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DE LA SOUL lyrics - De La Soul Is Dead

Bitties In The Bk Lounge

Original and similar lyrics
Part One: Yo man let me make some Cpt. Krunch man alright Yo man we have any milk? Yeah, what time is it? I don't know, what day is it? Don't know, well I'll tell you. Well it was a Wednesday me and Boss Hog was kinda hungry like two eggs, and a slop beef slice of lettuce and a glass of milk and some cookies. Spotted in the mist was a BK logo what we said - well what do you know this chick thought I was trying to play fly cause I had a pair of blue jeans on. Young girl, won't you take my order? she said, Yeah, but right now I'm kinda busy... can't you see I'm trying to put this band aid on my finger? Lingering, I could tell she's a B-K mademoiselle Ripped uniform and bottom bell and some Jelly stuff on her sleeve Look to this cause I had no name tag on my collar could be pissed cause she's clocking 2.45 an hour And then Boss Hog hollar Girl you better make this quick! She said, I ain't your girl and I ain't your chick! I had an idea and lickity split took my hat off and that was it Dread locks fallen all over me and then I said Yeah now we'll see! And o' with quick velocity honey was mesmerized Ain't you that guy? Aint you that GIRL! De La Soul, right? No Tracy Chapman! Why don't you come over to the counter; and write me out an autograph? Ha ha ha, I had to laugh She was quick with the Bic just to get that autograph But me and Hogg just laughed, and laughed What's the name of that song you sing? Living in a fast car, I said Forget about the order I made I'll go get a slice of pizza instead. Chorus: repeat 2X Bitties in the BK lounge, All they do is beg and they scrounge Bitties in the BK lounge (2x) Part Two: F - female P2 - Posdonus F - Excuse me, would you take my order I have to go Shashawna's got a real job, dag don't you know! P2 - Oh yeah, Now I recognize The real real bitty with the fake fake eyes Yo, can I interest you in some burgers and fries? F - Yes you can, but you can keep your lies cause you know you can't diss me but your pissing me off I know where you live and I know that your soft You're as booty as they come [booty?] and you dress like a geek my shoes cost more than you make in two weeks P2 - Look, you don't have to play fly in here I can tell your fly by the weave that you wear! But you must be aware that a fly can be swatted by a BK tray By the way yo, here's yours F - I know your just sweating me to kill the noise of your polyester pants and thier o' so high waters Look at what you do all day but take orders You bow tie wearing, clocking and staring I know your just upset because you cant get the rat/wrap I think you Chubby for my man is living slack P2 - Yeah, I know your man, the biggest punk in school selling devil rock to the fiends and the fools! With one hand that punk I could snap- the kid is so skinny... F - But we be livin fat P2 - Speaking of fat, would you like a diet soda? Cause less fat on you would spare us all the odor Better yet pour it down the pants and let the acid kill the smell that should have been left to Masingel! Let me make you a deal, take the soda free and jet I got to much family to heed your threats F - Are you a family man? [Word booty!] Well I shouldn't be surprized your sister's flipping burgers and your momma's frying fries P2 - Don't even try that shit! F - Oh damn look! [What?] F - Here comes one more It's your father he just finished mooping the floor Now give them a hand, its the BK clan So you can't talk garbage about who I am P2 - well, arn't we living foul Speaking of foul how bout some chicken for the cow? Ops I meant you sorry for the mix up but your stomachs always big from the sexual slip ups! F - I could buy you and sell you for pennies, young man! {You'd better!} I think theres something you should understand I try to be nice and help the poor make money And since I know you need it, I'll go elsewhere dummy! Now B-K workers is too damn rude I think I'll go get me some Chinese food

Freezing Torment

INCUBUS "Beyond The Unknown"
Peaceful mission thru the air Suddenly caught unware Panic rises, lives in despair Fasten the seat belts , praying to survive All the memories of their lives Flashes thru their minds As the emergency landing is occuring at the time Like a torpedo going down towards it's aim To the cold, white deserted ground Shock occurs in the violent crash It's a morbid nightmare Bodies torn into an unnatural position Mutilated until unrecognizable forms Survivors trapped, afflicted pain Of body and mind, screaming for help Undergoing tremendous feelings of death Agony Misfortune Misery Tragedy Torment It all adds to an unpleasant destiny Famish Extreme hunger Nourishment supplies ran out Organism weakens each moment cannibalistic action the only way Crying to God for forgiveness As the silence of flesh are being devoured From the dead corpses, There's no choice Either choose life or death Lowering themselves to a point They would never thought to get A living inferno where rational thoughts Became repulsive A place where the living needed the dead Shocked by the scars of terror A memory that they will never forget For the victims of the freezing torment

Strippers Anthem

This ones going out to the strip joints Yo meet me at Susies Rendezvous (For every go-go bar) Imma send this one out to the gentlemans club Magic City, New York Dawes, Rolex I be seeing you all up in there late at night (Mons Venus) I understand when your girls stressing you out You know what I'm sayin (Crazy girls) Don't let the ladies fool you all now fellas They be doing the same thing you doing Turn up my symphony man, turn up my symphony, Drop a beat I'm in paradise Look at all these crystals (whats up with scores) Uh huh! Yo straight up this is the new anthem for everybody workin hard Tryin to make that money check it out yall (giddy up giddy up giddy up giddy up giddy up) Chorus Just cus she dances go-go, It don't make her a ho no! Maxine which direction's your home, were going to the disco Were gonna elope, to Me-hico Called up my momma said I'm in love with a stripper yo Ten grand, Let me see you shake it like You got no bones in your body And you was made to be a celebrity Twenty grand, Know its a sin but your funny Show me a little more skin It would fulfill my fantasy Thirty grand, Took the highest bid did what Chris Rock said Theres no sex in the champagne room Fourty grand, Looked into her eyes I saw tears falling down Type of tears that money couldn't buy Chorus x2 Excuse me what is your name? Uh my name is Hope yo I was blessed with the body of the Goddesses Have you any idea how hard this is? I can flex in twenty-five positions But I only work here to pay my tuition Yo tantalizing teaser, tabletop pleaser Give me what I need uh, Mastercard or VISA Lapdance, Fantasy Picture us in an all white canopy Wyclef extended his hand to me How you feel with these? How they feel in me? Take me away from here, so far Where they ride horses, no cars No more stripping, In bars Me and you Clef, against the odds Chorus x2 You alot of you all are sitting with your girl Frontin like the Budweiser commercial talkin bout ahhhh ahhhhhhh I don't be goin to the strip joints You lyin man you be surprised who you see up in there man I got one question for you liars man SHOT CALLER! What are you a preacher? You callin her a HOOKER He without sin cast the first stone I MET HER ON THE SUBWAY She gave me that VIP card, AND TOLD ME IF I EVER HAVE PROBLEMS Don't hesitate, to come by (yeah yeah yeah) Chorus x2 CALL UP MY MAMA SAID I'M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPER YO Yo baby can I get anothe lap dance, I tell you I got nothin but funny money man New York dollars man!

Fine Tune Da Mic

Maestro Fresh Wes "Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!"
CHORUS X2 [Maestro] Fine tune da mic [Showbiz] Engineer won't you check it [Maestro] It's the brother Maestro [Showbiz] And Showbiz is going to wreck it [Showbiz] So here I come (ha), so here I go (yo) And when you hear (huh), you know it's brother Show I like to rock a hundred miles, but you know I'm far from running Listen to the kicks and the snares, you know It's stunning I'm coming, I came, I'm only here to damage ya I left my city and my hometown to fly to Canada To get a peace of mind and make beats on the low And Show's got a flow, a combo with Maestro Fresh Wes, I never fess, big up to Diamond D A.G. and my partner Lord Finesse, can't forget Buckwild People know my style, don't play me like a child Or your fam be sitting in the front aisle, of a funeral home Put two to your dome, so pass the microphone The S-H-O-W-B-I-Z from 1-6-3, third and A-V-E The trump can't see me Lick for lick, I change cars like brother cange kicks And pick up chiocks and take them to the flicks So don't try to play big willie I'll smoke you with a cripsy hundred dollar bill And make the chump feel silly, huh You can't understand where my head's at While I made a record talking about liking my pockets fat And not flat, not flat And punks couldn't take it if you had ten gats And girls play my lap bcause I made Soul Clap I guess it's like that when you got a little stack CHORUS X2 [Maestro Fresh Wes] Well I'm crushing, blood starts gushing when I'm bum rushing Me and the mic is like Startsky and Hutchin Not a plumber but I'm guarenteed to fix Farrah's faucet No I never ever lost it, now I'mma toss it Get off it, I'mma write, I'll role you like a tight spliff I might get hyper just like positive on a night shift Fresh Wes is the smoothest show and prover Like J. Degar Hoover, I make a ??? manouver Ain't no lookin back, I throw a jam at the Sugar Shack And I can make the mack say, Jack bring my hooker back I'm getting 'nuff props like Black Moon, I never wrote a wack tune Sons take my album cover straight to the bathroom Live like a wire, MC for hire Rapper all admire, but retire, when I ahnil- Late, deducts, and take da bucks Who the hell needs luck, I got it made and getting paid to fluc- Uate my lyrics, my uncategorical, metaphorical flow Makes you want to hear it, so don't compare it You can't come near it, I know you fear it You want to jeer it in the front row 'Cause you know me and Show can flow We go head to head, toe to toe and blow for blow We say the kind of rhymes to make the party people listen Catching mad wreck on the mic mechanism CHORUS X4 OUTRO [Maestro Fresh Wes] Yeah, that's how we doing it yo Big up to my DJ, LTD Loves to devast, never hesitate to motivate Farly Flex, relfex, MVP yo That's how we swing it in the studio Word up Fresh Wes, 1994 I'm blowing up uhh I'm blowing up yeah Yeah I can't forget my man Chris My man Mac behind the fat tracks And my man Show B-I-Z AKA Mr. (F-A-T), we out

Tic Toc

Lords Of The Underground
featuring Da Brat * cough * Youknahmsayin B I mean motherfuckers be talkin you know what I mean? [Da Brat] Talkin plenty shit YouknowhatI'msayin? Just shit talkin [Da Brat] And don't know a motherfuckin thing But we gon' we gon' gather all these niggaz from Chicago [Da Brat] Hehe Da Brat Knahmean? [Da Brat] That's right all them niggaz from Jersey Yeah yeah yeah and we just gon' do it [Da Brat] Yaknahmsayin? [all together] Aiyyo, put your hands up, way in the sky Light up your lighters, flame on the fire (yeah!) Aiyyo, put your hands up, way in the sky Light up your lighters, flame on the fire [DoItAll] Aiyyo I been on many stages of all sorts Banged in many hoopties on blocks of all sorts Ran to foreign ports, sippin on Port Thinkin rap thoughts while I'm reppin for Newark, WHOAAAAAAH Down-fall never, I rhyme too clever Storm like the weathers, hip-hop for the pleasure Feel the texture, how does DoItAll lecture you and whoever, the more, the better L-O-R-D, back from N-W-K The U-N-D-A make me bounce this way Why you say - here me from Chi to NJ I swear one day it's gon' all come your way, one day Chorus: Da Brat (repeat 4X) One day, that's when it's gon' come For all you muh'fuckers, tell me where you gon' run to [Mr. Funke] Check it Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust Blackin out on anybody think they fuckin with us We just, live the life of Billboards and mic cords Straight buyin shit you can't afford (hah) so put it down and stop touchin it, you wanna step to us, see you rushin it Watch your head, I'll be bustin it, what's this? Who you think you talkin to - you think we slippin? Yo Brat, stick the clip in, these niggaz is trippin Bustin shots like pimpin (pimpin) hit you in your hip and (hip and) take your Bills like Clinton (Clinton) nigga I ain't bullshittin You must be lost - thinkin Jersey niggaz is soft I should whip out on your niggaz - make you take your rings off Now take your fuckin jeans off, for thinkin that we soft Before I squeeze off, make you nigga ease off Cause me gettin burnt or hurt, won't be tolerate Funk Bizzy put a foot to your ass, you're constipated - what? Chorus [Da Brat] Dearly beloved, we gathered here today to bust Me and the Lords been in the lab, guaranteed to fuck it up - what? If you got a problem with Jersey or Chicago The revolver'll go POP and the weaves'll DROP Rhyme-diesel heffer in it, don't stop, the glock cocked Ready to penetrate with every one of my sixteen SHOTS Don't be deceived by the pigtails, the butter colored ma Smothered in cheese, the dopest bitch you've heard thus far When in need, of an incredible high, you can flow with the L-O-T-U-G and I, as we get lifted til we die, all this stuff is weight Make the money to buy the bank and the Benz and the vacation (Sheeyit) Take time to kick it with niggaz in Jersey You weren't worthy and your day is comin Motherfucker, you better keep runnin (hahahah) And that's all fact and no lie, one day got your name on it Be ready to die (bitch, motherfucker!) Chorus 2X

Red Hot

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
[Marc 7] Syllable slasher, insurmountable mic gasher Quick to vent with intent, you can't crash us Constant link passers, styles'll skate past ya Beats that we present will make you hate like a slave master (Hardcore) Heated and hot, control the venomous plots We be the cream of the crop, so keep our name out your mouth We'll entertain your brain for three minutes and change Ain't it strange, your fame is three minutes and change Let me finish explainin', break it down like a layman All the stuff that you sayin', Ain't it all entertainin' [Akil] Uhh, Yea... (Red hot) molten lava Too hot for toddlers Too hot for you and your crew so don't bother I'm the globetrotter, party block rocker Heart and show stopper, break it off proper [Soup] With lengths to go,Yo The Jacques Cousteau with flow, and underground continental With words that blow The competitions straight to the door We'll rock it, Herbie Hancock it like '84, Fo' sho' [Jurassic 5] This jam is red hot [Chali 2na] A smooth brotha, for real we buckshots like that BlackMoon fella The backroom sellers makin' rap tunes illa The Killa flow spilla, the Chicago killa named 2na [Marc 7] We come tramplin', your city and stand in We movin' in tandem, your crew couldn't phathom We reppin' the fashion, no mushin' and mashin' I'm through with you has beens Your crew better cash in [Jurassic 5] This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot [Soup] The vangard of art Quick to put pen to the thought And nice from the minute I start, huh Maneuver well, I tell girls that can't tell That say since I don't look like Maxwell They think I can't mack well [Chali 2na] We them backpack boys, at your backdoor They can catch a cap like a hatch door Givin' the exact score Forever we fight for honor yo Tight since we was lable mates with Mic Geronimoooo! [Marc 7] Walking, stompin' in my big black boots It be the crew J5 and we're all in cahoots (Soon) to bring it to ya live, yea that's what you paid for With skills much sharper than a Texas Chainsaw [Akil] Yo, pipin' hot and your mic is not We steam from the pot, you wet like rain drops We fire with the brimstone Heat up your girls erogenous zones with electrified sparks and poems [Jurassic 5] This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot This jam is red hot [Chali 2na] So let the ash blow We relieve static with a grammatic fiasco [Marc 7] Don't even start me We rippin' up your party Put us on a marque We clutch without the car keys [Jurassic 5] This jam is red hot [Akil] Mind blowa, syllable Sammy Sosa Dap the King's Cobra [Soup] Huh, we come up to sun up thanks to noon And you can say, I'm on his dick cause you are too, Come On! [Jurassic 5] This jam is red hot, when were rockin the spot If you like it or not, this jam is red hoooooot

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