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Disney lyrics

Just Around The River Bend

Original and similar lyrics
What I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice. The water's always changing always flowing But people I guess can't live like that They all must pay a price To be safe we lose our chance of ever knowing What's around the river bend Waiting just around the river bend I look once more just around the river bend Beyond the shore where the gulls fly free Don't know what for What I dream the day might send just around the river bend For me, coming for me I feel it there beyond those trees Or right behind these waterfalls Can I ignore that sound of distant drumming? For a handsome sturdy husband who builds handsome sturdy walls And never dreams that something might be coming Just around the river bend Just around the river bend I look once more just around the river bend Beyond the shore, somewhere past the sea Don't know what for Why do all my dreams extend just around the river bend Just around the river bend Should I choose the smoothest course steady as the beating drum? Should I marry Kokoum? Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do you still wait for me, dream-giver, just around the river bend?

River Road

Here I go once again With my suitcase in my hand And I'm running away down River Road And I swear, once again, that I'm never coming home Yes, I'm chasing my dreams down River Road Mama said, listen child You're too old to run wild You're to big to be fishin' with the boys these days So I grabed some clothes and I ran Stole five dollars from a sugar can A twelve year old jail breaker runnin' away Here I go once again With my suitcase in my hand And I'm running away down River Road And I swear, once again, that I'm never coming home I'm chasing my dreams down River Road Well, I married a pretty good man And he tries to understand But he knows I've got leavin' on my mind these days When I get that urge to roam I'm just like a kid again The same old jail breaker runnin' away Here I go once again With my suitcase in my hand And I'm running away down River Road And I swear, once again, that I'm never coming home I'm chasing my dreams down River Road

Follow Your Dreams

[Intro, spoken] The world fears a person with a dream. Because to have a dream gives you the ambition to wanna fulfill wanna that dream And if you live your life fulling that dream, you're gonna glow man. Because there’s a magnificence in the moment that comes with fulfilling you dream that you can't achieve being a part of someone else's [Hook] Follow your dreams no matter what people may say. They gonna talk they gonna front they gonna hate at the end of the day its between you and God cause you know what it takes Follow my dreams and get right back down, two steps forward three steps back round. They keep pulling, I'm pushing, I'm shoving, they showing no love - oh God I need you right now [Verse 1] You got famous your love came back up, that's insane The same as you must be to be in this game In this game you suffer, hit strangers Like Usain you bolt towards your dream But haters speak disdain Know my name and your name But one thing's for sure man Success is a sickness and there ain't no cure, man Cure all is work hard and don't take no tours off And even on off days you came back like you're off The payoff is tenfold in dollars and euros Pitfalls of vanity, pride, and your ego Just let go and live up to your full potential What they say is hearsay, it's inconsequential But naysayers say no, but they are so simple That they judge appearances and can't touch the mental They are sheep, they follow shepherds of men Or Malcolm, or Martin; I follow my plan [Hook] [Verse 2] Do it for family, but they don't believe That dreams that you have can even be achieved Get ready young sailor, here's rough on the seas Can't let no doubt or self-pity drown me It's design when you sign and the vultures appear And if you should succeed, it gets worse by the year But the worse curse is failure, it kills by the day Watch your dreams and ambitions as they fade away See, my curse is I'll verse in these verses I verse Will still be overlooked like a body in hearse But this Lazarus rap and this is my rebirth And no paper, just my dream on verse The boot lady told me she dreamed I was cursed Told her, if you can't tell I returned to Earth Returned to the dirt, returned to the essence Cause no weapon formed that gives me a succession [Hook] [Outro, spoken] I hope you've learned about the business of chasing your dreams out there. I hope you're chasing your dreams 'till you're exhausted, 'till your feet hurt, 'till your bones ache, and 'till you get it, you're hoping that you won't let it go. I want this to be more than good music to you, I hope it's inspiration for you. Chad Butler told me a few years back, "fight for your dream, Michael, like a drowning man fightin' for air." [Hook x2]


COWBOY JUNKIES "The Caution Horses"
Look out, Mama, there's a white boat coming up the river, with a big red beacon and a flag and a man on the rail I think you'd better call John 'cause it don't look like they're here to deliver the mail And it's less than a mile away I hope they didn't come to stay It's got numbers on the side and a gun, and it's making big waves Daddy's gone, my brother's out hunting in the mountains Big John's been drinking since the river took Emmy Lou So the powers that be left me here to do all the thinking And I just turned twenty-two I was wondering what to do And the closer they got, The more those feelings grew Daddy's rifle in my hand felt reassuring He told me, 'Red means run, Son, numbers add up to nothing' But when that first shot hit the dock, I saw it coming Raised the rifle to my eye Never stopped to wonder why Then I saw black and my face flash in the sky Shelter me from the powder and the finger Cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger Just think of me as one you never figured, to fade away so young with so much left undone Remember me to my love I know I'll miss her

The River Of Dreams

JACKIE EVANCHO "Prelude To A Dream"
River of dreams take me with you tonight Lying in your arms we'll drift to Islands of wonder that gleam and glow Under the stars As we glide through the dark To the heart of the night River of dreams gently hold me again I remember all you told me All of the secrets you whispered as we crept away From the daylight and melted back into the night Was I awake or did I dream The kiss of waves The silver slipstream That tumbles as it turns again towards the sea River of dreams softly flowing away Let me follow where you are going And make me a part of you Deep in the heart of you Let my reflection be clear In the water of life That tumbles as it turns again towards the night

Goin Down

Sock it to me. Floatin down the river With a saturated liver And I wish I could forgive her But I do believe she meant it When she told me to forget it And I bet she will regret it When they find me in the morning wet and drowned And words goes round Goin down Goin down Comin up for air It's pretty stuffy under there I'd like to say I didn't care But I forgot to leave a note And it's so hard to stay afloat I'm soakin wet without a boat And I knew I should have taken off my shoes It's front page news Goin down I'm goin down Hep hep, hep hep, hep, hep hep, hep hep I wish I had another drink It wouldn't be so hard to sink I should have taken time to think Beside I got the picture straight She musta had another date I didn't need this extra weight I wish that I could see the way to shore Don't want no more Goin down Goin down Now I see the life I lead I slept it all away in bed I shoulda learned to swim instead Now it's really got me stumped I can't believe or why I jumped I'd like to get my tummy pumped I can't believe they drink this stuff in town This dirty brown Goin down Goin down I should have looked before I leaped I didn't know it was so deep Been down so far I don't get wet I haven't touched the bottom yet This river scene is gettin old I'm hungry sleepy wet and cold She told me to forget it nice I should have taken her advice I only wanna go on home I'd gladly leave that girl alone What a way to spend the night If I don't drown I'll die of fright My papy taught to float But I can't swin a single note He threw me in to teach me how And I stayed there floating like a mama cow And now I'm floating way down stream I know this has to be a dream If I could find my way to shore I'd never ever do this any more I'll give you three, I've been down nine I'm goin down just one more time Goin Down I'm goin down...etc Now the sky is gettin' light An everything will be alright Think I finally got the knack Just floatin' here lazy on my back I never really liked that town I think I'll ride the river down Just movin' slow and floatin' free There's a river swingin' under me. Waving back to the folks on shore I should have thought of this before I'm floatin' on down to New Orleans Goin' to pick up on some swingin' scenes I know I'll know a better day I'll go down groovin' all the way Goin' down Goin' down

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