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Deceased lyrics

Fading Survival

Original and similar lyrics
In your mind defeat out of time, there's no more left A morbid rush the growing fear a sudden flash and the end is here A time to worry and a time to die unstable earth has said goodbye Goodbye... Chaotic seizures fill our brains, convulsions steal our soul Morbid battle of extinction, the hatred it unfolds Universe of betrayal hidden by decay Violent ending now in sight eroding us away... Distant is the end at last the final call Explicit horror is unleashed to evacuate our soul A growing menace fading now survival seems unreal Death is moving dosing in waiting for the kill... Yes, Armageddon is intact and it has come to there Forever buried in a trance to never be set free... Distant is the end at last the final call Explicit horror is unleashed to evacuate our souls A growing menace fading now survival seems unreal Unplugging cards stopping life death is soon revealed Fading survival!!


JEDI MIND TRICKS "Violent By Design"
[Killasha] The invincible huh? Yeah ya'll be seein it It is what it is indeed Stoupie Ya'll be knowin huh? Let 'em know [Ikon the Hologram aka Vinnie Paz] Hold the device tight, when it's time for a mic fight You're a pagan tryin to battle someone who's Christ-like The precise knight that smash you with a white pipe Left you bleeding into the ocean under the night's light Oh you hype right? Well meet the soul benders Cop that or get shot at like goaltenders You roll benches till playin fear was fair game Ya'll got fucked up like sex on an airplane That's why we can't change, we just ill We blow trees, sip Ole E's and spit real The clip's filled with the wraith that Cain saw Then I slash with a leather mask and chainsaw That's why the brain's raw, that's why your veins pour That's why you copped my shit nine times at the same store That's why you Entered the Dragon and got slashed And that's why the Hologram counting up cash. What!? [Hook x2] [scratches] "Lookin for rappers who wanna battle" "Don't seem to understand that I'm just that bad" "The underground rapper who's wreckin" "Whatever ya want yo, whatever ya like" [Killasha] Holocaust, rap javelin toss Killasha's the boss I take what's yours, pour poison in your pores I'm down for the cause my nigga, not "because" My soul wasn't made to be lost, stop for the pause I play 48 minutes hard without the calls Slicin elbows through ya jaw, need I say more? Facinating with 44s and foul whores Large gram cookups, and the ill drug scores My captivating verses, that'll open all doors I soar like a condor ready for war, fuck the law! [sample: distorted] "raindrops on the ground" [Hook x1] [Jus Allah] Ominous leave your brain matter painted on ya Stainmaster Game of Death motherfucker we draft ya, semi-autograph ya Keepin L's lit, sendin pellets through helmets Shells hit, you and the fag you share a cell with Takin niggas out thier element rhyme fighters Divine writers, time travellers, Sliders Pale niggas act jail lifers Who tell the active nail biters with the 12s in thier diapers Shoes never walk nor land, explore land I expose my scrolls and code it in Fortran Bullets graze ya wig kid, brushes with death I let the iron clutch grip the bones in ya flesh Playin on ya wrist like strings on a violin Dyin in a blood pool wrestlin Leviathan Fuckin wit Gods, Jedi Mind Tricks Ya'll suckas like niggas born without dicks [scratches till end]

No Good In Goodbye

JASON MICHAEL CARROLL "Waitin' In The Country"
I knew you wouldn't answer after the things we said that night You were crying I grabbed the keys and said goodbye Well hang on please don't hang up let me talk to our machine I've had all this time to think about what you mean to me [Chorus] I know you said it's over but my hearts telling me that ain't right I know it can't be over 'cause I still wake up reaching for you in the night It took leaving for me to realize there's no good in goodbye I'm listening to the talking should I pick up the phone And lay my pride aside and say come home I've played that moment over time and time again When giving up seemed easier than just giving in [Chorus] I'll try to call you one more time Baby if you'd just call me one more time [Chorus]

Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
Do you want respect, or do you want truth? [Verse 1:] Life's too short to be afraid of the dark And we don't stop after making the mark Separate your chest from your heart To help everybody wag your tail with a lot less bark Put the costume angst away I was born on the year of the razorblade I'm in the back corner of a one way train This storm ain't nothing but Sunday rain Let's go [Hook:] (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) We act like we got a whole lot of road left (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) So don't mind if I drive with the top down (Do you want respect, or do you want truth?) Let me know that you know what you want now [Verse 2:] Earthbound, aim for the soft spot So much purpose I walk like a molotov Shot glass, rock hard, penetrate nonstop Cops on the way with the bomb squad Now let it be known We're trying to get ahead before we get a headstone But a rich man still face death alone That's why we turn up the touch and connect the tone Get shown [Hook] [Verse 3:] Dashboard ain't clean as it was Back before I first took the last seat on this bus But the children dance when we beat the drums And they still understand why we speak in tongues All city, American built A pocket full of cash take care of the guilt The crabs all crash in a barrell of milk But when they clear the snow I'mma steer the Seville It goes, look for the sign, wait for the right time A lifetime to outlive the night time And when the paint chips fall Gonna find my name on the wall with the crown in the skyline I keep bad on the back of my mind I'm an average guy, I just happen to fly Supernatural high and I'm laughing inside One nation with a capital I Come on [Hook] [Verse 4:] Everybody wanna be the next to blow So let it flow, so fresh it grow Just to let you know I could let you go, ho ho Millenium Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-La-Ti-Do-Do Everybody's difficult, everybody's simple We all on death row, we all gon' tip toe I run with kleptos, I still wear big clothes Hold my dick the way you hold your crystals Pissing in the middle of nowhere Fishing in a lake full of frozen tears I'm like a polar bear from the Southside of over there I disappear into the open air, Atmosphere Get a taste of your soul when you hold breath We act like we got a whole lot of road left

Curse Of A Fallen Soul

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here"
Another wake, another time, a premature goodbye I've watched you grow and I've seen you pass I always knew it wouldn't last Together now we mourn the loss and remember all the fun We'll drink the beer and hangout where death took another son So all for one and one for all do we ever wonder why Though reasons clear, this friend so dear was taken before his time -CHORUS- So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man With a toast that tells of a love you never shared So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved Raise your glass and sing the praise of a fallen soul Many bow their heads for this man they knew so well With solemn thoughts they drink and drug for a resurrection (Facing death you fear no danger) While Mothers shed their tears through a veil of desperation These fiends of vicious breed raise holy hell -CHORUS- How many times can fate be chanced, the dice be rolled Is their no path of least resistance for the bold (Never sought and rarely taken) Shocked and dismayed at how it stole his life When this fateful course of action takes its toll -CHORUS- (x2) Now let's all gather round in our costume suits and ties Telling now this soul was a source of inspiration (Love him now, he lives no longer) But you never tell the tales of the times you turned your back On this friend who never found the righteous path -CHORUS-

Sing Child

HEART "Dreamboat Annie"
Today you looked around to my heart's call This tiny life ain't been strangled after all Time, time, time, time Never ask what's become of us Just dedicate your sorrow Here and now To the soul of the sea And me Rushin' to me You turned around to my song's call You dreamer in the sand Just lie there laughing til the fall Kindest lover I can't stay alone tonight Bring me all your love Here and now Come rushin' to me Wake up late Without a smile Telephone rings You run like a child On the street Into the day The people I meet Have nothing to say No smile No sorrow No laughter No tomorrow They talk hen to hen They talk about their men And practice all the tricks for them Too soon nightime's coming on Deep in the darkness feeling alone No rain No seed No dreams No silence Far away today Mama ocean hold me to you Rock me on your waves And tell me... Is it all true? Time, time, time, time Never ask what's become of us Dedicate your sorrow Here and now To the soul the sea and me

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