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DEAD PREZ lyrics - Lets Get Free

Police State

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[Sample of Chairman Omali Yeshitela:] You have the emergence in human society of this thing that's called the State What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy It is the po-lice department. It is the Army, the Navy It is the prison system, the courts, and what have you This is the State -- it is a repressive organization But the state -- and gee, well, you know, you've got to have the police, cause.. if there were no police, look at what you'd be doing to yourselves! You'd be killing each other if there were no police! But the reality is.. the police become necessary in human society only at that junction in human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got [Dead Prez] I throw a Molotov cocktail at the precinct, you know how we think Organize the hood under I Ching banners Red, Black and Green instead of gang bandanas F.B.I. spyin on us through the radio antennas And them hidden cameras in the streetlight watchin society With no respect for the people's right to privacy I'll take a slug for the cause like Huey P. while all you fake niggaz {*UNNNGH*} try to copy Master P I want to be free to live, able to have what I need to live Bring the power back to the street, where the people live We sick of workin for crumbs and fillin up the prisons Dyin over money and relyin on religion for help We do for self like ants in a colony Organize the wealth into a socialist economy A way of life based off the common need And all my comrades is ready, we just spreadin the seed (Chorus: Dead Prez) The average Black male Live a third of his life in a jail cell Cause the world is controlled by the white male And the people don't never get justice And the women don't never get respected And the problems don't never get solved And the jobs don't never pay enough So the rent always be late; can you relate? We livin in a police state [Dead Prez] No more bondage, no more political monsters No more secret space launchers Government departments started it in the projects Material objects, thousands up in the closets Could've been invested in a future for my comrades Battle contacts, primitive weapons out in combat Many never come back Pretty niggaz be runnin with gats Rather get shot in they back than fire back We tired of that - corporations hirin blacks Denyin the facts, exploitin us all over the map That's why I write the shit I write in my raps It's documented, I meant it Every day of the week, I live in it; breathin it It's more than just fuckin believin it I'm holdin them ones, rollin up my sleeves an' shit It's cee-lo for push-ups now, many headed for one conclusion Niggaz ain't ready for revolution (Chorus: Dead Prez) {*police siren wails*} [speaker unknown] I am.. a revolutionary and you're gonna have to keep on sayin that You're gonna have to say that I am a proletariat I am the people, I'm not the pig [another speaker] Guiliani you are full of shit! And anybody that's down with you! You could man-make things better for us and you cuttin the welfare Knowin damn well when you cut the welfare, a person gon' do crime..


ANDRE NICKATINA "Conversation With A Devil: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 3"
(Long live the King) Yo picture God a perfect cut diamond Or bein the motha fucka man without even tryin Livin like I'm dead to the world with tickets yo and refferals My hair is in a perm so I can never have a curl Man it's a bluebird on my shoulder can I kill it? Man wakin up the bacon toast and eggs up in the skillett Man can you feel it? I cut you down like a midget And when you see me make you feel just like a prision visit I'm such a (lizard?) I want the flames in the fire So there it is paint a picture fuck up my desire You said you want style I'll give you style with drug lord flava I make a pimp dance yeah by shottin at his gatas Pickin up the nickles n dimes like Jackal and Hide The bounty is waitin for me up at Mt. Zine It's primetime whos gon shine from the raw rhyme Picture a rollercoaster up in a boss mind Real playboys have wings in the sky Silently cryin out man please don't die Man gettin to the thick of it all Man picture the brods Man tellin ya call But hopin ya fall Sayin my name like King James no pad adriatic I'm paranoind but really don't panic The life afta they say it's colder then the packers All and the damn money in the world is not a factor Man true indeed Upin the game with a mouth ta feed I make a 360 spin homie rollin the weed Roll the weed Roll the weed Long live the king We take a sertain situation to run an organizarion Man bustin like a (?) patient Cooperation man seven years is what hes fakin Now hes even more gangsta cause hes rollin with da nation Now (?) yourself Then I will talk like greedy Gretchin Man hear the confession of my priffesion Is Secession of illegal weapons Up in a dot daytona My mexican girl she drank two coronas And she know about the ayatolah I'm movin through the clouds Youd better hold me down I'm smokin weed and I'm g'd and ready ta clown I love ta see you drown You know I spit it To get it To flip it To sell it To air mail it to yo town I'm like electical current The playa reffereant (?) councourent Because it's gonna hit the furnace Man pitches the pictures of me Picturin the bitches And all up here sayin write the scriptures It gets worse Cause mentally you're cursed You're livin in a verse Sometimes it hurts but baby yeah you know it works Long live the king Long live the king

Momma Said

JOE BUDDEN "A Loose Quarter"
[Hook] Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about what they say I'm sure I've heard much worse People need to worry about them first People need to learn to mind their business instead of mine Here we are, all alone Who gives a fuck about their dismay But still I'm face to face With the one person I can't replace One person I can't just tell I'm doing fine What up Ma Been a while Lot of catching up to do Know you got a ear full I'm listening [Verse] Momma said she loves me, said she cares Said if I need her, she'll always be there But even her saying that struck me as weird Why did she feel those words I needed to hear? Said she understands me, that was rare Cause no one understands me, not even my peers And these just thoughts I never bother to share So as I write, my eyes start to tear I ain't tell her I'm tired, but still trooping Alone, but I find myself regrouping Ain't say my brain now feel like a prison Figured I'd shut the fuck up and listen She continued, that was honorable Said said I get more and more irresponsible For normal folks, she said that's a challenge Luckily I mask mine behind talent She said "you are no longer yourself" "I don't know what to expect of you" Said I'm putting up with things I normally wouldn't She don't know why it's acceptable She said "people living in your house" "Don't pay shit, not respectable" I told her, they're folk I think highly of She said "well they must think less of you" "Must feel entitled, all you doing" I said I'll fix it, she said no you won't Then I got defensive, but still replied I told her I need them, she said "no you don't" Then she said, "when's the last time you spoke to your father?" I said he's self-centered, why bother? Cause he only really call about his needs And I ain't got enough time to deal with his greed Cause my days are darker Cut from a long shank but the blade is sharper I'm making my not-so-vague departure Tell pop I'm his son, not his spades partner Last time that we spoke He wanted to use the crib, throw a party here Which wasn't partly fair My home need to feel like home Even if I throw a party here Then he catch an attitude And I catch one right back at you We adore each other, but ignore each other Think this is how the fuck I wanna act with you? Things just ain't the same But he sure will call about a Yankee game Like call C.C. and get back to me What's ill is he say it so casually I love him so much he can have all the perks Hurts so much, I take all the Percs Hurts so much but fuck it, it works Hurts so much that I can't sleep Mom say I need to sleep more Then again, she ain't on this stress level So many people rely on me I'm trying to get us all to the next level Wait, told her I took baby girl to the doctor It was only for a check up though And she gave me the face like "Now would be time if there's anything I feel I need to let her know" But, that's just mom again, just being a mom again Looked down at the tat on my arm again God please give me the strength, keep calm again She asked me if Kaylin was pregnant I looked at her like she was crazy Cause that's my baby, what's wrong with a baby? She said "nothing at all when you're not dating a baby" "Beautiful girl, I like everything about her thus far" "I just don't wanna see you fall" "Just a tad bit young, so she got some growing up to do" And I replied don't we all Momma said "why can't you ever be alone" I said what do you mean? Went to correct her, she did it herself She said "at least that's how it seems" Pop ain't called, he's still mad Still pissed, he's still angry I'm still going, no plan of slowing No way I'll ever let his immaturity taint me Momma said that Tahiry called That ain't shock me, they speak a lot She's helpful.....


Jim Carroll "Dry Dreams"
Jody, what you been doing? It's been a long, long time Since we went dancing in the schoolyard, With your breasts like bleeding limes Jody, are you still hanging with that latin? With rabbit fur inside his wheels? With his Gilbert Roland piece, And his glove department deals Uptown, we watched the debutantes skating Across the reservoir ice Dressed in tweed and leather flags . . . And you whispered six words twice Jody, look what time has done To people who live on the run Jody, look what time has done Jody, I spent years living at the movies I really hated you awhile I wrote so many incantations Lord, I had to keep a file . . . you said Uptown . . . and I said, Downtown. Downtown the rooftops are wide I was sinking in the tar, I screamed, This City is on my side Jody, go to any window; Raise your eyes up to the sky . . . Is that our destiny of yesterday Or just a vault of lies? But jody, look what time has done To people who live on the run Jody, look what time has done Jody, all the lay-down promises They were just a trading of scars But I remember the wild nights; Hey, we changed mountains into stars Uptown, the buildings are syringes They're all just glass and dreams One thing about Manhattan, it's always Just what it seems But Jody, Remember the part And how we entered at the zoo That's when I told you that the cheetah Walked as fine as you But jody, look what time has done To people who live on the run Jody, look what time has done

The Body Rock

BUSTA RHYMES "When Disaster Strikes"
(feat. Mase, Puffy, Rampage) [Puff Daddy] See when we like to make you shake your ass, move your hips So we gonna do a little something like this Flipmode, Bad Boy Check this out Tell me how it feels, is it hot is not Does it drop cash like a slot Does it stay streeted go pop Checkin out what Flipmode got, mad hip-hop Chartin number one, drinks in the sun Eighty times so we can get sponged, shake it hon All a brother know is make the hit get the dough Makin grandmas hit the floor, really though It's my thang my slang Rich motherfuckers gettin chicks at the Bringin my team to the joint wit Alan Iversan runnin on point Don't smoke a spliff on the joint And when you see they on point Cause I, I be that nigga wit the million dollar figures Gettin all up in they bitches Leavin they pussy in stitches, uh [Rampage] Aiyyo I'm on to the next level I'm gettin rich, friends said I switch I got me a bad chick, live up in the hills Pay my mom's bills, recoup a half a mil Still got my deal, pop the 700 Benz-o you never seen, cash money fiend A lot of cats wanna dream Pack a shorty black or Phillipian The way I eat my shrimp with steam I'm the man with the gangsta lean, what, what Yo I split your whole spleen if you know what I mean Call me little rabcash, I get you for your stash VIP pass, ave all the gas, I make it last [Chorus: Busta Rhymes] To my people in the front if you ready to bump a say 'Don't stop the body rock' To my people in the back if your not a wack a say 'Don't stop the body rock' To my people in the left if you hot to death a say 'Don't stop the body rock' To my people in the right wanna party tonight just say 'Don't stop the body rock' [Mase] Since Mase refuse to lose, we makes numeral moves Cause I'm smoother than them dudes and them two thousand dollar shoes When I move to new Jerus, cause I like the cruise and my six double-o, blast weed, love the dough I'm that Goodfella, what the hella they can tell me Smoke my la la out in LA, who's ready Juice heavy back in blue Chevy See angealan they winnin, a nigga need the chedda Cause I'm more in a broad way With all A's and platinum There been many things we touch Never had in finance so I never had to deduct shit 1.8 And every week I have to re-up So what, so what [Busta Rhymes] Aiyyo check out the way me and my niggas always be whippin shit The way that I display no flavor and do it so intricate Pidda and padda padda and pidda over with the shit U u u u u oh y'all niggaz be yappin to make me sick of it Hit you wit shit that y'all niggaz never ever forget Fuckin wit my niggaz just like you playin russian roulette Ooh me and my whole baton coming soon Make a make room, we diesel like a bunch of balloons A yo yo make ya damage, all of my niggaz damage ya Tryin to alter our lavage liven niggaz y'all turn savage Yo Flipmode and Bad Boy collabo' Makin sure all of you niggaz all stay home [Chorus 2X]

I Am Your Future

[Verse 1] I'm gonna take you back .. to 1980 People thought she was crazy for keepin' her baby Being only thirteen thinking' how she would love a son Barely a child herself .. now she would mother one When that had come to past some wondered how she had made it by Some had bets on the side that she wouldn't live to see '85 But she would prove them wrong .. corrosion kickin' strong And like the calm before storm so was mom when it was on Back in '86 .. as he grew up in the mix Watchin' his mother hang around men that slang the cain to make them licks Strugglin' year after year switchin' daddy to daddy Last one had him a lincoln .. this one got him a caddy Plus a house in the subs and apartments run by thugs Pushin' dubs to them scrubs 'cuz he got a connect with killa bud Little young buck seen all of that then the man had a hand on that crack And he out there lookin' for tear that come black Cuz he know that smack on a comeback He was nothin' but 9 years old doin' nothin' but what he was told Always the one that would hafta hold Till the man let him know when it was sold Then he would take what wrapped in the paper sack Make the drop and he'd make it back Imagine that to play the mac And not know how one's s'posed to act [Chorus] When them hustlin' on them corners Don't play them for weak cuz them will shoot ya Real young killa gangsta rude-boy destined for death yet O'm your future How can the youth be humble when we live in an age of rage too young and naive to conceive that them diggin' an early grave [Verse 2] And by the time the nineties come around .. Mom's had a frown since the man went down Kites fly penitentiary bound and lil' man's left to hold his ground Playin' his art stayin' in school .. Nothin' short of payin' his dues Mamas heart's what made him choose .. Got him a start in breakin' rules Hittin' them books hangin' with crooks .. Watchin' out when that law man looks Money's put in them pocket books And business good 'cuz he got them rooks To make the run getting' it done .. With the advantage of bein' so young Nobody cared about what had begun .. Then by the end of '91 He was the kid in junior high Lookin' to get some new supply Got him a hook up through some guy Livin' like either it's do or die Under the influence of the game .. Already been through the love and the pain Feelin's to him that one in the same .. Gotta maintain or go down the drain It was the life he learned to live .. He's never had an alternative Most forbid the things he did .. But what would you do if you were the kid growin' up Around the cut only exposed to what's corrupt Nothin' could break a boy so rough except the touch of his mother's love [Chorus] [verse 3] Around the summer of '93 .. Everyone's packin' artillery Do many wantin' to be a 'g' Ready to make a delivery Whatever it took to get in a set .. Not even worried about regret It's who could pose the biggest threat And catch the most of all respect He can't stop .. He won't stop .. Even though every spot is hot Givin' it everything thing he's got .. Tryin' to keep from getting' caught Never the one to be any place Long enough to catch a case After all no time to waste When doin' your business face to face He's comin' equipped to make the lick .. Not about to play the trick Puttin' in work to make the hit and keepin' it low to stay legit Mom's and dad's i'm talkin' to you .. These are the things our children do Hopin' you listen and catch the clues then maybe [Chorus]

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