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Defecation lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Powers in numbers some people say Have people behind you and do it your way Give people something they want to believe But is this right, it is truth or deceit? Mass communication Will spread your word Go speak your mind You will be heard Some are determinated to rule the world Some are looking to make some bucks Playing it off as if their superior And no one gives, gives a fuck Preach to the weak-hearted Bring out their love Tell them what they want to hear As you stand above Preach to the weak-minded Bring out their hate Sovereignty will over rule And soon you'll meet your fate So many people you can delude Those who fucked it up were crude Too much money or too much power As we watched their shit go sour Too much money too or much power As we watched their shit to sour

Bring It On

JAY-Z "Reasonable Doubt"
(feat. Big Jaz, Sauce Money) [Sauce Money] Aiyyo Jay word up; these motherfuckers Fuckin talkin that comeback shit like they cookin crack Shit I ain't frontin all I want my pockets green like slum change Yaknahmsayin Front the roll we roll back like rubbers motherfucker For real; with no trace of AIDS We keep our pockets fully blown, Roc-A-Fella click nigga Aiyyo we pattin down pussy from Sugarhill to the Shark Bar Fuck a bitch D in the marked car We got the bad bitches gaspin for air in Aspen Searchin for aspirin when I ask then, we swing You cling we do our thing and bring Sling your ding-a-ling from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn to Beijing East coast hostess hostile colossal, money flarin like nostrils for drug dealin apostles, huh Al Pacino down to Nino Brown Me Jay and Primo, got it sewed across the board like poquino Teflon, make sure your jammy is full Cause I heard, Sammy the Bull lamps in Miami with pull Tropical leaves where I got a few keys with my man I'll stock a few G's, now it's unstoppable cheese Said we was garbage, so fuck college Street knowledge amazin to scholars when we coin phrases for dollars Star studded bitches with cristals, get fucked with pistols just to see my shit, discharge puss I drop the stellar, even acapella I got to tell all about Roc-A-Fella [Chorus: Fat Joe] Yeah, bring it on if you think you can hang And if not then let me do my thang [repeat 4X] [Jay-Z] Mannerisms of a young Bobby DeNiro, spent spanish wisdoms in a whip with dinero, crime organized like the pharoah I cream, I diamond gleam High post like Akiem, got a lot of things to drop Brooklyn to Queens, I gotta keep my steam Niggaz wanna try to hem my long jeans Uptown fiend for Jay-Z to appear on the scene In the meanwhile, here's somethin dope for y'all to lean Liason for days on in Money make the world go around so I made songs to spin Can I Live, did dough, with my nigs, dividends flow like the Mississippi riv', lookin jig' Can't do for dolo, had to turn away when Tony killed Manolo That's real, mixed feelings like a mulatto Thug thought he was O.G. Bobby Johnson I played him like Benny Blanco, mano a mano you ain't ready, I find no trigger straight up shoot my guns horizontal, get your weight up, I am two point two pounds you're barely a hundred and twenty-five grams Wouldn't expect y'all to understand this money Do the knowledge, do the few dollars, I'm due to demolish Crews Brooklyn through Hollis to a hood near you, what the fuck... ('Bring it on if you think you can hang...' --> Fat Joe) [Big Jaz] Money is power I'm into cheddick with facial credit Pure platinum fetish for cheddars Spread letters you move you're deadish I make moves that remove pebbles out of shoes You suck pistol like pipe with the cristal John Stockton couldn't assist you Cowboys or Benzes like we foulin in the U.N. So what the fuck you doin Whatever nigga Fahrvegnugen, rugged yet polished Spankin dollars with the commas bangin bitches out the Bahamas On hides of llama we cry nada, fly frather Fry hotter, you die gotta Fuck with me witness manana Absence of malice in my palace Call cousin now Dallas trigger finger with the callous Tip scales from mail to keep these niggaz off balance Your frequent stops to O.T.B. you feedin me Steam a nigga schemin on the wrist action with the gleams Jewels for Pop Duke fulfill your dreams Never put the pure brown sugar before the dirty green cream [Chorus] 'Yeah, bring it on... bring it on...' --> Fat Joe [repeat 5X]

Power (Remix)

[Jay-Z - Intro] Is this thing on? Oh, I thought they silenced us, 'Ye Power to the people We're living in that 31st century, futuristic fly shit The penthouse is the projects and everybody flies private New watches (you know what time it is) Watch us (you see us) They can't stop us The prophets Beotches! [Chorus: Kanye West] No one man should have all that power (Yea!) The clock's tickin, I just count the hours (Yea!) Stop trippin, I'm tripin off the power ("No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]) [Jay-Z] Rumble young man, rumble Life is a trip so sometimes we gon' stumble You gotta go through pain in order to become you But once the world numbs you, you'll feel like it's only one you Man, you got the power to do anything you want to Until you ask yourself, "Is that what it's all come to?" Looking at life through sunglasses in the sunroof Do you have the power to get out from up under you Fuck all these labels, fuck what everybody wants from you They trying to ask who/Axl Rose you, (Welcome to the Jungle!) To be continued, we're on that Norman Mailer shit In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift Tell 'em this! [Kanye West] No one man should have all that power...[echoes] [John Legend (Kanye)] Yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-YEAAAAAAA-EAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) {"No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]} [Kanye West] Now when I walk in everybody do the power clap - clap, clap, clap Fresh for the club, I just took an half an hour nap - clap, clap, clap I seen people go crazy when the whole world in our lap - Clap, clap, clap My psyche was out the plug, now it's time to get the power back - Clap, clap I've seen people abuse power, use power, misuse and then lose power Power to the people, at last! It's a new hour Now we all ain't gon' be American Idols But you can 'least grab a camera, shoot a viral Huuuh? Take the power in your own hands I'm a grown man, doin my grown dance I don't stop until I see the end, my vision clear, bitch I'm on my Van Gogh, I don't hear shit No one man should have all that power The clock's tickin, I just count the hours Stop trippin, I'm trippin off the power 'Til then, fuck that, the world's ours [John Legend] EYY-YEAAAAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) Eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay (The power) [Kanye West] Now everything I'm rhymin on cause a Ramadon Been a don prayin for families lost in the storm Bring our troops back from Iraq, keep our troops out of Iran So the next couple bars I'ma drop 'em in Islam They say as-salaam alaikum, we say alaikum as-salaam/salam' That's no Oscar Mayer bacon, you should run and tell your mom Now the question is how we gon' stop the next, Vietnam Keep, Flex out of Korea 'cause you know we drop bombs! [explosion and music stops] [Swizz Beatz - breakdown as beat changes] Showtime! Aiyyo Yeezy man, stop playin wit these people man They wanna see you act all crazy in this muh'fucker man Take that jacket off an go crazy on them niggaz man Ya'knahmtalkin BOUT? {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} [Kanye West (Swizz Beatz)] What do it mean to be the boss? (OH!) It means second place is the first one who lost (OH!) The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross (OH!) The truth or fiction, it's a hell of a cost (BOP!) Do the dishes, I'm 'bout to hit that Jeff Gordon (AY!) Michael Jordan is the only one more important (AY!) But I be feelin like Jordan when I'm recording (C'mon!) 'Cause everytime I record, I dunk and slam the booooards I don't know what rappers gon' do afterwarrrrrds (OH!) Prol'ly spaz like I might do at the awaaaaards (Right!) Huh! I got the whole crowd goin CRAZY! (AY!) Homey, I should be rewarded (WHOOOOOOO!) Gettin money Yeezy, Yeezy how you do it, huh? (WHOOO!) Eating Wheaties, drinkin Fiji, bein greedy, huh? (C'mon!) Don't even think you can elude to the rumors (C'mon!) I'm immune to the boos, I'ma PROVE to you losers -- {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} (Huh!) It's all in timing, nigga (Get 'em!) See I dream my whole life that I could rhyme with Jigga (Get 'em!) Now Jay my big brother, and B my lil' sister (Get 'em!) And excuse me, but, you cain't see my lil' sister (HANDS IN THE AIR!) Number one sound across the board - HEY! (OH!) Number one now and forever more - HEY! (HEY!) Number one rule is niggas gon' HATE! Maybe I drop the album - naaaaah, y'all gotta wait (Oh!) And on the net, they showin pictures of my Cali place My Maybach in NY, but it still got the Cali plates All my ol' gurls know that I'm the one that got away (Whoo!) I think about her Christmas and play some Donny Hathaway (AY!) And keep my bulletproof, hater coat on (Chill...chill! Chill! Yo!) Lookin at some photos that I'm lookin crazy dope on Hand up, talkin shit, yeah I get my Pope on (Yo!) and go home with, somethin to poke on (WHOO!) That's what Dre said, but this what 'Ye said (Huh!) How 'Ye doin? Who 'Ye screwin? (Huh!) That's for my dick to know, befo' you get to know 'em She ain't gave you ass, that pussy fictional I gotta give her the eviction no-tice "Getcho ass out, bitch! Vamanos!" Five seconds to the song end, we gettin close I got the power muh'fucker if you didn't know [Swizz Beatz - Outro] Chill! Chill! Chill man! Chill 'Ye, chill! Chill! Chill! Shit's burned up already... It's over


HELLOWEEN "Metal Jukebox"
(originally performed by Frank Marino) Evolution, revolution are the parents of one another Moving ever moving crushing everything that gets in its way Smiles telling lies about the future I don't want to believe them Pity on their faces baby Don't you think they laugh in your face Wheels of justice they have fallen off Man's on crutches being kicked like dogs It's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut Politicians makin' money all the time They murder our freedom Filling up their pockets while the people in the street lay and die Man you're working hard as hell You only end up payin' more taxes Give 'em all your money baby Don't you think they give you a bomb Lambs were slaughtered for the sacrifice Man's now offered up by his own kind Cry for your soul, young and old, help your own They will need it, heed it Don't be caught between the stones Economic pressure and recession in a nation of madness Living under fear of countries launching up a nuclear attack Men are killing men with paper bullets You may wonder how that's done Money is the bullet and the dirty greedy heart is the gun It's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut Rise or fall, one and all, sink or swim We can win now, oh how we can do it if we try Superpowers playing chess along a board with people as pieces Taking human life just like they're only sacrificing a pawn Don't you know the game is rigged The best that they will do is a stalemate Who will be the judge of what is right When we are lying in graves We'll inherit from all of our nations Not peace, only deadly radiation It's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut, it's a juggernaut

Elric The Enchanter

The song he sang was surfaces Nothing deeper than a child knows He could sing sand into pearls So the saying goes Some said he was a sorcerer Or a warrior chief But he was the stealer of souls The lord of Chaos reaps And he's frozen in a time trap Slowly losing power And he's frightened if he makes a move The dream will soon turn sour Sprawling in a Ruby Throne His head cupped in his hands The Lord of Dragons, Elric's thoughts Were of quests to far-off lands The Black Sword was at his side Murmuring in its scabbard cold Waiting for the moment to arrive To drink the very essence of souls And he's frozen in a time trap Slowly losing power And he's frightened if he makes a move The dream will soon turn sour (guitar solo) BRIDGE: He did not know that the sword he'd hold Would turn his priceless empire into fool's gold The truth, the shadow of the sword will hide 'Til it's too late, a traitor at his side And as he gazes from his ruby throne He's growing restless of the life he's sown To get away, embark on a quest To put his powers of sorcery to the test The drugs he takes to keep himself awake Lose their effect, he can no longer wait To find the sword and gain more power And make his move before the dream turns sour (FADE-OUT)

Mad Professor

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "The Amazing Jeckle Brothers"
He He He (knock knock) Oh shit he's here Hi 'Uhh how ya doing? Is this the right place for that furniture ahh' Yeah sure is come on in 'Pretty nice place here you got here cobwebs are a nice touch So that's the couch eh?' Yeah we got some um take a look at the upholstry right there 'That's pretty fucking nice I haven't seen Whoa you all right there' Excuse me real upholstry 'I ain't seen nothing like that since shit like back in the'...CLUNK Mutherfucka!! YOU WANT MY COUCH?! You muthaFUCKA!! I need your mutherfucking brain! YOU CAN'T HAVE MY COUCH! WHAT THE FUCK YOU THINKIN'?! Now come here you BIG FAT MUTHA FUCKA get on the table! I was never popular this I'll admit, fuck school School never liked me, cool All the kids would always beat me till I'm half dead Make fun of the size of my forehead But that shit never bothered me See momma and mother they owned a lot of property They had a science lab in the basement and that's where my free time ......Well all my time was spent I made a mouse with a chicken head it clucked three times Cluck Cluck Cluck, then it was dead I made a lot of things cool Like a frog with a turkey neck(gobble gobble gobble) it was the shit, yeah! But I'm still lonely I need a homey So I collected limbs and made me a zombie I could have made a girlie friend But fuck that I got my girlie right here(masturbation and moaning sounds) yeah! You can call me mad professor I will make a friend for me You can call me mad professor We will rule eternity 'So this is like where you live?' That's right why you don't like it? 'I mean oh my god it's dirty Do you like'- THUD Hehe Shut up BITCH! GIMME YOUR TIPPIE TOES! I used some many body parts it was crazy I killed a whole bunch of muthafucka's like, what eighty? They all chipped in on my special friend Everything helps even if you got a finger to lend, come on! I hear the other children playing outside Keep it down you little bitches I'll skin your fucking hides Careful! this part's wack(what?) Somehow I gotta attach this nut sack(eh!) Shit! Fuck! I'm sawing off an elbow Looking at the meter my quazar in the low(what?!) Or better yet look out the fucking window(oh) I see a storm coming it's all most time to roll Screw the head on come on, come on It's the thuggish ruggish Bone OK it's time hit the switch turn it up a hertz Fuck!! Shit, didn't work You can call me mad professor I will make a friend for me You can call me mad professor We will rule eternity Hey 'Hey you call for a wrecka?' Sure did come on in 'I got the truck running outside I'm gonna go ahead' THUD 'Oww muthafucka what you'd hit me with a fucking frying pan or sumthing? THUD What the fuck bro? You crazy mutherfucka oww that shit hurts' (Violent J is in pursuit) THUD Come here!! THUD 'I'm gonna fuck you up!' Get back here!! 'He's trying to kill me!!' THUD It wasn't always easy(hell nah!) let me tell ya But fuck that (err!) cause I ain't no failure(YEAH!) I put the shit with the veins and stuff with that wait a minute (fart sound) You hear that? Yeah! It's alive(wooo), I just gotta wake it up Hand me that Rock N Rye Pour it in the cup Give it to his ass WAIT HOLD UP pause I ain't cleanin' his draws man fuck that! Get him set, get him ready it's all most time Paint his ugly ass face up almost like mine I see him twitching I'm on a roll He can help me tell the whole world about the carnival(wooo!) Turn the hertz all the way up for this shit And just wait for that (come on come come on come on) lightning bolt to hit Did it work? You make the call! Shaggy ? What up Y'all?! (triumphant shouts) I'm Alive, I'm alive!! You can call me mad professor I will make a friend for me You can call me mad professor We will rule eternity You can call me mad professor I will make a friend for me You can call me mad professor We will rule eternity You can call me mad professor I will make a friend for me You can call me mad professor We will rule eternity We will rule eternity We will rule eternity We will rule eternity We will rule eternity

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