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Del The Funky Homosapien lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
KURIOUS: (Talking) Oh man. Bitches man bitches! Sick tired a this shit. You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money talkin' shit don't know how to act phuckin' tired man. FPhuck'm I gonna do man? Have to put a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it man. Phuckin' buy you this buy you that Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm sayin'? DEL: Boo boo head boo boo head, boo boo head I want you dead I want you bled bleeding needing medical assistance, resistance ya kiss meant nuthin' you was bluffin' stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts notions most intelligent people freak you because they'll know you'll give ya all give up your drawls flap ya jaws lyin' have me cryin' I'll admit it someone before musta shitted down your neck boo boo head but can you be dead? with fled instead of the murda I'll just tell everybody what I heard of word up. [CHORUS:] D: All a this over boo boo heads, K: All a this, all a this... Back in elementary school you made me drool I was cool rules were never broken a token, of our friendship all my friends flippin' somersaults the fault was not yours of course, they didn't know, yo grils was yucky clear 'round get slapped like a puck-y but you never said 'Phuck me' that wasn't in the pictua I couldn't hit ya with ya hair braids and the games we played were fun till one day a friend said, 'Boo boo heads turn red, in the face when you place ya hands on her ass in class, and give a spank a banka full of fun at recess, and be fresh.' OK, I'll try it and die if she does but she did and turned around and socked me like Rocky I feel like a heel for real but now I'm older and told ya to keel over cause now it's different no innocence and women sprints the way you sway to the forces of evil and we will bust that ass fast and quickly I dig G's disrespectin' rep now it's when they shit's come bobbin' brothers try and rob another and I'll rub ya the wrong way let the song play, [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Ooh, I wanna smack you mack you attack you even if you black you get no slack sue, call a lawyer boy, ya never knew ya crew is on a mission every weekend freakin' kissin' with other van ya man lets turn the sands in the hourglass and your power lasts less guess take a gander I slander ya name spread propaganda and I demand ya ta stop hop on a train before pain'll be ya middle name in the game of love happiness yes, I caressed ya flesh but if you test ya caught out there without a vest mess around and you can rest I found a new boo boo baby, maybe I can crave the one that saves thee reputation, ya'll lets face it ya basin' smokin', leavin' niggas broken open but I scope in to ya brain gain remain clues ya use for protection now who's next in... [CHORUS]

Who's Gonna Take Me Home

ROD STEWART "Every Beat Of My Heart"
(R. Stewart, K. Savigar, J. Davis) Well I arrived on time My courduroy suit and me bottle of wine There were women wall to wall It's Saturday night and I wanted them all everyone Sidled up for a dance I tried a new step and fell in the plants I told a joke, about the Pope It wasn't as funny as I would've hoped Nobody told me she was the daughter of the mayor I was so embarrassed, I just wished the ground would swallow me up Accidentally my elbow hit the record player The rock 'n' roll stopped and everybody just stared (oh no) Who's gonna take me home I'm tired and I wanna go to bed Who's gonna take me home This party's gone right to my head I didn't worry, not me Panic ain't in my vocabulary Smashed beyond reproach Suddenly I wanted to take off my clothes All hell broke loose I started to take off my trousers and shoes And so I tried to look cool I stepped back and fell in the pool The hostess helped me out and asked for my dismissal I said I was sorry, but I've been under so much pressure just lately, baby I felt as popular as a Russian guided missile The last thing I remember, I left with a girl on a motor bike That weighed three hundred pounds and what's wrong with that Who's gonna take me home I'm tired and I wanna go to bed Who's gonna take me home This party's gone right to my head to my head I woke up on the floor Still in my suit and she told me I snored I never felt so cheap I had a good laugh at the size of her feet Holy Moses, I don't like this single living I think I'll find me a nice local girl and settle on down, now With a home and a garden and a nature quite forgiving Then again maybe I'll just hang around Who's gonna take me home I'm tired and I wanna go to bed, right now Who's gonna take me home This party's gone right to my head to my head Now who's gonna take me home Hey Brian could you give me a lift 'cos I don't live too far from you, boy Mary c'mon I've known you so long please give me a lift home, oh c'mon Jim oh c'mon boys would you just give me a lift home I don't live too far from here and I'm so tired


E-40 "Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint Of A Self-Made Millionaire"
Chorus: D-Shot, E-40 We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) We gangsterous, we gangsterous (gangsterous) [D-Shot] Well let me start again with a stiff chin, go 'head and take one I just begun, to break yo' ass off a lump sum with double (??), I got a (??) in the garage And ready to mob, so get the fuck up out of Dodge before I trip, and slap yo' ass with this new grip One slip of the tongue'll get your monkey ass hung Two lungs is what it takes to inhale the dank and one cap is all it takes to put you in the paint [The Mossie] So beware, to stare, in the glare, of this infrared You dread the day we pull out the glock display One way, is what your headed down, we got the pound So bow down, and give me the ball because we on the mound Pitchin heat, finsta treat you to this gangster shit Break a bitch, hog niggaz take a shit Pitchin heat, finsta treat you to this gangster shit Break a bitch, hog niggaz take a shit Chorus [E-40] Wha-da-da-dey, wha-da-da-da-dang Hustlin on the thirteen-hundred block slangin 'caine Call (??) bitch (??) (??) (??) with walkie-talkies and po-po scanners on the lookout for the pigs I make long bread, I brought big cars Everybody know the hustle, it's like I'm a movie star but in the middle of the night, out the mouth they foam Jumpers be knockin on my bedroom window with they cats with they friendly spook on talkin about Can I borrow some fetti? Loan me a dimepiece til the first and I be like, you mean to tell me yo' uppity ass ain't got no money in yo' purse? Nah but I got a Bic A Bic? Some dopefiend matches, a little bit of that and she'll suck yo' dick She's a bootch, she fat, she out there bad I promise you somethin proper Lil' Diva, the devil pleaser The neighborhood head doctor, I give a FUCK about a chickenhead cluck I'm tryin to get papered up, I'm gangsterous Chorus [The Mossie] We import chickens from the Japanese Drop 'em off to the young homies If they come up short, we breakin knees, spines and spleens Killers on the team greated at the age of thirteen By all means makes niggaz buy cream from us Triple beam dreams is a motherfuckin must We slide through in a tough, black Expedition truck If a nigga cross game they get ripped and bucked [D-Shot] Buck 'em up, lay 'em down nigga, we for the figures If your money bigger, we got yo' head behind the trigger Cough it up nigga, we want the combo to the safe Give it up nigga, before I catch a murder case [The Mossie] (??) it up nigga, ain't no survivors so realize it A half a ki, in the trunk is all mine, so penalize it I hit the block, serve a flock of that, good white girl Bust 'em down, bag 'em up and serve the whole damn world


INSANE CLOWN POSSE "Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 3"
Good schools. The learning process. I had no education when I was a kid I have no explanation for them things I did. I pulled the legs off a dog and rolled 'em down a hill I put poop in a hot-dog bun and ate it for the thrill. I tried to impress this girl who lived on my block I said Look and I bashed my homies face in with a rock. HuHu and then the people came and took me away They made me eat pills like 25 everyday. Everything is slowing slow like in slow motion My penis won't get hard by the time it does I ain't horny no more. That's it enough I jumped out the window 12th floor I put a sock on my penis and I robbed the jewelery store ( stick 'em up) the police might chase me but I won't get caught. If I do it ain't my fault. Something takes me over. HOOK: Something's talking in my head. I can't help thinking it hates me. Something's telling me I'm dead. It's going to cripple and rape me.(2x) My brain has a brain of it's own. My body ain't got nothing to do with it, so leave it alone. Don't punish me for something I did unless I did what I'm doing and I ain't doing nothing, dig it. Heroin is no part of my diet but hey, I mean, what the fuck, right I'll try it. (give me a balloon) I don't care about my face anymore, I talk and eat with my feet and drag my face on the floor. Them crows are watching me(watching me) they're watching me my every step. Them crows are watching me (watching me) they're watching me. I creeped and crept. Fungus spreads soft green and fuzzy. Fuzzy wasn't a fuzzy bear was he fuzzy? I uh... wait a minute don't move, god. There's something on your neck, be still. Chop! HOOK: That dog is scaring me Dude they're dogs they don't do that do they That dog is talkin' to me H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H- That dog is scaring me Dude they're dogs they don't do that do they That dog is talking to me H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H- I'm sexy A praying mantis is neon green ya' and it's head is so fuckin' small. How could it's tiny brain be so bright BRRR KITT VRE Alright If I punch you in the face it don't mean nothin' I mean I don't want you gettin' mad or somethin'just relax it ain't my fault if my butt's exposed keep my eyes closed Somethin' takes over HOOK (Take over) ( It takes me over It takes me 4X OVER!!!!!

Out Of This World

ASAP ROCKY "Live.Love.A$ap"
Get money addict I'm a get "money" tatted Money in the attics Money in the stashes Money in the cabinets Stuffed in the mattress Safe full of guns More money up in that shit Taz Arnold TI$A Jeremy Scott Adidas Maison Martin Margiella Three strap sneakers Riding with a feature Student and a teacher It's money over bitches No room for a skeezer Thinking of a Lambo Bathing Ape camo Play with the money Turn Rocky into Rambo Patience is a virtue Life is a handful Friends, they'll hurt you Learned that from my grandfolks Me under a lamp post While I got my hands closed Haze to my brains Like eggs, got it scrambled Yeah I feel Rihanna And I understand Hov What you think I rap for? To push a fucking Land Rove? Now I'm looking back When you said I shouldn't rap Some slept on me Other niggas took a nap Now I'm in the basement Probably cooking crack Gave you teaspoons full But instead, you took a cap They say Tyga and Diggy But Rocky been Jiggy Currency from The Wiz Ain't enough to get me home Can't really hate When they compare me to Drake Could have been J.Cole If I met J-Hov Who dat? ASAP, But I'm fly like I never left You's a lie, like fly without the letter F If hip hop is dead Fuck it, let it rest Reincarnated through me When she resurrect Long hair, Blue jeans Live on U-Stream High top boots Like Pac in a Juice scene No it ain't a movie Diamonds? gleam Dead tone Cause the redbones is my new thing Nigga, I do things Let the coupe sing Niggas say I'm insane Saddam Hussein Niggas still jokers Me, I'm on my Bruce Wayne Fly kicks, my shit Yeah I'm on that Liu Kang I ain't bragging when I do this My shoes is Bermudas I'm bougie in that Gucci But my nudies is my newest And your foolishness and rumors I give two shits I only hear the money Save the bullshit for the Q-Tips Swag is the coolest My bitch is the rudest My jeweler is Jewish And my wrist is the bluest And I get it poppin on the block Like who kid ASAP standing on the block Like the new kids

One False Move

MC Ren "Shock of the Hour"
Badung Bang (CHORUS) Ren your dangerous, you know you bat like a week Ren your dangerous gun shots from Juagardonlee Dangerous, me know you bat like a week Ren your dangerous, gun shots from Juagardonlee [MC Ren] Move, now let me fall into the groove Breakin' niggaz off but I break 'em off smooth Used to try to pimp, but the ho's got old A nigga can't remember how much dope that I sold In my youth, the shit is the truth, go to jail for the proof Niggaz makin' records sellin' two copies Tryin' to fuck with me because your rap's sloppy Now back in your cage your wings are short You tall, dirty motherfuckers dig the basketball courts I can tear ya ass up in a rhyme But I won't mention your name, 'cause that's a waste of my time So I call my niggaz, Chip and Dollar Bill Scoop up to the hill when we move in for the kill Never retreat you dirty nigga take a seat Big motherfuckin' feet, with your wack assed beats So train What up? cut 'em with the shape Make the nigga walk the plank, the dirty nigga always stank Nigga better raise like the Titanic Ain't from Atlantic, but I'll make your ass panic And that's only one step, pride is kept A glass of piss weigh as much as your rep Nigga your through One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one Nine millimeter shot to the head One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one Nine millimeter shot to the head (CHORUS) [Da Konvicted Felon] Quad is kept, I step With the nine millimeter come Complicated with the gat to the back of the devil's head Then I pull the trigger till he dead Red rum, all I can see when I close my eyes at night Dreamin' of vision of murderers comin' with butt, while Satan's out to fight I ain't rappin' to tight You're fuckin' with a motherfuckin' madman That don't take shit from a redneck chick You can put your mouth up my steel dick And suck until I pull my trigger come, ejaculate my gun What'll be done, when I be makin' your blood run Into the stretch And motherfuck that white trigger that got his fuckin' ass beat Many be pussy poppin' can't attail for that knee But not so many as I gave so much a buck, buck from me Buck, but it gets it up, I'm tryin' to defend my own skin From a nigga who loves crackers, so come and ya jack 'em Sleep with the enemy and get treated as such The convicted followed no bust, and lust for you To make that one false move One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one nine millimeter shot to the head One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one nine millimeter shot to the head But if every nigga grabbed a nine And started shootin' motherfucker's it would put 'em in line(2x) [Dollar Bill] I was never the one to run with the pack But was the mastermind for settin' up the jack So if they every saw my beamin' it wasn't from crack I musta been beamin' them grubs to hit the sack And let me remember the days of way back When everybody was homies and no one played that Rockin' 'em, sockin' 'em, knockin' 'em out the box now tell me what's up Look at me wrong fool, you get tossed up I mean fucked up, you lucked up I didn't come out a long time ago, with the fast or the slow flow And callin' me wack, no that's a no no The style just so wild, while your style just so-so Nasty, they can't pass me, it's too fast see Niggaz that blast fast I don't let 'em blast me Usin' my mind like a nine millimeter to abuse So don't make one false move One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one nine millimeter shot to the head One false move and a motherfucka's dead From one nine millimeter shot to the head (CHORUS) Many more will laugh and suffer, many more will laugh and die One false move, and it's an eye for an eye (CHORUS) Yeah, I'm ready to die today (repeat out)

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