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All Of You

Original and similar lyrics
Oh...oh...oh...huh Ooh...yeah...ooh...ah...ha... I never had this feeling before I never wanted anyone more And something in your eyes tells me You feel the way that I do (I feel like you do) If you would like to stay here all night [Mmm, hmm] You know that I would say it's all right Though I'm saying, “Yes' I confess I've got more on my mind‘ Cause I want more of you than your time All of you, your body and soul Every kind of love you can express All the secret dreams you've never told I want everything and I'll take nothin' less All of you as long as you live Everything you've never shared before I want all of you that you can give All your joys and all your sorrows Your todays and your tomorrows How I long to feel the warmth of your touch [Mmm] And then if I'm not askin' too much I'd like to spend my life wandering through All the wonders of you (All the wonder of you) And when we're lying close in the dark So close I feel each beat of your heart I want you to reveal what you feel [All you hold deep inside] [There is nothing I want you to hide] All of you, your body and soul Everything you want this love to be I want all of you, all that you can give And in return for all you're givin' Let me give you all of me All of you, your body and soul Every kind of love you can express All the secret dreams you've never told I want everything [Everything], everything All of you as long as you live (As long as you live) Everything you want this love to be I want all of you, all that you can give In return [In return] I wanna give you [Let me give you] All of me

Take My Love Mon Amour

French Affair "Desire"
Oh Baby tonight抯 tonight Don抰 hesitate, it抯 gonna be all right I take you high and don抰 deny my desire Oh Baby my heart is on fire I touch your skin and I feel the warmness of your body Your body I抣l be your fantasy, your night loving thing Je t抋ime, I swear I do Take my love mon amour Take my love make it al right Thanks your life with the color so bright Take my love pour toujours Take my love make it all right Feel so good when you are by my side No matter where I go and what I do I think of you, I need you so I抣l be anything , yes I抣l be anything Your average went of ????? I love you, I love you There is no love for anyone else then you You make me feel alive I love you only, I swear I do Je t抋ime, Oh yes I swear I do

Don't Let Them

ASHANTI "Concrete Rose"
Say that you want me Say that you'll never leave me You gotta tell me you need me Don't let them take your love away [Repeat 2x] Some say that I am a fool to love you And some say that I'm to dumb to know whats right for me But only I can live my life, and only I can feel my heart ache I never claim to know know everything but I know when your loves away I can't sleep and I can't eat and I can't live and I can't breathe So don't make a fool of me, just love me [Chorus 2x] Now they say that me loving you will hurt me And they say its a matter of time before you break my heart But even when were far apart I always feel that you are with me I hope and pray almost everyday that our love never goes away Cuz I can't see where I would be without your love all over me So don't make a fool of me just love me and say [Chorus 2x] Baby your all, all that I need, need in my life, right here with me [Repeat 2x] [Chorus]

Forget Me Not

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Inspectah Deck, (Unknown singer)] (Baby...) Bitch! You know what I want! (Sweet love.) I wanna talk to Sampson. (Girl... sweet love.. feel.) I want yo' sweet ? (Yeah, baby. Sweet love.) Yeah, BBC status. (Girl.) Mockin' birds like Zorro (Feel... baby.. sweet love.) (Girl... sweet thing... feel what I feel?) Ghetto princess told me she settled out in Flushin' Meadow Fly chick rockin' size six Skiletos Drapped-out in tailor made leather and suede A serenade for the moment, then we part ways What a child girl, quiet at home, huggin' the pilow and phone Now you're grown, rollin' bones, holdin' your own I admire, attire be bold just like her attitude Jewels from head to toe, glowin' natural I'm after you, your style's what I'm attracted to Realize it and keep it movin' when you do pass thru Knowin' when we bump heads, we will soon bump hips To be swimmin' in an ocean of love that sunk ships Homin' with the tight grip, come thunderous To wake up reminicisin' and spark the blunt clip Have you lovin' it, wonderin' if I shall return Forget me not, enternally the flame burns [Chorus: Inspectah Deck, (unknown singer)] Forget me not (Baby, sweet love.) Forget me not (Girl, feel what I feel?) (Baby, sweet love. Girl, feel what I feel?) [Inspectah Deck] Last August, I met this hard chick, caught a carbon pick 'bout to visit her, man, in month six Just comin' home from a two year trip Now we 'bout to do two 'cause her man turned snitch She under pressure, want me to come rescue her but Inspectah is no haven for the rester I feel you breakin' out but it's the path you chose Fuckin' your foes will have sons breakin' your nose I see her once or twice now as weeks went by She'd slide by tryin' to hide the black eyes Lookin' right though, I might go for her seduction Dangerous curves, I must avoid bein' sucked in Lustin', I caught her at the function Slid out the side, saw the ride and jumped in Later on, the fox unlatched the black box Got her rocks then collapsed from the backshots [Chorus] [Inspectah Deck] (Last night...) changed it all, I had a ball First of all, I got an obscene phonecall All I heard was heavy breathin', laugh sounds and moans An intimate kiss followed by the dial tone Repeatedly, this person kept callin' my home Givin' graphic details of her sexual jones No clue of who, must've been a total stranger Annoyin' me, yeah, but talkin' me out my anger State your name and stop playin' games If you wanna spark flames, it can be arranged On your side of town, right around now What you workin' with, let me know how it's goin' down Then the phone clicked, then once again, it rang with directions to the lab, where she's doin' her thang To my surprise, when I arrived, she had her legs cocked I got her red hot and blessed the wet spot [Chorus to fade] [Outro: Inspectah Deck *in the background of the chorus*] Yeah, BBC status. Mockin' birds like Zorro Give me a phonecall tomorrow.

Remember Us

NO QUESTION "No Question (Ruffnation)"
last night I peeped your skeelo I watched you from afar another lover with lots of money let you drive his fancy car he never really takes the time out to tell you that he cares when you stressed and you want to talk about it his time is never there seeing you makes me miss you so much your in a place where he shows you no love I want you to know that I feel your pain and I would do anything in this world if I could feel your love again. [chorus] Do you remember us and the way true love used to be remember making love felt you so close to me I remember love girl,can't you see I remember us when love was love between you and me. [Repeat last line] [Verse two] Can you truly tell me that I never seem to cross your mind everytime I think about us I shake my head and wonder why did I ever let you slip away please tell me what am I to do I rather live life lonely than live without my boo. I can't hide what I'm feeling inside we both know that you should be mine I want you to know that I feel your pain I'll do anything in this world if I can feel your love again [chorus] [bridge] Ever since that day that I let you slip away I always felt that I was your fool baby you know that things have changed you know it seems like love has lead my heart right back too baby

Already Have

CASE "Open Letter"
You seem to think my love For you could some how pass Cause I was told by friends About your scandalous past Wish you could see inside And know just how I feel We said the past was dead And I feel that way still [1] - And through this life we'll Walk together And I no longer search to try to find Cause I already have you baby. [2] - I already have what I want I already have what I need You're beautiful inside and out And baby you've got to believe I already have what I want I already have what I need You're my number one, the only one And baby you've got to believe Lady I know that I am not a perfect man But show what's best I can exactly where you stand girl I can't even look no more I know I found true love So sorry if I made it seem like love has faded You will never walk alone baby [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2] Leaving you alone Sending you without your love Its not an option I could see A choice that's right for me Cause lady you know I belong to you Don't wanna live no more Cause living is that you are gone You're in my heart, you're in my soul I feel you deep down, way down deep in my soul [Repeat 2 till end]

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