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DJ Honda lyrics - DJ Honda

Fuk Dat

Original and similar lyrics
[Featuring Redman] Intro: Def Squad. Comin' to you with the ultimate and the real. Straight outta the NJ. Representin' the real deal yo kickin' your ass. Scratching Dat's my word Word up Verse 1: Well it's the soup troop higher than parachutes I get wick like Jimi Hendrix off the avenue Blow your Yamahas watch me harmanize hummmm Represent the 0 7 1 0 3 to the 1 dudes Hand your guns loose rock from morn light to dawn too Break the walls fo China with steel vaginas Great balls of fire I don't need no equalizer To turn my voice low or higher like Maria Godzilla killa iller illiotic psychogaloptic runnin' for office Look at all these little Japan people that are squashin' with the funk, helicopters come So I puff, the funk diversifies from the lye Swines turn to popters into fried shrimp rice But it's no prob I'm just here to do my job And burn all you niggas third degree Dat's my word Scraching Hook: Word up in the place to be Smoking motherfuckers in the industry (x4) Verse 2: I blow the frame with I'm acting deranged Strange like Cameo on Soul Train with gold frames The 18th letter who's brain is wetter then mine? I destroy MC's of all kinds I represent no question confidentaly my mysteries are solved for Agatha Christie Death sponge my lyrical format as it crush 116th and Park got the hush What you gonna do when they come for you voodu Rollin' like Stones on tour puttin' metaphors in pause Redman's the shit with my lyrical tech ya swear that Godzilla and Gamera just met on your set Check I'm hyperactive with vocab collects Exorist style twisting your cap back perhaps You can try some new nouns and verbs in your raps Like dat but you're still wack Dat's my word Hook Verse 3: I can set it off for my people in the front in the back Milky like Simalac you can ask DJ Honda if my ganja style come from under One hit feel the thunder from this hunter Jump up while I House your Pain with the posion rock rivers to lakes Resivors in the ocean I be coastin' 5 seconds fatality lies the record Down left left punch Scoopin' y'all nigga like jacks up in the bunch Turn into a dragon bite your bodies in half in one crunch And I can do that in my raps too Tattoo leave permanent marks but I spark like gats do Any you could of died when I'm through with you This body be for you, say peace to your crew Dat's my word Hook

Dont Curse

featuring Kool G. Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, Q-Tip [Heavy D] This one definitely goes out on a censorship tip So everybody sit back, relax and have a champagne sip We gonna teach these people out there who are Against saying what we want to say the right way Y'know what I'm saying, so what we're gonna do Is kick back, swing a little funky beat by my man DJ Pete Rock, prducer extrodinaire, yo Pete Rock Make it clear I can flex, bend, lend a pen to a friend Keep a party pimping from now to then I don't have to swear, curse or juggle Lyrics in the verse to make a party bubble So mister Censorship, tell me, what's your problem There's girlies on the corner, and phifey can't solve 'em How did she say it, I'm curious G DOes she say honey love me, or baby baby, funny Anyway, we say what we wanna say Play how we wanna play, feels good that way So G Rap, huh, it's time to kick a verse Do your man a favor and don't curse [Kool G. Rap] You're telling me don't curse on a verse, they did it worse First I put a curse on every verse I kind of got outrageous Check it, even made a record on how I'm doing on the B-I-T-C-Hes Drop some verses for the bust Every word that you heard is cause I didn't give a f-, aw shucks Hey yo, I almost forgot The curse is a plot but it's getting kinda hot So I'ma let profanity retire, hey But if worse comes to worse, I'll cut you out like Richard Pryor So Grand Puba, kick a verse But do your man a favor and don't curse [Grand Puba] Don't curse bust it I won't curse, I'll take a famous curse word and just say kcuf Kcuf flipped around the other way means ha Boy when I do, I see, I can't get stuck Jump on the mic then I earn a quick buck Buck meaning loot, then I grab some boots And set wit my troops For those who can't follow and got stuck Kcuf flipped the other way means ahem, hem hem It's just a curse, I freaked a nurse in a hearse But I made sure I had my hat first CL Smooth, it's time to kick a verse God cypher the rhyme, you can't curse [CL Smooth] Go ahead ask me, when I kick a curse in a verse, I say nope Grab you by your hand, wash you're mouth out wit soap Thinking to be the last one wit the bad lingo Scooping on the skinz in the church from your bingo Sounds of the Mecca, dark fresh from the tailor Because they made a movie when he cuss like a sailor Better yet, dialect dirty like a subway Freaking for your loot, here to make it go the other way In a vocabulary scrimage But cursing in my village ain't good for my image So Big Daddy, you know it's time to kick a verse But do your man a favor, don't curse [Big Daddy Kane] Uhn, the smooth rap inventor that enter Parental discretion's not advised so there's no need to censor Kiss on, peep it, but you want to beep it, what I feel like slapping a sticker on ya (chill chill, see) but Too magical rhymes are too tragical For any source to stop Kane from getting capital If I thought sticking me was dissing me Man, don't you know that this would be worse than Stephen King's Misery So clean all profanity, stealing all the man to be Rocking any microphone you're handing me So Heavy D, i'm about to disperse So kick another verse and don't forget not to curse (Heavy D talks) [Pete Rock] God Bless but I can't mess around wit the curses So I'm a kick verses or a verse Soul brother #1 here to kick facts Smoke the microphone and produce crazy tracks Your my bad bro, let's start the flow I'm a kick rhymes till it's time for me to go I can't curse cause Heavy D said so Now I'm a get back to the subject Get wreck, if you think I'm bluffing, just check Wit the crew, Pete Rock and CL Smooth very down to earth And we didn't have to curse [Q-Tip] Yea, yea the Abstract poet Q-tip of a Tribe Called Quest Here to wreck, y'knowhatI'msayin Got my man Pete Rock and my man Heavy D in the house And we're definitley chilling on the lifted tip So bust the spit out, aha Flim flam flim, lick my big black stuff Plus I kick a curse to be rough enuff You can put the sticker where the sun don't shine So back off and let me get mine Visions in my head when it's dealing wit hits If I had 4 girls then I lick 8 its Wait, don't wanna hear no drama Cause the bum didaly Heav is a fav of my mama's So i blew out get mad lifted Don't have to say up the show that I'm gifted God bless me 'cause I reach my 21st Heavy D, don't drop a curse [Heavy D] Peace, peace, peace to the preacher I'm talking about a verse without a curse that's how I reach ya I can rock a party without a swear or a harsh verb Backwards, no curse words, Heavy D prefers So swing, swing to the Soul bequiem rhythm Before I say goodbye, let me tell ya how I hit 'em CL, Pete Rock, G Rap, Maxwell Big Daddy, Q-Tip and ah me as well Time to say peace, thank Pete for the beats This funky beat was made for the street Notice how clean that we kept every verse But if worst came to worst (We all say a curse) (Free Slick Rick...)

Rock With Me

Jermaine Dupri "Instructions"
Uh-huh-uh East coast (yeah) Uh-uh-uh-huh-uh West coast (Uh-huh-uhhh) Down in the dirty (where?) Dirty dirty (aha ha) C'mon (Chorus) (Rock with me) Put ya hands up in the air so (I can see) That you feel it and never could get a (Another JD) How I put it down it makes you wanna (Rock with me all night long) (Rock with me) Put ya hands up in the air so (I can see) That you feel it and never could get a (Another JD) How I rep the A town it makes ya (Rock with me all night long) (Verse 1) Well it started off on the avenue When I came up with the name called the So Def crew It was me, my big homie Eddie Up late making tapes, putting them out on the streets I used to rap scratch even try to sing Now I'm the little cat pumping out the steam I used to play with it, now I stay with it, Lay with it And huh keep pumping out hits Cause can't nobody do it like we does This side, that side I gets nothing but love And I keep it pumping up in the club Big with all the pimps, the hustlas, ladies and thugs That respect that knock, when they hear that knock Y'all niggas think I'm gon stop (Please!) Y'all won't see me on behind the scenes But you can catch me at a money machine, Ching Ching (Chorus) (Verse 2) Kris Kross was the begining of the linen and cars Houses, hidden clubs, shutting down the bars I was only 19 doing big big things In the CP living the American dream Then I signed Xscape, first album 1.8 (million) New company, my shit looked great But uh, me being the player that I am I couldn't stop I just had to find me something else to take to the top Something fly that'll catch your eye Thats when I bumped into my little sister from the West side of Chi Demo after demo we made Got so funkdafied now we paid Rap or R B we ain't playing We demand y'all respect this afroman As the game gets bigger, and my dough gets longer And me and my crew get stronger The more you wanna (Chorus) (Verse 3) In every flight there's turbulance and I had some But I remained focused and kept dropping the bomb 'What should I do next?' that was going through my head Then Candy introduced me to a Jagged Edge Three homies from the Dec, one from right around the corner We went in, came out, now everybody on 'em Three albums later, everyboby on 'em Ain't a city you can go where the girls don't want 'em Once again I was thinking 'whats next for me?' Then I got a big call from my homie Steve He said Hey, let throw something your way It was none other than my brother they comparing to MJ Girls can't stop screaming, three mill now Everybody love him and his name is Bow Wow As the game gets bigger, and my dough gets longer And me and my crew get stronger The more you wanna (Chorus) See I've been doing what I'm doing for like 10 years man Putting out fire man You might remember Sometimes Leather, Monica,(aha ha) Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, TLC, Usher, MC Lyte Man you name it man, I got the hits playboy Dru Hill, Da Brat, Xscape, Jagged Edge, (ha ha) Kris Kross, Destiny's Child, and my little homeboy Bow Wow Listen man I never gonna stop


JOE BUDDEN "Joe Budden"
[Intro: Joe Budden] Let me just make this statement Loud and clear - Jersey's here Some dude's got problems wit me Over there - I ain't care Some people see me creep They mack all type - that's alright You know I slurp my drink I'm clipped inside - kids aight (Just Blaze!) [Verse: Joe Budden] Yes y'all it's the one and only (what else?) And I came to have fun, here homie (what else?) And I came wit a ton of money (but!) Don't get it twisted the gun is on me (now) This chick's wit her man frontin on me I'll holla at her when she done wit homie Cause, Jump Off I got a ton of grown freaks One named Tasha, one named Monique One's diva'd out, keep her make-up tight She got her good heels on wit her Jacob ice And ma love to club, so she stay up nice And she give me brains just the way I like! One's real ghetto, don't give a reason She knows I'm not her man, she don't riff bout cheating Joey only go to her crib on weekends Real real late when the kids are sleeping 'Tis the season, no more BS music Watch and learn, see us do this Geeks here's new shit Playboy I keep exclusives to make dudes see less units (c'mon!) [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] Can't stop won't stop Rock it to the rhythm Cause we - ah get down Cause we - ah get down Cause we - ah get down Joe Budden, Busta Bus Cause we - ah get down And we seeing that There's some hoes in this house There's some hoes in this house Light that 'dro in tha house Smoke that 'dro in tha house Bring that doe in this house Bring that doe in this house Where dem hoes in this house? Where dem hoes in this house? Where my niggas at? [Verse: Busta Rhymes] Guess who's coming? It be the God of the flows It be the God of the spitting It be the God of the blows You'll be black and blue up your shit And probably swell up your nose Lotta bitches love when I spit so let me dazzle you hoes Let me prazzle your head, do and skidattle wit Joe And get a stack of that money and get a stack of the 'dro Better back it up money before they crack through the dome I got a pack of them niggas that leave a crack in yo skull HOLD UP!! ... see I ain't finished wit y'all Before I diminish let me handle my business wit y'all Watching you niggas, you shook! all you looking all nervous Maybach infront the club, parked crooked on purpose Now ladies my Mercedes Maybach Probably hold six in the back and three if ya fat Probably hold more in the back if they sit on the lap I gotta go and move to the party to see where it's at [Chorus] [Bridge: Joe Budden] Let me just make this statement Loud and clear - Jersey's here Some dude's got problems wit me Over there - I ain't care Some people see me creep They mack all type - that's alright You know I slurp my drink I'm clipped inside - kids aight [Verse: Joe Budden] Yes yes y'all who ain't believe me? Don't be fooled it ain't this easy All y'all so 'n so's shamed, that cheesy You wonder why people don't go and spend they change on a weekly (But) Who's fly in rap? I in fact By myself, no one behind the attack And fuck Sound Scan, I ain't BUYING that Cause y'all sell em to the stores then buy 'em back Now one hot storm, we'll fly and rap If the rest of you provide is wack I see creativity dying fast I'm glad producers charge so high for they tracks (tell em why though) Now they do it all, you just applying the rap Honestly now, it's not the economy's down Now rap dudes suck they own pee hole The wacker the music the bigger the ego Fans left suffering, gasping! And it's embarassing! Jump Off I'm the aspirin I'm still hungry, I'm still fasting Y'all fade out, I'm just getting it cracking [Chorus] [Outro] Whoo! [repeat to fade]

G Funk

NATE DOGG "G-Funk Classics (Disc 1)"
[Chorus:] G is for the gang of money I make F is for the gang of fools I break U is for the undisputed champ N is 'cause you never gonna get the mic back K is for the niggaz that I knock on they back Damn is feels good to see Long Beach on the map Till the day I'm dead I'm gonna keep that shit real Now you niggaz know G-Funk's for real To those people who don't believe in G-funk Tried to take my style and make a quik buck here's a message to one and all Your pass is revoked Now I'm havin' a ball Any questions come and see me the king of G-Funk the one and only Congratulations you sound like Nate You took my old hook And got me paid [Chorus] Some people are nothin' but clones Some people have styles of their owm Some people are copycats These people can't get the mic back Can you feel me one-hitter quitters You can't copy me - I'm one in a million Call any expert and you can ask him Copy machines can't copy platinum [Chorus] When you feel like some cavy G-Funk You need some music to bumb in your trunk I got a baseline, a gangsta tune Put on the classics and your head will be movin' soon [Chorus]


KRS-ONE "I Got Next"
featuring Angie Martinez Redman [Redman] Alright everybody move back from the ropes If you don't move back we're gonna turn this music off and that's my word move back! Word is bond let's get this shit goin Word up it's the Funk Doc in the house say hell yeah! HELL YEAH! Say fuck yeah! FUCK YEAH! Word up it's the Funk Doc Spock you don't stop It's my man KRS you don't stop It's the girl Angie you don't stop With the hah haha ha haha hah!! [Angie Martinez] It's the Butter Pecan Rican speakin deletin other radio jocks that think they competin they pre-sweetened, like candy, I'm hot like pepper Big up to Sandy but my name is Angie Martinez, what a true microphone fiend is Steppin up lovely with MY, AD-IDAS through your speakers, representin boriquas, and all hip-hop rhyme seekers You may think I'm crazy right, but I'm crazy hype Slay this nice y'all, everytime Angie grab the mic I jams it right tonight, not the hardest But peep the style of this Puerto Rican Goddess [Redman] Aiyyo yo yo yo, stop the music! Aiyyo back up off the ropes, man, word up! Yo get from the off the ropes Now aiyyo yo yo, KRS-One, come again the selector! [KRS-One] It's been a long time but we made it, you waited You gettin frustrated cause these MC's in trainin Skills on the mic for a royalty save it Pullin down rap so that others can't make it They can't fake it in front of KRS they naked That same old MC trend I'm here to break it The highly conceptional multidirectional Hot in ninety-seven so I guess I'm flexible Rap relieve stress so yes I guess it's medical All your wrecking and raping is still theoretical Redman, you know you must understand (Whatup?) Redman, you know you gots to understand (Hah! Whatup love?) Angie, rockin with the one BDP (Ha, haha) Representin right now at Hit Factory [Redman] One two hah, and you don't quit It's Kris and Angie with the ultimate One two hah, and you don't quack It's Funk Doc smoke weed and don't smoke crack Hahaha, hah, and you don't quit Hoohahhahah, and you don't quit I rock jams like, Samsonites with mics Stage two boomin system and flood the lights The lyrical, fo'-fo's lettin off like suppose Reggie Reg is rockin on the ra-dioooo! Hahh, huh, the oooh-child too chill Caps peeled, Someone In My Bed like Dru Hill Raise em up, cause I feel my spot can't be touched No time for the Pauline jack, hit the clutch Shotgun what?? It's the high exalted Ruler of the buddha, the cash make my pockets stick out like a tumor, for the consumers I get busy with La Pluma, detonate the bomb to make you hibernate sooner, certified luna-tic My click run deeper than Charlie Tuna Kahunas, raw for the able key movers all over the hood like them Crooked I coolers Bang maneuvers, from Jerz to Vancouver Back to the Bronx with heartbeats ample looped up I Blastmast like Kris, funk abyss like a phone chauvenist with a Roley on the wrist Sike! I can afford it, less I slaughtered three platinum niggaz and none of em prerecorded KRS-One need to be runnin for office So Butter Pecan Rican -- tell them to get off his

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