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DE LA SOUL lyrics - De La Soul Is Dead

Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

Original and similar lyrics
Yes, this is Miss Renee King from Philadelphia. I want you to please give me a call on area code 215-222-4209 and I'm calling in reference to the music business. Thank you. DOVE: Hey how ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name And your number And I'll get back to you Hey how are ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through But leave your name (uh) And your number And I'll get back to you. Once again it's another rap bandit Fiending at I and I can't stand it Wanna be down with the Day-Glo Knocking on my door, saying, a yo yo Knocking on my door, saying, a yo yo I got a funky new tune with a fly banjo I can't understand what the problem is I find it hard enough dealing with my own biz How'd they get my name and number Then I stop to think and wonder Bout a plan, yo man, I gotta step out town You wanna call me up? Take my number down It's 222-2222 I got an answering machine that can talk to you It goes POS: Hey how ya doin' Sorry ya can't get through But leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you Yo, check it, exit the old style Enters the new But nothing's new 'bout being hawked by a crew Or should I say flock cause around every block There's Harry, Dick, and Tom, with a demo in his palm Now I'm with helping those who want to help themselves And flaunt a nut that's doggy as in dope But it's not the mood to hear The tales of limousines and pails Of money they'll make like a pro I be like, Yo black, just play me the tape But at the show the time to spare I just make But the songs created in they shacks Are so wick-wick-wack, situations like this And now I hate they give me smiles Kool-Aid wide and ask, Was it def? And with the straighest face I be like, Hell yes. I slip them the digits to Papa Prince Paul So I don't go AWOL but yet I know when they call They get MASE: Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name And your number And I'll get back to you Hey how are ya doin Sorry you can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you Check it out Party at the dug-out on Diction Ave Haven't been to the jam in quite a while Figure I'll catch up on the latest styles 'Stead piles and piles of demo tapes bi-da miles All I wanna do is cut on the decks wild But edition up here bi-da miles to the center Reliever of duty, Plug One mosies in And I be like, Yo G, Pos does all the producing POS: Now woe is me to the third degree Mase pulls the funny so I make like a bunny Jettin' But I'm getting used to this demo abuse Getting raped and giving birth to a tape Cause there's no escape from the clutches of a hawker Attached to my success, sent like a stalker Make way to my radius playin fly guy Try to get on my back they force like Luke Sky Me Myself and I go through this act daily And rarely do I not No matter how I dodge some jackal always nails me No matter what the plot And even out on tour they be like, Yo I got a tape to play you back at the hotel I be like Oh swell Unveil the numeric code to dial my room And tell them to call me at noon But of course there's no answering machine in my room But a pretty young adorer Who I swung on tour And if it rings while we're alone She'll answer the phone And with the quickness she'll recite like a poem DOVE: Hey, you done did the right thing, dial up my ring ring Now you're waiting on the beep. Say, I would love if you'd sing The tune to Tru instead of fronting on the speak. So no problemo, just play the demo And at the end it's break out time Please oh please don't press rewind Cause I'll just lay it down the line Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And I'll get back to you POS: Hey how ya doing Sorry ya can't get through Why don't you leave your name and your number And we'll get back to you.. peace 'Yo what's up man, this is Ronald Master down with the Fish Tank Posse, man, you know man, so you know you can just hook me up, True. You know we got this fly new jam called 'Swimming In the Fish Tank', you know we gonna rock it man, you know what I'm saying, but I just need your help, Prince Paul gave me your number, you know man, you just gotta do that for me, got this fly bassline, got these fly trombones in it man, so just hook me up, man, just look out, all right, call me back at 557-2223 all right man, just look out, all right, look out for a brother man!'

Leave Me Alone

SYLEENA JOHNSON "Chapter 3: The Flesh"
Oooo, oooo, ooh [Verse 1] What makes you think that I'm gonna wait forever When we both know that your never gonna leave her What makes you think that I don't wanna man I could call my own What makes you think that I don't want a family What makes you think that I wanna be unhappy Boy, I can't do this, it ain't right I don't think that you should call me anymore [B-Section] I can't sleep at night I toss and turn My mind is bursting My conscious burns I can't stop thinking about this love And if the shoe was on the other foot [Chorus] (Leave me alone), if your not gonna be here for me (Leave me alone), if your not gonna shit for me If you got a girl at home and she's pregnant Wondering when your comin home (Leave me alone), don't wanna know you got problems in your marriage (Leave me alone), if you think I'm gonna help carry your baggage (Leave me alone), cause I don't wanna share your love Baby, I can bad on my own (Listen) [Verse 2] What makes you think that you could get away with murder What makes it so easy for you to hurt her What makes you think that I don't know that you can the same thing to me I know you think I'll do anything for ya Cause I been so greedy and selfish just like you But now I'm finished, it ain't right Even though it felt so right, it's still so wrong, oh [Chorus] [Bridge] Mon-day, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday If Sunday's only the day we spent a week What's the purpose of us It just ain't worth it to me [Chorus]

Poker In The Sky

JOE BUDDEN "Some Love Lost"
Just trying to explain the unexplainable More than trying to attain the unattainable Trying to make it sustainable Collecting all the parts, see if they interchangeable Killing me slow, but I'm glad it's entertaining you Everyday it amaze me The same thinking that pay me the same thinking that plagues me How can I think I'm crazy? Sway me Cause to profit off of shit that aches me is actually pretty wavy I'm painting the perfect picture Only perfect cause the imperfections are highlighted To gross currency off of that kinda sickness Changes the meaning of mind my business Giving what was given to me So the soldiers come over unsober And call me Yoda instead of Joseph I be like "why they come to me for advice?" They should really come to me for a vice I got 'em all Got a counter full of liquor, pocket full of pills The illusion of control, I can tell you how it feels Accounts full of paper and the women I play with All got criminal bodies, innocent faces Come around and we have a ball, could have it all Well, I ran out of Adderall, but that's a matter of a call, check it Odds is they start telling me they hardships Regardless, they end up wanting hard dick, aww shit You would think they been ordained Got her legs in the air, she screaming the Lord's name I'm feeding her more game, more game, more game I started fucking her mind, that's when all them thoughts came She keep saying if I want her I should fight for her My plight for her says I don't know if I'm right for her Even so know there's a fire I ignite for her Staring at her ceiling, seeing me like I'm a nightcrawler It's like she love me, but she don't That's when she lose me, that's when she confuse me It's what I get appalled with, can't call it She think I should remove her hurt since I installed it But I wish she knew I was returned 2 birds Feel it hurt me more knowing I hurt you Even though it exists I don't ever bring it up We don't be doing nothing, but it's everything to us Presently she bring up the past and it's filthy You not talking to who I was or who I will be But that's my own assignment You want to take all the feelings and the time spent And give it realignment Check the catalog, lateral God I self-sabotage, I'd explain further, but I'd rather not Salute, on me, everybody have a shot I do it for the niggas they said wouldn't have a shot But some days are better than some days Still yet here I stand on numb legs Women don't give a fuck that I have these scars I'm fucking the same hoes that the athletes are What a rollercoaster, we argued and we sexed Face in her box, James Harden in her texts Nigga from the Clippers every morning text her "good morning" She be sleep, he just be talking to me, my nigga None of this is a pain to see I only care about her if she pertains to me Shit I'm tending to emergencies with urgency That urge in me is my daily fight in her purging me Fuck hoes, I ain't got time to be sprung now Grandpa's cancer just made it to his lungs now In 2012, docs gave him few months; wild He's alive somehow, outlived 2 sons, wow So no the observation Says he'll die quicker with chemo and radiation He ain't strong enough to even go through operation Know that death's coming, he just in the house waiting So you telling me there ain't a way to fix the shit? Or is grandpa too old for you to give a shit? Let's switch the shit, give you my predicament Wonder how you would feel if I was telling yours live with it And it's traveling to his heart soon Of course it all hit me like a harpoon I was in shock and then it was all clearer When he called me and asked me to be his pallbearer I was floored But then the next second was back To being self-centered, self-absorbed And it became about me, fought it off long enough I could help carry your weight, but I ain't strong enough But why do I have to be? This the shit I be naturally asking me, I'm such a catastrophe See me breaking down with my father in back of me So for me to attend, I'm trying to think of a strategy But I'm happy for my dad He was incarcerated, but his mama didn't make it So for him to get that chance again with you Means the world, he could be there til it end for you and me I bleed out through this pen for you Can't carry this around, gotta vent, it's due Cause now, grandpa'll be closer to his wife Have cards when I come, we playing poker in the sky

Where They At

[A Plus] Plus is back to dust a rapper That's my given purpose What must I slap ya You're living worthless Void of value Noid and how you need to just quit Peep the plus shit We's a must get I gostta leave the wack behind Watch the beat attack your mind Eh yo MC don't pack a nine I needs no gun I got a rap to make you flee so run You're no one You flow none I relieve you of your rhyming duty Since you're rhyming booty Rudely I leave a rapper loot free Subtract your ends And then attack your friends I kick the facts and relax with skins And since I move a little faster Fools allways wanna call me gased or People think my name should be Elastor But who's dope in the house tonight? No one; cause you're all wack When you fall back I call that fake Cause you're born to loose A-Plus came to warn your crews The ?corn? you use Will get you torn and bruised (into scraps) You should have listened when I sent you fax copy skulls with my mental axes But yo the Plus lives so I bust kids I crush ribs Yo the plus gives a motherphuck Couldn't care less if you're near fresh Plus and Cas is gonna bust your asses [Casual] I need a little bit of space Back up. Hittin with the bass in case You act up. Its Casual; I motherphuckin rip the track up Off the head of by request The best- It goes beyond the flesh so Jon is fresh Yes; y'all would never step in my division in rhymin' It takes precision and timing I mean too much for you No matter what you do I'm phat and phuck your crew With your whole image; I'm reluctant to Casual has stuck a few For a buck or two ?Cluck? and you Best bag up Or have to duck a few blows That's how it is and that's how its supposed to be Hiero's quite phat; you'll never come close to me I'm making the microphone laugh at y'all What you're seeing is the supreme being at MCing Too bad I'm me and not you When I do what I got to Hieroglyphics running shit like you're pops do You're gonna get beat, you're gonna get belted Delt with, the beat defeat Every rhyme you had melted With stones you're pelted Biting off that old shit my man Del Did Its like this and uh Its like that too Don't let me catch you You're swift as a statue If I had to you know that I'd be glad to apply my tricks of the trade to help further your falling off I hit MC's with a Molotov So call it off I'm way beyond you Watch how Jon do On the motherphuckin microphone, nigga!


Incubus (Brazil) "Beyond The Unknown"
[Lyrics: Francis, Moyses/Music:Francis] Alone in their destination Wandering thru this violent life A part of all misconseption from their past And now thrown out to the street to rot Painful screams never heard Hung on the wings of death Germs are what they seem For the rich they have no need Left in the cold in crucial places Feeling the horrors of real life Places to places, no where to go Agonizing pain and no one seems to care Trying to revive'em for a higher place But no one seems to give any support They hear their torment call Disarmen from an endless war Aimed by all kinds of poverty Vagabonds you will find in all types of societies Resting in thew underground of this materialistic inferno [Chorus:] Mortify In hostility of human injustice They are living in a world of darkness In which the light seems far away [Lead] No justice Blamed for someone else's deeds Humiliation Because they are poor Treated harshly [Lead] Is this what they call the advancement of mankind Why men want to rule the space While they can't even solve the problems of the earth So much said, but so little done Blinded and devoured by our greed Facing all the worries of our minds We can't feel what is happening in the world around us Turbulence is the reasons which we all must face Crossing the line of stupidity and discrimination Is one of the reasons which makes us ignore The actual state of the moribund Breaking down their hope to pieces Destitution increases infront of their own miserable lives [Repeat chorus] [Lead] Days passed Injured ones dying fast Marsh temperatures The whips of cold winds Are frosting their bodies on the attack Feeling the rigor mortis stage alive Reaching to the ultimate muscular paralysis [Lead]

PE 2000

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Hurricane G] Hey yo Puff, check this out pa I'm tired of niggas hating on a mutha fucka Let's take it to the next millennium on these bitches You got to keep bubblin on em Platinum doublin on em, fuck these niggas Hey yo, I bumped into these cat an' they was like, Yeah, what up wit that nigga Puff he swear he nice I said yo, the brother dont swear he nice he knows he nice You public enemy number one right now But Fuck that there spit that hydro-ghetto shit [Puff Daddy] Let's go That's that shit right here, whom shall I fear Throw your guns in the air Socialize, get down, let your ssoouull lead the way Cause i'm that enemy that you can't see But you wanna be you ain't shit to me Playa, It ain't hard for you to get to me Playa, my real dogs they'll spit for me So if you want whats mine, you gots to have the heart I've seen em come and I've seen em part If you ain't want beef then why did you start Front from the light catch shots after dark Suffer, duck or you'll catch these On the spot, red dots make em all believe Ain't nobody kicking the rhymes like these See I do the things that they can't achieve So don't start bassin' n' I'll start pacing Bets on that you'll be disgracing More hotter than the sun I'm living on the run Because i'm public enemy number one Chorus: One,One,One,One,One One,One,One,One,One [Puff Daddy] Let me ask you, what you got against me Is it my girl or is it the bentley Is it my house or maybe its all three I just came up and you're all against me Now ask yourself, why is he number one Now ask yourself, who's done what he's done Then ask yourself, you're fit for the long run You think its a game cause you fucked the wrong one Always with God and I don't swing solo Never back down when I gotta throw dolo Wanna see me out, but I just won't go though Pretty young things wanna have my photo One in the room hangin' on the wall In rememberance that I rocked 'em all Got no time for those that think small Grill me in the club cause they can't ball Hate shot callers Hate them ballers Back in control now I call orders It's no fun fleeing under the gun Cause they got me public enemy number one Chorus [Puff Daddy] All you suckers, liars, court testifiers Wanna infiltrate and break my empire I spit lines, hit rhymes Keep dimes sweating Giving them the juice that they're not gettin' A bona fide playa, now who got the flavor A non stop, rhythm rock, poetry sayer I'm the life saver, the New York mayor Before you try me, you better say your prayers My word to the wise is: Do not cry You know that i'm gone then say don't die I take what I find, put a beat to they rhyme Thought it was over but I crept from behind Wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind Almost 2000 and running out of time Almost to the point when I wanna bust nines A lot of strange faces, I can only trust mine Soldiers in position all on the front line Don't make a move till I give them the sign Known as the poetical, lyrical, miracle son Because i'm public enemy number one Chorus [Hurricane G] Yeah yeah, that's right Puff That's what I'm talkin about love Sparklin and glistenin on these motherfuckers These niggas is walkin around like little bitches Talkin about what you got and what they ain't got They got a little jealous and wanna bring you down But fuck dat, they just mad Cause you got all the ladies And you pushin them bentleys, not mercedes, bentleys You know and thats just the way the story goes And thats just the way the story goes Fuck you niggas and hoes [Puff Daddy] You think i'ma come this far and let you niggas stop me now Haha picture that....number one, number one, number one B-I-G forever... rock on

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