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DISTURBING THA PEACE lyrics - Golden Grain

Move Bitch

Original and similar lyrics
[*whistling*] Chorus 2x: Ludacris Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way [Ludacris] OH NO! The FIGHT'S OUT I'ma bout to punch yo... LIGHTS OUT Get the FUCK back, guard ya grill There's somethin wrong, we can't stay still I've been drankin and bustin' too and I been thankin of bustin' you Upside ya motherfuckin forehead And if your friends jump in, Ohhh gurrlll , they'll be mo dead Causin confusion, Disturbin Tha Peace Since not into lution, we run in the streets-a So bye-bye to all you groupies and golddiggers Is there a bumper on your ass? NO NIGGA! I'm doin a hundred on the highway So if you do the speed limit, get the FUCK outta my way I'm D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober and you about to get ran the FUCK over [Chorus] [Mystikal over second chorus] BITCH! Watch out, watch out, watch out BITCH! Watch out, watch out, watch out, move Here I come, here I go UH OH! Don't jump bitch, move You see them headlights? You hear that fuckin crowd? Start that goddamn show, I'm comin through Hit the stage and knock the curtains down I fuck the crowd up - that's what I do Young and successful - a sex symbol The bitches want me to fuck em - true true Hold up, wait up, shorty Oh aww wazzzupp? Get my dick sucked, what are yoouu doin? Sidelinin my fuckin business Tryin to get my paper, child support suin Give me that truck and take that rental back Who bought these fuckin T.V.'s and jewelry bitch, tell me that? No, I ain't bitter, I don't give a fuck But I'ma tell you like this bitch You better not walk in front of my tour bus [Chorus] [I-20 over second chorus] Bring it, get 'em 2-0, I'm on the right track Beef, got the right mack Hit the trunk, grab the pump, punk I'll be right back We buyin bars out, showin scars out We heard there's hoes out, so we brought the cars out Grab the peels cuz we robbin tonight Beat the SHIT outta of security for stompin the fight I got a fifth of the Remy, fuck the Belve and Cris I'm sellin shit up in the club like I work in the bitch Fuck the dress codes, it's street clothes, we all street niggaz We on the dance floor, throwin bows, beatin up niggaz I'm from the DEC, tryna to disrespect DTP And watch the bottles start flyin from the VIP Fuck this rap shit, we clap bitch, two in ya body Grab ya four, start a fight dog, ruin the party So move bitch, get out the way HOE All you faggot motherfuckers make way for 2-0 So... [Chorus] [*whistling*]


Beatnuts "Stone Crazy"
Intro: Yeah, yeah yeah. Open your mouth (aaaah). Open it! Wide. Psycho Les: I'm coming running at you with an axe, chop you in the hip Now you fuckin' hop don't don't ask me any questions (questions) Why too many ears at my sessions With opions, but not this year (no question) Strickly answers, Luke dancers, chasing off happy campers And wanna be rap gangsters, yappin' that shit I don't like But not tonight we bring that shit to start a fight So what the fuck? When I hit you know I struck Knuckle game, test and get munked Nigga dissed me, forget this and you back in the rhyme with a punch line Trying to slamp you in broad daylight around lunch time, so what the fuck? Don Gobbi: No false assumption, I cut a face just like a pumpkin Potted up and drunken, grabbin' my balls while gruntin' You just a munshkin, not even half of the equivalent My team is militant, criminals who swear they innocent You insignificant, I turn diesel niggas to involents You started it, I'll finish it, deminish it I'm killing it, word duke, I let it known don't fuck with Gobbi Act a man like rack of lamb and feed the body to the rody Smokin' Suckas Wit Logic and raised with project lobby I let you choose your fate, your only crews will wait I'm heavyweight and when I'm old and great yo I rejuvenate And duplicate, and slam man like Sumo tournaments Fake thugs get plugged and missles launched to their coordinates Hip hop cornered it, a-yo we fear none, rappers hootchies and spear guns Bustin' threw your ear drums, we leave the ears numb Get You Open like Black Moon and spot a kill of gorillas A plattoon of baboons (that stab wounds) to make the shit worse hit up your soft spaces A bunch of niggas with court cases and all faces And torch places and leave the spot crispy, smokin' like a hippy From now until I'm 50 Hook: Unciviled (x4) But now I start to realize Don Gobbi: Yo turn the mic on, Ju visualize like nightcorn You fake thug niggas still sleep with the lights on You quite wrong thinkin' that your team is like strong We strangle y'all niggas like pythons, we like flaws Corona outlaws, 52 Southpaw Hungary as niggas that'll come out yours Stick a nigga in a heartbeat, it's the cold blooded Dominican dark meat Hook

Chicken Hawk Ii

MACK 10 "Based On A True Story (Explicit)"
Chicken Hawk II Talking: The record you about to hear is basically true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. (You a cold nigga) Some breathe gangsta shit, we dream of gangsta shit (Repeat) Verse 1 I hit licks nigga lead the hood in strong arm 'bout to get more chickens than Foster Farms Now give it up or die this a mothafuckin' jack hustlas guard yo sack the chicken hawk is back Impatiently waiting out of hunger my instinct to kill got stronger my wingspan's longer my guns loaded up and before you know what hit you I jump off the wire swoop and then I get you And fuck a tussle bitch cause all I do is shoot put lead in ya dome take ya sack and ya loot With a foe foe (.44) revolver so my strap ain't a jammer I want pure Peruvian no cuttin' Arm Hammer Gotta take what I need that's how the ball bounces now decide if you go die over thirty six ounces Before I go make sure no cameras in the vents pull a feather from my tail and dust off my claw prints Nigga Chorus You knew that I was dangerous when ya took it Look the Chicken Hawk two is after you (Repeat) In search of super chicken (Have you seen him?) (Repeat 4X) Verse 2 Yo girl gave me the cock but now she holla rape So I take her to my nest and wrap her with the duct tape Pull my heat out squeeze and make these Teflons melt her and watch blood drip all down the walls like Heltah Skeltah Take flight over the woods to drop the body and hit a lake to rinse off 'cause my feathers all spotty I stalk once again caught my prey by surprise look in his eyes if he lies he dies before sunrise Where the work at fool the jack is on you feel the wrath of the chrome kick in or get your noodles blown So hurry the fuck up nigga take me to the safe It ain't no time to waste with this Magnum in ya face Make one false move I swear the gunshots rang out first I'ma kill you then I'ma blow ya bitch brains out A hawks technicality is pecking for his salary so keep the dope whoopin' while the Hawk'll keep swoopin' Chorus Mack Dime and that's one to grow on mothafuckas.

Go For Yours

Boot Camp Clik "For the People"
[Chorus: D. Real] It be the B.T.J's, wit lyrics for all We be on point wit the joints, cuz we takin no fall So I'mma go for mine (so son, go for yours) Yo I'mma go for mine (so son, go for yours) [El Sha] My crew be in the mix, like name brand kicks The kids that only deal wit that type of nonsense You can't get wit, D.K.S. self evident Adolescence, reign the supreme court, in any, every, meant [Lil Knock] The time was approximately eleven forty three When the D called me, and told me, we must be Lyrically, the best that he says, the K N O C K, and S and K, it's spray Comin away, the B.T.J., it be they I'mma hold it down, wit sounds Like clowns, walk the trey pound Now in the underground, B.T.J. just entered Remember, the S comes last like December Once shit cock it's time to Rock like the Monsta In reality, B.T.J., is lyrically responsible for all difficulties [El Sha] My lyrics oppose a threat to the best M.C. yet And appears nightmares for those who slept Also the biters, claimin they writers They need to think about what they talk about When you exposin your dirt, that's when you dummin out Dwellin in the PJ's, all day, hangin out wit nothin to do Them rebellin niggas is mad, cuz I'm tellin the truth Hittin yo wit mind craftin, flows to molecular cord graphin [Chorus 2X] [Lil Knock] Aiyo one day it was me and the D Walkin down the street, some niggas stepped to me Said are you Lil R-U-T-I-Z He said I heard you nice on the muthafuckin M-I-C Battle me, battle right here, and let's see So we kicked a verse that didn't hurt So I hit 'em worst, to let him know I don't play those games Save 'em for the jerks, D. Verbs said Son, let me get some I said No, cuz he's a victim, and he probably in my premises You know when I open my book wit my lyrics I'm endin this (No question) All this shit he poppin in my ears Fuckin ejected, he can't hang wit my style Look now, here's man fillin it, back to like what I was sayin I start extortin, I'm not playin You want Lil Knock? I come on your block Cock and then start sprayin, lyrics So don't start what you can't finish Cuz I will be sure to end whatever you created [El Sha] Mentally you can't function Physically you dead wit the push of this button Explosion be corruptin, from the expert of execution I met Lil Knock at the junction He was talkin about walkin, to the tree spot We took the L to New Rox, we got stopped by two cops Talkin about Where the two glocks? , we doo wops How was I two glocks? Man, it's too hot And I'm cold, so let me go, I never hold Whoever told you, that I do la? Lil Sha, fuck a do or die Nigga die, because of what they do I do what I do wit my crew Po-po was hype, they was like You bite, stick wit the mic device Drivin off, said Have a good night Personally I might, and all that shit I said was a psych' [Break] So who's the crew that give nightmares to those who slept (D.K.S.) Constantly flown wit finesse (D.K.S.) Puttin all comp' to rest (D.K.S.) Be the best so you can't contest


AB-SOUL "Long Term 2: Lifestyles Of The Broke And Almost"
[Verse 1:] Game keep changing, Tats on faces Look close, you can see how rats run races You find it's all about the cheese at the other end They forgot the simple shit, like strengthening your limbs I listen to the radio and I begin to cringe I eat MCs, find a spot inside my fridge When y'all was tricking off, taking bitches to the bridge I was sparking up a cig, tryna tighten up this bridge The hook is real catchy and the verse is interesting Now all I need is a feature from Drake or Lil Wayne I never move hoes, like say a Gucci Mane I'm broke as a bitch, and I spit like I'm insane But what a nigga gotta do to shock the whole nation Sign to ROC nation, become a fucking Mason Monopolize, prophesize an abomination I'll Do it, but you thought it was just music? [Hook:] Passion What the fuck happened Somebody talk to him Motherfuck rapping (Oooooh, where's your passion) [Verse 2:] This for my niggas that log on to All HipHop And listen to niggas they never heard cause they love Hip Hop I got so much drive I never need a pit stop It's scarier than a whole hour of Alfred Hitchcock I'll probably make your bottom lip drop when my shit drop I'm in tip top condition With a hustler's ambition Ounce after ounce, me and Jizzle keep twisting Until we get twisted like the caps on snitches Just know our little passion will take you a long way Like Pussy & Patron can salvage a long day I dive head first in a verse and swim away And pull a pen out and throw a grenade at your brigade Like a Skin Head, you're a barber that can't fade I'm up all night trying to come up with something crazy So while you sleeping like a baby I'm a seal up the deal, no relation to the navy [Hook] [Verse 3:] Uhn I wake up in the morning and compose a rhyme doper than the last time before I even opened my eyes Open-minded to the truth, but not naive to what is fiction I probably love this more than my bitch, say I'm trippin' Leave your ass in a ditch, if you can dig it You mad cause I found my niche and you didn't Too fucking bad Fuck with Ab And so you know, every sentence, it is from the Soul [Alori Joh Sings] [Ab-Soul randomly talks]

Current Status

ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Beyond] I peep Rap City highlights to my eyesight Witnesses, bitches and kids fronting to bring their shit You get nothing from this, write redundant, I leave the dumb shit I never half-ass, my blast has you overcome with the basement aroma, should've waited for your diploma Instead you dropped out, now you grab the microphone to let the fox out, I box out this center Ripping to end your agenda cause I'm the microphone binger Since you started rhyming you been barred from flying Tryna push me to peep, I didn't buy your tape cause pussy is cheap Pushing me deep, so I brush it to fuck it You get rusted to rubbish cause my stuff is conducted on some thoroughness, that "fuck the world" shit don't make it happen You roll without friends and that sure as hell don't attract 'em The five-man travelling band, I stand sagging my pants Caramel skin color, the slim brother I cancel and contort your financial support A&Rs ridiculed for having thoughts to deliver you Give your crew brain lacerations You having dreams about stardom is only fame masturbation My name has awaken the criterion So judgement is passed, anybody budges I blast Bussin that ass and got class for the clone Brothers need to relax straight to the back like domes [Chorus: Slug (Beyond)] Where you at? (To all the bad heads with the word) Where you at? (And if you getting fed by the herb) Where you at? (And all the brothers keeping shit tough) Where you at? (And others talking shit about us... bitch) [Slug] No excuses, I feel that there's none needed I know that you resent me cause I study how I'm greeted I'm quick to touch the mic for the rep and for the loot I'm known around my village as the mouth that likes to shoot Now I no longer have time for your irrelevance because the ignorance is just as dangerous as the intelligence It's all about the passage, I'm trying to grasp it and hopefully my son will forgive me for my habits I manage to pity those flavorless with shitty flows Amped of their camp acting out their favorite videos Save it, give me those trophies you call balls for my display case, now walk away and save face Fuck the beef, even you believe it ain't needed I know that deep down you respect me cause you study how I'm greeted It's sewing up seams, it's plugging holes Slug knows it takes more than toy flows and a B-boy pose See, he keeps it clear and he strikes the fear and he even caught a Grammy for marketing strategy of the year Where, oh where is the server? Current status, emcees need to take their bras off and burn 'em [Chorus: Beyond (Slug)] Where you at? (To the ones that's in the front with their hands in the air like they just don't care) Where you at? (And to them kids in the back tactfully surveying the stage to see who's wack) Where you at? (And to the ones who grab the mics at shows house parties or by self, yeah go head, get your flow on man) Where you at? (And to that kid crawling out his crib at night putting fame on trains bus benches and stop lights) [Slug] Lavish, I'll never have it I get too happy doing atmospheric damage to your amateurish madness Lavish, I'll never have it I get too happy doing atmospheric damage to your amateurish madness Check your current status

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