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Defecation lyrics

Mutual Trust

Original and similar lyrics
So much shit is cancer causing Do what you want without pausing Another fucken toxic spill How many people will it kill? The kept it hidden from the press We don't know but it were in distress Another fucken nuclear test Then we breath it through our chest To this we've exposed for years It's no surprise to me It's affection everyone But people are too dumb to see So many things can fuck me up That I don't give a shit I'll live my life the way I want And nothing's gonna make me quit Radon comes from the underground For years we never heard a sound What's the next thing to be found? How long will it be around?

Poor Poor Joseph

(Joseph) Seven years of bumper crops are on their way Years of plenty, endless wheat and tons of hay Your farms will boom, there won't be room To store the surplus food you grow After that, the future doesn't look so bright Egypt's luck will change completely overnight And famine's hand will stalk the land With food an all-time low Noble king, there is no doubt What your dreams are all about All these things you saw in your pajamas Are a long range forecast for your farmers (Joseph, Female Ensemble Children) And I'm sure it's crossed your mind What it is you have to find Find a man to lead you through the famine With a flair for economic planning But who this man could be I just don't know Who this man could be I just don't know Who this man could be I just don't know

Later On

[Featuring Del] [Del] Yeah huh I will display my dynamics get out the way damnit I plan it just to leave MC's abandoned brandin X's when I flex this I wreck shit and leave rappers searching for the exit lets get physical I got precision skill until I fill ya spot when you rot shrivel crazy paranoia cause I'll kill you cut you me and my microphone reach out and touch you crush you into particles I'm sparkin, still I get smarter and I make my styles hits harder I mack styles stack piles distract smiles you're wack while I continue to get in you [Casual] The main purpose to my service is to make MC's nervous no one will serve this superb is my skill niggas get chills as I spills 'em I kills them with vocals I slam and folks will out jammies because I slam with ease and you can't deny that because you abandoned me huh, I came to collect my thoughts this collection brought perfection and it was taught to the masses now your ass is out cause Cas is out your shit clash, I doubt that you will make it but you can fake it, like these other pooh-butts I don't know who or what signed 'em they must be in it for the loot fuck, I don't need this wack shit my tracks hit, the straight beat and that's it I hate a weak MC when he speaks it tempts me to crack his skull and leave his domepiece empty

Why Not

JUVENILE "Reality Check"
[Intro: Juvenile + Skip] You can find me in the parking lot By the car lot-where we spark a lot Up in the hallway it be dark a lot We don't talk to cops cause we all be hot Homey you need to get you somethin new (why not) Shit I'm ridin somethin green, somethin blue (why not) They gon' respect it when a gangsta come through (why not) They doin numbers, we'll do somethin too (why not) [Juvenile] Is you doin ya dirt, they really know ya bout ya work if they scopin ya turf you goin out there head first do you know the rules when you got beef with a fool can you stick and move and do you sleep with the tool you in the camp you bout to make you an examp so when they see the stamp they gon'respect it like a champ you light in the ass but kind of heavy with the cash be rollin the grass you still totin the solider rag you been out there on the grind spendin most of ya time in a section full of nobody's so you gotta shine will you bust a head, know how to do it-how to play it bet a hundred in the field and parlay can you flip a Z, go back and get a Quater ki when you rid of that call Rico up and order three put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus: Juvenile + Skip] Homey you need to get you somethin new (why not) Shit I'm ridin somethin green, somethin blue (why not) They gon' respect it when a gangsta come through (why not) They doin numbers, we'll do somethin too (why not) You can find me in the parking lot By the car lot-where we spark a lot Up in the hallway it be dark a lot We don't talk to cops cause we all be hot [Juvenile] You like states with pretty hoes in ya face you hate checks, you just come home on a case can you make a name-will you be patient in the game can you state ya claim, and reputation stay the same will you hold it down when ya lil'homies ain't around will you hold ya ground like you the only one in town is you feelin this, you listen to it when you creep you real in the streets all in the hood with the heat you ain't tryna joke gotta be real for ya folks is ya people broke they aggrivate you on the porch do you sell weed and you don't never make a profit do you blow big until it hurt you in ya pocket you just scared to lose cause you a winner all the time you gotta lot to prove lil'sinner on the grind put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus] [Juvenile] Do you G's up when it's a dime in ya grill do you freeze up when it's that time for a kill if they pop at you is you gon'pop back at 'em you gon'stay away from niggaz if they rattin wanna ride swoll pull up on 24 flats can you get a hoe without you throwin her a stack is you callin shots can you stay away from the cops you know how to stop you be inside when it's hot you from the East, you from the West, you from the South you from the North, or the Midwest what you about can you twist a gar without you fuckin up the road did you get a car just to be stuntin for the hoes you been out here and it's ya time for a lick do you know this year as you aknowledgin the shit put ya people in it cause that's the way you gotta see it if you wanna be respected as the G'est [Chorus]

Motive 4 Murder

TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) [Liffy Stokes] the stress of everyday living is slowly corrupting my soul Im 2 months out the joint on papers walking with 3 years parole I did 4 and a half a slab and shit a nigga was dying I'm finally back in the world and its hard but I'm still trying not to fall and risk my freedom again trying to ball while waiting for this pussy ass job to call and it ain't hopping got me tipping to hear them things popping cash bags dropping with plenty of cane for recopping oppurtunity knocking its what I'm on I cry when I'm at home cause I'm alone 24 years and grown with a future unknown my heart was torn from the pain of being back in the game but I'd rather die getting my hussle on and live like a lane so its back to pistols and cane plotting on licks hitting stains the mob life runs through my veins its too late for me to change these streets got me deranged strapped up and paranoid ready to add on situations I can and can't avoid plus big voices getting hot they constantly sneaking on blocks they trying to bring me in unconscious but them pins got popped now they got me on the run cherishing every last breath but I ain't going back its freedom or death that be my motive for murder [begin CHORUS] [Liffy Stokes] now I know you the judge of life and death I ain't evil or nothing but somebody done brought me pain and sorrow so I'ma have to kill something let me count the ways that I can repent trying to stay holy and focused but that evil in his eyes let me know that nigga too bogus that be my motive for murder [Twista] I'ma survive these streets another day I know the pain in my heart won't go away these mother fuckers try to murder me and won't nobdy hurt my family thats what he gotta die [end CHORUS] [Mays] 9 times out of 10 you can find Mays trying to hit a better lick if it ain't coming up with the dopest shit then I'm trying to cop the thickest brick cause life in the belly of the best is equal to povertys bottomless pit where bitch niggas trick and thirsty mother fuckers beat you out of everything you get but it seems like everybodys trying to make some type of come up quick before its too late to get straight and the most I make is final pick anywhere they shit like riding slick with a thick chick slobbing your dick even if it means fighting these niggas in cases as long as neither ones thick cause I swear when I get hit I go in a crucial rage like a flick turn straight lunatic making all these bitches niggas hear their final tick but that don't mean my minds sick just cause I'm motivated by a lot of cheese when trees by the p's and fuckin fine fee's and 3's with ease for sho the skilled poets within in the mask up kill for it I'll whoop a fiend with a crushed grill I'll bet his dumb ass'll stil blow it bullshit ain't nothing I'm trying to get this first mil in the bank and drive a bullet-proof hummer tank so the next haters who try to air me out come up blank and I'ma have to sacrifice your life with a wrath thats stronger than christ and forces of life thats know to do damage to human eyesight I guess its true moneys the route of all evil cause crooked or legal its all manipulated by the eagle and be my motive for murder [CHORUS] [Twista] lord knows I was hurt from a judge from the start how I'ma hide love from this mark this nigga made my homie die in my arms had to put a slug in his heart mother fuck that stuff it was just a grudge on his part my boy was young and ambitious took his dreams and wishes try to do right but my attitude like blast them bitches drowning all my sorrows in bottles of yack and a quarter ounce of dro want a rap I'm bout to snap here come the big pay back looking up on the dresser for the black and gray strap I'm crying and shit I was hurt so bad I felt I had to go kill him even if a slug hit him I was still hurt enough to aim at myself and die with him can't control them pains now its time to throw them thangs visions of the stud don't stay empty the clip of am out right ambulance come around by the time the hypes taking of his nikes I know it sound cold but this bullet put a hole in my soul never shorties years stole he was only 17 years old and at the funeral I got to watch his mama's tears roll and I know he used to wild sometimes carry a 9 but you took away your sunshine no more reminising on the fun times balling and coming at bitches with blunt lines but this nigga ain't going to want mine for the pain I'ma handle this funk and dismantle this junk fuck all that in all black and then pumped to run up on this nigga tip up on him then jump mission to kill armed with a fist full of steel eyes gleam with the fury never thought I'd be facing to 2 mothers in front of a prosecuting team and a jury how did one murder turn into 2 revenge had me shooting thorugh hate I couldn't stop in the mist of the action is when that little got shot all because of my motive for murder [CHORUS]

Omaha Stylee

311 "Grassroots"
In a minute everything you have can all be straight gone In a minute things you though were tied can come straight undone How about some knocks on wood some so far it's so good any day What you think is solid earth can jump up and spread out To the north and south that's what plates are about Nature has no conscience no kindness or ill will The dreams they had make me sad because of the vides of them When one girl dreamt a fire in hers and then it happened To me and my family my bro's and I were driving The RV bleeding flames us leaping through fire surviving Zoned with no home there was fire all on it Umm let me have my life I want it I'm gonna let you know that I said We're coming in kill we're coming chill We've comin in how we will Gone to tell the whole world what's the deal And I say know no critical boarder cuz We do what we want Got more funky styles that my laser jet got font Not one to get over sounding like the norm Friendly to the radio all that shit is corn All we coming with is a little bit of swing And we go on like it ain't no thing Omaha stylee did not think there was one Where you know the radios weak and the shows are more fun But you know we fuck up the dance since 1988 Many did not think when they hear that we come from this state Still we're down like that [x3] Makin the funk that smells of skunk Such occasions occur back in the day It begins you're a raw kid all the way Son of a gun but they you drifted All are endowed but few are gifted At the break of dawn behaving like a spy Lampin in the light the cold world awakens Deeper is the light to open up the sky Look into my eyes see the dialatin' Omaha Stylee is the shit we come with man Embedded in out souls it breathes out from this band We always knew that we could Thank you if you too felt we would We will arise explore these worlds and find the grass roots How to crew to do the grinding of the grounds to brew My dude on the one come off like Teflon Rock your shit and you will rise on If you're a farmer outstanding in your field say Do as you eill do as you wish follow your bliss say We travel round the world giving it our best Like to see the people dancing and bouncing and the rest The hammer and the chisel and the rule it compass We forged the sword chariots of war our battle axe There's much power in anger but loves a bigger banger Complete props to my crew this is what we do

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