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Daz Dillinger lyrics - Retaliation Revenge And Get Back

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[Featuring Kurupt Tha Kingpin Prince Ital Joe] Prince Ital Joe (Daz): Yeah Death Row (give it up one time) Yes to the man sing them all beats they're crucial (give it up) Dogg Pound (???) Nobody moves freeze! nobody gets hurt Shoot first and ask questions later The motto lyrically artically rip it... Daz: Stop and listen catch a grip and realize with your two eyes The price, nigga, is keep striving for more I broke laws, defined many, show skills of a rider when few was thick Revolved around forty-four niggaz for the rep Sweat the whole block with the Mack-90, automatic semi-tech Now the whole shit is respected Slowly but surely homies catching death wishes, and laugh You're trying to catch a check you can't cash I do, for the rapper the name and for the hood that I claim After the kill, it's remains the same The composure, gangstering, it's got me, still down to bang Who can get close to the most notorious gang of 'em all Dogg Pound, amazing Rage, rough and raw (DPG) The conversation ain't much, now what up? You're gapping and you're scrapping and you got a gap from the gat Kurupt: I found a (what?), more, I see the homies free I bound to make more money than I ever dreamed It's the DPG, the gangsters on the TV Completely, you can't defeat, delete species That fool over there is out of his nest He's off the hood with techs and vests Dumping on different sets (who's that man?) D-A-Z's my nigga If he ever was to get any bigger and lose his figures he's my nigga The more I think about life and the world that surrounds us Being from Tha Pound, instantly penitentiary bound (so what's up?) I'm all about dropping bombs And possessing the deadliest rhymes the mind can't design So let's let bygones be bygones, aim to shoot And mash with your boys if you're down for making loot 'Cause if not, when the heat gets hot you get scorched You're caught up like being in court, fighting the wars Now I pause to take a sneak peek through The Source (Magazine) Our force is not revealing (what?), we sold two million (damn!) Willingly we survived, willingly we strived We all multiply, Dogg Pound 'till we die I thought you knew about, the two about to run through about half your organization Sacred assassinations, fool, here's what you're facing The diverse, you're in a worse situation, like that... Prince Ital Joe: Yeah, Tell Babylon that we'll never give up hope in the ghetto 'Cause everyday when we wake up we see the sun rise up in the sky We won't ever, never give up the fight, see We, down in the ghetto, will always put up the struggle The struggle to survive, and to live good To bring food on the table for our families, see Tell Babylon that we have hope Like our brothers Martin Luther King and Marcus Garvey We believe that we are true Africans And we handle (???) in this life We won't kill our brothers no more Stab them with a knife, or shoot them with a gun 'Cause when we do we see their blood run And it's not a pretty sight So we don't love the parasites of this world Sucking the blood of the sufferers Yeah!

Hook It Up

MASTER P "Gameface"
(feat. Silkk the Shocker, and Bone-Thugs-N-Harm) [Master P and Layzie Bone talking] Yo Layzie Whats up man Check this out, me and my boy ridin' dirty from New Orleans, right Right. When we touch down in Cleveland, Yeah. I'ma have my phone turned on so if you need me hit me. Use the code. Black or blue I'ma use black. Me and my boy gonna have some. . . Okay. Tell Krayzie, Wish, and Flesh have them thangs on 'em cause them hater's is out there. For sure. We gonna be in a green duece and ah quarter, tryin' to out smart the po po's. Okay, yeah, heh-heh. Keep it on the D.L. Yeah. But check this out. Yeah When I get there, you ain't gotta worry bout nothing. Yah heard me I feel ya. Cause I got the hook-up. Bet on baby, bet on. [Chorus - Master P] Igot the hook-up, hook it up. [x8] [Krayzie Bone] Just call it up What you need, indeed, a nigga got the hook-ups on the tweed But I got more then trees Wanna see what I got Nigga follow me right through the alley Don't panic, relax, what's happening Now is it a beeper or a cellular phone that your lacking We got them still in the package You know they at a great deal No money, we activate them No refunds But you can trade them for we press no limitations Buck buck We patient, have all your money in hand Don't worry about credit, forget it, cause we don't let it stand in our way Nigga we get paid, you get the drop for free Look me up When you reach someone, thinkin of someone I can hook you up [Chorus (x4)] [Layzie Bone] Nigga just got this sack of D And Master P, my nigga, just got the hook-up Look me up if you need the cook up Got shit to hook the crooks up Hit me up on my header And I'ma call you back Cause ain't no taps on my celly Nig, come get all we got A little hustling mother fucker With a pocket full of stones Rolling with Mo and the No Limit soldiers Got the hook-up and its on [Wish Bone] We got them rides Whatever you need Just step next door We fully equip with automatics Police detect us Lets roll, roll, roll And when you ride with Bone Don't you worry about a thing Cause we got shit for real Trust in me These niggas don't wanna buck buck bang We on a mission Time to position Call the soldiers Lets ride Set them up in the moonlight These niggas done fucked up with my money (die) alright [Silkk the Shocker talking] You want the hook-up Check this out little. . . [Silkk the Shocker] I live like stock market nigga Buy low, sell high Supply and demand Nigga if supply low demand is high I sell it for high as I can I take the jingle But I'm for the counting mother fucking four All sales are final Ain't no refund in this mother fucker This mother fucking shit sold I hit them like non-stop Cock the glock Cause the mother fucking spot be hot Nigga wonder where I be Cause I'm always cold fresh out of the penn Talking about holler at me I got everything from hand-held to flips Silkk and Bone got the chips Don't even try to hit me on a hit like elevator Nigga ain't got it shit don't exist Nigga talking about Holler at your boy Holler at your niggas See I got what you need If I ain't got it I'm going get it See i ain't hard to find You need me Look me up They call me Silkk the Shocker But you can call me Mr. Hook It Up [Master P and Silkk] I got the hook-up, hook it up, hook it up Soldiers I got the hook-up, hook it up, hook it up Silkk, P, and Bone Thugs soldiers I got the hook-up, hook it up, hook it up I got the hook-up, hook it up, hook it up [Chorus to fade]

Fat Gold Chain

Def Squad "Def Squad Presents Erick Onasi"
[Erick Onasis] Whoo! Uhh, ah ah, ayahhh, ahh ahh ahh And you don't stop, ahh ahh, word is bond, word is bond Now introducin the sound from the ghetto E Double and Too $hort, what the fuck you thought? I come with the ruckus, It's My Thing when I swing I'm Born to Mack, always strapped, with the black gat Who out there I swear boy wanna get touched Roll up, and catch a slug to the chest, so DUCK I talk the talk, walk the walk, now nigga Five hundred S drivin with hand on trigger Crazy Lestat, check my track record Everything I touch is gold since eighteen years old So what that mean? I rolled the blunt and puff the indo smoke in it, I trip in a minute Crazy holy doctor holdin me cuz I be rockin B Sewin up like Monopoly, nobody's stoppin me Dig it, Funkdafied like Brat, how's that? I stick and move on tracks while I smoke a twenty sack Who said the E can't rock? That's bullshit Suck my dick and get a big fat lick of my balls You wanna brawl? Punk I thought not You might get beat down and stomped like Sasquatch Your girl, like Keith Sweat, I wanna fuck her Psych, I already stuck her Huh, I got rhymes to make your whole head swell up Here's an icepack - homeboy shut the hell up I rock the mic with Too $hort, y'all niggaz know what's happenin Everything he touch goes platinum Eyeeaaaah! [Too $hort] I made a half a million in a week And every nigga on the street got a tape playin me You can't believe it? Erick Sermon, rollin with $hort Rolled from California all the way to New York in big Benzes, G hooked it up Now we trying to squash all that East/West stuff We spent years in the studio makin funky tracks Signed a bunch of niggaz with some tight ass raps It's like Father Dom, it's like Keith Murray Makin millionaires but it ain't no hurry cause we all in it for the long run I won't leave the studio until a song's done And ain't nuthin really hard about gettin my cash A big fat house with a million stashed You other niggaz got this rap game distorted Givin DAT's to the label, straight gettin shorted Claim you gettin paid, but I can't tell You keep rappin in my ear and got me mad as hell You talk a good game but I don't believe in you You smoked a lotta blunts but I got mo' weed than you I guess I see you on the charts in the meanwhile Another face in the crowd bustin freestyles Wishin you could be in the light Promoters pay me ten G's just to breathe on the mic Bitch! $hort Dawg puttin it down with the E Double [Erick Onasis] Shhhhh! You remind me of my fat gold chain Some of y'all are just small change Be a boss with true true game Yeah yeah Dig this y'all, my Music is Dangerous Atomic Dog, coming through the smog with $hort Dawg Ahhh! Quick with the trig Jack be nimble I shoot like G Mob goes liftin through my window Chik chik pow! How you like me now? The man in the mirror it don't get no clearer $hort Dawg, the E Double, and Breed we roll thick Like girls in C.A.U. with the good power-U Owww! Money is the key to fame So I can live it up with the girls on Soul Train The impact, major league dough like Dave Justice Yo Breed, $hort Dawg, show em how we bust this [Too $hort] Like some true pioneers, don't forget it some nigga

When All Light Dies

JEDI MIND TRICKS "Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell"
[Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, Jedi Mind Vinnie Pazienza, the Enemy of Mankind Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell Horrorcore, yeah, walk with me [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] I pop a pill and zone, my voice alone 'll fuckin' kill your bones The AR-15 beam leave you still as stone I'm workin' twenty-four-seven while you chill at home I'm on the block with my people where the killers roam I'm in a killer zone, where police can trap me I'm ready to go to war with them like we Iraqi We in the last days, only darkness passes No more pure air, only bloody money ashes Yeah, you need to recognize the God is sick 'Cause I was born inside of Egypt near the Gaza Strip Don't make me cock the fifth, and put the flame to him And thug it out like the Israeli's and Iranian's Remember when I put the pen to pad When I heard "Style Wars" by Lakim Shabazz Then in the lab, everything was constructed with Stoupe And y'all know that no one fuckin' with us as a group [Chorus: Shara Worden] When All the Light goes out where will you be? When the darkness comes what will you see? (When the lights go out) When All the Light goes out where will you be? (When the lights go out) When the darkness comes what will you see? [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] I'm a cannibal corpse, .38 snub splatter your thoughts Peel your skin off of your body like animal cloth I'm the reason for the Carthage in Hannibal's force I'm the reason for the carnage in parable's lost And I'll put the heater right where your lungs at And none of y'all would be around if I could bring Pun back You want the horrorcore Vinnie? He brung that Along with the .44 militant gun rap I break bread with the brothers I trust 'Cause I know that if I'm ever in some trouble, they bust Could never be us, we too raw for the rap now Anybody with a tape recorder can rap now I pull a twelve gauge shotty, you back down And then the last thing you hear is the gat sound From the city where they framed Mumia We gonna break him out, run up with them flames and heaters [Chorus: Shara Worden] When All the Light goes out where will you be? When the darkness comes what will you see? (When the lights go out) When All the Light goes out where will you be? (When the lights go out) When the darkness comes what will you see? [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] Yeah, yeah, I carry heavy fifths, I'm a biological terrorist If you ain't been in war, then you don't know what terror is You try to help people but do nothin' like therapists It's basic rules to the game, cousin, you never snitch Or you can see the type of lead that my Beretta spits Or send you through the torture chamber and behead the bitch Yeah, I'll put your body to the blades and choppers And teach you about the disruptive symbol of chakra's If you believe what they tellin' you, the beast and them won That's why I speak about survival and need for a gun I stand for what them thugs is reppin' But they don't know the government is usin' drugs as weapons And drug injections, was taught by the prophets before About the cavalry of shadowy profits of war It's hard of grip, so I spit it at different degrees But the inner earth holds more water then seas [Bridge: Shara Worden] Who's gonna save you When All the Lights go out It's time to reconcile, how you gonna go, how you gonna go? When the Lights go out, When the Lights go out When the Lights go out, how you gonna go? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

The Corpse Came To Dinner

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG "The Best Of Brotha Lynch Hung"
Brotha Lynch (Verse 1) Now I'm the type'a nigga that'll leave a horse head in ya bed/ sleep witcha wife then/ commence the knifin'/ get away clean with the scheme, Glock 17, in my lap, as I creep away in the black Cadillac/ cause you know I got shit to do, fake ID cause I been murderin' muthafuckas like- who?- HIV/ as I creep real slow thu ya blood vessels- and then?- five weeks later nigga god bless ya/ now I'm stressed with the Smith and Wess/ my music career aint been the best/ bound to have my momma wearin' a tight dress/ bitch make my money right, or get ya throat slit and drug in the bushes as ya, inside gushes/ then I'm smashin' through the night- in what?- Mazaratti with the posse hittin' corners hella tight- yeah right- nigga you know I'm right (oh)/ my momma taught me nigga don't give a fuck/ and when I die, cover me in a joint and smoke me up Chorus (4x) That's what I said... Loki (Verse 2) I'm high up out the hocus pocus, my diagnosis is a murderous psychosis and muthafuckas know this/ I'm quick to pull the pin up out the grenade and hand you the pineapple and say Here muthafucka, hold this (oh no)/ Loki and the murder show/ the sequence begins with freaks in the mo-mo/ we see an alibi's provided/ we creep'd in and now my niggas ridin'/ slips clips in jump in and do that shit smokin' buddah shit/ see when they say siccmade it and whispers that it taste-es bitter, blowin' muthafuckas in to smita-(reens)/ triple X liquor/ with nothin' but curses in our verses, obscene/ unfit for major mainstream magazines/ lace you up in kerosene and see that ass ignited, I mean/ we got the V-8 for ya gangsta lean/ I seen, war machines and street marines, dirty ninas in the hands of ghetto fiends/ I'm caught between, the hard life and ghetto dreams/ got schemes/ with black berets and getaways like OJ (clean)/ don't get got, she got the cannabalistic Q-zine/ and the illegitimate got another 16 (ha ha)/ you see the front page news only show the inmates and not the cage while, elections play with the public's rage/ fuck those that criticize, let 'em lead our lives/ do the shit we done and then say that we were right Chorus Brotha Lynch (Verse 3) Black pits in the backyard, I don't feed 'em/ gotta buy 'bout a pit a week, cause they gotta eat/ off that mad dog 20/20 I'm 'bout ta take my money/ ski mask, gotta manage, better take advantage/ understand this, radiation and mushroom blast/ it's almost 20 G, gotta plot my shit and get my cash/ D-Dub around the corner in the Im-pala/ Zig-zag in the trash can with the auto mag last time I saw her/ Beta (what) stand lookout by the liqour store/ Loki, hear some movement, nigga you know, do that ho/ times murder so I'm time plottin', creep, with a hand cannon takin' out every nigga bandstandin'/ cause I'm aggressive like a wolverine/ B done caught that ass and got out the gasoline, hot out ya worsest dream/ then it all adds up (to what?) sittin' in Hawaii wit' a AK on my lap off that puffy stuff Chorus

Next Out The Kennel

DMX "The Great Depression"
(feat. Bloodline, DJ Kay Slay) [DJ Kay Slay] Aiyyo, this is DJ Kay Slay from around the way And my dog DMX is puttin' it down with the Bloodline family And the Bloodline kennels THE GREAT DEPRESSION! FOURTH TIME! X keeps it gutter and his dogs are no differant You gotta respect the line... First out the kennel, Jynx reprepin' straight from Y.O. kennel Holdin it down... [Jynx] Let it be known, bring it to me Break the fingers that you write with Mouth that you recite with, real life shit Niggaz call me God on beats, cuz I light shit Quicker than those, shootin' big holes, rippin' your clothes Play games and have a thug nigga sittin' at your home See you walkin' with that bitch when he spit at yo dome Damn, ya brains all over the place Bitch cryin' and screamin', cuz your brains is all over her face I got love for street thugs and killers, with deep mugs Who bust they guns first then they start to cuss Shook niggaz hold they guns 'til they start to rust Bitch niggaz don't want no parts of us, we dangerous Tripped a few of angel dust One shot turn yo brains to slush Yeah, niggaz don't learn shit 'til the lights is off It's too late, now your life is lost, motherfucker... [beat changes to 'Bring Ya Whole Crew'] [DJ Kay Slay] DAMN! See what I'm sayin', this shit is real Next out the kennel, barkin' from Dirty Jerz is that nigga Loose [Loose] Let me Loose nigga, get the fuck off me I can't believe my ears, hot, these niggaz is barely warm In fact they wack, they just got a hot song Fuckin' up the game is catz like you That make wack niggaz But Loose at the door now, so come with me I'ma make sure no more rappers like you get in You want it We can go hard with the beats Or hard to the body or hard to the teeth Yeah, I was on Universal, they couldn't have me They kept me on the hush, like Whitney drug habit Got drafted, then made it to the front line A year later, got traded to Bloodline Now it's hard for catz to keep they spot He rock too much ice, he can't keep it hot And when all the ice melt, they all want it down Loose, fuck that, the streets is mines now... [beat changes to 'D-X-L Hard White'] [DJ Kay Slay] FIRE! Only stray kills, yaknowhatimsayin Next out the kennel, my nigga Big Stan from Harlem Get at 'em dog... [Big Stan] Uh-oh, who's next That would be me, B.S., ya know Uh, ya niggaz ain't ready, uh I'm like a thieve in the night, I creep in your life One day when you nice, high off the henny Catch you while you partyin' right With the semi, put your body on ice, for a price Make a bastard of your son as well as widow your wife My struggle was tight, love inside my heart has limits Like anything outside of Bloodline, bound to get it We bound to win it, niggaz want, we bound to give it And anything you catz start, you know we bound to finish Can you see the cage is open Muzzle is off The nine is sick, the silencer will muffle the cough The Line is thick, Stan stay solo on cost My shoulder will frost on any nigga other than Dog I'm the one ya moms would hate you to cross If you the only child, would be replacing the lost Please think before you go against the B dot S And no it's not a game, I'm one of Bloodline's best, nigga... [beat changes to 'Make a Move'] [DJ Kay Slay] Whoa, whoa, whoa, they just keep bitin' The last to bite, that bitch, the bitch of the litter Crazy Kash, Kasmir, get at 'em girl... [Kashmir] What the fuck ya niggaz know about grease I got enough to put in ya piece, bust bust ten in piece Make ya back bend in a crease, that's what you get offend a beast You hatin' me like I was a friend of Kelis Load, cock back and release Bad bitch crackin' ya piece, bulletholes in the back of your peeps Always catch niggaz comin' from the back with the heat Love to watch they knees buckle when they smack the concrete You ain't gotta love me just respect the bitch Scared to fight me, get your girls, so I can wet the bitch Who gives a FUCK who ya old lady be I put holes in ya old lady tee if she fuckin' with me You know my niggaz Stan, Jynx, Loose, , X Ya niggaz switchin' occupations, cuz they heard we next No niggaz above mine, cuz no niggaz above mine And that shit's in my heart, cuz it's in my fuckin' Bloodline...

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