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Divine Comedy lyrics

Commuter Love

Original and similar lyrics
Freezing Monday morning She is waiting for her train to come I brush past her, smell her perfume Watch her hair move as she turns to go She doesn't know I exist I'm gonna keep it like this I'm not gonna take any risks this time She's not like the others With their papers and their headphones on She reads novels by French authors with loose morals She can do no wrong I wouldn't say I'm obsessed I don't wanna see her undressed We can be prince and princess in my dream And we're dancing Through the evening 'Til the morning

The Arrival

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Slug] [whispered] "I'm not really supposed to talk about this.....but..." With the excitement of a new born Came to join the main event and fight against the luke warm With nothing but they word and they history Take a can of paint and try to decorate their dignity It's not what they anticipated Fuck, it doesn't matter. Put your fists up and instigate it And they can't save the planet Or the children of the pandas Or themselves god damn it I'm just a man that loved rap So much in fact I put every piece of myself inside these fucking tracks What is that, you whisper something from the back? You think your personal attacks Make up for what you lack? I'm just a cat searching for a clean lap To crash in a world hurting, waiting for they turn to take a nap Sorting through bills, fan mail and life threats Wondering why the postman ain't delivered my wife yet They call me Sean, this is Anthony No need to act hard cause we got extended family So I smile while I try to use my words wise Say what I meant just in case this is your first time Via child of the wings tired Smilin' like a couple of fools that the queen hired Can't wait for the vibrate to thicken So we can watch the world tip side. WAIT! Even the dead's getting live It's a little deeper, you can float, come on baby dive! To fall in love with this bitch From the petals on her flowers to the pimples on her tits Fuck the insults. And fuck the compliments Just wanna see the mommy free the honesty and the common sense Stop following the win that you swallow Cause it's too simple to aim for a target sitting on a fence We do it for the candle in the sky Here's a toast to those who can't handle their high You and I, we can swim into the tide And watch these other children lose they mind (I'm doin' fine) And they landed safe and sound Better try to take 'em out before they make your saviors proud So fix your beef, quit actin' like a sheep Either spit your speak or sit there and git your teeth To spread the info to the kin folk Fucking with the climate on the inside of the windows They're here, the baby farmers gonna take it farther Make a mark and break apart your fake martyrs Planted firm, let the planet burn Understand the terms, you don't wanna open up this can of worms I'm trying to keep the prize on the eyeball But people wanna see you fly all to watch the sky fall Who's to blame for your lack of conviction I wasn't drafted, I asked for the mission Put your name on the list at the bottom on an empty line And hold in plain sight what ever gave you the right to question mine? The night prowler, gonna crawl past all the rap politics You can put that on your last dollar Wake up, it's bigger than a pay stub There's the door, get the money, go wash off your make-up [Muffled] And they don't need to love it If you don't wanna give it, keep it Doesn't really mean nothin' Come and beat it 'til it stops breathin' No need to even try to reason When they not leavin'

Back Where I Belong

Have no faith Believe me, don't believe in me I'm gonna let you down You make it so very easy He's waiting for me That's the way I ever want it to be It's always been the same Yes it has, do you see. Wanna be where I belong I belong What am I supposed to do? If he were there I wouldn't be with you And you know the time is wrong I'm going home back where I belong You cant loose what you don't have Making waves wont keep mine from me I was lonely and there you were Don't think he's hiding in the backroom He knows with a wave of his hand (On my way) you'll be out and I (On my way) I'll be on my way (On my way) back where I belong I belong If he were there I wouldn't be with you And you know that it's all I have I'm telling you baby I can't stop now He's waiting for me I gotta go 'cos I feel his hand Reminds me how ain't no use in having any other man

Hair Of The Dog

[VERSE 1:] It's a long long road of livin I wouldn't wanna be sendin The wrong idea that I'm gettin soft. I just keep on gettin lost I don't care too much If I ever find my way back home. The railways are too rusty The roads are just too dusty I sit and watch the day die all alone. It's just me and the sun But pretty soon he's gone When he goes away, I'll go get stoned. [CHORUS:] I drank all last night Til the crack of dawn I was pickin to my favorite country songs. Singing, It won't be long Til I'm dead and gone I woke up this morning To the hair of the dog. [VERSE 2:] I remember sweet young fame Or maybe it was a dream She was beggin me to come home when I could. This whole life protests me It's a curse and a blessing A glimpse of where My daddy stood [REPEAT CHORUS]

Knock Yourself Out

JADAKISS "Kiss Tha Game Goodbye"
Uh-huh, you know where I'm takin this I'm takin it right there - they leave me no choice AOWWWWW!! Uh, uh, oh [Verse One] She said she was a model for a year and a half And if she took her pins out, then her hair would drop down to her calf I knew her man, he was just up North and would've got left up North, but he was the chef up North Anyway I'm K-I-double All I do is get dough, spit flows, try to stay out of trouble If you ready we could move, just lose your man or hit the dance floor, I'll show you how to do my dance Or I might let you play in the garden Or sit up in that white thing and listen to the greatest of Marvin The estate got six locations Take so long to get to the front once I missed probation And I hate to brag I know ya man really wouldn't like the Beretta but he'd hate the Mag And yeah here go a blank check, rock yourself out But in the mean time girl - knock yourself out [Chorus] Oh you modelin momma (knock yourself out) Wanna let ya hair down (knock yourself out) Oh you ready to move (knock yourself out) Whatchu wanna sit in the Coupe (knock yourself out) Wanna keep on dancin (knock yourself out) Wanna run in my mansion (knock yourself out) Sit in V.I.P. (knock yourself out) Bitch you just wanna be seen (knock yourself out) [Verse Two] Now you can knock yourself out like you boxin yourself Or you can get real freaky start poppin yourself And my watch got so many rocks, when you look at the time it's sorta like you watchin yourself, uhh Front if you want, I puff a few blunts and take a cruise in a Porsche wit the trunk in the front She had the Jocko B'sure sandals, told her hop in The coupe blew her mind when she couldn't find the door handles Attitude very high maintence; check this out ma I'm runnin out of my patience Don't sleep wit me Then don't speak wit me And neva talk bad bout niggaz that eat wit me [Chorus] [Verse Three] Aiyyo, honey know I'm waitin to leave Keep dancin, cause I like how that ass shake in them capris I'm like Big wit the murder mamis up in Belize but I'll still fuck a chickenhead like Lil' Cease I don't care if they model, bet they all gon' chill First nigga to cook base on a Foreman grill And you might win some, but you just lost one Kiss +Miseducates+ 'em like Lauryn Hill [Chorus - (Fades)]

Livin' Our Love Song

JASON MICHAEL CARROLL "Waitin' In The Country"
Baby, when I look at you With your hair falling down in your baby blues Standing there across the room I get so lost in the way you move It makes me reminisce, back to years ago On a night like this Teary-eyed, as you took my hand And I told you that I'd be your man So many things have come, so many things have gone One thing that's stayed the same is Our love's still going strong [Chorus:] Baby just look at us, all this time and we're still in love Something like this just don't exist between a Backwoods boy and a fairytale princess People said it would never work out But living dreams, we shattered all doubts It feels good to prove 'em wrong Just livin' our love song Oh darling, would you look at me With my heart beatin' fast, and my shakin' knees It's pretty hard to believe After all these years, I still need you this badly You're dancing in my arms With a spotlight moon in a sea of stars Oh girl we've come so far Everything I want is everything that you are Just wanna lay you down, say I love you Without a sound I think you know what I'm talkin' about [Chorus x2]

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