up And people that's still fans, will be air conditioners Why golly gee, I'm the hypest The power to maintain, and sustain, cause I'm righteous In other words, by knowledge and degrees you gotta say God bless, and I don't mean when I sneeze A black man, you know I got, SOUL for rockin the track and sparkin the mic that I hold Not just been flowin for the fellas so for the ladies I didn't forget you.. mm-wah *kiss sound* A lot of rappers today, know how to flow Also, a lot of amateurs turned pro But if I ask for the mic at your show Aiyyo, I think you better let it go! Cause I go in a rage on stage The rap it never stops til I get my props And if you don't know my style, well look here my friend You saw _Faces of Death_ Hehe yeah yeah aight then I'm tryin to tell my competition the scoop That I'm breakin down, any soloist or group And even though, some of them try to play souped When I come on stage, they spread they wings like Troop And fly away, cause I don't play I slay, okay, okay The king of combat, my competition scat Pockets stay fat, oh hells yeah, I'm alllll that The one they like to follow, bite and borrow Lock into my style, just like a Rottweiler So you wanna know the meanin of hardcore Looks Like a Job For.. * cut n scratch Big Daddy *

Still The Same Nigga

MC Ren "Da Villain in Black"
Hey pull over there dawg them my niggaz over there Aight What up niggaz? Y'all seen that punk ass nigga Ren? Yeah that nigga came through yesterday Y'all seen that nigga video? Na, I ain't seen that nigga's shit yet man Man, that nigga's shit whack any way, aight dawg Aight nigga Hey nigga put this in Though you didn't like that nigga, man why you always listenin' to his shit 'Cause nigga, I'm on his nuts fool, just turn that shit up Man pass me the phone, yeah man what's happenin'? Yeah, so, we be there in a minute Hey man, turn on the TV Yeah nigga roll up that weed Fool, you got some papers? Yeah it's in the room on the dresser Hey man I don't see 'em Hey man look in the closet OH!! Damn nigga, what the fuck you doin' in the closet, fool? Scared the fuck outta me, whassup? [BANG!!!] (CHORUS)(repeated) And check it out y'all (Yo, I'm still the same nigga) This nigga be creepin' on fools all day and night I got determined millimeters nigga, fuck a fight 'Cause niggaz don't scrap no mo', that's a no no Fools get hot, they shoot yo' ass on the spot 'Cause bitch made niggaz get fucked like a ho But be outta work like that nigga Arsenio 'Cause niggaz be talkin' shit behind my back Wishin' they could get they hands sweatty on my nut sack I ain't from Ohio, but I'm a player So pussy ass niggaz what the fuck ya gotta say a Poppa gotta brand new bag when I rock 'Cause niggaz on the corner sellin' shit out the ziplock Uh, but me and my niggaz sit back and relax While I fuck it up bustin' on them tight ass tracks Yeah, you niggaz know where you can find me I'm kickin' back in Compton with my niggaz behind me Still the same nigga (CHORUS) I used to be a magician, but a nigga gave up tricks 'Cause my assistance was fuckin' too many dicks So I start my mission, leave my residence Fuck it, nigga makin' dead presidents But niggaz be wantin' they hands in my pocket say gimme For a penny, all they feelin' is the jimmy Like Rick James I'm bustin' out on the funk Nothin' up my sleeve, the shit is in the trunk But don't make me bop that shit, and it's on 'Cause I can get rocky like Sylvester Stallone Niggaz shootin' stones, motherfuck a sly If I wanted to I could hit ya with my third eye Then you'll be in a deep sleep So bring the band by, 'cause nigga chokin' like I mad fly I'm still takin' niggaz out With the shit that's droppin' out my mouth 'Cause, I'm still the same nigga (CHORUS) Yeah minute you win it, a nigga ain't a loser It's a black nigga hittin' corners on a beach cruiser Or you might catch a nigga in a Chevy 'Cause my motherfuckin' shit is so heavy Rap skits kicked to the curb, they gets no play When I'm rollin' in the 4-54 in L.A. Fuck the radio and they format I got bitch made nigga killa wrote on my doormat So niggaz don't ring my bell I gotta bad attitude and I'm mad as hell 'Cause I break God damn necks with my rhymes Niggaz in the street don't wanna fuck with mine Devil's be askin' what I did Tell 'em I make funky ass records, plus I built pyramids But niggaz in the streets I'm a good fella In the trench like Gotti, and the umbrella Still the same nigga (CHORUS)


X-Ecutioners "Built from Scratch"
Yeah.. yeah.. 'Ladies and gentlemen' '..may I present' Yeah.. 'May I introduce..' 'Four of New York's finest..' 'Do you love the X-Ecutioners!' [Large Professor] Yo I'm like a country wild western, rhyme style murderer X-Ecutioners, cuttin things you never heard of Flip new beats, never once flipped a burger But I flame-broil, and still remain loyal On the hip-hop throne, and most kings I been doin it Rock, Rob, Joe, and Big E is one unit Supreme force, ever since Main Source, my nigga Shoulda had yo ass drunk like liqour, in a stuper Got to stay super, with the Cash Flow Never bashful, here's what you asked fo' The best DJ's in the world today Cuttin up 'Rock the Bells' LL Cool J and many more, Robbie Swift and he raw Roc Raida, number one chop innovator Total Eclipse, man you know that he flips and he diminished the, record like my man Joe Sinister I'ma lay back and watch 'em bless the track For the hip-hop world, cuz these brothers don't slack They always comin with the up-to-par You can call X-Ecutioners the best by far... Knowhatmsayin? Yeah.. Knowhatmsayin? Word up.. Yeah... [Large Professor] Yo, I take you back to the cave man era Survival and how to live, on ways I get better I'm too deep to peek, rock niggaz to sleep I'm like a four star general, out in the street Keep my business low, represent Cash Flow Bustin loose like Chuck Brown to get that dough Most of y'all could tell, I come from the ghetto Eight blocks from flushin metal where my family settle Got Chinese, Korean, Asian Used to link up with Nas, from Corntop Choice, for female persuasion Bustin off in the park, that was in the dark I'm real not fake so please don't pretend to part I'm lettin it start, the glamour the bucks Gotta get mine, cuz beef got stamina and guts Plus the phat beat, plus the rhyme plus the cuts [cutting up 'cut' in background] [Large P talking] Yeah, X-Ecutioners rockin the track Comin through with the hefty scratch Cuts galore.. Boardin back and forth.. all over the world Tri-state, every five borough Word up, these brothers been doin this for a minute man, gettin busy man, just.. cuttin 'em up man Choppin 'em, slicin 'em That's the original essence of hip-hop, knowhatmsayin just niggaz just gettin busy and shit Two turntables that's how it started Two turntables and a microphone X-Ecutioners, keepin the foundation strong...

Let's Get Funky

B.G. "It's All On U 1"
featuring Lil' Wayne B.G.: Choppers with drums Nigga thats how it comes Assualt rifles, extended clips Let you know where I'm from The names chopper city It's a city of niggas bout gettin funky wit' me Keep they fingers on triggers Let's roll wit' a pistol i get out of control It's your family i put on rows, front row I'ma 223 grabber Bust or block hitter Project kidnapper Rookie nigga wig splitter Make copies for the rapture It's all on u nigga Oh, i'm comin for the capture What you wan' do nigga Mystikals who I'm after Grab yo' steel and shoot I'ma kill ??? rapper Lil Wayne, he bout it too I'ma snatch if you got it Told ya before ta' hide it Told ya if you hide it It's a must that I find it Ride or die bitch Chop or get chopped hoe B.G. split or get split Play tha game how it go Shootin tha drop somethin' Glock or pop somethin' AK wit' fifty shots I tote it too stop somethin' Make it happen you's the punk I'll put you in the trunk ??? ???? you dunk nigga I bring funk (Chorus)2x Lil Wayne: Lets get funky wit' these niggas B.G.: Grab the triggas and blast Lil Wayne: Lets get filthy wit' these niggas B.G.: Take they figures and dash Lil Wayne: Lets get serious with these niggas B.G.: Grab the K's and bust, it's ten for one trust Lil Wayne: Retaliation Must Lil Wayne: Ah ah Don't run yo' mouth enough for you to get back in me My gun clap ?? start spinnin' and take many Plenty of slugs hit you Can you picture a young rapper Fourteen ?? black master million dollar flapper Watch me set it off wit' my sawed off jumpin As I be when I be pumpin Frontin' gets you nothin' Runtin' catch a slug from the M-what'n You ain't bout natin' Playa hater leave you bloody It's money and rearer Can't see clearly But ya' still hear me Four steps comin' quickly Can you feel me Better kill me before you get done in It's real dog But I got that red mark so when you come in Slugs somethin', seventeen up in the clip I keeps extra highly tips for the crum rip Should of chop-chop stop yo' whole block Let's get funky, you want me, I thinks not So much black clothing ???? you black-out All the lights go out That's when all yo fight come out Bloody streaks to the UPT where you lays on I praise on, think you plays on, it's stays gone The things you lay on I can't even pay on You got it, better hide it If you wanna keep it safe on I rome to the top That's my spot, my place Jumpin' out a suitcase Slugs chase to yo' face, ah (Chorus)2x Lil' Wayne: Ah, ah, ah, ha Now as I re-enter this scent and get into you These three dots, I plot and spot, then I shoot I keep a chopper under the medium Hilfiger I throw back punks, comin' out trunks to kill niggas I spill niggas, on the real nigga I gets dirty ??? ??? area ???? ???? dirty I know you heard me But you lied tonight But you can't hide It's written all over yo' face you easy to find Niggas front, scars all over they chest be starting to shine Like that Presidential Rolex reflex a million nine Gimme 'dat, all 'dat, and all black, that's my atire A tru rider, gettin' higher off uptown fire Remember me, tha little G never died Took one to the chest but the little G never died B.G. I'ma certified killer, million dollar nigger Any kind of gun trigger, clicker, playa hater nigga flipper Tangerie and juice sipper, disrespectin bitch flipper I'm bout drama off the top You know that's on the foreal-a I get's loaded low down by a monkey So call me donkey Nigga think lame He would want to know I gets funky Beef kicked in a night parade Uptown was deep Nothin' ?? ?? bookoom be standin' on feet Now you know I run with ignorant niggas All of 'em wild Thousand of people out Fuck that sprayin' the crowd Ain't no time for doin' backin down From trigga play Gotta closet of K's Ready to do it anyday Write grant after tenth Black grant I was tenths That's for Al and lil' Duga' Four deep in each in spinnin' ?? So twerk it up Handle yo' business Shoot or get shot I hit blocks wit' glocks Nigga, get or get got In school I was a fool a young funky But on the streets I used 2's Nigga, I gets funky (Chorus)2x (Lil' Wayne B.G. talk to end)

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