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Dept Hate lyrics

Coming Down

Original and similar lyrics
Seeing ourselves in a magazine makes us proud So everyone grabs a brush like me The silver paint looks great on the inside of this fucking cloud The beat gets bigger and the dream does too If a radio man has a vision for you but if he's drunk or deaf Or in disguise like the rest then we'll do best if we screw one another We felt so cool I felt so high but I'm coming down now I'm coming down now the high is over I'm coming down now I feel so sober So many places so many blank faces waiting to be told what's cool and what to be into Could jump off a bridge to make MTV or overdose to qualify As a rock star the place ain't packed the place ain't jumping our tunes are wack And bad attitude's pumpin' the fantasy factory is cranking out lies take it From a sucker who's locked on the inside Want to be cool? Want to get high? Go ahead I'm coming down now

Making Waves

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah I was the cool kid in my crowd of misfits Malcolm in the Middle, couldn't spin the disk quick And now I'm fly like a diskcus, eye on the biscuit Sin City, I couldn't resist it But if you miss it, they be saying you a wise man While we trying to get the green like Iceland I just pull the tags off everything is priceless If you after the cake I'm cool with the icing Out my mind, there ain't time to sit pretty Text say "I'ma meet him in the city" And Johnny got the keys said we in a sick new studio And I'm coming over, it's no Rick Rubio No big movie role, not until whe make it 'Til I'm getting degrees like bacon And you've been on your knees like Meagan Meet your way into the stars Knowing very well, you ain't going far [Hook:] They say "do not go splashing" And I never behave And I don't know my place I'll be making my waves now I know you like it I can tell by your face So come off with the chase But I'll be making my waves now No swine flu, we really sick this time And woman never let us leave, District 9 I grab bag'em, hoped you picked this rhyme As the best thing you heard since Christmas time You missed us right? Well no we're back at it It's getting harder to breathe I'm like an asthmatic You don't gotta ask, I'ma let your ass have it Cause everybody else sounding like they half-assed it I spit acid to burn the mic down And I'm coming for 2000 and right now We ain't seeing what you wrote like white-out Grab the cash register and then scream I'm out Of place, but it's not my face though Cause I don't wanna have to preach like I'm Mase yo All I want, a girl that is tasteful, money by the waistload And celebrate with drinks by the case load [Hook] They trying to keep us down like the undertoe And they tellin' all they friends that we wonderful I'm just trying to keep my head above the water flow Fuck it, we can stagedive, I ain't even learn to float Now the big wigs love us and we know this And they thinkin' we some kids, goldfish I could play that game too, we I go rich You ain't in my zone, why you throwing me the low pitch? But I own this, homerun, broke the bat Y'all some small fries but we welcome fat Young now but the knowledge of an older cat Got a hill to climb, we'll get over that They thought it's a stage, he'll get over that Fuck that thinkin', what up to the doughboys Y'all get Lincoln, I get Franklins And time is ticking This Titanic not sinking [Hook] And I never behave I can tell by your face [2x] Cause I'll be making my waves now

Word On The Street

Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance"
[Intro: Inspectah Deck] Smooth getaway, yeah One time on my ass (getaway) 'Bout to make this hundred yard dash... with the cash [Inspectah Deck] I'm fleein the crime scene on the major decon Power steerin, lost the handle in the Jeep spin Deep in the seat, high persuit by the precinct My co-defendant turned stake and let the beast in They rush my old Earth lab, grabbed 50 g's cash in the stash and let the glock splash Sun dash down the fire escape past the weed gate the weed gate, thought it was a sting, popped the tre' 8 Jakes givin chase, now the dread's my 'space I was creepin down the staircase, we met face to face In the lobby, cold stares, show no fear We out for now, but next time we might go there Cuz po's here, must've turned down the walkie talkie I thought I heard one tell the other that he caught me Damn, they got my man, he knows shit Bitch nigga that I rolled with told shit I layed low, 007 'til I get dark He told where my wiz lives and where the whip's parked Got my address off the license plate That eliminates, headin to my next restin place Uncertain, my wiz peaked from behind the curtain It seen the high beam from the chicky lurkin The high speed chase, got my swervin I needed a diversion, crashed in the side of a suburban In the mirror, I'm starin at the eyes of the lord Couldn't jump out, fucked up the driver side door Called China, meet me in a half with the pathfinder No time to talk, I'll fill you in when I find ya Stopped at a neighborhood diner, brought me some attire And swore to hold me down under fire (echo) [Chorus: Inspectah Deck] The word on the street, they can't trace my rap sheets Still I creap swift, tryin to slip all heat The word on the street, this thing's way beyond deep Promise me you'll keep ya mouth close and don't leak The word on the street, the evidence's concrete My cold thief mysteriously got set free The word on the street, the photograph let the beast splash through the projects, the last you weap [Inspectah Deck] You bein watched like you new on the block from roof tops Get your moves on these hot shots, pop, music stops Party's over, bold soldier move for his holster Shot the lights out, struck the bouncer in his shoulder hard times for po-9, can't control the mass' sweep for move backstage, we sling V.I.P. passes Jakes sprayin mace, riots takin place When the Clan show they face, the fans show they place Get your blunt rolled, fuck the 5-0, they want it dun' know Bitches get tripped over, niggaz wildin the front row Fire marshall catch a beat down, tryin to cut my sound Radio dispatcher, back-up, bustin rounds without intermission from a crowd's position Bullets ricochet off the strobe-lights, strikin Christians My nigga slipped in, 'nuff ammunition to bust back, fuck that, them out-of-town cats gon' take the rap It's war on the dance floor, quarter to 4 Before we peeled off, they tried to seal off the back door Gats for the beast, high persuit down the side streets Shot up my getaway Jeep, crashed the front glass Flew the head rest off the passenger seat I grabbed the heat, catched in the wif in and escaped on feet While the locals interrogated for names and photos work for 5-0, swappin info for dough [Chorus]

Get High Tonight

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
[Verse 1:] Before I set it off and show what I'm gonna do to ya Possess the bomb chocolate from off Lynden and Utica My real live niggas in the place and no queen Wave your splif high son Fuck the bullshit When your arms are open My palms release the bomb Reviving the alarm My word is bond Scream at niggas through the intercom Up to date, let's roller skate Yo my whole squad smoking aint straight unless we smoking at eight High rate, I always produce the potion Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin on relax ocean All my peeps who feel high Dont want you darkin shades, there's to much smoke up in your eye Keep it swingin listen to all of my bells ringin My get high has niggas wantin to start singin And this goes out to those that smoke out the bong And all my bitches in the place who roll they own draws [Chorus: repeat 2X] Buy a nickel bag Smoke a little lye Get high tonight Get high tonight [Verse 2:] Yo, bounce back you just caught the contact african black overreact Charge I'm bout to bench the whole wack must interact on every track Blow this spot down niggas break fool and smoke across the world almanac My sons that don't smoke and get high drinkin Cognac, Hennesey, Cristal but wait What's goin on with dat With the deal done sometimes I sip Jamaican white rum Taste with a little milk, I know y'all niggas want some Represent where you from needing some tic tacs and gum So a nigga breath don't blahhh!!! Get high, then i get fly When i be shopping at the atrium Smoking in the center of Yankee stadium Stand strong, yes we rock on and on The Flipmode stamps all of my songs They get a place them niggas must perfrom Smoke till your brain fry So high you can't open your eye My niggas need to just [Chorus 5X]


ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds - Part IV"
High, sunlight, drown, high, sunlight, goodbye. As I re-submerge I can barely breathe, lung capacity withering away, hyperventilate, all disintegrating bodies turn to dust, sudden rush of blood, snap me out of moods swinging in the wind, round to hurricane breeze, past damage in the blast more than physical, plain to see upon the visual, feel the impact down deep inside a rattled rib cage, lying shattered there in pieces, fall away wither and decay, cannot keep this anxiety at bay, hellfire spray twisted metal stray, when sparks fly into the naked eye, fools know not to even try, think about it fully, blowing sky high bring a house down, panic all around, blind to the fact silent ones who plan a hijack give with one hand, other takes back one way collision flight path, aftermath, come and feel the wrath laid to waste, steadily with haste, cutting to the chase, drifting off the pace, filling all space and times up for the meanwhile pressure piles down, terror reigns. Runaway, loose, gonna run over you, infected, injected, completely subdued, invasive, foreign entity, unwelcome. High, sunlight, drown, high, sunlight, goodbye. Lines, lines data and lines, confusing nations all data inside, games shame lies to the masses, dead souls all rise on poisonous gasses, lines, lines la la la la la la, lines. Battered and broken hour glass, last thing you see before the light fizzle out, smoke billowing, broken down from the inside by scandalous tension, take hold, gripped by the head, cold harbouring a grudge, closer to the edge, cradling the grave concern, follow leaders in turn, flipside opposition, convey grievance, half a mind to test immortal patience, held down while suffocating, blocking air path, final exhale, vital sign fail, flatline, they would rather do away with our kind, half expected inside, rotten infected, fatally flawed and overawed, biohazardous and contagious, got animal into animal, crushedlike beasts into cages, slow deteriorate body, shutting down, cease and fade, cease then fade. Runaway, loose, gonna run over you, infected, injected, completely subdued, invasive, foreign entity, unwelcome. Lines, lines la la la la la la, lines, lines la la la la la la, lines, la la la la la. High, sunlight, drown, high, sunlight, goodbye.

Runaway Love (Remix)

JUSTIN BIEBER "Never Say Never - The Remixes"
[Raekwon:] Visual visual JB Yo ‘Ye whattup Raekwon You got stacks like the international house of pancakes all alone ready to phone me and your hand shakes palms is wetted Don’s regret never the walk miles for love I sit at starters deck it just happens I was floating you seen it cathy blinked at me then I threw on my thinking cap taker, and then we can slide to Jamaica shopping for a year or two stop in Diega it’s obvious I’m gon sue your mommy is we just friends so she can’t Clyde Bonnie us fly walls down in the fly halls come to the master suite leave every piece in the masterhall all about money tied in a know stand over there thats why I make it happen on blocks brazil cut sweater, Audi, leather playing the field tryna outslug Berretta [Justin Bieber:] You see my baby over hit the road, Where she’s going i swear nobody knows I need to find her before another man does I wouldn’t want him to steal my love I’m just tryin to be cool, cool, cool (tryn’a be cool) What would you expect me to do I’m just tryin to find, find, find That sweet love of mine I’m runnin outta time Where is my runaway love Searching low and high Know that I’m not givin’ up I give it all up for her I’ll never be enough I wont stop until I find My runaway love [Kanye West:] Last name West and my teeth Diamonds she said "yo, what’s your occupation? crazy rhyming?" listen to Wu Tang [?] high top louie’s shorts is the coogies open up the door when you take her to the movies when you meet the parents you tell De Niro her boyfriend is zero she needs to cut the wierdo next show they gotta up the zeroes nobody rocking like this 60 years old the hard johns and the walleys something caught me I’m telling you what Wu-Tang taught me the young youth rocking the gold tooth pull up in a drop top old school bumping the cash rules no question we the reason why the summers blazin they say you looking good fly colour asian ra I give it yo ya, no trivia she used to roll with my g-unit like Olivia till she caught me getting numbers not her’s guess thats the day she became a runaway love [Justin Bieber] I’m runnin outta time Where is my runway love Searching low and high Know that I’m not givin’ up. I give it all up for her I’ll never be enough I wont stop until I find My runaway love Why can’t i find, the love of mine, When you’re standing in front of my face Oh, yeah, You must be mine How did I let you get away [Raekwon] Leave it up to the most high sit in a ghost fly chillin with 2 of my brothers we both live on deck grabbing em on set this is how we roll independants she a go I’m gon go get take that queen assure to ya we can live it up every month baby girl just call me up waking up mess in some cold sweats thinking of this the video tapes even the stress my mind is a terrible thing to waste no love lost I know I’m going crazy I can’t floss me my lady left my homies it’s all baloney just like rocking an old pony so when I chillin I’m just lost no more feeling I need my honey in my life get that film it take the time [?] and way you shine my runaway love give me mine come on [Justin Bieber - Chorus]

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