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Things To Come (Feat. Aceyalone)

Original and similar lyrics
'Ay yes y'all' [Iriscience] The only thing constant is change with that....its the shape of things to come Yo I'm the open-est emotions I'm a river in straight A crystal clean lake Yo the essence of *steam* The form of a luminescent bright light flourescent [Aceyalone]You got light? [Iriscience] Don't wait 'till it's dark to ask questions I been sparking in *sessions* And blessing mics with my prescence Since many were pre-pubescent Puberty adolescent Perhaps you need a lesson in Addressing with respect an' Too many feel inadequate without their little weapon [Aceyalone] It's like I got the whole world against me Need to get intensely A head full of headaches And a hand full of *sensi* Them so flimsy so why there one MC There wasn't one before hasn't one since me A gangster of love I come from up above I give the mic a tug I give the world a hug I give skies a kiss I give suckers a diss Some people like my old styles better than this but [Iriscience] Yo I'm Spacey like Kevin And some do knowledge of seven Praise Jesus and Jah Buddah Allah or just Heaven [Aceyalone] Yeah and some like it moderate Some like a lot of it Whichevery way I go we got something To get you move up out of it [Iriscience] Some will be statistics Some will be reverends Dimes become pennies like dimes become eleven [Aceyalone] To some we kind of thought of it As teaching the dumb Ace-One and Dilated The shape of things to come [Chorus][Iriscience] I catch rec and Tangle in circles with squares Triangles to test if indeed you're prepared This is the shape of things to come This is the shape of things to come [Chorus][Evidence] [Aceyalone] I wax 'em I tax 'em Here's Iriscience - ask him From Arkansas to Aspen The futuristic jazzmen I'm telepathic Moving through hella traffic I know my demographics See how this was crafted and drafted There's precision in the incision I'm not christian or Catholic or any other religion I'm just man With a steel in his hand I shoot the gift from blessed to spark where it land [Iriscience] And it landed in the sand Where the pyramids blaze And this is how the dictionary defines such a place A polyhedron with a polygonal base Median and common vertex Triangular face Who came in the home and Ripped the cats stole Stripped the limestone To line they fine home I cram to understand Their dirty deeds in song While we bringing you the shape of things to come [Chorus][Aceyalone] [Chorus][Evidence] [Iriscience] Aiyyo I center punch punchlines Shine when it's crunchtime I back to beatbox, rap battles at lunchtime I sketch a piece and fill it in with design Ooh no, Aceyalone Raw bright like sunshine Platform squad standing on the brink Yo I touch the world Got three but two blink Rakaa aka Iriscience lenscrafters And blend with hash the self defense master [Aceyalone] Yeah its too bad we control fire, wind I know that you bad you batted a thousands I remember who's the baddest with the apparatus tell me again Take ahold of your heart without penetrating the skin See I didn't invent it I just perfected it I never intended to really connect with it But once I got in it I redirected it Now I change the world and get respect with it and a check with it It ain't nothin' new under the sun Fool I ain't afraid of the size of your gun The flesh is weak plus they speak foul tongue Take the breath from their lungs as they swung And they hung and they sunk [Chorus][Iriscience, Aceyalone and Evidence] Babu scratches 'Ay yes y'all' Y'all ready to bounce for us? It's that shit It's that LA shit

Leave Ya' With This

Kurious "A Constipated Monkey"
S-U-B, R-O-C (??) rock it to the highest degree [Kurious] Fresh out the box, in comes the loot PSYCH cause it don't, I flaunt the tactic, climactic styles No I won't go out the back like the vermin I'm burnin, all sucker MC's whose hittin switches like Erick Sermon Easier-rider provider of the old school shit The tool gets hot when it's shot Droppin shit on the mic, like faggots do in their drawers when they see my sihlouette, surprise, the crops is yours Blue light soars, speed to the heavens Seperate from your body in this piece of shit we live in You're back to the essence we will always miss your presence See you later in bliss, for now I leave ya with this.. {*horn break*} [Kurious] Anticipation of the groove makes me go RRRRAHH Kurious the brainiest spontaneous, NAH On the real Sub, tell me yo yo, why they be buggin? They shoulders should be sore from the nuts that they be huggin Never payin tolls, cause I don't own a car (worrrrd up) Tell a bitch if she wanna bone a star to ride my dick to the moon like a rocket Already got a girl, bitch you need to stop it My dog, I lock this up I know you're laughin only wish that I could reach ya If I get my shit correct, I'm guaranteed to meet ya But you're back to the essence we will always miss your presence See you later in bliss, for now I leave ya with this.. {*horn break*} [Kurious] You tell me, Whattup Hobbes? I say that's what Jordan got You think I'm a superstar? Nah, can't afford a lot of shit cause my pockets is fucked Welfare style, why smile? Here stops the bucks Aww shit, make way for the prolific charismatic Hispanic, Puerto Rican Cuban plus a functional addict Rehabilitation is needed Got soul cruise control at 55, never speeding The ticket, you stick it, crevice, is anal Try to match up parallel, and yo the pain will make you cringe, but the joint is dedicated to my man up top, none other than Subroc Takin time machine trips, go back and correct shit Roughed up a beat, I freestyle on some next shit You're back to the essence we will always miss your presence See you later in bliss, for now I leave ya with this.. {*horn break*}

We Are Free Men

Well, the future spills its intangibles An unknown set of variables A path that's splitting infinitely up ahead So tell me what's the use to pick and choose From what you should or shouldn't do? That's time spent better sleeping in your bed Or wide awake in a shopping mall Trying clothes on from off of the wall Yeah, anything to entertain yourself Cause a costume can be quite comfortable It can make you feel more beautiful It can even make you look like someone else But it's still you, so there's nothing you can do Like a bad habit, the one you couldn't kick There it always is And it's nothing that no doctor's gonna fix They pat your back bruised with their accolades And all four walls are a trophy case But that doesn't make it any less of a cage But you can make it all less difficult By embracing the ephemeral Then you'd never have to worry or explain Cause if it's really all just physical Then my memory's immaterial So why then do I remember you at all? But I do, I do, my friend, I've seen your face We shared a cup, I know the taste Its sweetness is relentless on my lips So help me drink in everything that is Like a freed convict, drunk on redemption From the way I've been Well I swear this time that things will be different Well, right and wrong, they have never been that far apart For those who'd write that sentence where you hang We will be lifted up from all of this Yeah, we will transcend the insignificance of our existence Yeah your body's gone, but angel you will live Now your body's gone, but angel you will live

Road Trip

Bucklew Wendy
He's got one hand on the steering wheel The other's playing in the wind And he turns up that song he used to love But was always embarrassed to admit And he sings out loud and clear But only out here. He's passing up the fruit stands and tourist traps He saves his money for convenient-store coffee, smokes, and gas Knows a sure-fire way and has the will of his want He says, This time things are gonna be different This time I'm gonna do as I pleases He signals right on a random exit That ol' time warp came into view He said, I'll have the 99-cent breakfast And coffee brewed to wake the dead And hands back a sticky menu The waitress calls him honey My God, she must've worked here All her life And he started missing home 'Til he remembered why he'd left, Sat back and reset his sights And he wants The world to hold him like a baby Never treat him like a child He thinks his tears are some big secret The only one kept by the night Only at night So he picks a dream--any dream Follows it for a while then says, It's just not me No, I'm not running. I'l well on my way He still has her picture on his dash Yeah, that tramp gave back his ring But every time he's near a pay phone he's tempted again He could call as just a friend, lift his voice and mask his pain But he won't give her the satisfaction No, he won't lower himself again. He says, This time things are gonna be different So he calls me collect about 12 am his time And he said that job fell through But there's another one across the line And I asked, already knowing, if he was okay And he said, Yeah. It's just--sometimes... So I hugged best I could with words And with a shrug in his voice that couldn't fool a stranger He finally got around to asking, Did she ask about me? I wish I could have said yes .

Nickels And Dimes

JAY-Z "Magna Carta... Holy Grail"
[Hook] Nickels and dimes Sticks to my mind I'll never win You have my friends [Verse 1] Got a thing for nickel plated nines and pretty dimes Mac-11 I squeeze like lemon limes Squirt obey your thirst, fashion lines Between beauty and beast, I walk the line Johnny Cash, I'm a real G I cut my self today to see if I still bleed Success is so sublime Gotta do that time to time so I don't lose my mind Something 'bout the struggle so divine This sort of love is hard to define When you scratching for every nickel and dime Got me itching to do this shit for my mom Do this shit for my town Leave the door open hoping they kick it down The purist form of giving is anonymous to anonymous We gonna make it there, I promise this [Hook] [Verse 2] Sometimes I feel survivor's guilt I gave some money to this guy, he got high as hell Now I'm part of the problem far as I could tell Did I do it for him or do it for myself Can't lie to myself I love my niggas more than my own blood I die for my niggas and I love my cub, hope that's not fucked up I got a problem with the handouts, I took the man route I'll give an opportunity though, that's the plan now No guilt in giving clear a nigga conscience out No guilt in receiving, every thing within reason Can't see it taking food out my little monster's mouth That will drive me gaga Run up in your momma's house, two nickels, one dime Manslaughter charges, the lawyer, knocked it down I'm just trying to find common ground 'fore Mr. Belafonte come and chop a nigga down Mr. Day O, major fail Respect these youngins boy, it's my time now Hublot homie, two door homie You don't know all the shit I do for the homies [Hook] [Verse 3] Pardon my hubris, Stanley Kubrick With eyes wide shut, I could cook up two bricks Turn nickels to dime, turn dimes to quarters Turn wives from daughters, oh, I'm clear as water And just for clarity, my presence is charity My flow is a gift, philanthropist Everybody around me rich, or will be Baby boy I promise you this, or kill me And when a nigga go as the old adage go You die rich or you die a disgrace, so just let me grow Watch me cook, throw no looks Like Magic in his prime when Kareem sky hooked Y'all not worthy, sometimes I feel like Y'all don't deserve me, my flow unearthly The greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous So here y'all go, I promise this [Hook]

I Wanna Be Your Friend Again

Blonde Concrete "Walking in London"
Happy New Year! (Happy nowhere!) Where are you going? (Slow, I don't care where...) Where? (Oh, I'll get there) I WILL get there Monday, one step Tuesday, two I'd crawl on my hands and knees to you Wednesday, three Thursday, four I'd break in windows I'd kick in doors Friday, walk until I fell By the side of the road Too tired to tell where I was (Where were you?) I don't know... (Where was I?) I I wanna be your friend again One, two, three o'clock It's too late to start Too late to (Stop) Five, six, seven, eight I'm walking steady I'm walking straight Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen You're important to me (You're important to me) Night and day and day and night If I can, I will make things right I I wanna be your friend again I'm sorry (sorry) For the things I wish I hadn't said I'm sorry (sorry) For the things I wish I hadn't done I'm sorry (sorry) For the way I wish I hadn't been I'm sorry (sorry) Hello? Hi. Oh, it's only me... (Oh yeah, be cool. Tell him. It's the women who loves him more than life itself. That's what you really want to say.) Well, you know.... It just popped into my head... thought I'd give you a call... (Oh yeah, you've been waiting all day; getting up the nerve all month.) Oh... I'm fine. Fine. (Oh, fine. You are not fine! You eat, sleep, think him, twenty-four hours a day.) Oh you are? Oh good, I'm glad. (You are not glad! You hope he burns in Hell with this woman! You're not happy. Go on, tell him!) Oh, everything's going great. Really great. (It is not going great! You are miserable twenty-four hours a day. All you can do is think about this man, and you haven't even got the nerve to tell him what you really think.) Yeah, yeah, I gotta go, too. Yeah, I've got a lot... lot of stuff to do. (Don't lie! You haven't got anything better to do, and you know it, than be with him!) Yeah. Take it easy. Bye. (Oh, take it easy. Once again, you didn't say anything you really think!) I I wanna be your friend again I (sorry) I wanna be your friend again I'm sorry (sorry) For the things I wish I hadn't said

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